Lose 100 Pounds Keto

I am 6 feet 8 inches off the ground for
people living with blueberries I thought
I’d see what their creation looks like
in the morning very interesting I told
him they couldn’t get up on the shed
looks like they got up a little bit
today’s a new day totally excited about
that I’m actually gonna weigh in this
morning as a little bit of a change
because I think it’s been a few days and
I’d like to see kind of where I’m at and
take it day-by-day I’m on a journey to
get to 244 pounds today I weighed in at
266 which means I’ve got 22 pounds to
lose I’m actually gonna start doing more
exercise again which I was doing for a
while there and it’s kind of dropped off
I’m also very carefully eating and
drinking last night was rough because I
wasn’t eating late at night and I’m
still kind of like empty in a little bit
of agitated and I’ve got to settle into
that feeling today’s power word is power
I am powerful I handle things powerfully
I have power that’s our work for today
so anytime something doesn’t go quite
right think I am powerful I am powerful
I am powerful the water challenge is
over we’ve already gone through our 21
days if you can believe it it’ll be
interesting to see the next thing we get
together with Wendy if she gives us
another idea for a challenge oh she’s so
hooked into this try on a house she
gonna ever top that one last night I
made such a big deal about how close I
was to drinking my water empty empty
empty look at that I’m like oh we drink
the rest of that water apparently I even
have one more sip guess I’ll start again
today we do the thing Craig suggested
and drink my first quart of water all at
once right now then okay I’m gonna have
the same thing I had yesterday no I
don’t think I told you that I started
out with the avocado oil that’s what I
use to brown the onions and zucchini
I’ve been thinking a lot about New
Year’s resolutions and I told you I
wasn’t gonna make any resolutions at all
but I was thinking I might add to my mix
taking a nap every day so when I retired
last year just about a year from now I
just thought I was gonna take a nap
every day and I’ve maybe taken ten in
the year but
sounds so good like I love an app so I’d
love to start taking a nap every day so
I’m kind of considering that as one of
my new year’s resolutions let’s see four
SMART goals it has to be specific
measurable attainable are relevant and
timely SMART goals SMA RT and I think
that fits a nap every day the other
thing I was thinking about which is
something I did a little bit last year
was do three things a day three things I
don’t want to do like this morning
I moved my 401k into a Roth 401k like I
did that today and that was a task I
didn’t want to do but I did it because
it’s better for me financially and I got
it out of the way first thing of the
year but I’m thinking about – doing
three things a day that I don’t really
want to do generally their paperwork
things they’re like calling the doctors
and making an appointment or paying a
bill or like that for a 1k thing there’s
something like that that I don’t really
want to do something about that is the
second thing I wouldn’t say as much as a
New Year’s resolution but I’m using the
new year as a marker to say okay these
are some things I’d like to do a little
differently okay here it is again you
know how to make eggs with onions cheese
was Wakeeney in it looks good I don’t
know if you heard in the background my
son wants to try some today so I’ll
leave a little bit for him so for my
I’m having an open-faced sandwich this
is the roast that I made the other day
one piece of cheese and one piece of
bread open-faced sandwich so this is
only carbs I have this and then I’m
having a side salad with it with salad I
mean lettuce and spinach blueberries
raspberries and almonds sherbert
slivered almonds I thought I would tell
you a little bit more about blueberries
and raspberries for diabetes I looked it
up online and it said they called
diabetes a superfood and it says well
there’s no technical
they should have a superfood blueberries
are packed with vitamins antioxidants
minerals and fiber that promote overall
health blueberries may also prevent
disease while obviously diabetes is a
disease for people living with
blueberries no for people living with
diabetes like myself I have type-2
diabetes so blueberries may help with
glucose processing weight loss and
insulin sensitivity the glycemic index
of blueberries is extremely low 253 the
low category so there’s like low medium
high the lowest from 50 is 55 or less so
they’re low on the glycemic scale the
glycemic index measures the effects of
carbohydrate foods on your blood sugar
level which is also called the blood
glucose level let’s see how my toe is
doing today only I can hit it with
almost anything and I can’t even feel it
oh I think I can feel that I think the
vitamin 12 b12 is working because that
hurts let’s see yeah I’m gonna conclude
that the vitamin b12 has worked because
I haven’t changed my shoes yet I did get
a new pair of shoes so these are the new
shoes that I just got that I’m getting
ready to wear but I haven’t started
wearing them yet my toe does feel
substantially better although I think it
might be a little bit numb right there
right here on the corner of my yeah so a
little bit numb right there but I’m
gonna conclude the vitamin b12 works so
I wanna give a strong recommendation for
vitamin b12 for numbness in my big left
toe I will link some vitamin b12 below
in case that’s something that you are
dealing with numbness parenting is not
for wimps I say this all the time
parenting is not for wimps and that is a
true statement our daughter has a cold
you know like they just the
and Lee you know Lee went to the store
yesterday I bought her a two liter of
sprite she got one cup of it went back
to get more and our other son had
consumed the rest of the 2-liter so I
catch wind of it this morning and I say
okay you need to take your ride your
bike over to the store and get her
another 2-liter then she did this and I
didn’t do that and I shouldn’t have to
do that that’s not all that kind of
stuff and so I just said you know what
you’re blurred attempting to blame
someone else for something you did and
the reality is it didn’t belong to you
you shouldn’t have been touching it it
wasn’t yours therefore you need to
replace it there’s a consequence of
those kinds of actions so he rode his
bike over picked up a 2-liter came back
so then she had her sprite for today but
being a parent is not for wimps it seems
like at every turn we’re in a situation
where we have to redirect teach one of
the things I OSA is teaching train coach
and counsel redirect it is constant and
being a parent you in and it’s not for
wimps it takes a large emotional toll on
parents to have to continue navigating
things that we don’t expect like now I’m
at the end of my parenting career right
I’ve been doing this for twenty
something years and I’m at the end but
yet I still have situations pop up that
are unexpected to me I don’t think I’ve
ever had a kid who uses other people’s
stuff so often and so blatantly as this
kid does so it’s like a new situation
that I haven’t had to deal with with the
other kids
parenting’s not for wimps I got a call
from my son who said that grandpa’s COFF
is really bad and wants me to stop and
get him something for a scoff I really
hope I don’t end up in the emergency
room tonight that is a major undertaking
we’re usually there four or five hours
and it’s hot extremely hot in there and
uncomfortable and I think we’ve been to
the emergency room with my dad I think
six times this year so far so I really
hope that tonight doesn’t end in an
emergency room trip because Mac is
actually taking two of our children and
his mother to go see the Star Wars movie
and go to dinner first so he will be
completely out of commission for the
whole evening so the emergency room
thing will fall on me and I’m really
hoping that doesn’t happen and you know
I’m parked by the carriages in Section
three at the store to get the cough
syrup stuff I’ve got a couple things to
report the first one is the pharmacist
said I couldn’t give him any of those
over-the-counter cold medicines because
it would bother his heart too much so
I’m not sure what I’m going to do about
that I got to come up with an idea for
that the other thing is I’ve been
texting with my walking partner and
we’re going to start walking in tomorrow
and the good part about this for you is
twofold one you can see me walking and
that can give you and those he has an
encouragement and excitement and
motivation to want to walk my walking
partner who is a ton of fun I mean she
is a total hoot and so I’m gonna try to
bring her on camera tomorrow so you can
meet her and I’ll tell you all about her
tomorrow then the third thing is I know
I’ve talked to you about this before but
it’s really a it’s a life saver the
woman that I was at the checkout line
with Vicki who I I go to whenever I can
but anyway she can’t put her upper teeth
in because she has cold sores or at all
in her mouth and she was gonna buy this
product that was like $25 and I said oh
by the l-lysine and take that and so
that I went over and they had like I’m
gonna say 60 capsules of 100 milligrams
for $9.99 I won’t get one free so I
brought those over to her and said you
use these
it will really help and it will take
care of those cold sores in your mouth
so another thing for the Li scene I’ll
link that below in case you have cold
sores and you need to use it it really
works well I had a man ask me why I
bother to share on the video of where I
park at the grocery store and it was
completely a foreign idea to him of why
that would be interesting to anyone but
clearly the part that’s interesting
about it is that I always know where my
car is
plus it’s right by the carriage place so
I don’t have to walk like partway across
the parking lot in order to drop the
carriage off in addition I park in the
same section so when I come out the
front door I know exactly where to go to
find my car so it might seem silly to
him but it’s actually a huge tip for
like efficiency and effectiveness and
peace of mind and well-being I told you
that our daughter is dating so this is
one of her dating friends what do you
think of our crazy family what do you
think is cool about us we are energetic
we’re energetic I can give you that okay
but also don’t you think the mother of
the family is probably the most awesome
thank you um the thing that’s cool about
Joe is that he has a scholarship a
college okay how high do you jump all
right now see 6 feet 8 inches 8 inches
okay I can totally see why you have a
scholarship for that yeah you know you
jump taller than my husband like do you
need to get a running jumper you
understand his run as the running start
well is there enough room here that you
could jump over my husband if you have
enough room
he’s six foot four okay we’ve got to do
that okay right now my honey is at the
movies so he can’t be jumped over right
now but wait maybe if Joe’s still here
well my honey gets home we can see if
Joe Joe will jump over my honey
that would be fun that would be
interesting okay how many people have
you jumped over in the past like you’re
gonna jump over a person yeah have you
jumped over any people in your past
simple are they six feet tall yes okay
this is gonna be fun
all right so in the nation how many
other people jump high a lot
okay fifth in your area yeah you’re not
home you know I kind of feel like we
have a slight celebrity on our hands
here Wow
do you want me to take the guy who is
the number one position out yeah you
jump higher now than you did when your
oh I was right when I said we have a
celebrity on our hands okay look good
well thanks for coming on our Channel
I’m meeting our friends so tell me what
do you eat in the day yeah well do you
have these special food to be able to
jump that high do you eat mostly fruits
and vegetables Here I am trying okay any
last words of encouragement to our
viewers work hard stay focused I love
that okay I love that thank you so much
okay you heard it from the semi what did
I say semi um so our celebrity work hard
stay focused

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