Lose 100 Pounds In 4 Months

Hey there, viewers!
Burning fat is difficult since it requires
a lot of hard work.
You also have to maintain a healthy diet.
Exhausting, am I right?
Well, guess what?
We have some simple exercises you can put
together to make a workout plan.
From squats, to regular cardio sessions, we’re
talking all that AND more…
Let’s begin.
#1 Walking To Burn Leg Fat
When you walk, your legs are responsible for
carrying the weight of your entire body.
When fat accumulates in your legs, you face
This could mean muscle spasms and all sorts
of pain.
But you can tackle it.
Just add a 30-minute walk to your daily routine.
This will stimulate your leg muscles, burning
both calories and fat.
Three birds with one stone.
#2 Cardio To Burn Arm Fat
Your arms are responsible for helping you
with daily tasks.
From carrying heavy objects, to scrolling
through social media.
This is why it’s important you always take
care of them.
Reducing fat is just one way of doing so.
Do cardio training at least 5 days a week
for 30 minutes.
This will help you burn fat and tighten the
Although, we wouldn’t recommend anything heavy.
Try jogging or doing burpees.
Even a few sessions of jump rope a week can
Speaking of which, you can watch our video,
“Which Is Better For Your Weight Loss: Cardio
or Weights?
You will get a better understanding of cardio
#3 Squats For Your Hips
Your hips usually store a lot of fat.
This is why they may become a little saggy
as you age.
This saginess can be burned out of your system.
You have to do squats everyday for this miracle
to work.
We did a video on what happens to your body
when you do squats.
In case you have missed out, we urge you to
have a look.
As far as doing the exercise is concerned,
you can try 3 sets a week.
Just make sure you do at least 10 squats in
each set.
As you get used to it, you can upgrade to
It’s not a good idea to exceed this number,
as it puts lots of unwanted pressure on your
#4 Facial Exercise For Cheeks
Sometimes fat can accumulate in your cheeks.
Overtime, it can make your cheeks look chubby,
or form a double-chin.
If you are facing this issue, here is a facial
exercise we would like to suggest.
First, you need to close your mouth and start
moving your jaw.
The same way you do when you are munching
on something.
You then open your mouth and make sure your
tongue is touching your lower teeth.
After that, hold this pose for 5 seconds.
If you do this 10 times everyday, you will
start seeing results in just a few weeks.
#5 Different Exercises For Belly Fat
Burning belly fat requires a lot of training
on your abdomen muscles.
Apart from that you have to make sure your
heart doesn’t get too strained.
This is why we recommend a number of exercises.
Start with jogging, which you can do for about
30 minutes everyday.
This will help train the muscles and keep
your heart healthy.
In addition to that, you can add crunches
and weight lifting exercises.
They can strengthen the muscles in your body
and make sure you don’t lose muscle mass.
Since these are all heavy exercises, we suggest
that you take breaks in the middle.
It will help you get the adequate amount of
rest that your body needs.
Of course, these exercises may have different
effects on different body types.
You will have a better idea after watching
our video discussing “The Right Workout For
You According To Body Type”
So now that we’ve spoken about ways to burn
Here are some simple lifestyle changes that
can also help you in your quest.
#1 Get Proper Sleep
Getting a healthy amount of snooze time is
very important for your body.
When you don’t receive proper sleep, you
get exhausted easily.
You need to avoid this scenario at all costs.
One study in particular showed that women
who sleep less than 5 hours a day were more
likely to gain weight.
So get a minimum of seven hours everyday.
On that note…
#2 Control Your Caffeine Intake
Your brain needs to generate melatonin to
help you sleep.
When you drink coffee or anything with a lot
of caffeine, it can ruin your production of
melatonin, messing up your sleep cycle.
We would recommend that you decrease your
caffeine intake.
More importantly, try not to have coffee before
going to bed.
Caffeine can stay in your system for up to
six hours.
So if you are thinking about having some,
make sure it isn’t before hitting the hay.
#3 Consume Apple Cider Vinegar
In one of our videos, we explained the benefits
of Apple Cider Vinegar.
Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best things
to consume if you are looking to burn fat.
Acids that are present are especially helpful.
Just make sure not to have too much.
Since Apple Cider Vinegar contains acidic
properties, it can cause acid reflux.
To put it simply, don’t overdo your consumption.
#4 Eat More Proteins
Protein helps you build muscles and strengthen
But that’s not the only benefit of this
It’s also extremely efficient in burning
One study in particular found that proteins,
when consumed on a regular basis, helped to
reduce belly fat.
Additionally, high intake of protein can help
preserve muscle mass and metabolism.
#5 Add Fiber To Your Diet
Fiber keeps your stomach full for a longer
period of time.
For this reason, it becomes easier for your
body to resist fat accumulation.
Apart from that, it also improves your digestion.
Research has found that people who increased
their fiber intake lost more belly fat than
those who didn’t.
Green vegetables, legumes and whole grains
are some good sources of dietary fiber.
You can even go through our video on why you
should eat more.
It will help you gain better insight on the
Have you found this video interesting so far?
Hang on, we’re not done yet!
Here are a couple of other great tips to take
Tip #1
One of the major worries of a fat burning
workout is its ability to exhaust you.
As a result, many people quit doing hard fat
burning workouts.
If you don’t want to be among them, make sure
that you aren’t cutting down on your food
The more you eat, the more energy you will
get to burn fat.
Don’t compromise on food.
Tip #2
Like we explained, fiber keeps you full for
a longer period of time.
But here is the problem, it also kills your
appetite if the intake is not controlled.
So avoid eating too much fiber.
Tip #3
This one is probably the most obvious.
Make sure that you stay hydrated.
If you are not, you will have trouble breathing.
Your blood circulation will slow down and
your brain will not get a sufficient amount
of oxygen.
Even your heart will be at risk.
So don’t skip out on your water intake.
You can check out our video discussing “How
much water we need to drink everyday.”
Tip #4
In case you feel that you have hurt or injured
yourself, don’t continue with the exercise.
Sometimes even minor injuries can lead to
major problems.
So don’t ignore them.
Make sure you get yourself checked out.
Consult your doctor before continuing with
any workout plan.
Have you tried any of these exercises before?
Would you consider it after watching this
Let us know in the comments below.
We would love to hear from you!

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