Lose 10 Pounds Per Week

Hi again and welcome back it is now week four so the first day of week four is
gonna be first day every Wednesday and
the last day of the week is gonna be on
a Tuesday so Tuesdays are gonna be or
I’ll post my weekly figures for you to
see what’s happened here in the week I’m
also going to post a bit of different
videos as soon as I come up with any to
let you know I will see what topics it’s
gonna be but I’m gonna think about that
anyway today I have lost point three so
that’s good, ah I say that all the time don’t I it sounds a bit boring but it is good it’s the
right way to go so point three today
hopefully it’s gonna keep going throughout
the week I’m sorry I look a bit scruffy
now it’s been absolutely pouring down out
here so whatever I tried to do this
morning is kind of gone I’m trying to
figure out things to do to talk about if
there is anything you would like me to
bring up and talk about just let me
know in the comments and I will see what
I can do if I can make it happen or not
so I will see you again tomorrow
have a good time bye
Hi again and
welcome back it’s a new day and I have
lost 0.4 kilos so it seems like that
little bump on the road has past I hope
we’ll see tomorrow
maybe it’s a standstill but anyway it
feels really good so point three
yesterday point four today and I also had
a job interview for volunteer work so
I’m looking forward to that something to
break up the day and it’s just gonna be
a few hours here and there but that’s
gets me out and about so um that’s today
and we’ll see what happens tomorrow okay
take care bye
Hi again guys it is a new
day and it is a standstill day today so
just keep working on what I’m doing uh
hopefully a better one tomorrow but as
long as I don’t gain I’m happy I’m not
happy with the settings of my movies I’m
doing it through my old phone an older
samson phone so i don’t always get the
way i want it but I will do my best
I also thought that it’s kind of time that
I reveal tell you what the app is that
I’m using and I am gonna make a video
about that so you’re gonna get like a
little link up here because yeah I
want you to know it’s been kind of
kept a secret because I was doing the
two weeks free trial but now I’m
actually paying for it and I want to let
you in on what it is I’m doing so I will
tell you that and I will see you again tomorrow take care
Hi again as you can see it’s one of
those days I am not in a good place
but that’s how it is it’s a struggle
it’s up and down and you just have to
deal with it don’t have much choice
today was another standstill day and I
just have to keep working on that part
so um I will see you again tomorrow
and hopefully I would have a better
evening and a better day tomorrow so you
don’t have to see me like this
okay but I will see you tomorrow
take care bye
Hi again a new day and I
have lost point 4 kilos so it’s a good
day I didn’t manage to get to the part
goal that they set up I’m almost a kilo
away from that but I don’t really care
cuz it feels really good to have lost
what I have lost so even if I’m not
right where I should be according to the
the graph I’m a lot better off now so I
will continue and I will see you again
tomorrow take care
Hi again and welcome to
another day I have only lost point 1
today the good thing is that I was
looking at the graph I told you
yesterday that I didn’t meet the goal that
they set up but it actually shows that
the goal moves along with me so
the weight is the goal not the date so
once I hit that weight my next goal is
gonna start so that’s good
that’s really good that means that you
have something to look forward to you
don’t have to get stressed about the
fact that oh I didn’t hit that goal
ah I didn’t hit the weight that I’m
supposed to do on the first of December
no I finished my goal once I get there
so that’s really good so tomorrow is the
end of this week and I will let you know
what happened it’s been a bit up and
down so um we’ll see but any loss is good
like I said before so um I will see you
again tomorrow take care, bye
Hi again it
is a new day this is the end of week 4
and I have lost point two that’s a good
way to end it and I think it’s been
quite a good week you know I’ve had a
couple of standstills
I’m experimenting a bit with the cameras
see which one I’m happier with I’m also
trying to find a good location you can
see that I’ve been moving around
everywhere in the house the problem is
it’s a very small house it’s only rented
I can’t really feel the house can’t
can’t find a good place to to do this
this is a conservatory and of course
I’ve got the neighbors right next door
so it feels a bit awkward but anyway I
will continue tomorrow and we’ll see
what happens on week 5

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  1. I am sorry it’s been a rough week. It must be hard to measuring daily. Because of fluctuations from water too. Hope you keep up the faith and remain strong especially with the holidays. Your story will motivate people. Also congrats on the interview