Lose 10 Pounds One Month

Have you ever considered the possibility that
our your sense of smell is so powerful, that
it can have an effect your weight?
Out of all the five senses, the sense of smell
is known to be the most powerful.
Even when we’re not hungry, the scent of
our favorite foods makes us want to stop what
we’re doing and eat.
We smell a freshly-baked chocolate cake and
we’ve got to have a piece.
People wake up everyday to the smell of coffee.
Sometimes just that smell is enough to get
us up and moving.
So experiential evidence shows us that there
exists a powerful link between what we smell
and what we want to eat.
The rich aroma of certain foods are enough
to alter our appetite and convince our brains
that we’re hungry when we’re really not.
A recent study proved this idea is more than
just experiential evidence or a wild hypothesis.
The study involved a group of overweight people
who were encouraged to inhale certain scents,
whenever they felt hungry.
They were instructed not to drastically alter
their eating habits but to use the inhalant
when they felt hungry.
The results were fantastic, ranging from a
total weight loss of five to eighteen extra
pounds per month per participant.
The study used different scents that included
fruits and herbs and concluded that the most
effective inhalant happened to be peppermint.
What the researchers discovered is that inhaling
this herb satisfied people’s cravings.
It served as a substitute for a sugary snack,
and reduced the desire and withdrawal symptoms
associated with a low-sugar diet.
We all know how detrimental to our health
sugar can be.
It leads to serious problems including obesity
and diabetes.
Next time instead of reaching for that candy
bar you enjoy so much, consider inhaling some
peppermint essential oil.
You’re brain might not know the difference,
but your waistline eventually will.
Follow these instructions to start using your
sense of smell to get rid of those unwanted
As often as desired use a diffuser to inhale
peppermint essential oil.
You can also apply a few drops to your abdomen,
temples, or your wrists for an additional
soothing effect.

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  1. So this why I’m not gaining weight anymore! I have been using peppermint oil in my diffuser and I’d began to notice that my clothes are a little more comfortable. I guess the oil is helping. Who knew? Thx a bunch!

  2. Also, if you'r feeling tired or sluggish put a few drops of peppermint essential oil on your hand then lick the oil. It will wake you up straight away.