Lose 10 Pounds Now

hey guys today we are going to prepare a
drink that would help you lose up to 3
kgs in just a week so let’s get started
for this we’ll need a teaspoon of horse
gram powder for those of you who don’t
know what is horse gram it is a
reddish-brown legume which is packed
with a number of health benefits this is
how it looks it is called as kulthi
in Hindi I have dry roasted the horse
gram in medium flame until they
turned brownish and started popping up I
let them cool for some time and ground
them to a fine powder then we need is
one teaspoon of Jeera or the cumin seeds
now let’s start making this drink take
two glasses of water in a saucepan and
add 1 teaspoon of the ground horse gram
powder and 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds
horse gram is low in fat and high in
carbohydrate content and is an excellent
natural fat burner not only does it help
you lose weight but also fights with
cold ,cough, fever, indigestion and
reduces flatulence. it is also a good
Herbal remedy to get rid of kidney
stones intake of horse gram drink helps
in lowering blood pressure and cures
diabetes cumin seeds on the other hand
speeds up your metabolism and helps your
body to digest and absorb lipids
simmer the flame once boiled and give a
quick stir and let it sit for another
two to three minutes horse gram tends to
increase heat in the body so do take a
glass of buttermilk during the day
switch off the flame after two to three
minutes and strain the liquid and that’s
it drink it luke warm or at room
temperature it is not advisable for
pregnant women to take this drink have
this drink twice a day once in the
morning on an empty stomach and once in
the evening you can store the horse gram
powder in an airtight container for
months give this a try and feel the
difference do like and share my videos
and subscribe my channel and keep
yourself updated thank you bye bye

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