Lose 10 Pounds In A Week Military Diet

in this video I’m gonna teach you how to
help your dog to lose weight
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okay so you want to help your dog to
lose some weight so let’s break it down
there are three parts or three
components that will help your dog to
lose weight part one or number one
component is diet I call this the
internal part of the formula the reason
for that is because whenever a dog eats
it’s internally helping it either to get
healthy or not so the food that the dog
will help the dog either to lose weight
or to gain weight first of all we have
to understand that whatever we’ve been
feeding our dog it has helped our dog to
gain weight so in order for us to help
our dog to lose that weight you have to
change the diet to be honest with you
most dogs who are overweight are either
eating bad food like kibble or dry food
or they’re eating too much of it so they
are overfed of a bad food so in general
we have to change the diet so whatever
diet your dog is on you have to
understand that that hasn’t helped your
dog to lose weight so you have to make
some changes modifications you even have
to maybe change the whole diet so what I
mean by changing the whole diet is if
your dog is on kibble or dry food you may
want to think about changing it to
home-cooked diet or raw diet or some
other kind of diet that you can figure out
and learn and provide that kind of diet
for your dog I will link a video of a
diet that I suggest to feed our dogs and
it’s called species-appropriate diet in
the description
the second component of this formula is
fitness or physical activity I call this the
the external / internal component so the
first thing that you want to do is start
exercising your dog a little bit more
than what you are providing at the
moment so I will suggest to start slow
add just 5 more minutes of exercise to
your dog’s daily exercise so if you’ve
been exercising your dog for 30 minutes
add another 5 minutes and make it 35
minutes for about a week just remember
that your dog is overweight and if you
provide extreme form of exercise
physical activity for your dog at this
stage you will cause some major health
issues and physical damages as long as
your dog can push five more minutes
extra it would be great and if you’re
going to start combining your dog’s
activity exercise with you I would
suggest to take it easy a little bit and
start combining a little bit of high
intensive activity like running or
jogging and then break and then low
intensive activity like walking and then
add another form of high intensive
activity to it so don’t just run all the
way make sure that you’re running and
giving giving your dog a little bit of
break by walking and then running again
short bursts of running or jogging and
then a lot of walking at the beginning
the third part the last final part of
this component or formula is lifestyle
believe it or not if your dog is
overweight is stressed as well being
overweight it will cause your dog to
have physical emotional and behavioral
stress it’s normal it will just happen
because when they are overweight they
have a hard time moving
and walking and being active so that
causes them to be stressed in a way
internally and emotionally they’re not
happy and when you start change their
lifestyle you will see that your dog’s
health and overall behavior and
emotional attitude is going to be
changing as well you want to start
creating and developing a new form of
healthy lifestyle for your dog if you
follow these three tips and three
components and improve them you’re going
to see that your dog’s life is going to
improve dramatically it’s going to leave
healthier and happier if you like this
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4 thoughts to Lose 10 Pounds In A Week Military Diet At 12:51

  1. the diet is actualy not suitable for a dog, its important for the dog to keep his vitamins and minerals this diet you suggest is very low in minirals and vitamins it doesnt contain a proper balance witch will result in problems like metabolic bone disease home cooked diets are almost never done right because they dont contain the right ingrediënts like calcium.

  2. I adopted an Akita in October who is extremely obese. He has a rare genetic disease called VKH, and because of it, He's on heavy duty steroids that make him lazy, ravenous & retain a lot of water. He's seeing 2 specialists that are trying to adjust his meds so hopefully we can get him off of one of the steroids soon, but in the meantime, I'm really trying to focus on his weight. He should weigh 120-125lbs and he's 160 lbs. His previous owner was feeding him 10 cups a day, and he never did walks or anything, because he was working full time & in school full time…… So it's definitely an uphill battle. This video is very helpful, and I'm hoping some of the tips will help us out. Thank you!