Lose 10 Pounds In A Week Day Two

hey Queens! So it is results day and I’m
so much more happy and any happier and
energetic then I first was like before I
even started this challenge I definitely
recommend you check for eating out and
just look at all her workouts because it
has definitely changed how I look and
how I feel mentally like physically I
feel much better
and here’s a picture of how it went I
just want to say that I think my belly
has deadly life flattened a lot more my
arms I finally got a muscle line I’m so
proud of that so I’m going to tell you
the results now so drumroll please
my waist lost two inches my hip lost one
and a half inches my right thigh lost
one and a half inches as well my right
thigh lost a half of an inch so my left
and right fire and now is actually the
same measurement my right arm my left
arm I mean lost three and a half inches
which I’m so so pleased about my right
arm lost three inches I’m a boot a lost
a three and a half inches
I almost together in six know in two
weeks I lost sixteen and a half inches
altogether all around my body and most
pleased about my arms because I
definitely wanted them to go down I’m
also pleased about my stomach and my
core because they have like ears
definitely flattened from how much from
like before I started so I definitely
recommend you guys to try this out
remember like subscribe and comment if
any of you did anything this week or
from last week at all like change your
portion sizes at healthier like change
your diet or
all worked out anything like that and
piece and pout what

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