Lose 10 Pounds In A Month Workout

I decided to have gastric bypass surgery because
I’ve tried everything else.
I did it, they worked, and then I would gain
it back and then again I would try something
else that would work and again, I would gain
it back.
I knew that I needed something that wasn’t
just going to work temporarily, so that was
why I chose Mass General.
My name is Kim Walsh and I had gastric bypass
surgery at
Mass General Hospital in June of 2006.
I went into surgery the day of weighing 310
pounds. About 7 months later I leveled out
and I maintained at 135 pounds.
Thirteen years later, today, I am at that
same weight of 135 pounds.
So Kim came to the Mass.
General Weight Center having multiple attempts
at trying to lose weight previously, so she
was looking to live a longer, healthier life,
to get the weight off and to keep it off for good.
Dr. Hutter was very personable and made me
feel comfortable from my first visit with him.
He was patient with me and understanding of
my care and concern and needs because
I was nervous.
It was something huge that I was doing.
So when she came to the Weight Center, she
had met with one of our Obesity Medical Specialists,
a nutritionist, psychologist, as well as myself.
And we all thought that weight loss surgery
and she thought that weight loss surgery would
be the best approach for her.
The care at the
Mass General Weight Center is something that I
will cherish for the rest of my life.
The Mass General Weight Center is truly unique because
it provides multidisciplinary support for
the patient preoperatively, during the procedure,
and forever after the operation as well.
Ideally, we work with patients at every stage
of the bariatric surgery process, from
the very beginning when people are trying to determine
whether that’s the right option for them,
to then helping people prepare behaviorally
and psychologically.
Every visit up to the surgery, from the Psychology
to the Nutrition to the girls at the desk
to Dr. Hutter, everybody just made me feel
like I was an individual.
Even to this day, the Weight Center is my
safe place.
In terms of the weight loss surgery, dietitians
work from right before surgery until after
surgery, for many years after surgery as well.
So throughout the whole process, dietitians
play an integral component in achieving healthier
weight for patients like Kim.
One of the major issues right now is that
only 1% of the people who should be considering
surgery are actually having surgery.
So we really need to look at the 99% of the
people who are out there who have a BMI greater
than 35 with weight-related comorbidities
or have a BMI greater than 40 who really should
be thinking about surgery and I think with
more education, if they were to understand
how safe it is and effective the operation
it is and the changes in their quality of life,
I think we could really change a lot
more people’s lives for the better.
There’s no secret to success.
What’s made me want to continue with the
success that I’ve had is how I feel.
It feels good not to have to worry about if
I can fit in that chair at the Weight Center
or if I can ride the T and actually sit in
a spot.
I will never forget where I came from and
I will always be grateful,
but I don’t ever want to go back.

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