Lose 10 Pounds In A Month By Walking

today’s workout is going to be a
ten-minute sweaty cardio set in just 10
minutes we are going to be burning fat
we’re going to be burning those calories
and trust me you are going to be sweaty
by the end of this no equipment needed
let’s do this so we’re starting off with
a one-two shuffle on the third you’re
lunging drop down okay good we’re
pushing all the way through 50 seconds
on each exercise 10 seconds recovery
halfway guys don’t forget this is taste
16 of your 40 lace Amish red you can
totally do this on its own to three
rounds of you on it
come on let’s push that get sweaty
oh good stuff is gonna be a jump jack so
you’re stepping the feet will jump
Timothy out to the side tucking the
hands to the center
keep that core nice and tight and
breathe guys come on
nice and fast
fifteen seconds keep pushing all the way
good work guys next up is a curtsy
smells good good let’s eat lunch
stepping the foot to this guide I’m
placing the hand down would help if I
could get my words out so nice and fast
with this one keeping the hurry up hi
good back foot
really bending through the knee and the
hip dropping down low
so not just spending the body weight
forward but sinking down nice little a
good whack straight down onto the mat we
now have a set of bicycles okay so
working in to the ABS we’re holding on
the fifth let’s go one two three four
good work coming up into a plank
position now by we’re actually going to
be doing a boat sinking time so from
forward plank to side plank so we were
at eight to the side Center really
controlling this movement working those
good sticking in the shoulders you know
going with a commander like into a
shoulder tap so follow me we’re coming
down is good for us up tap tap
good black guys we are now back into
cool lying on your back for me we can do
this guy’s to have a reverse crunch
hands on in the small of the back
crunching in straightening one leg out
well I’m going back up onto all fours we
now have some kick through this is trap
we pick so literally feet by me to start
off with the lift
we’re now I’m going to rotate through to
touch the knee to the hand okay you’re
really driving that like trick if you
can go straight leg hold for a split
then rotate back through
good right guys back up into standing
I’m telling my sweat I don’t know value
I need you to find a wool now you’re
gonna sleep your bark nice and low and
just hold this is so much harder than it
looks okay
so holding on that log you are no knees
your thighs as close to 90 as possible
Maurice good work
well that who are nice and tight focus I
know it hurts we’re nearly halfway
a little bit lower guys a few seconds oh
well I come up with some oh my gosh we
now have those job jacks again this time
two of them then we jump across the body
okay let’s go
what to give it like if any of you were
on my eight-week lean guide you will
recognize this move so one of my faves
were getting the heart rate up
come on nice a bust
nearly bad guys
Bertie Holloway 50 if you get sued good
oh wow I have one favor to us you guys
are nice to hit the subscribe button I
promise to keep daily workout videos
coming for you guys all I would love is
for you to hit that subscribe button so
you don’t miss out on who I have coming
up next
what see you tomorrow for another way
comment thought you really loved me
guess I was wrong
thought you’d never leave me guess I was

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  1. hey, could you possibly keep adding links to the summer shred challenge on the pdf? that would be so appreciated and make it easier to find the right videos for the right days. thanks!!