hey guys welcome back to my channel another day of eating ketogenic diet I just got that of shower and put my makeup on and it's 12 o'clock and I'm officially starving today so I will go ahead and fix myself some lunch we had a taco night last night so I have some leftover of the fried beef so I'm gonna have that and probably scrambled like two eggs and cargo of butter and throw a bunch of veggies on the plate just keep it simple and most importantly quick I'm hungry so I'm checking my handy in the suede scale here so I can measure exactly what I'm eating so I can count my macros well I would like to put it all on the plate and it comes down to two ounces then I'm gonna use a Kerrygold butter to fry up the egg I want 14 I want one tablespoon I'll pop it in hot pan I got my 2x ready so I will scramble them up and I'm gonna chop some tomato and I'm gonna use some little of romaine lettuce so this is what I'm having for lunch today just the ground beef 2x some romaine lettuce and tomato and to bump the fats even more I'm gonna add teaspoon of sour cream onto my beef that was really filling you guys it had 418 calories it had 27 grams of protein for grams of net carb and 32 grams of fat so I'm gonna go along with my day and I will check with you around snack time I made myself a coffee it's about four o'clock and I'm pretty hungry so I'm gonna make some snack I'm thinking about making these pieces of ham and drop a cheese inside of them and fry them up I think I saw it on a keto vlog of Catherine Michelle on YouTube so I'm gonna try those out and see how they turned out so I have some black forest ham and some monster cheese I'm gonna take six slices of that and two slices of the cheese see there let's go good idea I usually have it just cold about anything so a little more butter so actually it's up more fat oh okay you know I always like something green on my plate cool idea Katrin I love it yummy and this night all together has 280 calories I like that school idea so guys I'm gonna keep snacking and have my coffee and I'll check with you again by dinnertime well I do have a taste for something salty before dinner so I'm gonna have one serving six slices of this hard salami which is 110 calories 9 grams of fat and one gram of carbohydrates we're gonna edit into my macros I've decided to make for tonight's dinner mashed cauliflower and some Salman kilo patties so I'm gonna be using a small head of cauliflower I'm gonna boil it in the water then add some butter some salt pepper and some nutritional yeast so for the salmon patties you're gonna need kind of pink Selman I have about 15 ounces I'm gonna chop some red onion in it I've all seasoned it with black pepper some salt cayenne pepper garlic powder you're gonna need to use something to thicken the dough up and make it a little dry that it's not gonna stick to your homes in this case we're gonna be using pork rinds these are classic ones I'm gonna use about half a cup I'm gonna blend it into flour like texture in my blender so if you are on keto or on low carb diet this is the alternative to flour or bread crumbs and lastly you would want to fry it up in some olive oil you can also use avocado oil so I'm just gonna blend it in the blender with little butter salt pepper onion powder and some nutritional yeast just make it taste like mashed potato I'm gonna mash the cauliflower first manually and then I'm gonna put it in my blender I'm gonna put it back in the pot so I drained Salman you want to get rid of as much water as you can then I chopped about two tablespoons of red onion I'm gonna add it in I'm gonna add some pepper some cayenne pepper to give it a little kick you like it spicy some garlic powder and some salt and now you want to use your pork rinds so I blend it in a blender it's about a roughly half a cup that's gonna replace the breadcrumbs if your low-carb like me let's get dirty so I made four patties two for me and two for wrap and it's time to fry them up in some olive oil so the salmon cakes are a success we did enjoyed it we liked it I'm probably gonna be making it again as Rob did really love it and now it's time to wrap up this daily vlog I'm gonna enjoy Friday night so if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I'm gonna see you again in another video good night