Hello everyone! Well, I guess I should let y'all know this nowJodeci and I are currently in Wisconsin What? Yes That's a big change from being in the South I'm kind of enjoying it so far There's not anything to complain about last night

I ate from this Mongolian restaurant and It was like freaking amazing Like I really did love it, but For some odd reason it did not agree with my stomach and I was up all night last night It was just horrible y'all But anyways, I'm just happy that I'm feeling better I'm feeling back to normal just a little bit whatever but um I do want to let y'all know that I am getting a PO Box while I'm down here in Wisconsin So I'm gonna link it down below for y'all as well

First Meal Of The Day I'm having four pieces of my vegetarian bacon my Chao vegan cheese and three boiled eggs with salt and pepper on top of them This is literally like my favorite breakfast right now I did put coconut oil on my vegetarian bacon and on my eggs And so yeah, y'all That's what I'm having and plus I'm watching Real Housewives of Orange County Honestly, I'm back on my Keto Grind because I fell off a little bit just a little bit Like um, girl come on, you know what you got to do So today is my first day back

I'm really excited But seriously though y'all I love these vegetarian bacon strips like they are so good It's just so delicious If you haven't tried them you need to try I get mine from Morningstar Farms So I am having some Kevita Kombucha if you don't know about kombucha, you need to google it it has so many healthy benefits for your body and The flavor that I'm having is raspberry lemon and just a little FYI It's gluten free and non-dairy and is vegan here are the nutrition facts if you're interested I don't drink a whole lot because it does have a lot of sugar in it, but I do drink enough Okay, y'all so I am hungry So I'm about to have this salad I just have spinach and Cucumbers right now then I'm gonna add this tuna and water I just love tuna period today Ok so nutrition facts 70 calories 0

5 grams of fat 0 grams of car 17 grams of protein and For my dressing I'm going to just use some apple cider vinegar and so yeah that's what I'm about to have to eat Alright y'all so here's my nice little keto friendly salad I have tuna cucumbers lettuce Spinach and for my dressing like I said, I use apple cider vinegar I'm having my Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas They are 5 grams net carbs It's been so hard for me to find the 5 gram net carb here in Wisconsin

So Nutrition Facts 60 calories 25 grams of fat 19 grams of carbs 14 grams of fiber 0 grams of sugar and 5 grams of protein I have three strips of vegetarian bacon that I get from Morningstar farms Which I love so much and I guess I'm gonna sit here and work on another YouTube video Babes is playing his video game that he's literally obsessed with I'm just so tired of it y'all like, oh my gosh I'm so tired of it, but hopefully he can't hear me talking about him Sorry, y'all I really don't know how to wrap Perfectly for my taco

This is the best I can do But this is what it looks like what I'm about to eat it We are on our way to the movie theater here in Wisconsin don't know what movie we're gonna see but We just know we're going to the movie theater Yes, I look a little busted But I mean, okay, whatever Here's babes! All right, yeah, so we have a nice little recliner chairs going on over here look at babes It does nothing for you, okay? Yeah, we've got to find out if it works for Jodeci He's a normal person Okay, also, we just made it back into the car so I think Venom (the movie) was really good There's a lot of hilarious parts to me What do you think rumor was pretty good scale of 1 to 10 what you give it cool It's all on a scale of 1 to 10 What do you give it to you? It was really good like I said had a lot of hilarious parts