Keto Weight Loss Testimonies

alright guys we’re back
I forgot so it is officially the end and
I’ll fix November yeah by a day yeah so
the smoke is cleared people have not
died this has been a very interesting
month for me isn’t it
however it was a not very interesting
first three weeks for me two and a half
yeah yeah explain that because your
topic was very interesting when did we
talk we talked about this so I was about
maybe in the middle of that bit where I
was like but sleep so weird my you know
what I mean like my specially different
remember the update episode we had done
was like weekend or two weeks in two
weeks in yes someone who likes I think
was two weeks but that’s what happened
for me was we did Jesus probably it was
two weeks two and half weeks but I was
like my sleep was I was dying tired I
was going to bed right one to two hours
earlier which to me it felt to me like
more like I’m just tired now it’s kind
of like like like eliminating booze was
not going to be like a day-to-day crisis
for me it was like a woman was supposed
to do what I want to have fun you know
how am I supposed to talk to my wife yes
about you but in general yeah yeah like
how am I supposed to enjoy being around
my friends well that’s that’s gonna be
the podcast in yeah but yeah and so so
but but what I what ended up happening
was then my energy start to come up a
little bit not rapidly but just a little
bit and I remember I messaged you after
probably five days of from day about ten
to day 15 mm-hmm I had getting up with
the nutrition protocol waking up
sometimes pretty well rested and awake
to 33 in the morning but was pretty
common for me and so I would kind of
like do what most people do when I first
get on the protocol they stress about it
yeah like I gotta get back to bed I
gotta get back to bed which ain’t the
way to get back um I’m not sleeping huh
come on I think we should there’s no
help and I did some reading and some
looking into it
matter of fact in the middle of night
for a few exactly where that was
actually kind of a way that things
always had been and we’ll get into that
in a later episode on circadian rhythms
if not polar g’wan oh yeah
but like that’s that was pretty common
and so I had told you I said you know
what I actually when I do this I wake up
and I feel good when I wake up it’s
winter now it’s darker later anyways and
I lose on a bunch of light and now that
without the caffeine I’m going to bed
earlier well there’s no way I’m gonna
sleep from 9 p.m. until 9 a.m. when it
gets light again but that’s a good point
cause here for example he’s duck at 5:00
yeah and then it’s the Sun it starts to
get light at 8:00 yeah you’re not gonna
sleep that whole time no apology I
remember reading that about that like
years years back saying like no tonight
most hunter-gatherers would just have
sex eat like I literally have part of
the day in the middle they sleep for our
world ish wake up do stuff for an hour
or two and then go back to bed now I
remember eating all those diet my
grandparents great grandparents growing
up on the farm in the middle of nowhere
I don’t even know if it was my I don’t
think my great-grandparents even had
electricity or running water but you
know also like at that time way back
when um you know you just sometimes you
had to get up because there was a fire
that kept you warm
meaning raining you get up and now you
go stoke that fire and you get in or you
shovel whatever it is into the root of
the fucking furnace that you do back
then somehow it doesn’t freeze back in
that my family was actually they were so
poor that after the first winter in
South Dakota everybody who had any money
to leave left yeah and they were just
cuz I asked my grandpa there what I did
I stay here from Germany you end up in
here and you stay here and he was like
yeah we were too poor to go any further
they were burning like cow shit in the
furnace because it was only and it
wasn’t covered in snow yeah but anyway
you get up in the middle of night you’d
have to stoke the fire and stuff like
that so there was it was common so I was
like you know I’m just gonna stop
fighting it though I’m gonna kind of
embrace it that when I wake up I’m just
gonna be up you know it was maybe three
or four days of that where it was just a
continuation of the same thing but I was
just accepting of it and then by then it
was two three or three weeks of no
caffeine no car there’s no sugar and all
of a sudden I had a problem to solve it
was a work thing we were working out
some things and my brain just click and
it actually worked and it was
boom but it was as different I don’t was
a different thing because I wasn’t just
like hey I have a good idea I have
another idea was like I have an idea
it’s too abstract mapping out all he’s
not even making it look at it and I’m
like eh hmm
and this went on for until today yeah
which then we’ve built a bill to let me
really comprehensive system isn’t
because there shouldn’t be no production
but a reduction yeah like the production
is up and by a thousand percent and I
didn’t understand it when you said it in
the beginning or months ago even with
the protocol stuff because I just
assumed that you were special
well there isn’t there’s but yeah I mean
but but there is something to it we’re
like you do operate a little bit
differently than maybe you think
differently and I’m like oh that works
very well for Julia I’m like great so
does a lot of things yes that has I mean
everybody else is gonna so so I was like
but Julian just is more productive than
me that’s what I thought or Julian is
more fun that’s not how it really works
no it’s like it’s like you have all the
other things to give you the capability
to choose do to do to do and and but it
was very interesting I also had noticed
it was the stimulant was the main thing
for me from you as well I had no fucking
idea that did a little bit of coffee I
was having in a day you know that’s what
surprised me the most out of the
comments on the sofa community by the
way noticed that let me rephrase out of
me yeah and then seeing the same effect
on other people how much like one
yeah he’s a ten-hour a thing will you
like this and I was like so because now
I’m looking back at my life going dude
it was five double a day when a regular
Bay and I’m like million like by the way
have you ever got sure you’ve heard the
stories with Richards caffeine
consumption from from way level long ago
day was telling me I will save that I’ll
save that for Richard to talk about but
holy shit oh yeah unbelievable
no we went to and then he said he cut a
cut cold turkey for 30 days just
like just because she was worried about
it and he did it it wasn’t even a
problem no bear he’s wired differently
yeah he’s like everything has to be
triple like ten kilos at the hospital
yeah to double the dosage and you never
got a dictator stuff like a so it’s a
bit different but yeah we used to go to
the coffee shop anywhere Zac and you
just you know on on rotation oh my god
yeah I think they would only give them
like eight shots of espresso in one
drink because they yeah yeah I think the
question about the conversation about
caffeine I believe this is in that sense
a very underrated stimulant yeah in the
sense that everybody knows it’s a
stimulant and everybody it’s everybody’s
favorite stimulate I don’t think people
understand the strength of it yeah I’m
sure it’s bit studying everything but
that sounds to me a little bit like when
you used to say a best dose is not a big
deal I’m not comparing the two that’s
not what I mean but by that i mean is
like yeah yeah caffeine is the cyma
don’t have too much I think that too
much needs to be redefined on a load of
yeah well it’s you know people come back
with a lot of studies that will they say
that caffeine is I’m like yeah but are
they are they studying people that did
not take any caffeine forever there’s a
lot of gaps it may be they’re not
studying caffeine why should be study
for example what if has to do is a halt
or what if the markers that you’re
looking for are and we like the wrong
shit because yes exactly what what what
what what my output was this week and
the way that I felt my brain works I
don’t know how you’re going to measure
that right specially productively that
says very true how do you measure it in
design something that’s gonna be the
outcome all right then how do you
measure suddenly the fact that you’re
not procrastinating anymore yeah or that
I simply feel better like it was very
interesting it’s hard I’ll just you
understand describe it as I describe it
right so I always worked in a way like
I’ve just said to for like almost like a
bit of a chaos like a kind of a Navy
thing I’m all over the place
what I always noticed though is I would
if I had some shit I didn’t want to do
invoicing or getting through my emails
or this we’re just like in a buckle down
and edit through
Cass videos or to a bunch of stuff the
only way I could not just be with that
stuff is that have some coffee and I
would focus on the task at hand which
how how much does that differ aside from
in magnitude of the substance how much
does that differ from giving a kid
you’re giving them an amphetamine or a
stimulant to narrow their focus and
speed them up in that direction and what
I found was that if I wasn’t on any of
that the stimulants is that then that
way that I work while it’s imperfect it
works for me yeah and it really works
and so I was still able to do kind of
all my other work while essentially
designing and building for days and I
got so much shit done and back and forth
– driving Julian nuts now is me mentally
him at seven yeah actually I was like oh
it’s always open I said I said just so
you know 7:00 a.m. and I think I have a
good idea I was like you didn’t find the
rules of engagement all right if you
want to do it that way I’m cool that’s
so but but it was interesting because I
thought that the way that I worked
growing up wasn’t gonna get seen correct
I was always so Tyler you need to the
amount of times I was told by teachers
parents or school administrators that I
needed to get an assignment notebook as
a child so you could write down your
planner and I was like am I gonna do
that yeah I got bought one that got used
for two to three days at a time I was
basically uh yeah figurative gun to my
head that happened 50 times in my
childhood yeah yeah that was beautiful
and and so but how much of now when I
think of those things that how much if I
could have thought and processed and
problem solved and been able to chase
things all the way to the end my whole
life like I did this week I either would
be but that’s a total fucking madman
yeah but maybe in like a brilliant way
yeah but but either way it would be me
and I felt like all the times that ever
was doing things that are work I was
doing them like someone else’s way but
by the way the biggest difference though
that cause I’ve seen you for the last
ten days like that is as you say it’s
chasing to the end yeah you go to the
end and back and then you redo it and I
do it
and I am NOT a circle completer exactly
normally like statistically the same
thing for me yeah I well it is something
fun and there I think there’s always
gonna be projects and things that are
maybe a type that are gonna be you’re
gonna get the thing rolling and let it
go but for some of these where we’re
outlining just larger concepts it’s like
I need to just go boom and then and but
the minutiae the detail the constant
refining that’s not how I work as I have
worked lately or for the last 20 years
yeah but as someone would finish it but
it is how I mean I’m not that but but
that chaos the everything in we go and
that’s how I figure out lots of options
that is how I work and you always you
said this last month about how you felt
like yourself yep
and and when I goes if when I was
putting those things together I was like
this is me that’s how I do it and I can
and I told my wife even as I said this
is so strange but I feel like I got a
part of myself back and I don’t
understand we heard that many times yeah
so what I found fascinating is that in
order to so to complete tasks in order
to have more energy toward production
yeah you need to take the stimulants out
yeah I think that’s why like that how do
you study that takes time why would you
study taking stimulants out to increase
production then what are you gonna do it
makes no sense there’s three weeks of
see but even like why why would you
start a project if you’re on an academic
situation you have papers to write you
have deadlines to meet you have to
produce right why would you start your
managers on top of you like a thesis for
PhD you have to submit it to your mentor
for him to say that’s a good idea or not
why would you start a study that says in
order to increase production I’m gonna
do I’m gonna stop stimulants people
would be like you wrote down I mean yeah
yeah you wrote that wrong it’s the
opposite like you mean Christy minutes
because everything we read about
stimulants is it gives you more energy
more this more that but and here’s the I
think the
basic biggest issue we have with science
and with the way we study human beings
it is exactly that if you take the
chemical reaction outside of time and
you do it in a ten-minute of course
Kaffee caffeine gives you more energy
but that’s think what kind of energy why
is it giving energy is it hardware
where’s the software and what happens
over time and and none of this study
with careful plus it is true like is
it’s all energy just having having more
volume or amplitude is that good right
music better on music yeah right that’s
see but none of this he studied yeah
because you don’t need to study that in
the old school way of doing thing cuz
it’s like yeah the music is louder
therefore it’s more music louder music
is more music yeah but we need not be
funny if it was better but plus if you
don’t and if you see the way that I work
I’m just being me it’s the way that I
work is just the way it is but like the
reason that I think these things are so
into the system that we have everybody
eats carbs everybody has those things is
that what if it does just kind of makes
you more productive for the system oh
because the Sega generally is in the
middle always gonna feed itself and I
don’t yes malicious I don’t go tutorial
nobody’s to matrix I don’t but I I would
say you are because you are we
experienced to this you can everything
but you are far more reactive therefore
you are far more obedient I don’t think
the stimulants make you give give you
more production I think they just make
you more obedient with ads where Emma
because I did I guess I could focus in
do tasks a through C ABCD right there I
could do that you know the way I worked
before it’s not your way to and and
here’s the thing is the way that I do it
now and that is the way we told 8bg fuck
I got to do ABC the year we go the way
that I work as I do C and then I look at
Q and then T and I’m like r s t u v and
yeah and the end but because I’m just
kind of playing where I want to be I’m
always where I want to be I’m always
doing what I want
do and this is I haven’t been allowed to
work this way really but remember don’t
tell me you mean it correct correct and
what I mean is it means I don’t have 35
years of getting better at it yes which
is like if I do know that if this is
what I can do just like with the flip of
a switch if I get 35 years of honing
whatever this skill whatever this part
is that I do I would be fucking
untouchable at what I do for you exactly
you know and I think you and what
everybody I think that it’s looking for
a job or education or all those places
where people need to fall in line and do
their thing like that it becomes okay
but the world is not the same so my I I
agree with what you’re saying but I
think that mentality is not your
mentality like greatest system where it
comes from
yeah easy comes from the beginning of
the Industrial Revolution this is 1850
where the initial revolution is starting
to take place like it’s starting to roll
so what do they do you need to pull
people from the farms from the
everywhere and pull them into a city
where they can basically come and work
at the factory that means you need to
create schools to put the kids out there
because they’re not on the farm and we
need to turn the kids into little
soldiers for the factory anyway that’s
the system that was built in 1815 that’s
what the school system objective base is
that was the beginning of the age of
obedience mm-hmm through technology yeah
right that’s why I started so that back
then mentality was that and I would love
to see to be able to study the rise of
mouse building in human society where
the trend
yeah and that and the amount of carbs
and caffeine being absorbed around the
Industrial Revolution like to see the
eating habits I started that more more
food and I bet you you we would see more
and more carbs and caffeine and stuff
like that yeah I would love to see that
because to me for what we’ve seen from
the no fixed November on everything
that’s what the rules of stimulants are
they actually not to give you more
energy they are to make you more
reactive more or begin to the system to
the matrix now so to me the
DeKalb’s their sugar all the caffeine
the booze all that stuff those are what
the blue pills are made of yeah and for
me chasing down all those possibilities
in the way I work is about what works
for me as I end up finding you have so
much potential exposure to things like a
Black Swan idea like thank you and then
go and boom it’s how they happen and so
and I show this thing of like narrow
your vision get some coffee narrow your
vision sit at your desk get your pen a
mic to go back to you it’s like the
Wellness it’s like it’s like how much
opportunity do you have then to get
yourself in those opportunities back
then didn’t exist because you wail in
the factory yeah right which people did
not send their kids to school they had
tutors and and by the nature of the way
capitalism works economics works where’s
Ben ninety-two and me and Jana here can
each have 20 million dollar ideas Yeah
however all seven billion people on this
earth can’t because of the way the value
the position plays out there ain’t
that’s not how this works
yeah so the system is always gonna then
try to shift into we need some we can
have some Black Swan people that are
flying out there they’re being really a
billionaires know you’re nerds that are
boom this big uprising success but
that’s not for everybody
that’s not for everybody but the
difference now is that that opportunity
exists for everybody else before you
exist for only a very small part of the
population whereas now it exists for
everyone now that being said not
everyone will have the opportunity but
it exists for everyone as a group yeah
so that’s why I think the the impact of
the for example ha how come if that’s
no one figure it out before but that’s
the thing in the world we live in now
you can work like that and still be
productive because of the internet
because of what we do because of small
companies like we have that was not
possible 30 years ago where cooperation
were leading everything and there was no
internet there was no communication
possible between for example you and I
you will not be able to survive on no
fixed mobile in that old job yeah oh no
no no but now in this one we’ll see
that’s why I think we’ve seen in the
community a lot is people saying
literally my protection has gone up what
I wanna say that your pollution has gone
up because now you’re being you
yes indifference you’re not working the
way you’re doing the things that so much
to tell you do you know to join anything
yeah you took the red pill yeah right
and that’s the difference yeah I truly
believe this is it which actually brings
now the question now that you know right
so are you going back to the blue pill
are you staying with the red pill and we
had that question like Justin co-sister
matrix but in a way I’m dead serious was
he’s like understand something you don’t
get to take the blue pill painted red
and then say oh it’s a red pill no it’s
still blue you just own the club right
yeah yeah yeah you just painted it red
that’s a different if you think you’re
gonna introduce caffeine in the morning
just one espresso day I remember me at
the time when I started my new fix
November was in October I had no carbs
only one coffee a day yeah no sugar no
drinks only one coffee a day in the
morning first thing in the morning
taking taking that one is double
espresso in the morning
that’s why give me the the caffeine
withdrawal go headaches the five days
like what the fuck is happening all that
stuff I got the only singer to remove
was one coffee a day make no mistake if
you put it back in your back on the blue
pill just that is do so and that’s
something that I get frustrated a little
bit sometimes and I’ll explain where I
think it comes from that I see in
general is like people think wait so
Chinese menu Zac I can do the no fix
November I’ll just pick the path that I
want and I’ll keep the ones quiz this is
what I want to do I’m like what you want
to do and what you need to do I’m not
the same thing you don’t get if you want
to do what you want to do do what you
want to do how can i fuck you anyway I
didn’t force anybody to do no fix
November how could i I didn’t put a gun
to you either
it did work for a lot of the other right
so but that’s the same thing you don’t
it’s not a Chinese man you don’t get to
pick and choose what you want around
what we say where the whole thing is a
concept is is either it’s a true so it’s
not well I don’t get too I don’t know if
you’re listening guys remember this – I
did not want to fucking do this he said
I fuck no hand he said nope I just said
cool – I was like I’m not doing it
which is like for all of them which is
that sounds like that’s gonna suck for
them and I just I wasn’t gonna do it I
owed it to everybody to have to do it so
that at least if the people that are
listening that’s what he had to go
through his head I had a gun to my head
you guys held the gun but so the so I so
I then I did it but that was but for me
now what I removed was essentially one
espresso in the morning mmm early to
mid-morning between 8:00 and 10:00
that’s really it I did never boost him
and then booze was the other one but
that was probably twice a week and then
maybe like one heavy hitter once a month
you know I mean or maybe twice a month
in the summer yeah and but but so that
level of frequency and then one cheat
meal a week but was usually kind of
coincided it’s kind of just lumped in on
this some beer and some pizza with the
kid but so now when I look at it now BIA
I don’t like to I’ll never ever ever do
anything but like know the frequency of
the cheat meals for me
I haven’t once a week I know is too
tight in there it’s too much
yeah like it’s gotta be yeah I made
three every month or something I don’t
face and I always thought that that was
okay that hey I’m doing pretty good 90%
of the time cuz you kind of are exactly
and that I think that’s – that is the
way back to the blue pill yeah it’s it’s
that regret about doing something that
just leads you back to it so we had a
few people doing like you get
comfortable with it then and it and the
things that you enjoy about it you’ll
still enjoy and then you’ll you I
believe you kind of soften your
sensitivity to the to the things that it
hurts you I think it goes I do believe
it was way past that
I believe the those stimulants through
the hump goes straight to of course he
goes to your brain but he goes past that
he goes to who fundamentally you are as
a person
because of the testing a team had that
makes sense in what we’re hearing from
people and just even like my and those
words weren’t words that I heard from
anyone else first or like I said those
out loud to my wife before I even
understood I was saying when I said
feels like I got a piece of myself back
yeah and so when we talk about how are
you tie in the heart with the sense of
self coming from a hardware stamp
even that I don’t arrive the Lord all of
a sudden does change who you are and
it’s not you doing it it’s yes this
right so I do believe those things take
a chunk out of what makes you you you
have to understand like and I can
explain again but it’s through the
sympathetic which is more reactive and
all that stuff but using simple worlds
like all the stuff that makes you you is
already being deadened by and I’ll go
into this on this podcast by by the
world we live in this is the last piece
well literally because it goes straight
to the heart you’re taking a chunk out
of not yours or bur out of your identity
so if you’re telling me I’m just putting
a coffee enemas like understanding you
are maiming you’re part of your identity
like so this is called taking the blue
pill you don’t get to see a bit just a
small part of my identity you know I
mean that is not how this works
and what did we see on the strong free
community people like oh I’m gonna keep
the carbs or whatever those are all the
people I cannot acknowledge that they
are failing because of them and not an
outside factor I’ve seen I’m not calling
you guys up but what I’m saying for the
Cubs for example is I’ve seen a lot of
people using the carb argument to I need
to have muscle and I need better
performance in my training not once
are they brought up the fact that maybe
just maybe they don’t train hard enough
know you notice conversation every time
is like yeah but bodybuilders do this so
people do that and I’m like but you want
a son or how the Train like if you could
train with sky green you have fucking
rhabdo like you won’t survive this their
loyalty you don’t understand what it’s
what those guys I met a few if like
people make fun of bodybuilding it’s
cause your neighbor try cuz you won’t
survive one of their workouts no the
just a tiring real quick somebody was
talking about I think it was cognitive
it’s a louis simmons bit but he was like
you talk about like oh i want to do what
you do which is thing we thought oh what
do you do to help me get so strong it
was a power lifter at Westside they said
show me what you how do you do what you
do so I can get a strong like you and
although we told him he said you need to
be asking what he was doing 15
because you can’t jump into this because
even if relative to your body or
percentage but you’ll fucking die like
this without make it the world that you
live in you need to ask what he did at
your level my Saturday sessions I think
literally one of them might have might
might lend you in a hospital
I’m not kidding because I had nights
where I talk about this often where I
had I got into a ball watching a movie
and I could not unbend myself I like
literally it was such a freeze mode
where I was like I cannot move some I
meant maybe some of you know what I’m
talking about but literally I got to
fall like this while we talk saying I
cannot move like if I felt it like my
spine was like do not move there was an
order telling me not to move and I ended
up saying like this telling a mic star
channels like nah I’ll go go to bed I’ll
join you later so I would stay there
fall asleep wake up at 2:00 in the
morning when I have enough energy to
unbend myself and go up to sleep and
that happened like multiple times yeah
but if you’re not prepared for that one
like you might actually fuck you up yeah
like but so and then so that’s always
the deal people tend to come back to the
right like I need I need carbs and I
need this I need the caffeine I want to
keep it it’s like maybe it’s you and and
I always tell people though if you can’t
do without the caffeine specifically if
you can’t even do like if the thought if
the thought of going a week or a month
without something like makes you a
little upset that’s like you probably
might not have the best relationship
with that thing but this is like at the
beginning of the no fixed November when
we say take the carbs and the sugar out
and people were like well good luck
enjoying your life and I’m like exactly
like isn’t that strange that the first
thing that you think was like I will not
enjoy my life if I don’t have those
well there’s food and as we saw let me
sauce to kind of the overcorrection
to where we saw people with no fixed
November trying to almost remove joy
from their lives sort of like I’m not
gonna be and of course it’s it’s about
remembering you said all that stuff but
what I get out with it is I was like I
was like well just sit accordingly
punishment it’s punishment
yeah it’s punishment yeah so it’s
depravation so other people took it as
you taking the fun out of my life or
great I get to deprive myself yeah both
are wrong
yeah like and and there were things like
it’s like it’s like I’m gonna take the
fun out of my life
that was some people you’re gonna take
the fun out of your life I’m out yeah
and the other people like okay all the
fun out of my yeah I know a little
psyched yeah I can’t wait to do that
like the size of those people exactly
like you’re fucking and the guys are
like well I’d still don’t seem abs man
I’m like but that was never the point no
but it was oh nice to get your
personality back here’s what I make sure
you for being fully honest I trained
twice in the last six days because I was
doing shit I was like building shrinks
oh yeah but for me I only hit even two
training days meaning like training was
not my thing that I whatever opened up
for me it wasn’t a training angle at
that moment
alright so lit so that’s one side let me
talk about the other side of that so
right now it’s five six days a week
massive training session I am so so my
legs are still fucked up I did them four
days ago
yeah I’m still like I’d like oh my god
when I stand up and everything so what
are these covers you know fixed November
is something in my training session I
realized I was doing two sets because
the anxiety of the doing the third set
was getting to me I always thought like
it was just my body telling me to stop
at two sets or whatever and I realize
now that the second set would fluster me
you know we’d be so cause I trained hard
also would be so hard the idea of doing
a therm would crush my sense of self
making me move to the next size that’s
what I discovered and now I go where
this body building of strongman or
whatever the fuck I do I go to the gym
and I’m like no it’s four sets and even
knowing like dude that’s not a good idea
like after the third set I’m like number
I said four and so I’ve been doing focus
eyes for set work size for exercise Pro
whatever all that I do and I keep so I
did my sandbags carries I’m going back
to have you once
did four sets last time I did I quit on
the second set yeah this one I was like
no I have finished all stuff and I’m
like no third no force so the next day
so but now it’s been like that for I
know four weeks
I’m so fucking so all the time the
amount of volume and strength that I’m
generating in my training right now I’m
like I’m like first of all dude like do
you enjoy hurting yourself isn’t like
this is we are like but I’m at the gym
I’m like I don’t care the whole exercise
four sets and there’s nothing anywhere
knowing what if like I’m so sore my
triceps are killing me
but there’s nothing that that tell that
is that no I said I was doing that so
now I talked to my body like I talked to
my mind yeah you know like when I decide
to learn or stuff like I’m like no they
learn figure it out I talk to myself
like this when it comes to figures that
like do better okay
like I scare myself to leonian I mean
but now I’m doing that to my body as
well as like no this is not no you’re
not flustered I don’t care how you feel
you got one more set you know like that
training partner that says I come here
do you do one more this is literally
what I am to me now so you know the ego
and the eight I mean not to go into
fraud but that that super super position
of the of stuff it’s almost like I’m
going to world the the there’s a part of
me that was not being expressed in words
but not in action and that part of me
took over and now he’s like you’re doing
that and I’m okay but but then I’m not
okay anymore that’s the weak part of me
that is not me anymore
under super your pop talking down to
whatever weakness needs to be shed
and that’s what I’m doing right now I am
shedding certain parts of myself when
when you started with the no fix
November there’s a it’s your transition
is gonna be a little blurrier than
others because I think you were more
strict for longer than most people
before you just simply removed the
caffeine for you when you did that
dissent finger right whales but you’re
but I still believe because of what what
you did there
the you still had to have had the kind
of energy let like the sleep of the
recut like the sleet portion of it or
you crushed media days yeah so you there
I want to describe people what this
transition is going to generally there’s
got there has to be some sort of energy
correction whether it’s your sleep or
whatever whatever
okay so I’ll explain what the correction
happened because it happened at the
protocol as well so what I discovered is
that I didn’t want to have too much food
during the day because whenever I’d it
makes me sleep in I don’t like it
anymore so like my production during the
day as triple so what I do now is that
basically yogurt holding that’s my fat
not even it goes nothing to how to
digest so just yogurt just plain yogurt
no sugar or nothing just all day like
that and then I get my cream at night so
I get the cream before I go to bed I
wake up between 2:00 and 2:30 every
single night I come downstairs I drink
water I get another cream mmm
and then I wake up at 7:00 or sometimes
I even wake up at if I had six have
another criminal I wake up at 8 so I get
most of I get most of my cream now in a
at night mm-hmm
naturally this is where I’m at so I have
the same dinners before I’m doing the
dishes yogurt yeah I said we understand
so those are yeah
made me a just an something that I that
I thought was very you know yeah
fairly structured before no no yes
change everything well now this is
what’s happening to me because during
the day it’s a fuck shit up time that
had to happen though before then though
like that sleep correction from the
protocol and from the thing if you
believe that there’s the order went for
me as that was going on nothing else was
changing with me via the Sun self or
anything until that got squared away I
can feel this a good friend I was tired
in the day I was asleep early yeah I was
waking up ladies but maybe maybe it’s a
healing face oh yeah that’s but that’s
things I don’t believe none of that is a
bad I mean I’ve been with you when he
wakes up yeah like they have to redo
these acupuncture he’s like you know
what can I use my muscles you never use
them yeah I think he was that he was
that part in the Nebuchadnezzar well you
have to heal because you you’ve been
crushing a part of you for so long it’s
never been used and yet too
he’ll and take over this is really where
I fell it’s like that part was able to
take over but before you’ve been
catching it and I don’t even know that I
mean a while I’m sure there’s some sort
of a like physical addiction symptoms in
there some yeah that’s their headache on
the actions but I do believe it’s like
with the caffeine if you wake up and you
feel tired like you need a cup of coffee
like like let’s just pause it right
there and say maybe that’s because
you’re tired and and and whatever it is
you can’t just keep doing the things
they put you in that place cover it up
because that is the that is the
identical opposite if you will of taking
a fucking sleeping pill to go to sleep
but not getting real sleep right yeah
your eyes are closed and your lights are
off but like but someone can choke you
out you’d be they say that’s not
sleeping that’s by the way that’s an
important part too because and this is
where I think we have a an issue with
with science not with science the the
idea the concept that is vital to the to
the world today but in a way what
culturally speaking science has become
capitalism has promoted science in a
number of things we seen that in opioid
crisis everything but illness back well
the the American author was talking
about the immortality project which is
what the idea was that we cannot face
death as humans this is our biggest
problem and we start to create
immortality projects to allow us to deal
with the idea of death so that’s why we
like the heroes because they are did
survive past them so it’s a way to
immortality so everything that humans do
fundamentally is to create an
immortality project so that they can
take the idea that they’re gonna die but
something that’s where Willa Jean comes
in all of this mattered at least because
it will go on a second
right that’s what I call your motor
immortality project so and science is
winning over all religion as it should
not get me wrong but after the age of
reason like if you don’t have religion
then where do you get your immortality
project and we’re getting it through
science but so that in capitalism is
starting to create certain issues for
example of the bad side of capitalism is
always like selling you shit even though
like let’s take the appearance of the
things that you quote want but don’t
really want right so let’s take the
opiate crisis as an example because I’ll
go back to the carbs and the caffeine
right what is the easiest way to
manipulate people is to have five
different people some kind of influencer
saying one thing and repeating enough
times and it becomes a consensus for
example when did the opioid crisis start
he didn’t stop yoga five years ago
whatever he started where pain was
classified as the fifth sign of health
that happened in the where was it the
80s nightly whatever I was but doctors
you know like they have to color the
health they listed pain as a fifth guess
why they did that because the
pharmaceutical industry pushed how do
they do that this and this and sales
reps with studies those studies were
funded by the pharmaceutical industry
and they have top doctors that will
write that so those doctors don’t
exactly lie but they take numbers in a
very specific context then they take the
tech date out of it and then they take
the context out and says see do it like
that it’s like saying cops is the
easiest way to get the glucose in yeah
yes that’s true but easiest is not best
but if you can just change easiest to
it’s like curves is the best way to get
glyco to get glucose yeah compared to
this that takes all but you just take
that out and before you know it you get
ten people ten athletes then
nutrition is to say carbs is the best
way to get glucose and we need glucose
don’t and now you get it you get all of
them to repeat it enough times it
becomes a truth it’s actually a niche we
said mm
that we forgot we’re illusions it’s
exactly that right so that’s what the
opioid crisis started that’s what the
sales rep the former sequel industry
came to doctors and say look each this
actually they had to study that they
start to show that I think was oxycontin
saying that less than 1% of people would
get addicted to it where the actual
number is 20 to 25 that’s crazy they
said yeah yeah stuff like that but
because it was probably in a very very
specific context so the doctor you see
in July well and if you’re being if you
if you look at people you know who are
general practitioners family doctors
what their day-to-day life is in
practice is busy you’re seeing so many
patients out a mailer and boom
pharmaceutical rep was there having to
get you up to speed on all this new shit
sure sure sure this is this this is
nothing no orders oh no I agree yeah but
but but what I do mean is this is a like
I said there’s just there is some that
exist let’s say the entire system
because that’s what happened a medical
system said pain is the fifth marker
because now it becomes official policy
on your lower back hurts I can’t send
you to to a trainer I don’t know any I
continue to nutritionists I don’t know
any and by the way I got 30 minutes with
you I don’t know nutrition I don’t know
training what I do have is a thing that
well that’s the only thing that was
giving to me which is a pill yeah plus
if you look at this if you take the once
you start looking at things that this
thing is a solution for this that’s
that’s not a new concept for us it’s
like a pill fixing a thing is not fixing
the thing but like that is kind of the
basic framework inside all of that
active basement and so so once that is
the culture I know photography like if
you were the doctor and you’re
overweight and you have heart problems
your doctor and I’ve talked to a friends
who is who are doctors who say they will
basically not most doctors won’t even
bother trying to tell you about
lifestyle or nutrition or exercise
because the truth is because in America
you’re gonna fucking do it anyways for
one and two if I come in and I tell you
to eat better to live right and I have
access to a pill that will
that number mhm that is the problem
number in the system that we devised I
can fuck him and you have a heart attack
in two weeks like that doctor can often
there can be mal prior I saw you for
problems with my heart you didn’t give
me anything
and so then you so the whole disease the
whole system starts to feed that if I
can dysfunction and then like anything a
misaligned wheel isn’t a big deal at ten
miles an hour
yeah but if you’re going 80 miles an
hour now you’ve got bodies and morgues
of people you know there and now we have
the United States which on the brink of
bankruptcy when the health care crisis
hits and you will hit now that I don’t
know which one hits first the health
care crisis or the industry the food
industry crisis first I guess use
account Federal Reserve yeah but this is
how we get the system in place now where
millions of people are dying more will
die like 100 million of people within
five years will get diabetes which is
insane yeah this is how we get there
though so this is the easiest way to
manipulate people you get some people to
start saying something which is the
mostly not true but not entirely wrong
either so they can kind of defend it’s
like correlative lis connected so like
nobody thinks past the problem is they
taking away the context and so they take
away the context and they generalize
everything we have the same conversation
on the strong for come in – yeah but
natural body builders use carbs yes but
by the way maybe they know how to do
bodybuilding has been doing it for so
there’s so much of the context that’s
been taken out you know don’t you make
the conversation simple but that
conversation does not become simple
anymore it becomes simplistic which is
not the same thing which is what I’m
trying to explain all the time there’s a
difference between simple and simplistic
this is what I quoted understand we said
make everything as simple as possible
but no simpler this is the problem now
so we are trying when it comes to the
human body to make things fast simple
into simplistic why because it’s easier
to sell because once you can come up
with a simple formula like e equals MC
square it’s flashy if you get enough
people to repeat it it becomes a truth
and through
that I can sell something you see that
with shoes right everybody knows that
was fucking shoes that Nike started the
fucked up what we are two generations of
athletes of runners and everything we
know that and yet they keep selling it
at 150 dollars a pop and you keep having
those studies showing that those shoes
are this well we know through the true
testing that that shit has fucked up to
generation I felt a bit people around
the world for sixty years now what I
think that’s important to say like what
you just mentioned about the the the
perils of oversimplification yes that is
exactly the way we’re going to talk
about no fix November that people are
looking at their caffeine and their
carbs is like it is not indifferent than
a doctor oversimplifying the yes all the
things that go into high blood pressure
by saying statin medication here don’t
here here and and it’s like I’m tired
this is my energy juice and and don’t
ask any further questions besides you’re
gonna be challenged because you don’t
have the cunt you don’t want to know the
context or have to take ownership of
everything that surrounds though so but
so let’s go over why I think it’s
oversimplified that’s why when you say
you’re gonna put the caffeine back in
not you just guys out there like
understand you’re back on the blue peel
like understand what those things do
like so a lot of it comes down for
example in the case of caffeine I
believe goes to the how to the sense of
self but the heart as I explained is its
own brain and there’s a lot of data that
comes from the body that is part of your
sense of self if you have been following
the podcast you know that for me the the
brain is actually just a prediction
machine it’s not you your sense of
consciousness so it does not come from
the from the brain actually it’s
actually in an ascending feeling coming
from the from the viscera so you got the
entered nervous system the gut the heart
all that stuff going up and there’s a
play between you entire peripheral
nervous system all those connections
everywhere going through the Vitara the
viscera so the guard the heart to the
brain and back and stuff like that so we
don’t different podcast on the subject
right but if you look if we talk blue
pill what the matrix wants us in it is
your sense of self how does he do it so
for example no fixed number of the
caffeine the stimulants are one way to
numb you you have but look at your
so that’s one have you noticed once on
the fixed November you taste is changing
on the protocol you taste changes
completely right so that’s one right
what else do we have we have the sense
of touch for example so sense of touch
like for example we have like the new
print that that showed you that you can
actually go to outfight versus not
having the touch so that’s another way
where how would you number for example
through the sense of touch well you
could have a wear shoes that makes the
the bottom especially to well the inside
here where most proprioception happen
which means internal talk and all that
stuff happens to well the inside of the
foot where external talk is on the
outside we could have shoes that have a
bump that basically make us step on the
outside of a foot which is to our
external talk which is more to out the
sympathetic which is back to the same
thing as a stimulant so if you look you
work on the outside of your foot like
that all the time
you are deadening the feeling that you
get through proprioception that a
setting feeling is directly linked to
your sense of self I got the studies for
that one as well so don’t look at my
shoes no but the shoes take away
completely proprioception of the foot
you are stepping on the outside of your
foot continuously to underhill where you
have no feeling the feeling is here and
because you’re kind of just getting the
experiences you’re not getting the
feedback that corrects that behavior
right and everything is feedback that
feedback loop is where your identity is
like so that’s what also like the
oversimplification is people singing
identity it’s all in the brain because
that’s how we’ve been explained but
that’s not true like the studies that I
was showing you like no no your sense of
energy comes from the heart going up
comes from ascending feelings to the
vagus now guess what proprioception is
part of that so you have all those
senses that are being deadened vision
electric light all the time you’re not
outside looking at the sky you can’t see
stars anymore when was the last time you
actually looked at most of us live in
essentially the case
visually from a primer exactly and by
the way focusing yourself directly on a
small spot that’s the sympathetic stuff
as well so when you’re in that fucking
firm that is most more completely like
this focusing on a very small stuff
forcing your senses to become very
acutely aware of what what you’re
focusing you’re creating another
sympathetic reaction so you are leaving
continuously to what the deadening of
your identity through sympathetic
reaction continuously which by the way
create low-grade inflammation which is
another problem but now right so you see
that when it comes to for example the
feet like you’ll never create in the
proprioception all right
taste same thing touch that’s what the
new printed the ice bath works on well
personally you’re starting to feel again
and you have to control you have to know
why you wanna control yourself right and
then you got for example let’s talk
about earring because that’s gonna come
to what we call this net December and
that’s what everybody is going to be
doing for months so there’s something
called a safe and sound protocol that
was developed by dr. porches dr. Burgess
is the one of the political theory that
I talk about all the time and the one
who gave us HIV literally he has a safe
in some protocol which is the same idea
as everything else which means we know
that she was studying it that for
example high frequency song high
frequency sounds promote safety why
because low frequency promotes the
sympathetic side of things right we know
that so sympathetic stem low frequency
is like a rumble
it’s a low Sun where you go like the
Bears coming that promotes not feel
necessarily but a sense of danger that
joy is not always feel alertness would
be the thermal well what are you all
alone because the sympathetic is kicking
in right so that constant alertness
means danger none it’s all in a bad way
but it doesn’t mean I need to be by I
need to be alert because a danger might
be coming right and by the way we get
very addicted to that because it feels
awesome to be alert because now suddenly
you don’t have to feel you you just feel
the world yeah right so if you don’t
want to look inside you just look
outside all the time how do you look
outside all the time you sit you stay –
well the sympathetic trigger
the easiest happens in and you have to
though use a trigger as opposed to just
finding that right because you’re not
you you can’t make the the boom that’s
gonna alert you right yeah but you can
you can obviate surprise exactly right
but let’s say in case of a trauma though
like early enough eight six eight or
whatever it was suddenly everything is
is a is a percentage right so
high-frequency but how have your sister
but if you had trauma you basically set
that stuff will or which means any sound
it’s basically to go an idea of danger
your will call it kind of the the bar
raising or exactly usual I will change
it you’re basically changing the
threshold for which things that wouldn’t
normally just from an exact hearing
standpoint frequencies that normally
wouldn’t cause a state of nervous all of
a sudden by the way if you were bent on
not looking inside then you would find a
way to get yourself scared of any sound
you would train yourself slowly but
surely over your time to be scared of
any sound so you you can change your bar
yourself through practice that’s a way
to almost like figuratively just like
back yourself into the cave shut it off
no I’ll go the other way or I don’t want
to look inside so I’m gonna create a
sympathetic reaction correct but it is
physically in the world exactly this
cave but for you it’s fucking mad yeah
exactly because why because you don’t
want to look inside so therefore you’re
continuously looking outside how do you
do that by creating a sympathetic
trigger so what kind of sympathetic
trigger for example walking on the
outside of your feet while having low
intensity what you gauge is more to a
dangerous sound continuously or stuff
like a this is how your identity gets
chopped up on a daily basis you have
food you are and you have stuff like
that so let’s talk about the the sound
stuff cause again Disney December so
what if we could be set that low high
frequency ratio so you stop being in a
sense of danger all time but now start
to go to our safety that’s the safe and
protocol by doctor project so the idea
is to have so high frequency sound
what’s the high frequency sound it’s a
simple for example is that Disney
Princesses songs in the Disney Prince
not just Disney
Disney Princesses if you have ever
looked into this they actually require
the singles to look like a three octave
regia range and stuff like that because
they need that frequency because it’s a
very specific thing that promotes safety
which is exactly what you want if you’re
trying to speak to children toddlers who
you want to make their parents watch
that movie
eight times back to back to back exactly
right right but can we take that further
because now that takes us into the
active meditation the idea of the high
frequency sound is to promote safety a
path sympathetic response I’m like
alright I know how to do that from the
movement perspective though yeah I can
have nasal breathing doing movement but
then what would I do
but how about we use what we talked
about toward the path sympathetic and
then the base which is the vo2 max
training but the vo2 max running so that
active meditation can help us basically
cool down from you know not producing
lactate with being able to use lactate
I’m like alright so let’s combine all
this together so what do you have you
have 40 to 60 minutes of very slow
cardiovascular work so it’s not even
cardio honestly it’s just basically good
running work no it’s not our PE of rate
of passive exhaustion of two maybe three
right so and basically you stay with the
nasal breathing all the time forty to
sixty minutes and what you’re gonna do
is you’re gonna listen to the Disney
Princesses songs I have on my phone I
have my playlist that I’m willing to
share with everybody I won’t like let it
go is my favorite Alec Mona a lot but
now that I’ll go with Cinderella Snow
White like the old school do any of them
know each slap hard or anything is there
some sort of like no I’m not kidding
I get that for 45 minutes yeah I put it
on and then this is how I do my active
meditation so for the month of December
it’s gonna be everybody 40 minutes to an
hour of these new princesses on high
frequency basically sounds through those
songs while being or nasal breathing
while doing the active meditation and
you will see when he brings to you
mentally on top of the Norfolk’s
November if you told you did actually
the fact is you did
tell me this yeah we were gonna do this
that’s how you told me this by about
week one or two in a no fictional member
before things kind of blew open for me
in it so like I was like well that’ll be
neat for you guys to do again and now I
just fucking know better than to not do
uh-huh so I really don’t want to I do
have a question though yeah okay in the
thing is there like a frequency that
it’s just kind of like like generally
above this that we know that is the
thing don’t worry about it I just like
the finest not those song exactly are
you doing those songs and what were you
gonna discover because I’ve been playing
with it for one hour which is very
interesting you know when you go too
fast on the vo2max running i figure it
out that’s when interests intrusive
thoughts come about intrusive thoughts
the I remember I send you that even from
the heart yeah yeah that’s when you
switch to sympathetic there is an entire
thing where they can they and they can
show that events which shall be where
that moment where intrusive thoughts
starts to come in basically is a loss of
cognition that’s because you’re going
toward the sympathetic side that’s your
switch and again it goes back to your
loss of identity is your loss of
cognition has to do with the heart all
that stuff is fascinating but basically
you’ll know you’re going too far when
your thoughts when you start to have
intrusive thoughts coming like I’m
supposed to do this tomorrow or like you
know me was always like I’m gonna kill
someone yeah I’m gonna fuck up the guy
yeah that means you’re going too hard
yeah so that’s the key is nasal
breathing and your mind should be a
blanket of present Ness where you just
in the present with no intrusive
thoughts with just you not planning
anything just there and get the high
frequency sound it will promote you not
being toward intrusive thoughts it is
the most fascinating imagine what you
could have with your brain in a safe
letting go of all the stuff that keeps
bombarding you for an hour
so still my favorite imagine what you
could do with an hour of that a day
where your brain is not being assaulted
continuously what we’re going to do is
one months at a time we’re going to
reset all senses we’ve done the taste
and all that stuff nasal breathing
that’ll be part of the sense of smell
we’ll have the touch neoprene ice bath
and then the proprioception right now
we’re going to go at the earring where
we’re gonna reset your level of what
danger is by creating high frequency
sound and allowing your brain to be in a
still place that is safe for an hour and
we’re gonna promote that through not
just sound and movement as well with
nasal breathing and all that stuff and
that should bring the highest flow that
you can imagine which that’s true
meditation like push to the physical
level imagine what you could do that
with an hour a day well your brain is
off is not being assaulted the term that
you use highest flow was interesting
because I wanted to just circle back
around this point because I wanted your
opinion yes cuz I’ve thought about this
since the last week or so week or so is
is when I was starting to was
brainstorming and all sorts of shit just
being everywhere this week I noticed
very clearly that I was like it was the
most intense state of flow like real
flow yeah to where but but but peace not
just like me and flu and really good
he’s just like all like right on the
fucking edge right where it’s like holy
shit but we are going here yeah that I
haven’t felt since like you know higher
stakes competing of sports do you know
what I mean like actually like like like
shit like you know hitting a
game-winning shot it’s like I’m
literally having that experience like
what do we do with this I don’t like
where this is a solution boom and that
is like game-winning shot level fuck yes
next book and I and it is go and I and I
don’t know how to place the head right
but now it has to key though is I need
you to recover from that yeah so it’s
the arch from both sides yeah like that
top there which means if I go then like
everything Chris is doing the day I need
to basically make you recover we gotta
pull down
for right so it goes back in a way to
circadian rhythms the ways to seek out a
rhythm is food light and social behavior
actually social interaction so during
the day you’re just like all in that’s
that has to fight at the highest mode
but that’s the flow under pressure from
the so it’s more like fight and
underflow whereas this one i’m going to
promote flow under pressure it’s Mike
and John John is at least stronger
during the day for you right now but I
need Mike to be strong as well and
that’s I’m gonna train my Mike has to be
trained with that flow like that and so
it’s gonna be only so breathing but with
the high frequency and that would and
it’s interesting if you if when you put
it like that too as it feels like then
at that point that is kind of how you
gain so I have this like all this chaos
that works and it’s enjoyable but but
maybe at that is not gonna be can excite
like that forever without a grin or
something you’ll crush your question
that’d be a shame and actually I told my
wife I was like this is either really
good or I’m gonna go crazy I need to
recover and I and I and that was the
reason I were to ask you about this cuz
I was like I have all of this new energy
and ideas act or activity the question
is how do I get like like honing and
tuning and that is the keys we need
exactly the other side of that you need
enough time to be able to hone it
because that that much energy at you at
first is overwhelming yeah and me like a
crush a little bit for a couple days
because I realize I just realized I
didn’t drink water flat for five days
actually impacted my cognition levels a
lot I saw that on my charlie going down
because I’m trying to roaring because I
was curious about the sleep yeah and you
actually impacted my cognition last week
and because I realize actually the
injury but I always been bad with that
anyway the you’re gonna have you need
time to hone those skills but you need
you need time at that level because any
Romeo status will kick in and then
you’ll find that level normal and you’ll
want to go to the next one which is the
point always right but to do that and
you to recover and I did you I need mind
to be just as strong as John yeah so we
need to train Mike and how we gonna
train Mike we’re gonna train it by doing
the active meditation with nasal
breathing everything so we’re good
Disney Princess these new fancy songs
that’s a high-frequency cell love it no
he works so well like I don’t think for
an hour like I’m just something out like
every weather it’s very likely isn’t
self reflection if you will it is just a
sign to keep emptiness which I find very
interesting cause all this self is that
empty observation alrighty
like peripherals just please just being
there just being for once you will be
that’s like remember I was talking about
like on the sixth day of the no fixed
number for me when I sat here for twenty
minutes did nothing I was just there
right it’s a little bit that where your
mind suddenly is just there I think
that’s where the runner high comes from
yeah because I’ve noticed that with
endurance athletes they’re able to shut
off their mind for hours at a time in a
way that no strength athlete can do for
20 minutes and think about when we do
things like like what we do for work or
you’re always planning building
something it’s up gotta solve everything
in and I think clarity is really
important because you can see everything
through this cloudy vision of all this
shit that you’re letting be in the front
of your mind if you will and then you’re
not gonna have that breakthrough on the
finger working on you remove all of that
you begin to see things for what they
really are and this was the thing that I
noticed a lot stuff I was working on
this week was those solutions were
painfully fucking obvious right been
sitting on this for however this could
have it took a week and it’s like we
need to go on handles it takes me that
clarity right can now be impacted by
anything and that’s when we talk about
the red pill or the blue pill is it’s
like do you understand what the cost is
right because I know now what I’m
capable of not just from doing but I
mean thinking but this is what I mean
like looking for this my entire life
because that my obsession me is getting
better and I knew there was parts of me
not clicking not running and
like but this is not what I want so me
I’ve been at times being able to force
myself into that where you are right now
that stage of cocaine let’s get my brain
working but it’s exhausting because I’m
fighting literally something which I did
not understand what it was but good that
was taking away that capacity that I
have to work out such a high percentage
when I’m like hyper focused and
everything this is mostly where I’m at
but I’ve always been fighting a part of
me in that and I realize now that the
part of me was the fucked up signals I
was getting from either sugar or
caffeine because I’ve never been without
both I was earlier caffeine or sugar add
some sugar but in our jeffina oh I would
stop caffeine but then I had sugar I
think until this month I don’t think I
was ever without even one of the three
or four things that we had to remove
from the splits well if you look at
sugar like France chocolate so I started
as a kid so 40 years of sugar or
caffeine almost no or encounter
obviously so I’ve never been in wasabi
but then suddenly I work at the level I
want to work they’ll fuck me on my smart
so am I gonna and then I think you hit
the nail and I won’t know are you
willing to compromise any of this
because this is a what we’ve had people
to throughout the no fix November who
said hey I didn’t I’ve been doing the
protocol for a while and I’ve and I
haven’t had carbs for a few years really
I don’t have clothes I’m much I’m not a
big drinker and I only had a little bit
of caffeine here and there so I removed
that and I was like I haven’t had any
major major thing and I want to ask that
person I want to look at them and be
like so you feel like this all the time
yeah and you’ll be well in the question
I was then I want to ask like well do
you feel how do you feel all right but
but it’s like do you feel good yeah
because I think that should be you know
yeah but that’s you know then I don’t
know maybe remember we are strengthen
fleets so oh stop
the other side has matured and that’s
what we’ve been always doing
game winning shot and everything it’s
always the peak so we are masters of
town yeah well we cannot have is raising
the valleys raising the sea game but
endurance athletes that
they do they raise the valleys the
problem is they have no Peaks so those
people I think need to be push the other
way which means yeah but you can’t join
not like I do and so it takes you being
able to Train too literally you go like
that’s do we need to call the hospital
but at this so Mike and John there mike
is strong
John is weak yeah or John is super
strong but Mike was weak yeah
and so now that Mike is going up the
fucking arch is going through the roof
Vail’s we just reinforce Mike and
they’re like yeah that’s a really I did
not I’m glad I brought that up yeah yeah
and so what they need them is what is
coming next
which means which will come in January
which will be we’re gonna go the other
way which means we’re gonna build up
John we’re gonna fuck some people up
he’s gonna be build a question yeah yes
they’re always nice to us and that stuff
me I’m like yeah you’ll make no
difference whatsoever cause you can’t do
to me worse than you’re meaner and right
to myself right I think with those faith
the opportunity to do it is like and it
doesn’t fucking a minute yeah I might do
to think no I really know the difference
now is all those few sets of each
instead of one well I mean right now of
yeah King died I’m not very good but I
can tell you that those I could take the
sessions that I was doing like that and
do and double the set I can set up one
set at 200 oh I would do two right now
because there is nothing
well I’m like no one more an hour yeah I
am obedient to me no instead up to the
assistant yeah which is what I’ve always
been looking for that and that’s exactly
what I felt to was I felt it’s for the
first time I was able to work as myself
exactly I was able to do the things I
was always told that’s not the worship
it’s not how you work
it’s not how you’re supposed to work you
can’t do you’re doing it wrong but there
is no compromising on this this is what
I want you guys to understand like it’s
not about food it’s about the signals
that you send when you absorb food and
those signals go straight to the heart
you have no control between the those
two is that your brain is not the
problem and I think for people that go
back in the beginning was episode 1570
the first nutrition one six seven I
don’t know anymore
but like the first nutrition ones that
we put out I erred on the side of what’s
the word I’m looking for of long-term
adherence in some of the advice I was
adopting for myself and giving at that
time in that I was like 80/20 the shit I
burn every Sunday stay on it stay know
what I got to do to tone it down which
is chew – which is true but I like but
what happened is the 80/20 thing like
that’s a little bit mice it’s still what
we’re talking about clarity and
long-term trends you can’t fucking
handicap yourself every Sunday from noon
to apa and then because the price to be
paid isn’t just it’s not a hangover it’s
like that you don’t get right until 4:00
time again at some point we need to have
the conversation blue pill white pill
you need to understand like by the way
you want to be blue pill have at it just
you don’t get to say like everybody
loves the matrix but everybody in their
mindset would choose a red pill
alright now you can yeah now you have a
choice which one you’re gonna go with
but you don’t have to tell me anything
don’t answer that’s not answer yourself
not me like I can’t make you do anything
and at the end it’s not my problem
anyway it’s your choice but make no
difference if you start fucking up with
those ascending ascending signals you
don’t get to control with this so the
second you start doing certain things
where you know you shut off the air you
get low frequency sounds you get the
improper proprioception you get
stimulants all of those will take a
chunk out of your identity those are
blue pills that is the way this works
I’m sorry so me I know I know what I’m
gonna do so and me know being me I’m
like no no more no sugar no caffeine no
carbs ooh I’m still so it’s been two
months yeah and even though I’ve been
called fat and still leaner and so
yeah exactly but you should set my
training sessions now ow
like like the other day I was like cause
I was so solid I was trying to play The
Witcher which is a good game which
you’re three it’s a good game
and I’m on the ground going like shake
I gotta stand up now – good do I really
want to pee that bad like my legs were
so sore when I’m not good are you trying
to hurt yourself like are you enjoying
being that sore
better Santana is like nowhere I don’t
care because I said four sets
nice literally conversation in my head
like my training sessions right now
absurd but I feel like at 46 I’ve
reached or at least I’m seeing the road
that I’ve been looking for that I wanted
to be on there’s no destination but I’m
finally on the road that I’ve been
wanting to take for ever for me was
about feeling like I’m just moving
because sometimes going somewhere
because when you went away you frame it
is like you’re just sitting there doing
the work is like it’s like oh yeah
that’s work I want to be doing still
like not just to work I was doing the
sweep of the work always I’ve always
been doing cuz it’s the work I choose
more like but there still there’s always
parts of it that are
ditch-digging there’s parts of your life
that are still where they are no one
likes washing the dishes are fuckin
alright so there’s all of those things
but what what I found as I was going
through is that I just think that it is
much more me it’s my way and like I’m
now just moving forward which means now
I can manage those things that I would
have been doing before and for a while
differently and confidently just being
like listen I can do this my way now and
it’ll be better for me having done it
Marcus Aurelius actually said like the
difference between men and boys I’m
paraphrasing but that boys do what they
have to do whereas men do what they
choose to do that’s the difference so
yeah I’ll do the dishes because I choose
yeah not because I have to that’s the
difference so now I’m like I this a gap
between what needs to be done and you
know like the whole any all I started is
a gap now where how I feel about
something is different from what needs
to be done and as before I related it to
you for being honest that they needed
with something has to be done ago yeah
I’m dead serious that encapsulate almost
every task that I do there are some sort
of other you know they did just I do
regularly is a only because it’s maybe
it’s something that has only because
sometimes it just has to be done not
that I don’t want
it’s that it has to be done and I’m like
well fuck you what exactly right exactly
I don’t want and and so but but but I
think it feels good to be to be just
moving now I feel like I know I can just
keep the green things out I’m starting
to understand what discipline means
because God knows I was add my own type
of discipline it’s not doing its people
that are so fucking confused like yes
doing shit that you hate to do yeah it’s
not and it’s and it’s hurting yourself
but people the people who I believe
actually preach discipline and have
discipline they don’t have the
discipline in the way it’s being
interpreted by people which is like like
look at your choco willings choco does
not mind getting up at 3:30 in the
morning and training and crushing his
shit at 3:00 in the morning he doesn’t
he loves it you getting up at 3:00 in
the morning slogging at a fucking iPad
going like yeah good luck
Oh choco says discipline his freedom and
it’s like buddy not that that ain’t it
yeah you’re missing the point where he
loves it I have gotten up out of my bed
and jumped right into our projects for
the last 7 days straight yeah like boom
that’s what you see why it takes you at
7 a.m.
yeah because he found if I’m here I’m
right guy it’s on now there was a couple
times about 11 o’clock Mike Julian’s in
bed and I can’t solve this via messages
anyways so I’m gonna say anything why no
I was like it’ll seep into me do I just
tell him that he has to call me now and
I don’t tell them that it’s not really
important you might just think that it’s
really important but it’s just a little
important and so but that’s the level of
like this and we talked about doing
because like this needs to be solved now
I need to know where to go where to do
this exactly so now you see when I have
something is like yes to come out mmm
cuz I’m like it’s not gonna stay up
there it doesn’t do anything over there
I guess and I move right away from it –
you never press yes – stop
now you stop – CY stop shit I was like
nervous good idea we’re doing now yeah
you’re – I mean so that’s why the wait
because he has to stop because once he
starts it can progress but if you don’t
stop the stuff he never goes anywhere
because it has to have a much material
representation of it yeah otherwise
nothing is ever gets done so it’s part
of who you are as a person
yeah so what you need
if you’re listening and watching is 30
days at a minimum hold on for this a
real minimum we don’t don’t put a coffee
back every four days don’t do it like Oh
F Oh 8020 no no no if she do it really
…And for the month of December we have
active meditation with nasal
breathing… Slow.. And if you start to have
intrusive thoughts that means
you’re going too fast, so slow it down…
While listening to high frequency
sound, in that case the Disney Princesses
songs: Cinderella, Snow White, all that stuff.
Those voices are gorgeous, by the way..
Look at the old school stuff..
Cinderella and
Snow White, man…. I swear you’ll see
what I mean…
Those are beautiful voices..
So December… Disney December..
This one’s coming up on Wednesday, too?
Yea, this one I”ve got to edit tomorrow… Thanks.

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big stuff when you for you guys coming
up so 2020 so yep so 2020 I think is
gonna be a big year and I think it’s
gonna big be a big year for you guys
listening and watching so thanks a lot
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I could be I’m not wrong
it’s a category on straight porn – it’s
okay oh my god oh my god yes thank God
okay I think we’re good

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  2. I have exactly the same response that Julien has regarding No Fix November. I do office work in my job and what I have found is that I can tell my mind what to do a lot easier. The procrastination voice is weaker. And ofc was eating Greek yogurt all day but the one I use has 6.7%fat and 4%carbs :/