Keto Waffles Recipe With Coconut Flour

Today I am so excited to share a recipe for Keto waffles with you, this recipe is amazing I've always seen waffles recipes with heaps of ingredients this one has only four ingredients, one of them is salt, which is that even an ingredient? So I'm going to share that recipe with you today, l I'll leave a link to the blog post with the recipe and loads of ideas for yummy toppings ideas and everything that you could want, need to make these easy Keto Waffles and make sure if you're not already subscribed to my channel, make sure you subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this, and leave a like and a comment to let me know if you tried the recipe, what you thought, I look forward to reading your comments, so let's get on and make Keto Waffles We start with four eggs, I'm just gonna give them a whisk together and I've got my waffle maker ready to go on the side, okay don't go too crazy, that will do and now we're gonna add all our other ingredients, and told you it it that easy, a good generous pinch of salt, a quarter of a cup of coconut flour and a quarter of a cup of cream really just any cream you've got in the fridge with Keto we've got a cream or two, just whichever is easy to pour in, whisk through that is what you want to use and then give it another whisk through and that is perfectly whisked batter, so now I'm just gonna let it sit for a few minutes, with coconut flour it's very absorbent so you want to just give it a moment to just make sure that it's absorbed nicely and it's not going to be too thick or too runny a batter and add a little more cream or a little more coconut flour it also depends on the moisture in your air and your cooking and so many factors of coconut flour but don't be afraid of it, you can see this batter looks pretty good yeah that looks like a pretty good batter when you've got that kind of thickish consistency you are good to go, so I'm gonna heat up my waffles maker and get cooking

My waffle maker has come up to temperature and my one, just follow the directions of yours, mine need to be just greased a little bit and used my avocado oil spray that I just love I got from TK Maxx which I believe it's TJ Maxx in America, so I've got my waffle maker open let's see if I can get it all in shot for you, there you go, I've got my waffle maker in shot, excuse the noise in the background I'm multitasking and cooking at the same time other dishes to which you can look forward to and so we pop our waffle maker on first time I made waffles in this waffle maker I used a little bit less now I kind of use almost three or so tablespoons per waffle but again it's going to depend on the size of your waffle maker, I will find a similar one to mine and leave a link down below for you on Amazon if you would like to have a look and so I use this, get this with three tablespoons per waffle this gets me four waffles and I tend to have one, my husband, my kids each have one and we all have all kinds of different toppings and I will leave in the blog post loads of topping ideas my favorite though is strawberries and cream and I would like to know what your favorite waffle topping is leave a comment and let me know, okay there we go that is pretty much good to go and so I'll make sure all the little bits are covered because I have made them when you have little holes and and so then you just simply pop down the lid and close, this one it needs to be sealed up like that and in five to 10 minutes you will have waffles so I'm gonna let this cook and I'll show you once they're done, okay waffles are ready, let's have a look, yeah perfect a little bit of overhang on the side there but that's fine I like to use an egg lifter to get them out carefully and they kind of stuck together, we'll just pull them apart like that and oh can't even see them, can you, and we've got our waffles, how good do those look YUM and my topping of choice strawberries and cream gonna do that now, and before I see to my waffle I'm gonna remember I've got the rest of the better so pop the rest into the waffle maker and those are cooking I'm going to get on and top my waffle, so as I mentioned I love strawberries and cream! Look at that mishmash or strawberries and cream! What a yummy big keto breakfast, thanks so much for watching this video for Keto Waffles please make sure that you leave a like, subscribe for more yummy inspirations and leave a comment to let me know when you try this recipe out what you think, I look forward to reading your comments and down below I'll leave a link to the blog post where you can follow this along at home and make it yourself, so thanks for watching and we'll see you again soon bye!