Keto Taco Salad | Weekly Meal Prep | Caveman Keto

Hi again, I'm Caveman Keto and today I'm going to show you how to make Keto Taco Salad! It all starts by prepping the meat Once you have your meat completed, we're going to start the assembly process Now I'm going to do incremental assembly, I have this nice scale here if you can see, I can zero it out and it now says 0 lbs, and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the meat I'm gonna add in approximately 5-6 ounces of keto taco meat and you can see we have, well its upside down but 5 and 1/8 ounces The next thing I'm going to do is zero it, see we're back down to 0 and I'm going to add in 15 ounces of cheddar cheese on top of that now when I first made this, I had a bit of an issue in that I want to microwave the meat but I don't want all the fixings to get disrupted and so what I did was use these little metal bowls, and so these are prep bowls that you can buy anywhere, and again, I zeroed it out, then and then, what I did is I add in sour cream to the bowl then I add a little bit of salsa into the bowl and then finally I saran wrap that into this nice container and so as you can see we can slip that into the side perfectly then, distribute this out a little bit and then, I add in my lettuce

And now what you do, when you get to lunchtime you can take out both the lettuce and the fixings then you can microwave it and make a taco or you can rip it up and make taco salad So there you have it, Keto Taco Salad all in a nice little container!