Keto Snack Box

Hello and welcome back to my channel I have a really quick video for you today I'm about to head out with my kids and I made this snack box, lunch box, whatever you want to call it and I thought I'd share what I'm taking because it might help you if you need some meals for out-and-about, lunch box and snack boxes and all that, so we've got a bit of spinach leaves there and half an avocado I'm going to top it with some salt and some avocado oil as well for some extra fat and flavor, I've got a whole heap of salami I just chopped up pieces of salami, I love salami and it's just such an easy awesome low carb high fat snack or part of a meal box and then we have grated cheese, so I just really popped a portion on

This took literally a minute, two minutes to put together and it means while I'm out and about I won't be hungry, it means that I don't have to worry about going for foods or trying to find something that's low carb keto friendly and I've just got awesome food on me that tastes delicious and it sticks on plan and I'm using one of my favorite lunch boxes it's an easy lunchbox and I've got a whole stack of these, so I'll make this for myself and make some boxes for my kids they're not on Keto, so they will have sandwiches and all kinds of things, so that's the quick and easy video for today make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more inspiration and leave a comment and let me know what it your go to, when you want a quick go to snack box, something that's on the go low-carb keto friendly, I look forward to reading your comments and thanks so much for watching this super short video and we'll see you again soon bye