hey guys good morning welcome back for another episode of what I eat in a day on the ketogenic diet it's about 12 o'clock I had my coffee and my water with apple cider vinegar and I've decided I would like to make today Akito bagels so I'm gonna start on it and I will show you my recipe and teach you how to do it I get away though these babies cool down all right this is the vain girl I just put some ham and cheese and some tomatoes and cucumber on it so I'm gonna do that taste best let's see I've got I also couldn't figure out how to make the C's this is Sami seeds stick on it I tried to spray it with a little cooking spray oil but it still fell off so I don't know if you have some tips for that please leave me a comment down below let me know I would like to know I also left them in the oven for two minutes longer and I wanted I was doing laundry and I didn't hear my alarm went off so I think they are little little darker they should be a little lighter so two minute less and I will be perfect I'm gonna try to freeze them in the freezer as I'm not gonna eat them all in one day or even in a two days so I'm gonna let you know them how that work we are planning to give Rob a haircut as I am not only a doctor but also a hairdresser so today's treat coffee with a little whipping cream well a Rob is hiding it but he has a beer to go with it as well he says it's a holiday so a haircut was success I hope plus it's time to make a dinner during the afternoon I was just snacking on some pork rinds and some cheese and now I want to make some zucchini chicken lasagna so I'm gonna show you what I'll be using I have one small zucchini I have a 200 grams of chicken ties which I will share with wrap then I have smoked paprika salt pepper some Kerrygold butter and some heavy whipping cream well the mark past that was really good it was actually pretty amazing I just wish the zucchini doesn't get so soggy but it's not a deal-breaker it was really easy quick a recipe it took me about 15 minutes it really reminds me of the chicken on paprika I used to make it check very similar just there was the cayenne pepper so it had a little kick but we did like that yeah I wanted to show you also the results of wroth Hey god I did good didn't I very good you do so good thank you we saved 30 bucks yes I just learned how to do it and since then I just do it because usually he would go to the barber and he would come home and it would has so much stuff going on and it would be like babe you gotta fix it so I'm like I gotta fix it and I can do the whole thing and for free so I finished my dessert and the dinner and I also had to change my shirt as I got the red sauce all over my white shirt but I do blame it on the saggy zucchini I hope you cannot give these bagels a try that was a great recipe and if you do please leave me a comment down below and let me know how it turned out for you thank you guys so much for watching this episode of what I eat in a day on ketogenic diet and know that I do really appreciate you all and if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel as it does really motivate me to keep going and make more of these great videos for you and I will see you again soon with another recipes goodnight you