hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today eighteen of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge today is a beautiful day and it's also our day off so we went in the morning and we about to take our kayak again on wiki Bucky a river so I packed some a lunch with us when it's time to eat it I'm gonna show you what I bring with I'm really excited because I love paddling and kayaking and the water in general is like super hot here in Florida so we're about to have a beautiful day guys we finally in the destination and the current is not strong yet so we want to paddle as far as we can and then we're gonna stop and have some lunch I'm gonna show you what I packed on the road I'm gonna burn some calories today and I'm gonna show you my boat and in the water on Weeki Wachee River nice huh this is like Airbnb heaven right look at these houses I've picked some salami ham and cheese with little mayo and I've wrapped it in some lettuce leaves and some cherry tomatoes I made two for myself and three for Rob and then I brought some string cheese as well so we're gonna enjoy some lunch and put some more paddling in that's $120 we spent or actually it was a santa clauss bath we love it guys we back home it was a lot of paddling and we spent about six hours there it was a lot of Sun so we completely shot we actually took a 30 minutes catnap and now I just made some iced coffee before we gonna start doing the dinner this is my little afternoon treat I put some sugar-free vanilla in it and I topped it with some whipping cream and um and I'm gonna really enjoy that I need the caffeine oh he got so nice to end today it was very sunny Angus while we were home he came back home and after catnap and stuff and actually start pouring rain again now we are ready to start the barbecue i marinated the chicken up previously in the morning so it had a many hours in the fridge just chilling and soaking in all the awesome flavors I'm gonna show you what I typically use as a marinade I am using an olive oil I'm always adding this buffalo wing sauce just to give it a little kick always adding a soy sauce and I finally got this sugar free barbecue you can see my a previous grocery haul and my previous vlog and this one is amazing so I added this one in my marinade as well and I never forget I'll put some little splash of this liquid smoke it gives the meats just amazing a smoky flavor and we really love it and I just whisk it up and put the chicken in there chicken doesn't need marinating for too long couple hours is fine even two hours if you have at least but that's just enough and with the chicken I'm gonna make some string beans today so these are the string beans I showed it to you in yesterday's mini haul so you can go see it as well these are really nice it's like a two pound bag so we better eat a lot of string beans but this is gonna be amazing and I'm gonna cook them in I chopped three slices of bacon so I'm gonna fry it up and cook it along with the string beans and that's gonna be the side dish oh look at this guys when it rains over here we actually got ourselves a little river here on our own in our backyard I was just saying that we always went to the rains get this little river behind our trailer and I was just thinking that maybe next time we don't have to take it a boat and go to the real River we could maybe just pop it in the backyard and it's a little training there nice rainbow in the backyards at 18 I told him to get hop on that rainbow and get get the part with the money but say he can't make it I've marinated four chicken breasts so – we gonna have for dinner and so we gonna have for tomorrow so we can have some leftover or some salad or just some veggies on side that was super delicious that are very easy like you know by now that we really love to grill outside too not making our camper any hotter so we do really enjoy the scrolling season and there's nothing better than just have a piece of grill meat with some size veggies and if you add the bacon in it that's just like top well we're gonna wrap up today's video it was a busy very funny day for us and let's just do the last think we gotta do guys I obviously can't keep track at this challenge goes by so fast that I even in the morning told you that it's day 17 but it's actually day 18 and it's officially over thank you guys so much for watching today's video I hoped you liked it don't forget to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe if you didn't do so yeah goodnight you