guys welcome to my channel and welcome to day 9 of 30 days Keto summer transformation it's 1:30 afternoon so I am ready to break my fast I'm about to heat up some leftovers from this mishmash jambalaya I made yesterday if you didn't see yesterday video while me and Rob you're really cheap we saw this amazing deal on ground turkey it was $4 50 so we bought it it was previously frozen so I actually wanted to make some turkey patties to put it on grill with some small peppers to put on girl as well with some zucchinis but when I defrosted the package I actually found out that it's really watery so there was a no way I could have made a patties which would stick together and will hold so I actually end up making just one part jambalaya chop of all the veggies I put all the ground turkey in it spice it up mix it all up and it was a one pot dinner what was actually pretty good so that's what I'm gonna heat up now for lunch I have some leftover of iceberg what is so I just wanna chop about 1/2 a cup to have it as a bed of lettuce in my lunch tray and this is it this is the mishmash jambalaya I made yesterday it wasn't a lot of leftover so that's why I'm having some lettuce with it and I'm gonna put some other stuff so I'm just gonna put it over the lettuce I'm gonna put half of an avocado in in couple of cherry tomatoes and this is it I wanted to have a hardball AK with it but Rob took the last of it to work so I'm really hungry so I don't really want to wait another ten minutes to boil another one so this has to do hey guys it's Rob welcome to day nine of our 30 day Quito challenge what I have for lunch here today I just wanted to show you I had the leftover jambalaya from yesterday's video this was amazing and I also have some side salad with that some avocado tomato spinach and kale cucumber tomato onion and I have my chipotle ranch dressing I love that dressing by simply it's either simply organic or simply nature and just as a snack I have a little piece of cheese Gouda cheese some salami and some hard-boiled egg for a snack for later but this is what's for lunch what I take – you work with me it was really yummy I don't think I'll be buying this ground turkey again Beth hell you know what's really not that bad if you use it just as a scramble I'm gonna make myself a tea and I'm gonna check with you around snake time it's five o'clock so I'm ready to make me some a little snack so I measured two ounces of brie cheese and 20 grams of pecans nuts so that's what I'm gonna snack on while working and I'm gonna check with you around dinner date a clock time to make dinner I'm just gonna pop some sausages on the grill and steamed some broccoli with butter and cheese I cut the broccoli into small florets and I'm gonna steam it over a stove and here are my brothers from Ali's one net carp pair link so these are pretty decent I've added a tablespoon of butter and I'm just gonna melt it in it just bring it up a little bit and put some salt pepper and garlic powder and then I'm just gonna top it with some mozzarella cheese and this is it that's my dinner for tonight I heat up two tablespoons of sauerkraut as well because I love that with my sausage and I'm gonna have some horseradish mustard as well there are so yummy we do really love these all these beer bread for us as I said they have just one car per leg and 280 calories so it's a perfect keto dinner now we're gonna do the dishes and we're gonna go ahead and take our a night walk and then I'm just gonna brew some tea as usual and we'll see if I have some later snack we are back I'm fresh out of shower it's like super humid outside so I was just training sweat wrap over here is making us show you what I'm gonna add I ate only about thousand calories today so I'm gonna snack now on two ounces of this prosciutto honey no mozzarella cheese I love this I got it from Ali's also you can see my grocery haul yeah so I'm gonna snack on that drink my tea and we're gonna hang out and let's do the most important thing BAM day nine out of 30 days of our Aikido summer transformation is done thank you guys so much for watching today's video if you did like it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow bye