Keto Chocolate Mousse (Sugar Free) | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Horns up and welcome to a brand new episode of headbangers kitchen now I know many of you have a sweet tooth so today we're going to be doing a KETO dessert Yep, we're going to do a delicious, rich and creamy chocolate mousse

Now, also, I want to let you guys know that I have launched a Patreon for Headbangers Kitchen which means that if you love this show more than just watching it on YouTube you can contribute financially and get some cool rewards in return anyway I won't blabber on too much about that you can probably click here and check out the Patreon page for yourself Anyway, back to that delicious creamy chocolatey KETO chocolate mousse Now this needs just four ingredients You need some delicious dark chocolate, about eighty-five percent ,15 grams of butter 200 ml of whipping cream or you can even use this 25% fat Amul cream, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and some stevia to sweeten it up So, the first thing we're gonna do is take our 50 grams of chocolate and we're gonna microwave that for 15 seconds

You'll see it starting to melt slightly Then we're going to add in our 15 grams of butter and microwave for 30 seconds and then you will see the butter has melted and you're gonna incorporate the chocolate and the butter together and get a lovely ganache almost–look at that lovely chocolate Anyway put that aside to cool and we're going to take our cream now now make sure your cream is chilled and you can even chill the beaters because you want the cream to whip up as much as it can To the cream we're going to add one tablespoon of our cocoa powder, we're going to add Stevia to taste and then whip it with a hand mixer And you want to whip it till it's nice and frothy and, like, whipped Give it a little taste make sure it's as sweet as you would like it

If not you can add a little more Stevia Then we're gonna pour in that chocolate into that Now a little tip: if you used unsalted butter earlier to melt with the chocolate, add a pinch of salt at this point–that just brings out the chocolatey flavor Whip that order together and you've got a lovely mousse Look at that, that's it! Now all you have to do is put this in your serving bowl and put it in the fridge for a few hours to chill

Now this recipe will make four servings And look at that your chocolate mousse is ready and that looks delicious It's time to taste that chocolate mousse guys and look who's here, my fiancé Deepti So now we're going to taste it and she's going to tell us what she thinks of it I'm also going to give it a taste It's rich, it's dense, it's chocolatey and creamy, it's amazing! Yep, it's perfect I mean if you like chocolate mousse this is creamy chocolaty and it's not too much of the sugar-free taste either but it's still sweet enough and do you think we could make this coffee flavored if I added in espresso powder? And yep, you'd have a coffee mousse, a coffee chocolate mousse So well, Deepti has given the chocolate mousse the thumbs up and I guess i'll see you on the next episode of Headbangers Kitchen

Cheers and keep cooking You're not supposed to steal from my See ya!