Jessica Pounds: Keto is the way to go – Cleburne Times-Review

Well, here we go again.

I am back to dieting, and this time — it’s for good.

Not that I didn’t mean it last time, but I had some health issues over the fall that made me gain back most of what I previously lost.

Two summers ago I one day out of the blue began Weight Watchers. Now, I never signed up and paid or went to any meetings. I simply counted my daily points using an app on my cellphone.

Paired with light exercise — walking and leisurely swimming — I lost 47 pounds.

Man, I was feeling great. 

The problem was I didn’t have a long term plan and as I began to have some health issues, I’d forget one day to count my points. Then I’d get these terrible cravings and I was hungry all the time. Nothing would satisfy my hunger.

After looking in the mirror recently, and realizing my clothes were getting snug again, I decided one day earlier this month that I needed to get back on the wagon.

I had been hearing so much about the ketogenic diet, where you train your body to burn fat instead of carbs. 

Just like before, I decided one day just to start it. I really had no idea what all I could or couldn’t eat, but figured I would learn along the way.

My husband has never dieted or joined me in any weight loss program, but when I was telling him I started this diet he kept asking me about all the things you can’t eat.

He said, “Can you drink sweet tea?” 

When I told him no, he said, “We’ll then I can’t do it.”

I was really surprised he just decided that he, too, was going to do the ketogenic diet as well.

So we jumped in head first together and in our first month we have lost almost 40 pounds together.

It has not been easy, but the reward has been great: fat loss, increased energy and focus and sleep has become much better.

For this diet, only 5 percent of your daily intake can be carbs. You must get 70 percent from fat and the other 25 percent from protein.

At first, I was scared to incorporate that much fat into my diet, but the science behind all of it makes sense.

If your body uses carbs first for energy before it uses fats, and you eat a high-carb diet, then most of the fat you eat will get stored in your body.

But if you eliminate all or mostly all of the carbs you eat, your body goes straight toward burning fat for energy. This includes not only what you eat, but the extra you have stored.

Since March 4, my husband and I have both tracked every single meal, drink and snack. It takes time to figure out the nutritional value and then log it, but that’s the way it has to be for this diet to be effective.

I’ve had to learn that I can’t make my coffee first thing in the morning with half a cup of creamer. That’s probably an exaggeration, but I did use a lot. Now, I make an iced coffe with coconut milk and mocha java Mio. It is delicious and I’m drink 2 carbs instead of 30 plus.

Even if you don’t want to go full keto, you can always find other substitutions to cut back on carbs. 


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