IQ BAR offers ‘brain fuel’ to mid-afternoon snackers: ‘Keto is the most rapidly growing consumer base for us’ –

To some extent, all food is brain fuel​,” points out IQ BAR​ ​founder and CEO Will Nitze, who studied psychology and neuroscience at Harvard and found that changing his diet (“trading bread and pasta for nuts and avocados​”) helped tackle mid-afternoon “mental fatigue​” once he entered the workforce.

“Anything with glucose in it or with MCTs in it is by definition brain fuel, so the phrase ‘brain fuel’ is not a health claim,” ​adds Nitze, who recently secured a coveted position in PepsiCo’s nutrition greenhouse accelerator​.

Similarly, the IQ BAR brand name is like smartwater, he claims: “If you ask people whether drinking smartwater will actually make them smarter, clearly the answer is no. It’s more of a smart choice. This is the same. It’s a little cutesy. We’re not making hard health claims.”

No one wakes up thinking ‘I’m looking for a brain healthy solution’

The keto-friendly, grain-free IQ BAR – formulated with 15-16g fat (accounting for around 75% of the calories), 6g protein and 7-8g fiber per 45g bar (180-190 cals) – is not a miracle product that will boost your IQ, or a caffeine-laced energy bar designed to wake users up, but a tasty snack made from whole foods that consumers will recognize (nuts, seeds) with healthy fats, and carbs that won’t spike your blood sugar, claims Nitze.

“It’s not about an immediate pick me up. If that’s what you’re looking for, buy some coffee or an energy drink with caffeine.”

The bars (MSRP $2.49), which launched in 2017 and performed well on Kickstarter​, are formulated with almonds and almond butter, allulose​ (which doesn’t raise blood sugar), sunflower seeds, walnuts, and flaxseed, plus various ingredients linked to cognitive health​ including vitamin E, magnesium (from the almonds and flaxseed) and lion’s mane extract.