I Live In Ohio, Make $105,000 A Year, And Spent $926.27 On My Wellness Routine This Week – Refinery29

5:45 p.m. — I recently bought a pack of 30 CycleBar classes. They were $300 as a Black Friday deal. I have been loving everything about the class. I tried a few races last year including a triathlon and a duathlon, but quickly realized the only part I enjoyed was cycling. So this summer, I plan to try some Category 5 road races. CycleBar is awesome because it has the music and candles like SoulCycle, but with stats and a leaderboard like Peloton. There’s also a weighted bar for the arms section. It pushes all my competitive buttons, especially with mini-races during the class. I also love the music themes they incorporate — tonight was a music-video ride. They also have essential oil-infused, icy-cold towels they give you at the end. I leave feeling so refreshed and accomplished.