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Hey how are you? Welcome back It's British cook this is gonna be weightloss Wednesday because I need to lose quite a lot of weight, and hopefully you can join me on this journey too MUSIC INTRO Today is a keto recipe, high protein, high fat with quite a lot of vegetables and a good bit of fiber in it Perfect for serving four or five people so this will be my version of a green Thai curry That's quick to make home easy to make and bring free keto diet also And also don't forget about Sunday savers video, I've got a video coming out every sunday Showing you how to make a nice low cost budget meal and feast out Friday's Cheat day, feast out Fridays, this when we don't care about the calories the carbs or the costs

So join me on my journey click that subscribe button now Don't forget Please share this on Facebook on Twitter with family or with your friends Thank you, so ingredients We've got three chicken breasts Coconut milk, that's a whole can of it some green Thai curry paste that saves a lot of time 🙂 Some light soy sauce Apple cider vinegar, 2 red sweet peppers now over here We've got one teaspoon of chilli flakes 1 teaspoon of ginger and Two teaspoons of garlic granules so here we've got around about 3 cups or four hundred grams of mix veg I've got carrots in there I've got cabbage or Pak Choi Got bean sprouts peppers, all sorts of things so first thing they do is chop up the chicken breast and start to marinade that Nice big thick chunks, so There we go nice big chunks

Let's get this into a marinade This is a quick marinade, about 30 minutes to an hour You can leave it longer if you want to Sometimes these herbs and spices stain a Bowl so I will use a plastic bag for this in the plastic bag go see 2 teaspoons of garlic powder 1 teaspoon of ginger ground One teaspoon of red chili flakes I know it's a green Thai curry, but I like to get a bit of extra taste on my chicken Into the bag one tablespoon of vinegar Use a white wine vinegar if you can get one I've got an apple cider vinegar here, anything that's a white light vinegar will be fine One tablespoon of light soy sauce and one good tablespoon of green Thai curry paste Chicken in the bag Make sure you give it a good mix around Then pop it in the fridge for at least half an hour to marinade Give your surface a quick spray and wipe if you'll be using the same surface or nearby Get a clean knife and chop your peppers Obviously you can cut these length ways and take the seeds out I think this seeds are a great source of nutrition and protein so I leave them in there

There's only a few anyway It's no big deal So there We go nice big chunks of red sweet pepper A top tip, for getting coconut milk or anything else it sets in the can out It's a put into boiling water all I do is I get a bowl I've boiled water and I then leave this in the bowl for about 20 minutes or until the water goes cold, so It's liquid and not a solid inside

Get that frying pan nice, and hot I'm gonna be using olive oil I would really suggest using coconut oil for this if you have it get much better taste I thought I had some turns out I don't have raw coconut olive oil going in Okay oils nice and hot chicken goes in LOUD SIZZLING This smells lovely, it's really worth doing a bit of ginger, a bit of chili Just get that taste into the chicken If this type of cooking is a type of thing you enjoy then click that subscribe button down below That's bubbling away nicely , let's get those red peppers in There's an amazing smell coming from this and we've only just started When you see the peppers have started to soften up, and there's a lot of liquid coming out of it all That's when you ought to drop the next lot of veg in In it goes! Pop that on top Don't worry it'll cook down in a few minutes In there we've got cabbage or bok choy We've got bean sprouts We've got peppers We've got carrot We've got a little bit of onion all sorts of things and this little mixture of Veg Here So that's all bubbling away nicely now, and if this is a sort of food that you enjoy to eat

Please click the subscribe button Green thai curry paste, it is up to you How much of this you put in it depends? How hot it is and on your personal preferences I suggest you use at least half a cup More like three quarters I've got here in grams 285 grams which is a small jar I'm going to put all of that in because I like mine with a good kick In goes the curry paste Very fragrant lemongrass, ginger Just let that paste infuse for a few minutes, and then you want to add your coconut milk

In goes the coconut milk I've put half the can of coconut milk in that's around about 200 millimetres half a can you can always add more It's not quite enough, but you can't take it back out, so why so much chili? Well I love chili I think it's good for you I think this health benefits to it, and I think it also helps speed up your metabolism Not too much, so we don't want to speed up that metabolism too much for chili That's not a pleasant thing It's not often I like some to have a green tinge to it, but this delicious green Thai curry Fantastic red peppers bean sprouts, so many other things to eat you can have it with riced cauliflower spiralised carrot However you want I'm gonna eat mine Just like this the coconut milk all these vegetables

It's gonna be delicious So there we go Delicious low carb, high protein, high fat high fiber Thai green curry SIZZLES