How To Lose Weight For Women Athletes

Hi guys; I hope you’re all well. It’s currently Sunday the 22nd of March 2020 and welcome to 219 of my weight
loss journey.
In last week’s video we all saw I maintained my weight at 165.9 kilograms which is 365.7 pounds or 26 stone 1.7 pound.
And of course my Body Mass Index (BMI) also stayed the same at 48.5
Just like I always do I’m going to start the proceedings off by reviewing my calorie consumption for the past week, which we can see in the graph above.
The average of this was 2,407 compared to the previous week at 2,424.
So a second consecutive week of being within my 2,500 calorie allowance, which I’m very happy with.
My fluid consumption has increased from last week as well to 3,671 millilitres.
Above the 3,500 millilitres that I try to achieve on a daily basis.
So two good results there, very pleased with those.
If I now move on to my step count, which you can also see in the graph above.
The average of this was 11,405 compared to the previous week at 9,630.
So an obvious increase this week…and I’ve managed to get above my 10,000 step mark average.
So I’m also pleased with this stat as well.
I have had to obviously change my routines though in terms of activities.
Within the past week…there’s been a lot of announcements made, obviously due to the worldwide….health crisis that’s happening.
The Coronavirus of course.
So now obviously public places….if you do go to the gym…obviously that is one of the places that has been announced of closure as of now.
But you can still leave your home to do exercise in form of walking or go for a run.
But again you’ve got to try and avoid public….places.
So I have had to change my routine as a result after work normally I would go to a destination.
Which was quite literally have hundreds of people there, if not thousands.
And over the space of a week, if I’m doing it every day.
Of course I will have…, close contact with people within the thousands of people so….
Now……completely changed that routine, again as my social responsibility to distance myself from others to help prevent the spread of the virus.
I’m now doing a walk from my house….I’m trying to fit him 10,000 steps and back to my house as well.
So….now from before, where I could have…not a physical contact, but very close proximity to people of the hundreds if not thousands of people.
Now when I do a walk….maximum I’m finding, you know it’s about five people…five or six people.
If on that walk I do however; have a need to go to the toilet….
Obviously I have to go into one of the local shopping centres, where they are of course still people about.
So therefore my…contact or indirect contact with people can increase to maybe 30 people, but it’s rare that happens.
For my experience now for the past week or two, since I’ve changed my habits.
On trying to assist and take my own responsibility in social distancing.
Errrmm yeah so, that what I’ve been doing and like I say….
That’s the nature of the beast at this moment in time.
Obviously/ potentially in the coming weeks…the government may state that we may not be allowed to leave our homes.
And it may have a full nationwide lockdown on any outside interactions with people.
Other then going to do your weekly shopping.
Who knows; it’s a very fluid situation at this moment in time.
And obviously the numbers unfortunately are increasing…and yes we have to do our bit…to protect one another.
It’s that time of the week where we all get to see if I’ve managed to lose any more weight.
So here is guys, here’s my weigh in.
I weigh 164.8 kilograms which is 363.2 pounds or 25 stone 13.2 pounds.
This means in the last week I’ve seen a loss of 2.5 pounds or 1.1 kilogram.
Now; normally I would now compare the result I obtained a Slimming World.
But unfortunately due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
It’s been announced that for a minimum of three weeks…our Slimming World groups on…for me on a Saturday morning.
Is no longer going to take place, until further notice.
So minimum three weeks….due to the lockdowns and social distancing we’re all having to do.
Again; to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.
So…..for the time being at least.
We’re only going to rely on my home weigh in results.
So there’s going to be no comparison.
So; until we do restart going to Slimming World, obviously all of my Slimming World results are going to be reported as a maintain result.
Okay so that’s what I’m going to do, going forward.
However; based on this week’s loss result, it does mean…I’ve now lost 75.4% of the weight I gained over Christmas.
Based on this week’s weight loss it sees my Body Mass Index (BMI) go from 48.5 down to 48.2
And if look at my third weight loss target;
Last week it was 50.7% complete and after the loss it goes up to 54.3% complete.
So in the 219 weeks I’ve been doing this weight loss journey.
I’ve lost a total of; 178 pounds which is 80.7 kilograms or 12 stone 10 pounds.
Next week I’m going to keep up with my social distancing.
It’s my responsibility to make sure, that I minimise the risks to everybody of spreading any of this disease that’s going around at this moment at a time.
Due to the panic buying though in the shops at this moment in time, which I never ever in my lifetime seen people in this country react the way they are.
But it’s just absolutely crazy and it’s not needed whatsoever.
There’s plenty of food to go around but people are just panicking, thinking this is the end of the world scenario.
And I must do everything what I can to protect me and my family.
Which is true; everyone wants to protect their family, but there’s no need to go to this extent of…..clearing all the shelves.
So it leaves people who are…frontline staff in the fight against this outbreak.
Not getting what they need…to keep themselves going and ultimately protecting our own well-being as well.
So on that note I would like to thank, a big massive thank you…to everyone who works and supports the National Health Service….the ‘NHS’.
This is a treasure in our nation and all those staff….who are putting their own lives at risk.
On the front line, battling the Coronavirus.
Big thank you. And like I say the nation owes you a big…thank you for the work that you’re doing.
Yeah so that’s that… wise though, because there is being limitations on ertain fruits and veg.
My normal routine in terms of food choices…in terms of my salads going forward…is going to be difficult.
So I’ve had no choice but to take one of my…batches of Spaghetti Bol….Spaghetti Bolognese out of the freezer.
So the majority of my meals this week are going to be pasta bolognese….with a few frozen veg.
Of the frozen veg that I could physically get my hands on.
Because most of the frozen Isles as well, is just bare.
Due to this crazy panic buying that people are doing.
So I do have some green beans, peas, some mixed vegetables (frozen vegetables) but again I’ve only got a limited amount of that.
So yes, thats what I’m going to have to have going forward this week, my Spaghetti Bol.
Activity wise; I’m going to continue…doing my walking after work for as long as it’s permitted.
And of course as long as I’m at work, because even my work is being affected by this outbreak.
Obviously I work within the automotive industry.
And the majority of the OEM’s the big companies Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan you know, based in the UK.
They are closing and shutting down their facilities….for minimum two weeks, it could be longer.
Obviously; there’s no market for new vehicles, new cars at this moment in time.
Everyone is locked away and due to the financial issues as well affecting the world.
Errrmmm obviously yes the production of cars… not really required at this amount in time.
So in a couple of weeks time the facility, the company that I work for will also be having a shutdown….
Hopefully for a minimum of two weeks…but for the time being I got to work as normal.
And I continue to have as much of a normal life as possible, but making sure I stick and fulfil my own responsibility of social distancing.
To prevent the spread of this virus.
But other than that guys, that’s it. That’s the end of this week’s video.
As always if you’d like to continue for me along my weight loss journey and hopefully get to see much less of me in the future.
By all means subscribe to my channel, so you don’t get to miss out on any future videos that I post.
I wish you all a fantastic week, stay healthy, stay safe, look after one another and I’ll see you all again next Sunday.

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  1. Hey! You are doing amazing! Keep up the hard work. Life is crazy. I have been limiting myself to going to the grocery store only once per week, unless I absolutely have to. I am also fortunate to still be working from home (LOL! You might say I've been practicing social distancing for most of my life. I am actually used to not leaving my house for months on end, but I have never had an issue with panic buying and not being able to find food). I pray that this Corona Virus starts to decline soon, but every day we have more and more cases and deaths. Anyway, I hope all is well with you.