How To Get Rid Of Fat Stomach In One Week

(birds chirping)

I’ve always
struggled with my weight.
And as I got older, the
weight just started coming on.
A friend of mine took a
full length picture of me
and I said, “Do I
really look that bad?”
That was kind of
the motivation that got me
to call Aetna and they
paired me with Ricky,
who became my health coach.
He would ask me each week
what my goals were.
Doesn’t matter
how big the goal is,
set the goal and then do it.
And I thought, he’s
holding me accountable.
I started walking
as my form of exercise.
I walked to the
end of my street
and I was completely
out of breath.
I feel like I’ve
let myself down,
Kyle, my husband, knew
that I needed that push.
He would be the one
that would say
let’s go out walking.
So I started videotaping
myself to have fun with it
and making it
like a talk show
and we would call it Walking
and Talking with Kyle and Larry.
And I started
posting the videos
and getting all these
comments on how the videos
were actually
inspiring them to walk.
I never would have expected
that kind of reaction.
But I haven’t reached
my destination yet.
I want to push harder,
push further.
It’s an ongoing journey.
And that’s what
life is about.

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  1. I like to walk if it is in a beautiful place. I live in the San Fernando Valley now. It is very boring. No weather & nothing to see. I am a veteran, 78 yrs old.I am blessed really.

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