Hormones And Weight Loss For Women Over 45

And what I’d like to share with you today
is a combination of the research
and clinical care
that we and many other doctors
have done now.
And we’ve treated
over 4000 people at Duke
within a university private practice,
in an insurance pay
and Medicare Medicaid sort of practice.
And it was really important for me
to maintain that connection
to every man or every woman
and not just the concierge medicine.
But we’ve treated– not that there’s
anything wrong with that,
but we’ve treated metabolic
and inflammatory conditions
like obesity, type 1 and type 2 diabetes,
PCOS, IBS nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
I have the opportunity at the sad reality
to help people who have already had
liver transplants from fatty liver
because they’re developing
fatty liver again
and I don’t have the heart to tell them
that they didn’t need the transplant.
And if you’ve gone through a transplant,
it’s not easy, especially liver transplant.
That’s the reality of today.
Heartburn almost 100% gone,
lymphedema, lipedema…
these are folks who have been told,
“There’s nothing for you.”
Keto works for them.
Cardiovascular disease, if you have
any worry about heart disease,
the heart surgeons send me
their patients
when the patients are too heavy
that they can’t do a heart transplant.
So the heart doctors are not afraid of this
even when the heart–
The left ventricular assist device is a pump
that’s placed inside the chest
with two tubes from the left ventricle
to the aorta
because the heart
isn’t pumping anymore.
These are probably the sickest people
who are still alive and walking around
and they have no pulse because the pump
is a continuous flow mechanism.
Post bariatric surgery weight gain…
yes we can help there.
And the harsh reality is most of the people
who had got bariatric surgery
have never done a keto diet, LCHF diet
before the surgery.
There is no requirement for this to be done
before a more risky yet effective long-term,
probably no more effective
than this kind of approach.

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