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Functional medicine advises paleo, keto meal plans and prescribe required nutritional supplements

Functional medicine is a legitimate approach to live a happy, healthy and long life. It encompasses a whole-body approach and addresses the root cause of all chronic lifestyle diseases. is a result of some or all of the following factors, which can be addressed with functional medicine.

Nutritional deficiencies

In olden times, food eaten was whole, nutritious, freshly cooked, unprocessed and not stored for long. These days, soil is becoming deficient in nutrients and is heavily loaded with pesticides and toxins. Therefore, the lack of basic micro-nutrients is becoming too common and this is leading to disrupted metabolic pathways. Functional medicine advises paleo, keto meal plans and prescribe required nutritional supplements based on extensive blood work and other physical investigations.

Toxic overload

There are toxins in our food, air and water. Our body has pathways to get these toxins out, but our organs give up due to excessive accumulation of toxins and a poor lifestyle — lack of sleep, no physical activity, excessive intake of junk foods and so on. Functional medicine helps detox by opening of various clogged detoxification pathways with the help of oral, intravenous and Intra rectal supplements.

Disrupted gut microbiome

Our Intestines have a healthy bacterial flora, which requires pre and probiotics to stay alive. These bacteria are responsible for keeping gut healthy as well as for the absorption required nutrients. Disrupted gut microbiome is a common problem in today’s time due. Functional medicine improves gut microbiome with probiotics and prebiotic-rich foods, such as garlic, onions, asparagus and saurkraut.

Chronic infections

Chronic undiagnosed infections, such as candida, EBV, herpes, are far too common as our conventional medical system mostly ignores these for the reason that they do not cause acute symptoms and the patient looks otherwise physically healthy. Functional medicine identifies these infections by running extensive tests.

Heavy metal accumulation

Lead mercury, cadmium, aluminium, arsenic, etc, are responsible for many neurological as well as metabolic disorders, such as cancer. Functional medicine removes these heavy metals with the help of oral or IV chelation.

Chronic stress

A little stress is good for us, as it keeps our cortisol levels healthy. However, pathologic stress which lasts for long periods can cause adrenal fatigue and, in turn, serious hormone imbalances. Functional medicine protocols involve hormone balancing with natural transdermal hormones — extracts of yama and soya beans — which pose no risk of side effects.

Food intolerances

Unhealthy gut endothelial lining due to repetitive exposure to intolerant food products, such as gluten and lactose, leads to a condition called leaky gut in which food particles, bacteria, viruses can leak out and incite an immune reaction. Functional medicine runs extensive tests to identify these food intolerances.

First Published: Sat, July 13 2019. 22:30 IST