Good Diets To Lose Weight Fast For Women

Hey there, folks!
Let’s talk about your favourite food…
People think that pizza is all about fat,
carbs and calories.
Some even consider it a slower version of
fast food.
What if we told you there is more to pizza
then you’ve been told?
Pizza has some nutritious ingredients like
protein and Vitamin K. Apart from that, it’s
also known to release serotonin, which influences
positive emotions.
Let’s talk about these benefits and more…
#1 It Is High In Vitamin K
Now you might be wondering, “What is Vitamin
It is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that
help to break down protein.
It is also responsible for helping the body
absorb calcium, which is necessary for the
human body.
In a study, it was found that pizza contains
Vitamin K.
The same study also pointed out that toppings
didn’t have a big impact on this nutrient.
But of course, if your slice comes with broccoli
or spinach, it will supply more of this nutrient.
Both of these vegetables have a lot of Vitamin
K in them.
#2 It Contains Antioxidants
This is where people who order veggie pizza
win over others.
Especially those who like spinach.
Spinach contains a lot of antioxidants.
Antioxidants are necessary in providing protection
against free radicals.
It’s not just spinach.
One of the key ingredients of pizza is the
tomato sauce.
Tomatoes are also a good source of antioxidants.
But we wouldn’t recommend adding extra sauce.
You can check out our video, “15 Side Effects
of Eating Too Many Tomatoes” for more information.
#3 Lowers Risk of Heart Diseases
When something has antioxidants, it will help
your heart.
One particular antioxidant is very useful
in this case, it is called lycopene.
Lycopene protects your heart from stress and
allows it to pump blood freely.
One study has even shown that lycopene gets
rid of oxidative stress.
More importantly, it has also shown that lycopene
protects your heart from inflammation.
Oh, and since it’s an antioxidant, it will
take out those free radicals.
#4 It Contains Protein
Wait meat lovers, don’t rejoice yet.
Pizza contains a lot of processed meat that
doesn’t contain as much protein as you may
This doesn’t mean you don’t have options.
Just shift to grilled meat.
A grilled chicken topping would be able to
solve your protein problem.
It is a well-known source.
So the next time you are ordering pizza, ask
for grilled chicken instead of sausages or
#5 It Contains Fiber
When asked for a pizza base, always choose
the whole grain base.
Whole grains contain a lot of dietary fiber.
It is very important in helping you digest
food better.
It slows down the digestion process, making
sure that all the toxic waste gets processed
More importantly, it helps you feel full for
a longer period of time.
This also helps you lose weight.
Now that sounds helpful, right?
We did a video on why you should eat more
If you haven’t checked it out yet, feel
free to do so.
It will help you understand more about the
effects of fiber on the human body.
#6 Pizza Sauce Contains Vitamin C
When something is made from tomatoes, it will
come with a lot of Vitamin C.
This Vitamin helps to strengthen your bones
and muscles.
More importantly, it is also responsible for
your body’s ability to absorb iron and produce
If those things weren’t good enough to impress
you, then you should know that Vitamin C also
boosts your immune system.
That sounds great, right?
This doesn’t mean that you stop consuming
other sources of Vitamin C. Make sure you
are having plenty of oranges and lemons on
a regular basis.
#7 It Is Good For Your Brain And Mood
There is another interesting fact that we
would like to share with you about pizza.
The Vitamin K that pizza gets from its sauce
and spinach is useful to prevent gradual cognitive
So, if you have older people at home with
declining mental health, you can treat them
once in a while.
Apart from that, spinach contains folate that
improves blood circulation in your brain.
Oh and remember, pizza releases serotonin.
Even studies have shown that high levels of
serotonin are good for fighting depression.
So, eating pizza could help you steer clear
of the blues.
Alright, now it is time for more serious discussion.
Just because pizza contains all these benefits,
it doesn’t mean you can have it any way
you like.
There are certain things you need to keep
in mind while ordering pizza.
#1 Always Choose A Good Base
When you choose a base that is made from whole
grains, you get tons of fiber.
Similarly, each base comes with its own perks.
So make sure you have done your research when
it comes to choosing your base.
Although, we would always recommend a whole
grain base due to dietary fiber and its positive
#2 Avoid Processed Meat
Pepperoni may be tasty but processed meat
doesn’t have the nutrients that you would
generally need.
So switch to something grilled or fresh.
Despite all of these things, pizza isn’t
something you should eat on a regular basis.
Having too much isn’t good for your body.
Here are some of the flaws…
#1 It Is High In Calories
Even 100 grams of regular crust pizza has
something close to 266 calories.
Now that’s quite a lot when you think about
Limit your intake to a few slices and you
will be fine.
Don’t treat pizza like a regular meal.
Unless you are planning on gaining a lot of
Come to think of it, that’s our next point…
#2 It Can Make You Gain Weight
Regular indulgence of pizza means you will
ingest more calories than you can burn.
That is never a good idea in any type of scenario.
More importantly, pizza also contains a lot
of fat that can accumulate in your belly.
If that continues, you will be at risk of
developing hypertension and diabetes.
#3 It Increases Your Risk Of Getting Strokes
Pizza has one heck of a lot of sodium.
This is why it’s a problem if you are having
too much.
Sodium is known to elevate the blood pressure
levels of your body.
The more sodium you consume on a regular basis,
the higher your chances of getting hypertension.
Hypertension brings on other problems, one
of them being strokes.
This is especially true for individuals approaching
their 40s and over.
#4 It Can Kill Your Appetite
Even if you’re ordering pizza with whole
grains, you will face this problem.
The culprit is dietary fiber.
While dietary fiber is mostly good, it has
some issues.
It does keep your belly full for a long period
of time.
This is how it helps the digestion process.
But if you have too many pizzas, it can ruin
your appetite.
Dietary fiber slows down your digestion process
to the point you will no longer feel hungry.
That is not a good thing, as it may lead you
to malnutrition.
You can avoid this issue by limiting your
pizza intake and staying hydrated.
Do you like pizza?
Would you consider eating it after watching
this video?
Let us know in the comments below…
We would love to hear from you!

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  1. The thing is about the nutrients of the pizza the heat destroys majority of the vitamins like vitamin C for it is heat sensitive and other vitamins will be destroyed by cooking.

  2. The sodium/hypertension theory is a myth. The body benefits from sodium. And it’s the people who cut it out entirely based on doctor recommendation who drop dead in short order.