Get Rid Of Fat On Ribs

Welcome to
Shape Up and
Shed Pounds!
Let’s begin with
a great warm-up.
Take a deep breath in,
bring in that oxygen.
And let out
any stress
you may have.
Another deep breath
for energy.
Inhale and exhale,
and march it out.
Okay, we’re gonna
start a fun workout.
You’re gonna
burn calories,
tone muscle, shape up
from head to toe,
all our muscles
of the body.
Do the best
that you can.
We’re gonna take
a walk forward.
Just take it forward.
And back.
Easy, gentle.
That’s it, fluid.
Let’s go to the side.
Side and side.
That’s it.
Just walking
Work it. That’s it.
And forward.
And take it back. Good.
Walking is a great
way to warm up,
get the body ready.
And side.
And side.
It’s a complete workout.
Yes, one more forward.
Come on, go.
And back,
again forward.
Good, let’s go to the side.
Move it.
That’s it.
Use those legs. Again.
All right.
Really walk it out now.
Give it some energy.
Good. Walk it.
Good. And side.
Move it. That’s great.
Challenge your body.
Last one. Now,
hold it right here
and shift your weight.
That’s it. It’s good.
Now the shoulders, release
some of that tension.
Open up the chest.
Now, take it back.
Now, open up real big.
Shine your heart.
All the way up.
That’s it.
Ready. Take it
to the side now.
Let’s lift and
lower the legs.
Lift and lower.
Lift and lower.
Work the ankles, warm up.
Roll through your shoes.
It’s great for those hips.
Great for the legs. Good.
Now, hold it here.
Shift your weight down.
You should feel the stretch
right here. Hold it.
Good. Now, slowly
slide the back leg out.
Extend your body
all the way up
and hold the pose.
Reach up and release.
Shift your weight
back and let’s do
a hamstring stretch.
Open up the chest.
Great for a waist
rotation of the spine.
And feel the stretch.
Now, place your hands
on your thighs, roll up.
And let’s go the other side.
Think about good posture.
Zip up those abs.
Lift and lower.
Lift and lower.
It’s great for the calf
muscles to warm up.
That’s it. Good.
Last one. Up and down.
Now, shift your hips forward.
That’s it,
hold the stretch.
Feel it through
the quadriceps,
through the hip flexors.
Good. Now, slide
the back leg out
and extend the chest up.
Full body reach.
Warming up your legs.
That’s it and shift
your weight back to
a hamstring stretch.
Oh, I love that stretch.
Open up the chest.
Great for your waistline.
Great for the hips.
Stretch it out.
Hands on your thighs.
Roll all the way up
grabbing your back.
And walk it out.
Okay, we’re ready.
We’re gonna burn fat.
We’re gonna blast
away some calories.
We’re gonna
have fun, okay?
We’re gonna start
with our first combo,
a real easy one.
Just walk it forward.
Walk it and tap it out.
Again. Whoo!
That’s it, just move the body.
That’s what it’s all about.
Smile, we’re gonna burn fat.
Yeah. Burn that butter.
Now, hold it right here.
Rock step. One more.
Now, jump to
the other side.
Good. Rock step. Again.
Rock. That’s it.
You could get your hips
in there a little.
That’s it. Good.
From the very top.
Let’s walk it forward.
Tap it out. That’s it. Good.
Our cardio blast.
And rock step.
Good. Jump it up. Good.
That’s it. You got it.
Let’s go. Walk it. Tap it.
Good. Move the body.
Boost that metabolism.
Good. Rock.
Good. Jump it up.
Easy on those bodies.
Okay, again. Here we go.
Give it all you got.
Have fun. Whoo!
It’s all low impact.
Good. And rock it.
That’s it. Rock it. Good.
Rock. Good. That’s it.
Good. And march it out.
Take a breather.
Inhale and exhale.
We’re gonna walk
it side. Here we go.
Ready and shift
the weight.
Good. Side to side.
Use your muscles.
Use your legs.
Lift the leg now.
Lift the leg.
Outer thigh trimmer.
That’s great.
Lift. Beautiful.
Work the arms,
the legs. Good.
Now, we’re gonna do
a balance challenge.
Right here. Hold it. Hold it.
Sweep the leg. Good.
Across. Sweep.
Here’s our challenge
to balance our whole body.
Challenging the abs.
Good. Last one.
Hold. Take it forward.
Good. Take it back.
You got it.
Have fun. Whoo!
And rock step. Good.
To the other side.
Rock step.
Now, to the side.
Here we go.
Balance. Good.
Up. Good.
Balance. That’s it.
Work those abs.
Tone those muscles,
inner and outer thighs. Good.
From the very top,
walk it out, tap it out.
Get into it now.
Whoo! Have fun.
And rock step.
Rock step.
That’s it,
rock. Good.
Now, to the side.
Up, hold. Press.
Hold. Good.
Think about good abs,
strong abdominals.
Good, zip up those abs.
You got it. Last set,
and here we go.
From the top.
Tap it out.
That’s great.
Accelerate that
fat burning.
Whoo! That’s it.
Good. Lift up.
Good. Now,
move laterally.
Move the body.
Lift. Good.
Move the body.
Great. Lift. Down. Good.
Balance. Last one.
You got it. Lift.
Balance and step touch.
Okay. reach those arms.
Here we go.
We’ve got our cardio blast.
So give it all you got.
It’s a burst
of high energy.
Okay, we’re gonna
work that butt.
Let’s begin. Lift it back.
Pull. Heel to the buttocks.
Heel to the rear.
Reshape that back. Yes.
Good. And in front. Good.
Lift the legs.
Tighten the tummy
as you do this.
Good. That’s it.
Kick it out.
Kick, kick. Kick.
Have fun.
Pull in those abs.
Good. To the side.
Get low. Get low. Good.
You got it.
Get real low.
You can do it.
One more set.
Here we go.
And heels to
the buttocks.
Good. Now, knee lifts.
Knee. Good.
Now, kick it out.
Here we go.
Kick. Good. Kick.
Work those legs.
And get low.
Get low. Great.
Okay. Take a breather.
And march it out.
Are you ready
for some new combos?
This one’s a fun one
to get you moving.
So begin just
marching in place.
That’s it.
Think about good posture.
Zip up those abs.
We’re gonna start
with the mambo
with this leg in front.
And take it and now,
cha-cha and mambo.
Try it again.
Cha-cha. Great.
Good. Just move those bodies.
Move those muscles.
It’s all fun. Good.
Now, make it
a little bigger.
Down. Lift the arms.
Down. Lift.
That’s it. Good.
And reach the arms up,
if you can. Good.
You got it.
Burn those calories. Good.
Last one. Now, hold it here.
Up and back.
Lift the knees.
That’s it. Good.
Lift the legs up and down.
Now, get a little lower.
Good. Bring it on down.
Firming muscles,
firming legs.
That’s it. One more.
Now, jump into it.
Hold. Walk it back.
Hold. That’s it.
Now, if you’re
wearing the shape ups,
here’s where you’re
gonna get that extra
balance challenge.
That’s it. Good. Balance.
Balance. From the top.
Here we go. Mambo.
Mambo. That’s it.
Take it forward.
Hold. Back. Hold.
You got it.
From the top.
Here we go.
Mambo. Good.
Have fun with it.
Hold it forward,
here we go.
Hold balance.
It’s all about the hips,
thighs and buttocks here.
Tighten the abs.
That’s it. Here we go again.
Mambo. Good. You got it.
Hold it in front.
And down. Reach. Down.
Use your abs. Down.
Good. Last one.
All right. March it out.
Take a breather.
Inhale and exhale.
We’re gonna
work it to the side.
Just walk it to the side.
To the other side.
That’s it. Good.
Now, place your arms here
and twist it out. Yeah.
Waistline workout. Good.
Work that waist.
Trim and slim
the waistline.
Have fun.
Good. Now, we’re gonna
lunge back. Lunge back.
That’s it. Lunge back. Good.
It’s like a triangle here.
Push it back.
Keep going. That’s it.
Like you’re fencing.
Push back, firming
muscles. Good.
And twist it out. Whoo!
That’s it. Twist it.
And twist it.
And lunge it back.
Here we go. Ready?
Fence it. Good.
Fence. You got it.
Press. Tighten up those arms.
Good and shake it.
Good. Whoo!
And have fun.
Good. Lunge it back.
Lunge. Good.
Lunge it out.
That’s it. You got it.
Have a great time.
And move it. And move it.
Good. Work that waist.
Really twist it.
Give it all you
got right now.
This is where it all counts.
You’ll see results,
I promise. That’s it.
Good. And twist.
Whoo! Good.
Have fun. Shed those
pounds right now.
Here we go. Fence it down.
Back. Push. Use your legs.
Get into it now.
That’s it. Last set. Go.
And twist. Twist. Whoo!
You got it. Good.
Lunge it back. Go.
Beautiful. Keep it moving.
Total body workout.
Now, from the very top.
Mambo. Chasse.
Mambo. Chasse. Good.
You got it. Now, hold it.
Balance challenge. Balance.
That’s it.
Work the muscles.
Burn fat.
Twist it out. Go. Whoo!
That’s it. Again.
Twist. Have fun. Good.
Now, push it back.
Triangle. Good.
Push it. That’s it.
Like a bow and arrow.
Good. Mambo. Whoo!
That’s it. Let me see
a little shimmy. Good.
And take it forward.
Hold. Hold.
Hold. Tighten your abs
when you do that. Good.
Here we go and
twist it. Whoo!
That’s it. Twist it.
Good. Lunge it back. Go.
Use your arms. Use the legs.
Work the body.
Total body.
One more set.
Mambo. Whoo!
That’s it. Good.
Now, balance. Hold.
Hold. That’s it. Good.
And twist it out.
Whoo! Work that
waistline. Yeah!
Whoo! Here we go.
Take it back.
Legs and butt.
Good. Two more.
Last one. Okay,
march it out.
Take a deep breath.
Inhale and exhale.
We’re gonna
take some walks.
Let’s move diagonally.
Take a nice deep
breath, inhale.
A little walk to the side.
Here we go.
Just walk it out.
Good. Walk it forward.
That’s it.
And walk it side. Good.
Walk it forward.
Come walk with me.
Shape it up.
Power walk. Pump.
That’s it. Pump.
Forward. Pump it.
Our power walk.
Come on. Power walk it.
You’re burning calories.
Forward. Pump. Good.
All the way up now.
Drive it up.
Did you know the more muscles
you use, the more calories
you burn. That’s right.
So work those arms. Good.
One more forward. Pump it.
Good. Now, big arms.
Here we go.
Give it all you got.
In. That’s it.
Good. Forward.
In. That’s it.
Good. Up.
Lift the body. Yes.
One more. Forward.
Come on, move it.
Good. And take a breather.
Great work. I’m proud of you.
This is where
you’re gonna really see
a difference in your body.
Losing fat. Okay.
Let’s do some side steps.
Let’s begin.
You move to the side.
We’re gonna work your butt.
It’s butt blaster time. Great.
But we’re still moving,
so we’re burning
fat and calories.
It’s all about
that cardio blast.
Okay. Now we’re gonna
add to our balance move.
Here we go.
Add, pull, reach.
Great. Tighten
the ass. Good.
Control and focus.
Squeeze the butt and
abs at the same time.
You got it.
Challenging the core.
That’s it. Couple more.
Up, pull, back,
and down.
Up, pull, back,
and down.
It’s the best way to
reshape that bottom half.
Make it your better half.
And lift, pull your tummy in.
That’s it. One more.
Lift. Now, we’re ready
to do a repeater.
Here we go.
Ready and pump it.
That’s it. Work the abs.
Tighten that tummy.
You got it. Come on,
pull in the gut.
Last one, okay.
Step touch. Good work.
Let’s move on to
the other side to work
those buns and thighs.
Are you ready? Here we go.
Step. Lift. That’s it.
You got it.
Really squeeze the buttocks.
If you don’t squeeze it,
no one else will. Come on.
Tighten that tushie.
That’s it.
Couple more just
like this and we’ll go
to our balance move.
Here we go. Ready?
And balance, hold,
reach. That’s it.
Hold. That’s great.
Squeeze the buttocks.
Again. Lift. Hold.
Reach. Good.
Couple more
just like that.
Really tighten up
those abs. That’s it.
Pull. That’s great.
Control. Focused.
You got it. Good.
Couple more.
Just like that.
That’s great. One more.
Then we do our repeater.
Pull. That’s it.
Tap and repeat.
Pull. Pull.
Work those abs.
Come on.
You got it. Good.
Couple more.
Okay. Step touch. Good.
Inhale and exhale.
Okay, march it out.
Now it’s time to move on
to our Latin player workout.
This combo is so much fun.
Just give it all you’ve got.
Enjoy. Fat-blasting workout.
We’re gonna take it forward,
a little stroll. Here we go.
Take it forward
and to the other side.
And just march it back,
little march.
Now, shake. Shake it.
Shake it again.
Forward. That’s it.
Loosen it up. Good.
Now, walk it back.
Release that tension.
Here we go.
Come on.
Yes. Have fun.
Whoo! Walk it back.
Shake it out. That’s it.
Walk it forward. Good.
Again, walk it back.
Shake it. We’re gonna
start something new.
It’s out, out, in, in.
Again, now side tap.
Out. Good.
Re-step, again.
Down and up. Good.
And loosen it up.
There you go.
Work those arms.
Here we go. Re-step.
Out, out. Now, really
let those hips go.
Good. Out.
We’ll drop those
pounds in having fun.
Out, out, in, in. Good.
That’s it. Tap it out.
Now we’re gonna
start from top with
our stroll. Here we go.
Walk that stroll.
Good. Stroll.
Walk it back. Good.
And shake it. Shake it.
V-step and tap it out.
Here we go.
Tap it. Good.
Again from the very top.
Stroll it.
Good. Stroll.
Then you walk it
back and pump it.
Pump it. V-step.
Loosen those hips,
come on.
That’s it and
pump it out.
Good. Stroll it further
and out. Good.
Good. That’s it.
Walk it back.
And pump, pump.
Great. V-step.
You got it.
Now, hold it right
here. That’s it.
We’re gonna walk to
the side with two steps.
Walk to the side.
Good. That’s it.
Keep it moving. Good.
That’s great. Have fun.
We’re gonna add a little
something to this one.
Enjoy yourself
and blast some fat.
Here we go.
Ready and pump it.
Good. Pump it.
Good. And mambo steps,
right here. That’s it.
To the other side.
Pump it, come on. Have fun.
Good. And mambo step here.
Now, make it really big.
Let me see you pump it. Good.
Pump it. Good.
Now we’re gonna
pivot on this one.
Pivot. Good.
Pump it. Great.
Pump it. Good.
And mambo and twirl.
Whoo! Work the thighs,
work the butt.
That’s it.
Good. Mambo. Good.
And spin it. Good.
Way back there, come on.
Like a squat. That’s it.
Mambo and spin.
Now, from the top.
Here we go.
And stroll.
And stroll.
Walk it back.
Hips. Whoo!
And V-step.
Good. Tap it out.
And pump it. Good.
Here we go. Ready.
Down. Good.
And take it for
the mambo. Spin it.
Great. Again.
Pump it. Whoo-hoo!
Let loose. Yes.
Forward and back
and spin.
From the very top.
Stroll. Now, have fun.
You got it.
And walk it out.
Good. Pump it.
Pump it. V-Step.
Good. That’s great.
And pump,
pump. Good.
Here we go. Alright go.
Let me see you. Come on.
Really shake it.
Latin style.
Spin. Good.
Down. Good.
Your hips and thighs.
Yes, spin it around.
Good. From the top.
That’s it.
Latiny. Whoo! Shake it.
Shake it. V-step.
Loosen up those hips.
Good. Step touch.
You got it. Let me see
those pumps. Here we go.
Down. Whoo!
Down. That’s it.
Mambo. Rotate around.
Good. Again.
Legs. Good. Arms.
The whole body.
That’s it. Good.
Spin and march it out.
Great work.
Inhale, exhale.
Yeah. You got it.
We’re moving on
to another combo.
We’re really gonna
blast the fat right here.
We’re really gonna do
a cardio fitness blast.
We’re ready. Take it down.
And one more. Down.
And spin. Twist. Twist.
Twist. The other leg.
Down and back.
Down and back
and spin. Good.
Here we go.
Really work those thighs.
One more. Thighs.
Great. Twist it. Whoo!
Loosen those hips. Good.
The other leg now.
Good. Work those
thighs. That’s it.
Pump it. Pump it. Whoo!
Ready and twist.
Good. Whoo! Twist.
That’s great.
Let’s see with
the other leg.
And shimmy.
That’s it.
Shimmy. Great.
Twist. Twist. Twist.
Twist. One more time.
Come on. Let me
see you. Shake it,
baby, shake it.
Whoo! Shedding the pounds,
shaping up, and having fun.
That’s it. Good.
Twist. Twist. Good.
And march it out.
Whoo! Great fun.
Okay. Let’s move sideways.
We’re gonna move on to
a little Charleston walk.
Just do what you can.
Here we go.
Think about good posture.
Zip up those abs.
Here we go. Ready.
One, two, three, kick.
One, two, three, tap.
You go it. Good. That’s it.
Couple more
just like that.
Good. One more.
Great. Kick it out. Good.
Now, hold it right here,
and shuffle.
And shuffle.
That’s it. Forward.
That’s great.
Keep it moving.
And side.
That’s it. Good.
Keep moving. That’s your goal.
Are you ready for this leg?
Let’s go for a walk.
One, two, three kick.
Back two, three, tap.
You got it.
Kick and have fun.
That’s it.
Keep it moving. Good.
Here we go
with our shuffles.
Forward. Back.
That’s great.
Come on, move it.
Good. Good. And forward.
Okay, let’s do our
Charleston again.
Are you ready?
Let’s go. Here we go.
Walk it. Kick it. Good.
One more right here.
Shuffle forward and back.
Good. Now, forward and back.
Let’s do it on this leg.
Are you ready?
Here we go.
Walk it out. Kick.
Great. One more.
Good. Ready and hold it.
Forward and back.
Forward and back.
Here we go.
You can do it.
One more step. Whoo!
Give it all you got. Kick it.
Good. Tap.
You got it.
Two more.
Hold. Up and back.
Forward and back.
Side and back.
Here we go.
Let’s walk it.
Charleston walk. Good.
And tap it back.
Good. Good.
Last step here. Hold it.
Hold it. Great.
You can do it.
Okay, march it out.
Inhale, exhale.
Nice deep breath.
Inhale and exhale.
Now, we’re coming
down to work on our
balance challenge.
To burn, to tone,
to target-train the muscles.
Point, forward, side,
back, and down.
Forward, side, back.
Really reshape
that bottom half.
Here we go. Come on.
For nice sexy legs, butt.
It works. If you can,
you can lift the leg.
That’s even challenging
the body even more.
Good. Down and out.
Down and out.
And back. You got it.
Forward. Side.
Shaping it, all the
angles of your leg.
The outer thighs,
inner thighs,
back of thighs.
Now, more cellulite.
We’ll blast it.
Good. Forward. Great.
Target tone your thighs,
and legs, and buttocks.
Last hold, set
and stay here.
Really shift
your weight back.
Okay, march it out.
Let’s begin working
that waistline.
Trim and slim the waist.
Cinch it in.
Loose an inch
around the belt.
Okay. It’s really fun,
so just twist it out.
Here we go. Ready.
Leg over, over.
That’s it.
And hold. And twist.
And twist.
Feel like you’re walking
on stilettos. High heels.
Twist that waistline.
That’s it. Good.
And twist it out. Beautiful.
Twist the waist. Good.
Just have fun.
That’s it. Last one. Hold.
And hold.
Here we go.
Leave it right there.
Good. And march it out.
Good breather.
Here we go for our combo.
It’s a fun one.
So give it all you’ve got.
Boost up that metabolism.
That’s right. Heart healthy.
We’re just gonna walk it
forward and pump it out.
Let’s go. Come walk it forward
and out, out, in, in.
And walk it back,
and work those arms.
That’s it. Good.
Out, out, in, in.
That’s great.
Good. This will give
you energy and
stamina for the day.
Yes, it will, if you do it.
Good. You got it.
Out, out, in, in.
Take it back. Good.
You got it.
Now, hold it
right there.
And stretch your
arm over. That’s it.
Good. Stretch it
up and over.
Work those arms.
Good. Now, pump it
across the chest.
Work the chest
muscles. Great.
Reach. Get low.
I really feel it
in the whole body.
And let’s take it up
and over, over.
Now, across.
Reach, reach, reach.
Take it up.
Come on, really get
your heart rate up.
That’s it. Good.
And pump it, pump it.
From the very top.
Walk it out.
Forward. Good. Pump it.
Walk it back.
And pump it.
One more time. Forward.
And pump it out. Good.
Work those arms. Come on.
You’ll burn more
calories quicker.
Stretch it up and up.
Now, across the chest.
Across. That’s it,
work the chest muscle.
Burn the lean muscles. Good.
Again, across the chest.
Great. Get lower. Come on.
Okay. Take it forward. Whoo!
Now, really get into it.
You got it. Good.
Down, down. Pump it.
Really work those arms.
That’s it.
Work the chest. Good.
And reach it over and over.
Great. Across the body.
Burn those calories.
Burn that fat and
shed the pounds.
Good. It’s all
about shaping up.
Alright. Here we go.
One more time. Give it
all you got. Pump it. Good.
Whoo! Get low. That’s it.
Get down there. Yeah.
Use your thighs.
Good. Pump it.
Great. We’ll drop
those pounds. Pump it.
Reach it over.
Up and over. Great.
And chest press.
That’s it,
fight that fat.
Reach it over.
Up and out. Great.
And across the body.
Press, press, press.
And release.
Take a deep breath.
Inhale and exhale.
Beautiful. And inhale
(INHALES) and exhale.
We’re slowly bringing
the heart rate back down
for a good cool down.
And now slowly
lift your chest up.
Round your back.
Feel the low spine stretching.
Don’t you love that?
And come all the way down now.
Hold it. Round your back.
Oh, it feels so good.
Inhale up and exhale out.
Let’s stretch
out those legs.
Legs apart.
First the feet are forward
and feel that stretch.
Now, let’s work
that waistline.
Twist and rotate. Great for
a healthy spine. Rotation.
And come back down.
And now shift your weight
a little further back
and toe comes up.
Flex that foot up.
That’s it.
And let’s switch legs.
The other leg. First of all,
the feet are parallel.
Hold that stretch. Feel it.
And let’s open up the chest.
Keeping our spine healthy.
Hold it. Rotate.
Good position. Stomach is in.
And slowly come back down.
And now flex the foot up.
Feel the inner thigh
Can you feel that?
Oh, it’s such a good
stretch for you.
Place your hands on your
thighs. Round your back
to support your lower back.
And take a deep breath,
inhale (INHALES) and exhale.
And lunge the leg
behind you in
a long lunge.
Zip up those abs.
Lift up the abs.
Bring your arm
over and release.
Great for that waistline.
Great for the hips.
Also works through the
mobility of your pelvis.
Okay, slowly come all
the way up and switch legs.
The other leg goes behind.
Think about good posture.
Front knee at 90-degree angle.
That’s it.
Bring your arm
up and over.
Squeeze the buttocks
behind you. That’s it.
Just reach. Oh, doesn’t that
feel wonderful on the body?
The side body reach.
And release. And slowly
come all the way up.
Inhale and exhale.
And stretch out
the hips, the thighs.
Sit back if you can.
Hold. Good.
Cross that leg in front.
And stretch it out.
Oh, doesn’t that feel great?
Open up your back.
Good. Okay, switch legs.
The other leg in front.
Hold the stretch. Good.
And now cross
that leg in front and
open up your back.
Oh, doesn’t that feel good?
Stretch through the hips,
the buttocks.
And slowly lift up.
Inhale up (INHALES)
and exhale out.
You did a great job. Whoo!
It’s time to stretch and
tone the whole body.
So let’s begin.
Take in a deep breath.
Bring in the oxygen
to every cell of your body.
And let it out. That’s it.
Wonderful. Zip up those abs.
Are you ready to start?
Let’s begin.
Take a deep breath
and now bend to the side.
That’s it.
Great for the back.
Extend the body tall.
You’re lean.
Extend it. That’s it.
Stretch it.
Great. Last one. Up and down,
and stretch to the side.
And hold it right here.
And take it down. Good.
Lift it up and take
it down. Chest open.
Lift it up. Great mobility
through the shoulders.
Open up. That’s it.
Last one.
And stretch all
the way open.
Now, bring your legs
apart and let’s stretch
the low spine. Here we go.
Ready. Take it down,
round the back. Feel it
in the low back.
Now, release the shoulders.
Whoo! Feeling good.
That’s it. Again. Down.
Round the back.
And release the shoulders.
One more time.
Here we go.
Down, curve, roll.
Feel the back stretch. Good.
Release the shoulders.
You got it.
Let’s go for those hips.
Circle those hips.
All the way around.
And circle, circle.
Great for the abs.
Loosen up the hips.
The other way now.
All the way around.
Come on, rotate. Hips.
Good. That’s it.
Last one.
Take a deep breath.
Inhale and exhale.
Let’s go down to warrior.
Stretch your leg
out to the side.
Open up through the hips
for better hip mobility.
Strong legs. Lift it up now.
Ready. Let’s take it down.
Zip it up in the abs.
Down and up. Good.
Down and up.
Just hold it nice
and tall, nice and
tight in the tummy.
Last one.
We hold it down there.
Hold it up. Extend your arms.
Let’s do some
shoulder rotations.
Great for the shoulders.
Keep them nice and flexible.
That’s great. Couple more.
While your legs are nice
and strong, you’re toning.
Reach up and over.
Extend to the side.
Body, feel the reach.
That’s beautiful.
Now, lift up.
It’s great for the torso.
Up and over.
Reverse warrior.
Hold it. Stretch it. Tone it.
All at the same time.
Okay, and lift your body up.
Turn to the side.
And press this arm up.
Extend the other arm.
And feel your abs.
Tone and tighten up your abs.
Feel it. Stretch it.
That’s it.
Okay. And slowly
lean slightly forward.
Place your feet
parallel and lean your
body weight forward.
Keep your eyes nice and
low towards the floor.
Now, look straight up.
Flat backs.
Good. Let’s try that
with arms out. Here we go.
Straighten your back.
Use the buttocks.
Come all the way back up.
Keep your neck long.
One more time. Take it down.
Feel through the hamstrings.
That’s truly a great stretch.
Now, reach your other arm
up in the air.
And rotate for the waistline.
Great stretch.
Keep your knees nice
and soft, and release.
Let’s go to the other side.
Lift up and open up.
That’s it. Chest open.
Great for that waistline.
And now slowly release.
Hands out to the side.
Flat back up.
Slowly raise up.
And let me see
that smiling face.
Let’s turn your toes out
to the other side
and do a warrior.
Now, hold it right there.
Lengthen through the legs.
That’s it. Great for hips.
Lift your body up. Hold it.
Zip up the abs and let’s go.
Take it down. Lift up.
Take it down. Strong abs.
Strong bodies.
‘Cause you are worth it.
Last one, we hold it.
Now, let’s work on
those rotation in
the shoulders, rotator cuff.
Keeping every body part
healthy, strong, and toned.
Stretched and flexible.
Last one.
Good. Hold it and let’s
reach it out to the side.
Side-angle stretch.
Hold it right there,
working your inner thighs.
Full-body reach.
It’s all about the total
body in this workout.
Reach up and over.
Get down through
your legs and lift up
through your upper body.
And slowly come forward
and turn your toe to
the back and stretch.
Press your hand
on your thigh. Lift up.
It’s great for the abs.
Tighten up your tummy.
Stretch up and slowly release.
And come forward.
And bring your arms
all the way up and down.
Good. Let’s bring
the legs a little out.
And now we’re gonna do some
ballet moves to really firm
the legs and the buttocks.
That’s it.
Down and squeeze
the buttocks. That’s it.
Back is long and straight.
Add the arms.
Firming the whole body now.
Reach, stretch,
tone, firm up.
Trim that body. That’s it.
Two more. You can do it.
Last one. Now,
hold it there.
Hold it there.
Feel the legs.
Now, lift your heels,
heels, heels.
Can you feel
your inner thighs?
I sure can. Whoo!
It’s worth it.
Now, both legs.
Toes, on the toes.
Heels up.
Hold it. Hold it.
Get deeper, deeper, deeper.
Excellent. Push up. Beautiful.
Okay, take in
a nice deep breath.
Inhale and exhale.
Let’s do a long lunge.
Take that leg behind you.
Slide it behind you.
Bend that knee
right back there.
Think about good posture.
Knee over the heel.
Make sure it’s in
a straight line.
Let’s begin.
Thinking about
strong abs.
Ready and go. Lift up.
Easy. Simple on the body.
Easy for everyone to do this.
It’s simple but you gotta
firm those muscles.
That’s it. Couple
more just like that.
Good. The last one.
Let’s work the arms, too.
Reach and lower. Reach.
Is your back strong?
Is it straight?
Shrink that
middle-aged spread.
Shrink any part of the
body like the legs now.
Good. Last one.
Hold it up. Beautiful.
Okay. Relax that foot.
Let’s take the other
one behind you.
And bend both legs now.
Get deep into a nice lunge.
Think about good posture.
Shoulders back.
Hold your hands right
here on your hips.
Set. Lift and lower.
Lift and lower.
You’re doing great.
Earn those thighs.
Down and up.
Like an elevator,
up and down.
That’s it. Keep your abs
nice and strong and straight.
Let’s add the arms.
Up and down.
Full-body toning,
firming, sculpting.
You can do it.
Shaping that body.
Good. Couple more.
You can do it. Last two.
Last one. Hold. Hold.
Bring your legs together.
Take a nice deep breath.
Inhale and exhale.
Let’s do a little
buttock work.
Take it down
and squeeze your
buttocks. Down.
Tighten it up. That’s it.
Look great from behind.
Squeeze. It’s a long stretch.
Don’t use your low back.
It’s all about the buttocks.
You gotta squeeze
the buttocks. That’s it.
Tighten up those glutes.
Look great from behind.
That’s the area we’re working.
Shape it. Lift your bottom.
That’s it.
Couple more just like that.
We’re target toning.
We’re focusing. That’s right.
Last one. Up and release.
Inhale (INHALES) and exhale.
Now, zip up through
the inner thighs.
We’re gonna work
the back of the legs.
Here we go.
Take it down in a hinge.
Pull back up by
using your buttocks.
That’s it. Good.
Squeeze the buttocks
on the way up.
That’ll be a great
way to reshape the
back of your legs.
Really squeeze your
inner thighs together.
Is your back strong
and knees soft?
Very important.
That’s it.
Couple more
just like that.
Last two. One more.
Give it all you got.
Stay down there this time.
Back is flat.
Bring your elbows out
as well as your thumbs.
We’re working
upper back muscles.
Here we go.
Lift and lower.
Lift and lower.
Work the upper back.
That’s it.
No more bra overhang.
Shape it. Tone it.
Improve your posture.
That’s it. Keep it going.
Lift it up. Squeeze.
Last one. Up.
And come on all the way up.
Inhale up (INHALES)
and exhale out.
Bring your legs
slightly apart.
Working those abs.
Bring your hands together.
We’re gonna work
on that waistline.
Twist the waist.
That’s it. Good.
Now, pick up
that back heel.
And twist and twist.
Great torso trimmer.
You’re working the
waistline. Yes, you are.
It’s great. That’s good.
Really twist and twist.
Tighten up those abs.
You’re bellybutton is in.
Now, let’s do
a swing and reach.
Swing and reach.
Really turn. Work
the whole body.
That’s it. Great.
Pull and reach. Pull.
Great for the waistline
and the legs and the butt.
Last one and hold it.
Twist. Twist.
Now, drive your
hips to the side.
That’s it. Good.
Couple more just
like that. The twist.
Good. Now we’re gonna
reach up and reach down
to this side.
Twist and down.
You got it.
Work the length.
Up and down.
Lift and lower.
Great for that waistline.
The abs, the buttocks.
That’s what you’re doing,
target toning.
Stretching and toning.
Last one. Okay.
And twist, twist.
Twist. Great. Twist.
Last two. Okay.
Take a deep breath.
Inhale up and exhale out.
Inhale up.
Okay, let’s come
down to the floor and
set up for push up.
Make sure your hands are
about shoulder width apart.
Keep your knees down
on the ground.
Relax your feet.
Keep your body
in an upright position.
It’s all about keeping
the core muscles
toned and tight.
Take it down, push up,
and press back.
Working on all the
major muscle groups.
Your chest first,
this is the chest.
Push away.
Working some triceps
and now mobility
through the shoulder.
And make sure
your core is strong.
That way you target tone
the whole midsection.
This is one of the
best ways to firm and
tone the upper body.
That’s it. Push away.
Use your arms.
Really have sexy,
good-looking arms.
Toned and tight.
That’s right. Firm arms.
So when you wave goodbye,
nothing will jiggle.
Couple more.
Give it all you got.
Take it down. Push away.
Great for the chest muscles.
We’ve got one more. Great.
Keep your abs strong.
And hold it back there.
Feel a good stretch.
And slowly come up
and turn to the side.
We’re gonna begin a low hover.
Bring both elbows down.
You can keep your feet
right here and your knees here
if you’re just starting out.
And you’re pulling your tummy
up and in, fighting gravity.
If you’re advanced,
go ahead up on your
tippytoes, press it up.
Notice my shoulders are
in line with the elbow.
Good technique to
flatten that belly.
This is now working the
transverse abdominus muscle,
the muscle that keeps
your abs up and lifted
all through the day.
Hold it there. Tight,
tight, tight, tight, tight.
Tight, tight, tight. Okay.
Wonderful. Relax.
Bring your legs around
and lie on your back.
And ready for bridge.
Place your feet,
both flat on the floor.
You’re placing your hands
right here on the sides.
You’re gonna lift
through the buttocks.
Lift up and down.
Up and down. Really squeeze
through the buttocks
to reshape that bottom half.
That’s it. Look awesome.
Toned and tightened.
Firmed-up buns.
Giving beautiful definition
in your legs and the buttocks.
Lift it. Come on,
keep going.
You’re gonna
squeeze the buttocks.
Last one. We hold it up there.
Hold it up there.
Rock the hip forward and side.
Hips and hips.
Great for those hips.
Can you feel it in
the buttocks, too?
That’s it. Swing and swing.
Swing those hips. Lift. Lift.
Two more. Last one. Hold.
Walk your feet together.
Bring those feet together.
Now, it’s about
the inner thighs.
Little squeezes. Pulse. Pulse.
Pulse in the inner thighs.
Really feel it.
Tighten it.
No more jigglies in there.
Squeeze it. Squeeze it.
Isometrical. Now,
hold it there. Hold it there.
Wonderful and release.
Now, elevate both feet.
Keep it in tabletop.
Bring both arms up.
Right in line
with your shoulders.
We’re now gonna do
an ab exercise to work
the lower tummy, too.
Ready and switch, in,
switch, in. That’s it.
Flatten your back. Make sure
the back is nice and flat.
That’s it. Like a seatbelt
is pushing your tummy down.
That’s great.
Really feel it.
This is now working
the lower tummy.
The entire flattening
of the tummy right now.
Flatten that belly. Good.
Press. Two more.
We go one more.
Down and up. Beautiful.
Bring your knees in. Release.
And elevate the feet
again to tabletop.
Head and shoulders come up.
Reach your hands through
and pulse, and pulse,
and pulse, and pulse.
Now you’re working
the whole tummy, right here.
Good. Keep it pulsing.
If you like, you can place
your hands behind you.
That’s okay.
Just remember to keep
the tummy flat.
Like a seatbelt,
anchor down the abs.
Really feel the tummy.
This is where
you’re really gonna get
a nice toned, taut tummy.
Hold it there now.
Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold.
And release. Relax your neck.
Oh. Now, place your hands
underneath your hips.
Now it’s time to target tone
below the belly button for
the lower part of the tummy.
Are you ready?
We’re gonna lift the knees.
Up and down.
Up and down.
If you want, put your
heels closer to your
buttocks to make it harder.
And really challenge
yourself. In and out.
In. Really feel it.
Initiate the movement through
the lower part of the tummy.
The rectus abdominus muscles.
Last one. Hold it.
Okay and release.
Place your feet flat
on the floor, anchor down.
Clasp your hands behind
your neck. Lift your head
and shoulders up.
Let me see that smiling face.
Raise the opposite knee.
And hold. Now it’s time
to do the bicycle.
One of the best ways
to flatten the tummy.
Switch and switch.
Switch, switch.
Tap that floor. Tap it.
Tap it. You get more abs.
Now we’re working oblique
sides of the waistline,
lower tummy, working the legs,
and the entire front
of your stomach.
Great. Twist.
This one works.
It’s worth it.
Shrinking the waistline.
Come on, cinch it in.
Last one. Over and release.
Beautiful. Relax your neck.
Now, slowly roll up like
a ball. Roll all the way up.
And go on to your sides.
Let’s get ready
for the elbow plate,
making sure the elbow’s
in a straight line
with your shoulder.
We’re gonna work on lifting
the hips to trim and slim
the sides of the waistline.
Ready. Lift up and down.
Lift up and down.
It’s all right here.
You’re also getting
the outer thigh there.
Lift and lower.
Lift the hips.
Come on, get them up.
Working the sides of
the waistline. So your
waistline goes in.
Now we hold it up.
Now, slowly extend the leg.
Straighten that leg.
Lift your arm up and hold.
Hold. It’s great
for the outer thighs.
No more saddlebags.
We’re also working
the waistline.
Work at all the
major muscles.
Okay. Release.
Let’s go the other side.
Set up for side plank.
And we’ll make sure
this elbow’s in line
with the shoulder.
Stomach is in.
Back is nice and
flat and strong.
Ready? It’s about lifting.
Lift it up and down.
Lift and lower.
Working that waistline,
the obliques.
Sides of the body.
So you go in at the
waistline. That’s right.
Really feel it.
Get higher up there.
Good. Two more.
Last one. We hold it.
Hold it up. Lift the hips.
Now, extend the leg out.
Reach the arm up.
Get up higher off
your hip, higher,
to really tone the legs,
the outer thighs.
Hold it. Hold it. Hold it.
And release.
Come on down
to your tummies
and it’s time
to strengthen your
spine with cobra.
This is the erector
spinae muscles
that line your spine,
keeping it healthy.
Now, slowly place your hands
right there by your chest
and slowly look up.
Use your chest up.
Open up your chest.
Squeeze the buttocks.
And come on down.
Let’s try that one
more time. Push up.
Open up your chest.
Shoulder blades down
and then back.
And squeeze the buttocks.
And release.
And now reach your arms
in front of you.
Let’s do Superman,
everything comes up.
Legs, arms,
squeeze the buttocks.
Neck is long, lengthened,
lift it up.
Great for the spine.
Your spine is your lifeline.
Keep it healthy. And release.
Relax and slowly come
all the way up. Round
and stretch your low back.
Oh, so good. And slowly
come forward. And let’s
move on to the triceps,
the back of those arms.
Lift your hips up.
Hold it up in
a nice good bridge.
You’re taking
it down and up.
Down and up. Good.
This is one of the
fastest ways to reshape
the back of those arms.
Yes. Firmed and
toned arms. Lift it.
Last one.
Hold it up there now.
Hold it up. Up, up, up.
And release. Slowly
take a nice deep breath,
inhale up. (INHALES)
Taking it a step further,
a little more challenging.
Placing back of your
hands back here.
Lift your hips up.
Lift up.
Feel the triceps.
Stretch out through
the whole body.
Lift, lift, lift.
Up, up, up.
And slowly come
back down.
Sitting up nice and tall
we’re gonna stretch
the hamstrings. Lift up.
And slowly fold forward.
Feeling the good stretch
in the hamstrings.
But keep your chest up.
That’s it. Keep your
back flat.
Can you feel that stretch
in the back of your thighs?
That’s it.
Okay. And slowly
sit up nice and tall.
Bring your legs in
front of you and let’s
stretch the triceps.
Hold that stretch.
Feeling that wonderful
stretch in the back
of those arms.
That’s it. And switch.
And give yourself
a pat on the back
for doing so well.
Proud of you.
And release.
Now, let’s stretch out
the quadriceps.
Bring your heel behind you.
Lift your hips forward
and hold the stretch.
You should feel all
in the front of your leg.
That’s it.
And to the other side.
Switch sides.
That’s it, just bend.
Hold the heel towards
the buttocks.
Hold it there.
Hold it there.
And release.
And sit up nice and tall.
Inhale (INHALES) and exhale.
You did great.