Get Rid Of Fat In Genital Area

– The sleeve gastrectomy and
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass,
otherwise known as the
gastric bypass or bypass,
are the two main procedures that we offer
at the University of
Michigan Bariatric Program.
The sleeve gastrectomy is performed
by decreasing the size of the stomach
without altering the G.I. tract.
The Roux-en-Y gastric
bypass is a procedure
where we make a small pouch of the stomach
called the gastric pouch
and we reconnect the
intestine to that pouch
and then reconnect the
intestinal tract downstream,
and so, that procedure does involve
altering the G.I. tract anatomy.
Both procedures are
significantly effective
in improving your health and
weight loss after surgery.
The gastric bypass tends
to have a slight edge
in terms of weight loss,
compared to the sleeve,
although both are very effective.
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