Full Day Of Eating | Keto Vegetarian Meals

Today I am gonna film a full day of eating to share with you, starting with my big beautiful breakfast over here, it's actually going to be a full day of eating with keto vegetarian meals – now I'm not actually vegetarian myself but I like to enjoy loads of meat free meals through the week for various reasons, I usually try for meat free Monday and I have loads of vegetarian keto meals and I shared a full day of eating in the past, breakfast ideas, loads of other vegetarian keto inspiration which I will leave down below, and in information cards as well along the way for you to but for breakfast I'm starting out with broccoli I've chopped up a whole head of broccoli, frying it in heaps of butter and I'm gonna make this for myself and my husband so I'm just gonna cook the broccoli until it's golden and then we'll move on to the next step, you can see the broccoli is starting to get a bit crispy on the sides there, that's what I like, added more butter along the way you can add a bit of salt I've even added a bit of tumeric in the past, not today though, some salt seasoning of choice that is beautifully cooked broccoli I'm going to move it off onto a plate and then fry up my eggs, broccoli is out eggs are in i'm fiying three for hubby, two for me and I'll show you my breakfast plate once it's ready, so that's my breakfast look at those crispy fried eggs and crispy broccoli as well, it's just really my easy go to, two fried eggs, a whole lot of veggies and you can have a bit of sour cream on the side if you want to add a bit more fat to it or some feta or any other cheese of choice but I'm gonna have this breakfast and I'll catch up with you through the day as I have something to eat, for lunch I am making a salad using all of these ingredients and I'll talk you through as I go, I don't know about you but I am a fan of salad with as few ingredients as possible so yeah you could have just a bowl of greens but I've got a bowl of spinach and next I'm going to top it with a couple of chopped tomatoes, now tomatoes are little higher in carbs than other vegetables so use sparingly if you're counting your macros and next I'm going to add some of this fetam this is ALDI feta that's absolutely delicious taste a good as fancy expensive feta but it's from ALDI, I think it's about three dollars 99 for the little carton, and then I'm just gonna drizzle over heaps of olive oil and add a few shakes of salt for some flavor so that bring the fat content up and it just make it such a beautiful salad so that's my big beautiful salad for lunch look at that, that fills me up for hours and hours and you can also add some pine nuts or any other nuts and to add a bit of more protein and some more flavor and fats pine nuts actually are the perfect keto nut, they've got the perfect beautiful keto macros, pine nuts and macadamias, just for your information so it's a great, they're just vegetarian source of protein and this is just a yum vegetarian lunch, that's low-carb and keto friendly and I will catch up with you through the rest of the day as I have something to eat and this is my little afternoon snack I've got some yogurt, chia seeds and blueberries and with yogurt I always just suggest finding the lowest carb yogurt you can, sometimes it's natural, sometimes it's Greek yogurt and then just top it off with some cream, whipped cream or mix through some cream and that just brings the fat content up but that is my little afternoon snack and now if you follow my channel for a while you know that I've been intermittent fasting, so usually I sort of end my day here, but in the next little while I'll be traveling heaps and I want to start having dinner again but just light dinners, so I'm gonna have a little dinner a little bit later and I'll show you what that is and for dinner I've got a whole lot of cauliflower cooking in heaps of butter and I'm gonna make a bit of a cauliflower mac and cheese for myself and my husband, so we've got about half of cauliflower yeah we're gonna have a quarter each and that's what I'm making I'm just gonna cook a cauliflower until it's golden and cooked through and just add butter and salt along the way as it needs that but you can hear it started bubbling away and I'll show you once I added all my creaminess, you can see this beautiful goldening happening on the cauliflower, so I'm gonna pour a bit of cream in, and the kids making noise in the background, I think that's enough cream, thanks, getting my husband to do it while I'm filming and a bit of cheese and add a few handfuls of grated cheese to make this a creamy cheesy cauliflower mac and cheese and I'm just gonna let that bubble away, let the cheese melt and the cream thicken a bit and that is my beautiful cauli mac and cheese for dinner, thank you so much for watching this video of Keto vegetarian meals, make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations and leave a comment with your go-to keto vegetarian meal I look forward to reading your comments and we'll see you again soon bye!