Dr Jacob Wilson PhD on Keto//OS Ketogenic Dieting FAQ Diabetics Blood pressure Type 2 diabetes

hi this is Anthony Flatt from anthonyflattcom and today's video i want to give you a resource to answering some of the questions that I get in the comments and an email and messages and and so forth and there's about twenty really good questions that dr

Jacob Wilson covered a couple days ago in a live Q&A video that he did and i'm going to include the link to that video in the description of this video but I want to kind of go over just real quickly what he talked about and when he talked about it and i'll include the timeline in the description as well but this video is just to give you an idea so if you if you see some things on here that are of interest you can go watch that video you have to watch the entire video you'll be able to go right to the point where he talks about the thing that you're most interested in so let's go village real quick there's about 20 of them so in this video that dr Jacob Wilson did first thing you talked about was ketoacidosis in diabetics that was at the two-minute 22nd mark then he talked about blood pressure at the four-minute in 12 second mark talked about type 2 diabetes at the seven-minute 12 second mark using a full pack or half pack of keto OS we talked about that at the seven-minute in 30-second mark weight loss i talked about it the eight-minute 28-second mark cancer he talked about at the 10-minute in 20 second mark going off of ketones you talk about 11 minutes and 42 seconds mark too many ketones you talk about it the 12 minutes and 29 seconds mark sleeping issues he talked about at the 13-minute and seven second mark checking level options he talked about at the 13-minute 40-second mark using ketones and all when you're already following a ketogenic diet you talked about that at the 16 minutes 55 seconds mark inflammation in wound healing he talked about at the 18-minute 40-second mark upset stomach you talked about at the 19-minute a 15-second mark multiple sclerosis and muscle loss he talked about it the 19 minutes 58 seconds mark a hyperthyroidism he talked about it the 21 minutes to second mark drinking alcohol and using ketones you talk about it the 21 minutes and 43 seconds mark intermittent fasting he talked about the 22 minutes and 31 seconds mark crohn's disease he talked about it the 23-minute 40-second mark dehydration he talked about it the 24-minute 26-second mark and autism we talked about it the 34 minutes 44 seconds mark and stress he talked about at the 35 minute mark so that gives you over 20 different topics that he covered if any of those are of interest to you i know i've gotten questions on almost all of those i want in one form or another so whichever you're interested in just go to that point you can certainly wants the entire video but the goal here is to give you a resource with some timelines that you can jump to the sections that you're most interested in I'm all include this list also in the description so you can read it if you follow along with the ones I just covered and then if you don't get your questions answered in that video and you still have questions feel free to email me Anthony Anthony flat calm and i'll do my best to answer your question or help you get a resource that will answer your question so i hope you find that useful just want to make this quick video to to kind of Mark the things that are covered by dr Jacob Wilson in this little live Q&A video we get a couple days ago and I think you'll find it very useful as a great video is very useful to me so i hope you enjoy take care