hello hello it's a skillful welcome to my channel and welcome today 24 of my 30 days keto diets summer transformation challenge in today's video I'm going to show you how I make my alternative of this keto pink drink so if you new to my channel don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified every time I upload a new video it's almost 1 o'clock it's time to break my fast after 16 hours of fasting and I'm ready to make some lunch so I'm gonna scramble two eggs in half of a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter I'm gonna bake two slices of bacon I'm gonna use half of an avocado and I'm gonna fill it up in my romaine lettuce leaves if you watch my videos you know by now that my favorite way to cook bacon is in the microwave so I just take a play put one paper towel below it cover it with another one and cook it on a high for about two minutes because it's only two slices more slices longer you get a cock and this way I spare myself of splashing the fat all over my stove and it doesn't stink up the whole apartment doesn't that look absolutely amazing and that's what's gonna be for lunch today these lettuce boats are absolutely amazing it's gonna keep me full for a couple of hours so meanwhile let's make the Kido pink drink so it's ready and cool enough for the afternoon treat so I am using this black cherry berry herbal caffeine-free tea well the original Starbucks one is a passion tengo tu can get that tea at our target has it or you can order it online it's about $5 but I didn't have a right over there so I'm using this one this one makes the drink pretty pink color as the black cherry is a really dark so this one works perfect you can also use a raspberry but the raspberry doesn't really make the drink too pink so this is a great choice I'm taking my French press and I'm gonna put two tea bags in it back in in there I've bought my water so I'm gonna fill it up I'm gonna let the tea sit in there for about an hour and then take the bags out and let it completely cool down so it's been an almost hour and a half so I'm gonna take out the bags I got myself another bottle so I can transfer it and put it in the fridge to chill it and in the fridge it goes can't wait to have it later okay time to make this amazing kiddo homemade pin drink so I get my jar I fill it up with ice and here goes Marty look at the color guys phenomenal then I have this sugar-free one last syrup this one is the Starbucks brand but it doesn't matter which branch you get and I'm gonna use two pumps now I'm taking my heavy whipping cream and I'm gonna measure one serving which is one tablespoon when you get the drink at Starbucks you get a big splash of whipping cream so when you make it home you can actually way better you know control your carb intake and the last step now and look at it guys the color looks exactly the same like this pink drink at Starbucks and I didn't have to use a passion tango tea just those two cherries just make it exactly the same and I'm gonna give it a try oh this is just so good guys if you didn't try it yet then either make it home or go to Starbucks and grab yourself one because it's this absolutely amazing refreshing drink which you definitely need throughout this summer someone else wants a little refreshment my ice cube yay okay we have to run a couple of errands so I'm just gonna grab a little string cheese to make it till the dinner so that's gonna be my spec for today guess we're back from our errands and I'm about to start preparing the dinner so I chapped a string beans and I'm gonna start steaming them and then I have this Aldi bratwurst which I always mentioned in my videos they are one netkar per link so I'm gonna pop these from the grill and then with the string beans I'm make some casserole so for the casserole I'm gonna crack two eggs into a bowl and mix it up with half a cup of cheddar and some salt pepper and some onion and garlic powder I'm taking my a low oil pan and I'm gonna move the string beans in there now I'm gonna take my egg and cheese mixture and pour it in I'm gonna mix it in and now I'm gonna just take some extra cheddar cheese and topping it with and this is how it looks like I preheated the oven for 400 degree Fahrenheit and I'm gonna bake it about 10 minutes until the cheese and the X is all melted and the egg is firmed up the trim beans casserole is done let's serve it and here my bratwurst that's it let's go eat I love that string bean casserole we bought if you saw my previous vlog we have this a big keto hole and we bought this bag giantic two pounds of a bag of trimmings so I had to use it up before it goes bad because you know person gonna eat only that many string beans in the day so today I just decided to use up the leftovers I just cracked the egg as you saw and it was really good easy great way to use up your leftover shrimp meat okay guys and that's it for today's video so let's just wrap it up day 24 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is oh wow thank you guys so much for watching this video and following our keto journey it does really mean a lot to us if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you did not subscribe yet please do so down below and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night