Diet Plan For A Women Over 70 To Lose Weight

Pause the music what’s up you guys
welcome back to my channel for today’s
video we have another vlog I figured I
would do a little intro because I filmed
some vlog content like over the past
like two weeks and it’s kind of like a
mishmash so I’m gonna obviously just put
it all together and here we go so I’m a
little bit of a rush which is why I’m
kind of out of breath so I just got home
from grocery shopping I’m gonna live it
up a rush I’m expecting everyone to come
over in about an hour today it’s like my
first little time in my new house
hosting which is like really fun and I
just I feel like the older I get the
corny er I get teenage Amy would be like
too cool but I’m like no I’m gonna lie
I’m gonna admit I’m a little like
excited I’m feeling all like domestic
and shit yesterday I cleaned the entire
house and I filmed to clean with me you
guys already saw that but there are
three Pisces in my family so my mom came
up with the idea of like just throwing
this small like little get-together like
order some pizza have some cake and then
I was like why don’t we do have my house
because we always do it on my mom’s
house and obviously I have this huge
home now that I purchased that I’m just
like in love with and I’m like you know
what why don’t we do it at my house cuz
it’d be nice just have like my first
little get-together here so my mom loved
the idea and I was like yeah let’s do it
so here we are I’m really excited so
it’s my both of my sisters and my
grandma are all Pisces their birthday is
all within the same week of each other
my grandmas was yesterday steps is the
11th and justice is the 8th it’s it’s
so I expanded the dining table to fit
everybody which I love that there’s that
option I opened up all of the windows to
let the view show and let all the Sun in
but yeah I opened up the table too so
that we can see everybody and pulled out
all of the chairs and I just got home
from grabbing some groceries because I
decided that I want to make a cheese
plate and I want to be all domestic and
shit so I’m gonna make my first cheese
plate I’ve seen them on Pinterest and
all over Instagram and they’re all
bougie and stuff so I figured I’m gonna
make my first one but I’m a little bit
nervous that it’s gonna be like a total
fuck so I’m gonna make it and we’ll see
how it goes
I don’t really know if I’m gonna vlog
that much today yeah they’re literally
gonna get here in like 40
minutes I want to put away these
groceries and start making the cheese
plate I did order Stephanie and Jessica
actually have the same oh my god because
I’m just like as you could tell I am
like very OCD and like if I have people
over I’m like that crazy cleaning meme
and they like cleans my entire house and
has to have everything perfect so that’s
I believe me right now
I ordered Stephanie and Jessica their
favorite they both have the same
favorite ice cream from Boston Robin so
it’s just funny they both love jamocha
almond fudge and I know that my grandma
will love it too so I figured why don’t
I just order them a little cake from
Baskin Robbins and get it like custom
made so I just picked up the cake and
then I just picked up these stuff for
the cheese plate I’m like I’m feeling
anxious I got to start preparing
everything okay so this is the start of
my cheese board I don’t know who the I
think I am but I feel like it’s starting
to look really pretty I actually got
this at Loblaws or superstore for the
super store for those of you who are
Canadian then I’m gonna add some olives
toothpicks and I got prosciutto and
salami and it’s all done I feel like I
did a pretty good job for my first time
what do you guys think so this is brie
Asiago parmesan and then some of those
bagel crisps some green olives some
wow she’s domestic everybody is loving
my cheese plate yes we are good
all right you guys it is the morning
after I know I didn’t get to vlog a lot
yesterday but I had so much fun with the
family here and it was just a lot of fun
like hosting my first little
get-together and everyone loved for my
cheese plate which I was really happy
about and I kind of thought like no one
was gonna eat it cuz I’m like people if
I’m not gonna eat it I’m probably just
gonna like wait for the pizza to
actually get here they’re not gonna want
to eat they actually really like like my
entire family really loved the cheese
plate and I don’t even get to eat it
because sorry I’m like I’m like
balancing my vlog camera tripod on my
sink faucet right now I didn’t even get
to eat it because I was just so busy
like you know cleaning everything and
like chilling and hanging out and
everything and then afterwards at the
end of the night there was still some
cheese plate left and I was like let me
bring it out again to like if anyone
wants to like finish it off and so and
then I was like you want let me have
some of the cheese plate and it was so
good I was like okay this is why you
guys like it was really good
those little bagel crib the crisps were
really good and yeah it was really happy
that people actually liked it well yeah
I had a lot of fun and it was just
really nice having everyone here we got
to open up all the windows and like
watch the Sun set too because you can
see the sunset from my house which is
really nice especially like obviously
around the evening time so everyone was
just around the couch watching the
sunset watching some TV listening to
music chilling talking eating hanging
out lots of just like family fun time so
yeah I kinda just wanted to come on here
and again tell you guys I’m gonna go
ahead and now play the footage from like
two weeks ago I think it’s a grocery
haul and some other stuff can’t really
remember but we got some vlog footage
and I’m going to share with you guys now
a to finish off the vlog so what’s up
you guys so I literally just got back
from the gym and the grocery store sugar
babies drinking his water if you hear
that in the back but yeah I just came
home from a workout and then I went to
the grocer afterwards and I got so many
goodies that I’m like you know what let
me pop out my vlog camera and really
share everything with you guys so here’s
everything that I got I laid everything
else would be easier yeah so I got quite
a few things so the first thing that you
kind of see here is I got hell of beyond
for me burgers because I eat these so so
much now but these are so good I can’t
even explain the taste of
they just are so so good the first time
I ate them I wasn’t like like I liked it
but I wasn’t blown away and then
literally I found myself a few days
later craving them and now I’m like
blown away I just love them so I buy a
bunch and then I just freeze it calories
for these I’m not gonna lie could be
better like they’re 270 for one burger
patty I do wish they were more like 230
or like 200 I feel like would be more
calorie weight loss friendly but you
know what it like I would be able to get
less calories if I ate turkey or me our
chicken or something but like I said
it’s just great because it’s a
plant-based alternative and I don’t even
want chicken or turkey like I love the
way that these tastes so I will eat the
little bit of extra calories and I still
make it work I still make it fit into my
day and the protein is great on that too
so yeah then I got these back here these
are not really for me to be honest with
you I don’t really eat chicken breast
that much even though these look really
great these are really great for you
guys if you have picky boyfriends or
husbands to cook for I like this because
it’s already prepared like a lot of the
times I have to make separate meals so I
heard the order like I usually do so
yeah I got some pineapple got an avocado
I just got one avocado because we don’t
really ever kados too much got one line
because I already have one in the fridge
but I will probably need this soon
after I have that one I figured I would
get this because this is gonna be great
to put in two quesadillas or burritos
and I think this week I’m kind of like
feeling quesadillas and burritos so I
got a few things to make that so I’ve
got these sweet peppers onions and
there’s like some mushrooms in there
they’re also great if like I want to put
them on the side with the chicken some I
like that it’s already prepared I am a
little bit of a lazy cook like I don’t
like to make these meals that take two
hours anything that I can cut down the
time I just like that because it cuts
out the excuses like a lot of the times
let’s be real ordering out is very easy
because it’s convenient so I try to make
cooking as convenient as possible so
that I don’t cook like want to eat out
so then I got some strawberries because
I just always have to have strawberries
they were out of an organic so that kind
of sucks I try to get as much organic
fruits and veggies as possible but they
were out of organic strawberries and
they were
out of organic mangoes SOBU on that but
it’s not good so I got some mangoes
avocados strawberries and I got this
Greek salad again I love that it’s
prepped because I can just take half of
it and have it with my meal and then I
can just add some ranch to it I like to
have a ranch with my Greek salad and
then I picked these up for the first
time these actually look really good
smoking-hot I always get the hot version
not in these because like I said I pick
them up for the first time but any time
I get like pepperoni sticks I always get
the hot version because I like spicy and
they’re usually not even that spicy but
these are up sixty calories for one
stick which is actually really good
sometimes at night time like I’m a
little bit hungry and I don’t want
anything sweet or I’m not craving fruit
I want something kind of salty so I will
just grab one of these and sixty
calories that’s it’s really not that bad
so and I like that there’s protein in it
anyway so yeah I got those got these
because I really want to make
quesadillas and burritos this week and I
love how this one is finely shredded I
like find me shredded because I find
that it’s easier to do portion control
like you can spread the cheese easier
and use less of it whereas the bigger
chunks it’s like you find like you need
to use more to cover the whole space so
I like the finely shredded anytime I can
find that so I got the finely shredded
one low-fat sour cream because I love
these on my vegan tacos with the vegan
burgers and then I got some low-fat
cheddar cheese slices because I like
that these ones are 60 calories the
other ones are 80 I know that’s only a
20 calorie difference but if you have
one slice every day or half a slice
every day you save a lot of calories by
the end of the week and if you keep
making those little changes by the end
of the week you won’t make a big
difference so don’t look at it as oh
it’s only 20 calories 20 becomes 40
becomes 60 becomes 100 becomes 400 like
it all adds up so I kind of just like
making a little smarter choices like
that and then we have black beans so I
really needed black beans because I
loved it inside my burritos my tacos and
I’ll probably put it in some quesadillas
this week so I always try to get the
organic whenever possible and honestly
there’s a huge difference between
organic black beans and the non or again
once like I was shocked because one time
I had a can of both and I would I saw
them side by side just like they look
like a completely different beam so I
try to just get the organic one down and
then I also got red kidney beans because
I don’t know I kind of miss making rice
and peas like Jamaican rice and peas um
even though I didn’t get the coconut
milk for that and the other ingredients
for that because I don’t think I’m gonna
make that this week but I figured I’ll
keep this on hand so that whenever I do
want to make Jamaican rice and peas I’ll
already have the beans other than that I
don’t really eat red kidney beans with
anything else to be honest I got a bunch
of corn because I just love corn a
little bit in my like everything really
breakfast tacos regular tacos burritos
quesadillas like I’m always having corn
or even in like corn salsa or something
like that so I’ve got three of those got
some bananas again they were out of
organic but you know it’s like literally
the entire organic section was literally
empty I’m not even exaggerating I asked
the guys even check if they cuz he said
they got their order in today he went to
the back they didn’t even get organic
strawberries in this week like okay
thank you anyways then I picked up
pitted kalamata olives because I
literally just ran out of these like
three days ago I got these burger buns
because I like to have the organ sorry
the vegan the organic the vegan burgers
and then I like these buns I hope these
ones are not yeah okay good it’s gonna
say I hope they’re not rotten because
one time I got them and I didn’t look at
it and had literally had mold and I only
noticed when I got home anyways these
ones are 110 calories which is really
great because it’s super calorie
friendly like there’s a bunch of burger
buns out there there are literally 200
calories so I like that these are very
deficit friendly and then I picked up
some tortillas I didn’t really eat the
big ones that much to be honest with you
these are for tort for tortillas for
quesadillas I’m really kind of craving
making a quesadilla this week these are
120 calories I could have got the
smaller ones they had smaller ones that
were a hundred but I was like you know
what to be honest with you like a little
bit bigger will probably keep me fuller
so I decided to go for these ones and I
like that these ones have non GMO
ingredients and no artificial flavors
and everything and I’ve tried this brand
before I really like it and then they
have the burrito one which is much
bigger this is great to make burritos I
think if I make a burrito I’m still
probably going to have the smaller
so yeah this is not really for me
because it’s pretty yeah it’s pretty
high-calorie 119 unless I do feel like
making a large burrito one day and then
as you can see I got hella glue t no
bars let me explain okay let me let me
explain I have a good explanation here
so the grocery store that I go to never
has this in stock like it literally
never has it they don’t even have a
place for it and a bar code for it
anymore so I think they just
discontinued it in their store but I
went to a different location today like
just out of convenience because it was
near me and I saw them and I literally
freaked out and bought four because
they’re so good you guys need to try
them if you’re like me and you love
chocolate bars like I am a huge
chocolate bar fan Kitcat Reese’s Pieces
like everything these are amazing
just kind of like healthier alternative
I mean they’re not healthy but there are
less calories so it’s a great
alternative instead of going and eating
a KitKat or Reese’s every single night
you know that’s like double the calories
this is a hundred and thirty so it’s
really not that bad
I have a huge sweet tooth so it’s really
important for me to find alternatives to
your traditional pastries and like
chocolate bars because if I deprive
myself it’s just not gonna work
and it honestly you have to be realistic
like realistically I eat through a lot
of the times when I’m craving something
sweet I’m like okay let me make a fruit
salad but sometimes you don’t want to
eat fruit sometimes you want something
more like chocolate bar pastry type you
know what I mean more junk food so this
is just a great alternative better than
you know getting your traditional kick
up are this kind of reminds me of a
KitKat bar to be honest with you it’s
definitely softer but this is so good
it’s basically and it’s actually a good
size too I would say it’s about like
that big these I picked up because
honestly they’re so good they’re 140
calories so I used to eat these all the
time as a kid and honestly they are so
good like I don’t know what it is you
guys but this just kills my sweet tooth
like it just satisfies my craving so so
much at the end of the night if I’m
craving like a dessert 140 calories it’s
really not that bad obviously it’s not
healthy at all but like I said you have
to be realistic it’s better I’d rather
have a 140 calorie Quaker dips bar than
going and getting a 300 calorie Reese’s
Pieces Barbe you know so it’s just being
realistic and I
really really love these then I picked
up this pancake mix I this is not for me
I usually eat the protein world one I
love the protein world one so yeah
that’s not for me but then I also got
some almond milk this one’s not for me
this is the original 70 calorie one I
always drink the 35 calorie non sugar
added one then I picked these up because
I’m like oh like this like I said like I
always I have a huge sweet tooth so I
kind of just like trying new healthier
lower calorie alternatives so I got
these these are the lilo dark chocolate
peanut butter cups they’re organic which
is really great too now major key
they’re individually wrapped this is
really big for me because if they’re not
individually wrapped then I will have a
harder time with portion control having
it individually individually wrapped
kind of just says okay take one and
that’s that rather than having the whole
bag open so I like that a lot they do
have a milk chocolate version I
purposely did not buy the milk chocolate
because milk chocolate for me is always
a little bit of a trigger I don’t know I
feel like if I got them milk chocolate
cups I would eat the whole bag even
though it’s individually wrapped I just
I know that about myself so the dark
chocolate still satisfies me but I don’t
find it as like tempting like I
literally I’ll be satisfied with just
one I don’t feel the need to like have a
whole bag with dark chocolate so I got
that because I do love peanut butter
cups Reese’s are my favorite and then
they had these Lilo’s clusters the dark
chocolate ones again they had milk
chocolate and peanut butter clusters
which looked so good but these are not
individually wrapped and even if they
were I I just know my trigger spots and
I know that if I got the milk chocolate
and peanut butter one that I would eat
the whole bag I know that about myself
so being self-aware is very important so
instead I opted for the dark chocolate
version because it’s still went to kill
my sweet tooth but I’m gonna be able to
kind of control myself more so yeah I
got these in there organic and vegan too
which is great last thing that I got I
was really like excited to find this
this is by the brand promise and they
actually had low calorie bagels as well
they had large bagels like not even
small ones they had large bagels for 130
calories I didn’t buy them because I’m
not the type that really eats bagels too
often so I saw these chocolate chip
rolls and I was like okay
these look hella good you guys see them
like these look delicious it’s literally
only a hundred calories which is really
really good and there’s only four grams
of sugar and three grams of fiber three
grams of fiber is really good because
normally anytime I’m eating something
sweet like this you’re not really
getting any fiber but yeah there’s four
grams of sugar in here which is pretty
low for something like this and 100
calories it’s really good this is great
if I’m really craving more of a pastry
type style like these are great if I’m
craving like a candy bar or chocolate
bar and this is great if I’m craving
something more like pastry you know so
yeah I mean I’m excited I got a lot of
like new sweets to try and then I’m
excited to make some quesadillas this
week and yeah there’s my little grocery
haul I figured I would just kind of like
hop on the vlog camera quickly and show
you guys what I got okay so I have a
little house update for you guys I
finally have a dishwasher cabinet panel
like I don’t know if you guys remember
but before we didn’t have the panel so
it was just like unfinished and it was
so annoying but for those of you who
don’t know this cabinet panel actually
takes like eight weeks to make so it
takes a really long time and I actually
ordered one with the Builder like it I
wasn’t even supposed to do it on my own
I ordered one with the Builder and the
Builder literally lost it and then I
ended up choosing a different
dishwashers so what ended up being me
they had to pay for and the Builder like
legally they didn’t have to credit me
because I went and like up and switched
the dishwasher that I chose so yeah it
was a whole thing but regardless cabinet
is done and I’m so excited I just love
it like now we have to mine those dishes
in there actually need to put them away
I put them away every morning and it
closes so yeah I’m just obsessed I
absolutely love having the cabinet now
because now my kitchen is fully finished
in terms of that and I’m going to be
decorating my kitchens too and I’ll take
you guys with me putting up all the
decorations and then next little update
we finally have the microwave like I
think I’m the only person on the world
that moves into a house and has a no
microwave for like four or five months
like I’m a little bit crazy it took me a
long time to pick a microwave
because I really wanted a microwave
drawer but you have to give the
appliance dimensions that you want for
your kitchen like while the building
process is happening and this is the
microwave that I chose while the
building process was happening and then
I kind of regretted it afterwards and
wanted a microwave drawer but long story
short the kitchen company obviously
built everything for a trim kit built-in
microwave not a microwave drawer so I
couldn’t get a microwave drawer but you
know it really doesn’t matter because
the thing of the day this still looks
really good so I absolutely love this
one I love that the top is finished with
stainless steel because I got one before
like I saw one before that had black
plastic at the top and it didn’t look
good so I just I love how it looks now
and now I finally have a microwave so
excited so microwave is in and
dishwasher panels and so the kitchen is
finally done and I’m actually going to
be I’m in the middle of cooking Brett
well I’m about to start cooking I’m
actually gonna start adding decorations
I have like a marble platter thingy that
I got like cute little decorations that
I’m going to be adding to the kitchen
and I will vlog that for you guys but
yeah and then I can’t wait to do like
the kitchen extension I am going to be
adding like sort of like a wet bar slash
kitchen extension where I put like a
wine fridge I might do a desk nook might
not and then drawers cabinets up top and
then run the countertop straight along
after the fridge and then this will be
moved over there and it’ll have a full
length cabinet right there that will
open up so the toaster and the kettle
and like smoothie maker blender
everything will be hidden inside of a
cabinet so that’ll look really good I
can’t wait for that to be done I’m
probably gonna start that project in
like maybe to be honest with you guys a
few months because I have other things
on my list for the house that are kind
of more important like we still need to
do a fence we still need to do I want to
do my front door so I knew that buying a
new construction home was going to be a
lot of work and a lot of like additions
and stuff but I’m not complaining
because I absolutely adore it and love
it so yeah I’m excited for that to be
done because then all this will be
hidden and like tucked away in a cabinet
over there I think they call it like an
appliance cabinet
whatever so I’m excited to get that and
then I’ll be able to add like good
decorations around there too I think I’m
gonna get this like marble cake stand
from Crate and Barrel and then put like
a candle on it or something like that
but yeah I’m excited but yeah other than
that to be honest with you guys there
hasn’t been too much progress on the
home decor wise I mean it showed you
guys the new chandelier we pod the
dining chairs and I just showed you guys
the kind of like the kitchen finishings
that I just did and the other hasn’t
been too much progress although I do
have like maybe I could do with a little
I can show you guys some home decor
pieces that I got upstairs I just
haven’t put them away and I got like a
chandelier for the loft but other than
that there hasn’t really been too much
progress on the house I know you guys
have been asking for a house update I
kind of took a little bit of a break and
slowed down a little bit on decorating
just because I’ve been so busy with like
filming videos and stuff like that so I
don’t know I kind of maybe I’m a bad
multitasker but I’ve kind of been like
busy doing not but I do have like I’m
the type that plans out my schedule
monthly so I do have it in my schedule
to really focus on decorating the master
bedroom and also finishing at this
formal living room in April and March so
that will be happening and of course I
will take you guys along with me I’m
actually thinking of doing a full video
just dedicated to the master bedroom and
taking you guys shopping with me doing
the whole like just a whole video
dedicated to decorating my master
bedroom because I feel like that needs
to get done we’re missing like row we’re
missing lamb so I need a dress or any
chairs I’ve never had a master bedroom
this big before so I’m definitely gonna
have to go on Pinterest and look for
some in spoke because I really it’s so
big they’re like I don’t want it to look
empty I still need to probably put two
chairs inside and yes would you like to
say hello Papa boy
mama’s boy mama’s boy honestly I cannot
wait for the weather to get better you
guys because I have been like I’m always
a hermit and I’m a homebody but I have
been like an extreme hermit this winter
I feel like I’d never feel like going
out because the weather is horrible and
in the summer I get out so much more
like I’m always on walks I was going to
hike so I was taking sugar baby out dog
park like family outings and like I just
I just can’t wait for that oh and
actually now that I have a backyard I’m
so excited because I can’t wait for the
weather to get better because then I’m
in have
my little barbecue outside and I have
like a big backyard for sugar baby to
run so I’m just dying for the weather to
get better weather is getting it’s
starting to get better though I see the
birds flying back to Canada hello hi
birdies and the snow is melting so I
feel like it’s we’re getting there I
feel like April will be a good month

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