well another beautiful day in the paradise Florida huh good morning guys it's about 8:30 in the morning and I'm super excited because today is day one for me going on ketogenic diet so I'm really excited to start I already gave this diet a try for about two weeks and it was really working well for me so I can't wait to jump right to it I'm also skipping breakfast as I am intermittent fasting so I'm just ready to have my coffee and water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and I will show you how along well it's also first time I'm blogging so I think it's gonna be fun so it's about 12:30 so I'm breaking my fast and I'm gonna make myself something for lunch and I will show you what all right so this is what I'm having I have some of the roulade I made yesterday it's I just beat up at the chicken breast very very thin I put basil pesto on earth I put some mozzarella cheese some sun-dried tomatoes some spinach and I rolled it up baked it in the oven on butter then I have some broccoli I put like a tablespoon of butter over it for more of that it's still thunderstorm out so I'm gonna put some lemon juice over it I like it that way and then I have just a little leafy greens and some of the red bell pepper I'm just gonna enjoy now I'm gonna leave a link to other video I made about what is keto and why I went keto so if you want to check that out it's gonna be in a description below go check that off it's a good video yeah big storm again two dogs you saw the little ones Casey and the big one is axel so do you guys hear it another storm it's like on roller coaster a little bit you know for a little bit it's very sunny and nice and then another hour it's pouring rain now what I wanted to tell you but intermittent fasting does for me as I don't such a cravings and I have like I feel like I'm on those schedule where I don't really snag after that 8:00 pm

because I used to ruin egg while watching TV and that was like a big wrong dark horrible habit and when I sleep breakfast and push myself through a little bit of a hunger didn't I find myself not being that hungry throughout the day so I would have lunch then I would have a Samsonite and then dinner when I was you know having breakfast I would have breakfast then sometimes even snack before lunch then lunch then in you know at 3 o'clock I would be starving again so have another snack from them dinner and then snipe while watching movie so it was a lot of food and in and I never could have hit my macros I was always over and that's why I also dated 25 pounds so intermittent fasting really helps me to keep on track having some rules so that was my delicious lunch and now that it's time well it's the raining again and you guys you should hear how all these frogs are coming underneath your trailer and like hiding themselves and all I can hear is like really finally I wish you can hear it well anyway I'm gonna see you at snack time so it stopped raining for like five minutes so me and Axel we're gonna go for a little walk and then I'm gonna make myself a snack next to sit okay let's go down head down see see he's happy and he will be really filthy so we're back we played for a little bit but it's really poopy outside so I'm gonna make my snack I'm gonna do two deviled eggs so I'll show you how I make it and I get myself some mayonnaise some Dijon mustard and I will chop this spring onion to put am look at it guys we got ourselves some little river from the whole day of raining unbelievable so I guess another perk of living full-time in an RV is that when it's raining it can get pretty scary and damn loved anyway I finished my eggs yeah they are I put them on some cute little cutting board I already ate one super delicious and I'm gonna have some little cucumber and little tomato with it and I just think next time I'm gonna get a little easy on mail I know I need to get the fats in but it's just little I like it a little more texture not so soggy so I'm gonna just enjoy it now and I will see you guys at dinner look who's home we're there hello okay guys it's eight o'clock so it's time for dinner rob is home as you saw I've decided to make a fried rice using cauliflower and some pork so I'm gonna show you my favorite recipe so this is the finished product it was pretty easy and quickest you could see so babe do you wanna give it a first face pleasure see ya good Wow I love it good in a while huh but well hope it's good so nice we're just gonna enjoy the dinner and I will check with you before that ok guys it's about 11:00 pm so we're ready to hit the bed oh well I already did so my first day of eating Quito is behind me it was successful I hit all my macros I will post it somewhere here that you can check it out but it was good I felt good I was not hungry at all now I'm just gonna take my makeup off and go to bed but yeah I really enjoy this day I'm glad you tagged along if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe because I'll be back probably tomorrow I will really try to vlog every day if I can do it and edit it fast for you so if you interested how am i doing and how my Aikido journey is going damn hit that stop button that you get notified when I upload it and I'm gonna see you tomorrow good night