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Do you have edible cookie dough sitting in your refrigerator?

Cookie dough is more than an ice cream flavor with edible cookie dough filling store shelves. Whether you want a pint full or just a bite or two, cookie dough is as popular as warm cookies fresh from the oven.

Growing up, many people snuck a scoop of cookie dough while you were making cookies. Just like licking the bowl of brownie batter, you know that you shouldn’t indulge but it is just too tempting. Sure, it probably won’t make you feel too bad, but those raw eggs in the batter might not be the best choice to eat.

Over the years, edible cookie dough has become more readily available. These types of cookie dough are safe to eat raw because they do not contain eggs and the flour has been treated. The cookie dough flavor comes through in every bite, but you don’t have that twinge of guilt.

Now, store shelves are filled with edible cookie dough options. Nestle Toll House started with little pints in various flavors. Sam’s Club has an exclusive on the chocolate dipped Nestle Toll House Edible Cookie Dough Bites. Whether you want to quickly pop a bite or sneak a big spoonful, Nestle Toll House has an option.

Pillsbury has taken a different route. They understand that people want a treat as those delectable cookies are baking. The safe to eat options mean that you can have a cookie while the other ones are baking in the oven. It is the best of both worlds.

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While cookies tend to be a special treat, even healthier options have joined the cookie dough craze. Enlightened launched its edible Keto cookie dough bites with a variety of flavors.

The keto friendly Enlightened Cookie Dough Bites are perfect to satisfy that sweet craving without having to spend hours in the gym. The Birthday cake cookie dough bites turn any day into a celebratory moment.

The rise of edible cookie dough seems to be following other food trends. Comfort food has been filling consumer’s pantries and refrigerators. While many people have discovered a passion for baking from scratch, the convenience of just opening a package and indulging in a sweet treat will never be replaced. Maybe everyone just wants to feel like a kid again. A taste of edible cookie dough seems to be that little treat.

For now, keep a package of edible cookie dough in the refrigerator. Sometimes just a taste of a sweet treat can make any day seem a little brighter.

Are you a fan of edible cookie dough? What is your favorite brand?