What to Eat on Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss – Meal Plan

So maybe you've started on the Keto diet but you are not seeing the results you expected In this video, I'm going to be giving you my top tips on what to eat for weight loss on the Keto diet

What's up guys, Anne here from Think Natural Health We are passionate about wellness and we release videos every week so you should consider subscribing to our channel but today – let's talk about Keto In my previous video I went over the basics of what Keto is and how to do it If you missed that and haven't seen it then you can check the card above now and go ahead and watch that Today I'll be going over the food to eat and what not to eat on Keto

Lets go So the first thing you want to do is try and find low-carb alternatives to the really common carby foods that we eat like rice, pasta, breads, biscuits The most common one would be cauliflower rice, every one has kinda heard of that, but there's actually a lot of different vegetables rices that you can try and I would really recommend doing some research because some of them have fantastic nutritional profiles The second thing you're going to want to do is eat plenty of nutrient-dense fats, like grass-fed butter, really good quality olive oil and coconut oil and avocados Stay away from the heavily refined oils and butters

They do not allow your liver to function properly – they clog it all up, which is bad because that is where the 6 fat burning hormones are produced So some really great examples of food you want to eat on Keto are calciferous vegetables, I'm talking kale, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts There is an amazing recipe for cauliflower wraps that I'm going to link down below It is a great substitute, really easy to make and it will help you miss carbs just that little bit less As for the foods not to eat, well, the list is quite extensive

So we know not to eat carbs, we've been over that, but there are several other things you should bear in mind So when trying to pick healthy foods on the Keto diet you want to bear a few things in mind One of them is that you don't want to spike your insulin levels more than what you have to Every time you eat you will spike your insulin levels but you want to try and maintain that and keep it low and that's why we do intermittent fasting, but that's for another video So foods you want to try and avoid are starchy foods like potatoes, very much sweet potatoes, fruit, yoghurt, milk, beans – anything like that

I know that each of those foods sound healthy on their own and they are, a lot of them have really great nutritional properties but sadly they also score high on the glycaemic index which means you're going to end up with a massive spike in insulin – and that is a huge no-no When you have a spike in insulin, when these things are converted really quickly into sugar, you end up putting the fat burning process on hold anywhere in between 24 hours and 72 That is a huge no-no on Keto! When first starting out on Keto it may seem like your options are limited, and I know it can come across like that But with a little bit of research, I honestly, I can tell you right now, you can find a substitute for just about anything And I have some of my own that I will be doing in another video

There you have it guys Follow these tips and avoid these traps and I guarantee you will start to see some really great weight loss Have fun on your Keto journey, make sure and put any comments you have down below and I will see you in the next video Bye!


hey guys I made me some egg scampi soup or pasta type thing with boiled eggs i boiled the eggs then I had some fresh garlic puree to my Cuisinart and some chopped up tomatoes in mushroom with the garlic onion butter sauce and I put some fresh lemon juice on top that's the base of a authentic scampi you can get it cream or the butter garlic sauce so I made a butter garlic sauce and I'm about to put some more of this garlic pepper and chili spice in it and then I'm going to put because I keep look at that beautiful this salt inside of my little container so it was easy to scoop out so I'm about to eat this and then I'm done for the day

Keto Pan Grilled Lemon & Rosemary Lamb Chops | Keto Recipes | Whole 30 Recipes | Paleo Recipes

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com I really love lamb chops

One of the reasons is that it's easy to find good quality, relatively inexpensive and grass-fed lamb chops in my grocery store any time of year, and especially now in the spring For this recipe, you can use whichever cut of lamb you prefer It doesn't matter The result will be delicious So let's get started in making these very easy, keto, pan grilled lemon and rosemary chops

By the way, these are perfect for grilling on the stovetop or outdoors on a BBQ the macronutrient ratio for each serving is 24 to 1, with 21 grams of total carbs 05 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in 1

6 grams of net carbs As you can see, I have weighed and prepared these few, easily available ingredients Now to begin preparing the lemon and rosemary lamb chops The first step is to start by making the marinade Into a mixing bowl, add the melted butter, your choice of olive oil or avocado oil, lemon zest of one large lemon, finely grated or minced onions, grated garlic, salt, pepper, turmeric, ground cumin, and fresh lemon juice

Now stir all the ingredients until they're well combined This will take a bit of stirring because the lipids in the oil and butter need to emulsify with the more acidic lemon juice Next, you add the fresh rosemary leaves and stir well again Before applying the marinade, make sure that you pat dry both sides of your lamb chops The marinade will adhere much better to the dry surface

I find using a pastry brush works well for me, but you can use either a spoon or your hands and just pat it on The objective is to spread the oil and butter, the spices, and the grated solids evenly over both sides of each lamb chop Because I'm marinating and preparing this the night before, I coated a casserole dish with a bit of oil and placed the chops in a single layer in the pan I then covered the dish with cling wrap and placed in the refrigerator overnight This allows for maximum marinating and all the flavors to really get into the meat

I'd like to point out that even though this is a recipe for five servings, you can do it for one or two people But do make more than one serving, because after you have marinated the lamb chops, simply place any extra chops in a freezer safe glass container or freezer bag But separate the chops by placing a piece of parchment paper between the layered chops This is an easy, with no extra work, way to make a prepare-ahead meal When you're ready to use your prepared-ahead lamb chops, take them out of the freezer and place them in the fridge to thaw overnight

Also, even if you're just marinating overnight, then before grilling take your lamb chops out of the refrigerator and let them get to room temperature By allowing the meat to get to room temperature these lamb chops, or any meat that you're preparing, will cook more evenly and you will achieve internal temperature, of the meat, you're after, meaning that you will be better able to tell when your meat is well done, medium or more rare That is, if you start with the meat at room temperature Okay, that's prepare ahead Now, if you want to serve it the same evening for dinner, just let the marinated lamb chops sit for 30 minutes before grilling

These lamb chops are perfectly marinated for doing them on the stovetop and are phenomenal for doing them outdoors on your barbecue But, for today's video, I'm going to pan grill them Begin by heating your pan on high and, once your pan is very hot, brush the bottom and sides of your pan with oil Place the lamb chops into the pan and brown both sides to form a nice crispy brown surface Then reduce the stovetop heat to medium and cook your chops just a bit before your perfect doneness

That's because the internal heat of the meat will keep cooking itself for a bit longer Then, when your lamb chops are done to your perfect stage, remove them from the pan and let them rest for at least 10 minutes before serving If you're making more than one or two servings, finish grilling the rest of your lamb chops in the same way When I'm serving these grilled lamb chops, and to enhance the fresh lemon taste of the marinade, I like to serve each chop with a thick wedge of lemon To make this into a full meal, as you can see, I served the lambchops with the fresh Greek salad and the butternut squash pureed into a light mousse

I have not made videos for these two side dishes yet, but will feature them in the near future But for now may I suggest you could prepare these chops with the oven roasted spring vegetables, because the marinade of the lamb chops and the seasoning of the oven roasted spring vegetables work really well together And, if you like, you could also make either my traditional or keto tzatziki, or my salsa verde I hope you like these meal suggestions Enjoy your dinner Thank you very much for watching this video

Please share this video with your family and friends Although this channel is created for keto low-carb and also paleo lifestyles, my focus is on using whole natural ingredients and creating well-balanced recipes that are part of a healthy, clean diet See you next time The video link for the suggested accompanying recipes, as well as the link for the printable recipe for these lamb chops, are all provided in the description below

Keto Walnut Caramel Mirror Cake | Keto Recipes | Keto Cake | Gluten free Cake | Sugar free Cake

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today, I'm making a cake which I had a request for This cake is a keto version made by Ella

I had been a fan of Ella's for a very long time on her home cooking adventures channel So I'd like to thank Ella for the inspiration Also, this is a special occasion cake and makes a wonderful birthday cake, but today I'm dedicating it to all mothers for Mother's Day This is a beautiful cake but I will give you a heads up: this cake is very rich and very flavorful, but, for this keto, sugar-free and gluten-free version, you have to start making this at least 2 days before you want to serve it This is not a cake you can make and serve the same day

For example, the walnut pavlova layer and the caramel mousse cream both need about 24 hours to set before they're ready for the next steps To make this video as concise as I can, I will refer you to my chocolate truffle and caramel cream videos rather than taking the time to go through the detailed explanation on these two parts Now I'm very happy to show you how to make this delicious keto walnut caramel mirror cake The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is six point two to one with six point six grams of total carbs, 2

3 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in four point three grams of net carbs per serving There are six parts to this cake The first part is to make the walnut pavlova base Begin by assembling and weighing all the ingredients very accurately To ensure that your egg whites will be as fluffy as possible, wipe the inside of your bowl with a clean towel dipped in white vinegar

This step will remove any grease or residue on your bowl As you can see, the step will only use egg whites, but reserve your yolks for later Then pour in your egg whites And also, don't forget to preheat your oven to 150 degrees Celsius or 300 degrees Fahrenheit Then whisk at high speed until your egg whites are at a frothy stage

Add the lemon juice and whip at high speed until all the whites have been whipped and you are at the soft peak stage Then add the unflavored whey protein isolate and whip into the egg whites Begin adding the confectionery sweetener I'm using my Lakanto gold because it's extra flavorful, but note that I've ground it to confectionery consistency Whip at low speed as you add the confectionery sweetener, a couple tablespoons at a time, and also allow for the sweetener to be incorporated before adding more, if you want your base to be nice and fluffy

When you have added all of your sweetener, keep whipping at high speed until the stiff peak stage Turn off your mixer Then, add your toasted and ground walnuts to the whipped egg whites about 1/3 at a time, folding gently between each addition I'm calling this egg white mixture a pavlova because it's exactly the same technique minus the walnuts So now I've taught you how to make a pavlova base as well

When everything's been whipped up nicely, pour everything into a 16 centimeter or 6 and 1/2 inch spring-form pan, which you have lined the bottom with parchment paper, and greased your sides with either coconut oil or butter Use the back of your spatula to smooth and even out the surface Then place your spring-form pan into the lower third position and bake for 20 to 25 minutes When the timer goes off turn off the oven heat, but prop the door just slightly open I found that using my oven glove works perfectly and I let this pavlova base stay in the oven for about two to three hours After that time I take the spring-form pan and place it on my cooling rack and let it cool for about 24 hours

That is if you want your pavlova base to be nice and crispy However, if you only want it crispy on the outside and more marshmallowy on the inside, just leave it overnight So now we begin day 2 by preparing my chocolate truffle recipe A link will be provided in the description below If you're tempted to just melt a 90% Lindt chocolate and use that, that's fine, however, you must note that this will greatly change the macros and make it much less keto friendly

I use my chocolate truffle recipe, because it's actually a fat bomb and not just the ganache, and provides a lot of good healthy fats for this recipe which otherwise would be lacking After you've prepared your chocolate base, let it cool down completely For the next step, I'm transferring the cooled and crispy pavlova base to my parchment-lined eight centimeter spring-form pan Try to position it in the center so the space all around it is even As you can see, while I was transferring the pavlova base, I cracked it in half

I should have used a wider spatula, but not to worry: this little misadventure will be covered up by pouring the cool chocolate truffle liquid on top But, when you're pouring your liquid chocolate truffle on top of the base, try not to have it go down the sides too much, and pour only about a third or half at a time, then put the pan into the fridge for about 20 minutes so that your first layer of chocolate can set Repeat until you've used up all of your chocolate truffle base I just want to mention that when I film my recipe I always use the footage of the actual recipe I'm posting I want to show you that sometimes mistakes happen and you can work around them, and as Julia Child would often say in her videos, you're the only one in the kitchen, so no one will know

So be creative and fix your little mistake This is the end of the second step The third step is to make the walnut caramel layer Begin this first step by making a full batch of my caramel cream The link is provided in the description below

Once your caramel is nice and thick and you have completed all the steps as in the caramel sauce video, set the caramel cream aside and let it get to room temperature, but don't forget to stir once in a while as the cream is cooling Now I'm going to show you how to roast your raw unsalted walnuts Take a dry pan and heat it up When your pan is hot, add the raw walnuts and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring occasionally You'll know that your walnuts are nicely done when they're nice and aromatic, and you can smell them

Then, remove your walnuts from the pan and place them on a cutting board to cool slightly and then chop them into even, but small, chunks This is not as finely chopped as you had done for the pavlova base You want to be able to feel a bit of crunch from the walnuts After chopping, place them into a small bowl and set that aside Now get your room-temperature egg yolks and add the confectionery sweetener

Stir or whisk until the egg yolks are pale yellow, and then set that aside Now let's get back to the saucepan with the caramel cream First add the roughly chopped walnuts and stir well For the next step, make sure your caramel sauce is cooled, then pour in the yolk mixture and stir to combine very well, and add the finely ground salt and stir again Turn on your element to very low and cook for about two minutes

Then remove the pot from your heat element and let it cool to room temperature When your walnut caramel layer is cool, now get the cake out of the fridge and spread the caramel walnut mixture on top only Try not to have any go down the sides If needed, clean off the chocolate and caramel walnut mixture that has spread down the sides, or is at the bottom Place everything back into the fridge until the caramel mousse is ready

In step four, I'll be showing you how to make the mascarpone mousse layer Begin by preparing the gelatin by dissolving one packet of powder in a quarter cup of cold water, stirring well and letting it bloom for about 10 minutes While the gelatin is set aside, in the meanwhile, add the room temperature mascarpone and confectionary sweetener to a mixing bowl Now add the vanilla extract Next, melt your bloomed gelatin in the bath of hot water and when it's liquid again, add the instant coffee and mix Then pour this gelatin mixture into your bowl with the mascarpone

Whip on high speed for a couple minutes, and then set this aside for a moment Next, into another clean mixing bowl add your cold whipping cream and whip to the stiff peak stage While I was making the whipping cream my mascarpone got a little bit too dense because of the gelatin so to soften it up, I added a couple tablespoons of whipping cream and mixed well, and when I made it creamy again, I added about 1/3 of the mascarpone and folded it until well combined Then I repeated this step until the mascarpone and the whipped cream were completely combined To make it easier to spread over the cake, I first filled a piping bag

Now is a good time to get your cake out of the fridge and, as you see, I'm using the mascarpone cream filled piping bag Place the tip near the bottom of the space Squeeze gently and evenly, filling in the space all the way around the cake, and if you have any cream left in the piping bag, just squeeze it on top Then scoop out the rest of the mascarpone cream from your bowl and place it on top of the cake Use an offset spatula and smooth out the surface and then refrigerate overnight for best results

If you don't give the mascarpone cream enough time to set, it will be very difficult to pour the caramel mirror glaze on top And this is the second reason why I have mentioned you should make this cake at least 2 days ahead Now this is the morning of the day I want to serve it, and the first thing I do is make a double batch of caramel sauce and also bloom two packets of gelatin in half a cup of cold water for about 10 minutes And when the caramel sauce is ready I turn off the heat, and then remelt the gelatin in the bath of hot water as I did before Then pour the liquid gelatin mixture into the caramel cream and stir right away to combine

Now, set the finished glaze aside to cool completely, but don't place it in the fridge You don't want it to caramelize You just want it to cool down and still be liquid The second last step is to make the chocolate flower decorations This, of course, is optional, but since I'm making a version of Ella's cake, I thought I would show you how, just in case you want to decorate your cake in the same way

So for the flower, I'm going to use baker's chocolate because I don't know how to temper keto chocolate So first weigh out your chocolate and sweetener Take your chocolate and crush it into small pieces Combine with the sweetener and place both of these into a bowl that will fit over a simmering pot of water, also known as bain marie Your element heat should be on low because you want the chocolate to melt very slowly Since not many people have made chocolate decorations before, it might be a good idea to print out a template with three different size petals

On this printout, I have a small and medium petal Next take a long strip of parchment paper and place it on top of your template Use a small teaspoon and pour some chocolate into the center of the design Then, using the back of the handle, direct the chocolate up into the petal areas If you need more chocolate, add it to the center and fill the rest of the design, then slide your strip and on the same strip make four or five more petals of the same size

Now do the same for the small petal When you place your petals on a rounded form Put them into the fridge and leave them in until you're ready to make the flower Now get your cake again, because the next step is to spread the caramel mirror glaze on top Before transferring my cake onto my serving platter, I placed four white strips of parchment over my tray

Then I remove the bottom of my springform pan and using my pizza size spatula then gently and carefully place the cake on my serving platter Then take your barely warm mirror glaze and begin pouring onto your cake: take your slightly warm caramel mirror glaze and pour onto your cake by pouring the sauce over a large spoon close to the surface When I'm pouring this mirror glaze on top, I always find that there's a few bare patches, so just scoop up some of the runoff caramel and use that to do any repairs that are needed Sometimes, if it takes you too long to apply the mirror glaze, you may find that it looks patchy or lumpy A good hack to fix this is to heat up your spatula, since it's metal, and gently glide it over the entire surface to even out the rough and less even areas

The heat of the spatula is enough to melt and smooth things out You may have to reheat your spatula to get everything as smooth as you like Now to add the crushed walnuts An easy way to add the crushed roasted walnuts to the base of the cake is to sprinkle the walnuts as close to the bottom perimeter of the cake as you can, then using your parchment Lift and press the walnuts very gently into the caramel mirror glaze You should work fairly quickly because you have to do this while the glaze is still soft and not yet set

Otherwise, the walnuts won't stick very well When you're done, remove the parchment strips by gently pulling them out and down from under the cake Also, clean off any smudges from the cake plate Now for the very last step, to make the flour which will be the final decoration, get your petal trays from the refrigerator Get a square piece of parchment and place a teaspoon of your melted chocolate in the center

You want to make a little mound of chocolate then place five of the medium petals on the outside, but handle them as little as possible, because the heat of your fingers will melt them As you see, one of my petals cracked, and it would have been a really good idea if I had made an extra few But I didn't, so I have to use some of the melted chocolate as a glue Then, to make the inside petals, add another mound of chocolate then arrange your five smaller petals so the middle part of the petal is in between the two spaces of the previous petals The ideal thing, and what Ella does, is to use gold dust too highlight and streak up the petals

This is really lovely, but I didn't have any gold dust All I had was some gold sparkles, so I'm going to use those When my flower was assembled, I let the center chocolate mounds harden completely Use an offset spatula to slide under the flower and gently place it in the center of your cake This looks really lovely and you could stop at these two layers, but because I wanted my flower to be a bit bigger, I made a third flat layer of petals and placed them on top of the cake

Whichever way you choose to decorate this rich and decadent cake, enjoy! Thank you for watching my video, and I hope you come back soon The link for this printable recipe and the links for the chocolate truffle and caramel sauce are all provided in the description below


– Guys, I cannot believe the amount of positive responses that I got back from the past three meal prepping videos It just absolutely blows me away

So thank you so much This video today is for you guys I'm gonna take it up an extra notch and I'm going to provide you something really special Today is a complete seven-day meal plan that comes with all the calories, all the macros planned down, all of the recipes and the entire shopping list that you need to get started I'm going to show you how to make all of the recipes for the meal plan right now, with the exception of bacon and eggs because I'm pretty sure you already know how to make bacon and eggs

I'll give you that one And stick around till the end of the video because that's where I'm gonna share with you how to actually get the meal plan and all of things that are included in this video So, let's get started (light music) So we're gonna start with some buttery steak and broccoli So, grab a head of broccoli and cut up all the florets off the actual broccoli head

Put them to the side and you're going to steam them for about 10 to 15 minutes just until they are tender Place them on a plate and then we're gonna get started with the steak So you're gonna salt both sides of the steak Be very liberal with the salt Don't be scared of the salt especially on the ketogenic diet

And you're gonna heat up a frying pan to very hot And then place it in and we're gonna sizzle it for about two or three minutes each side When you flip it, place the butter in and put some rosemary over the top and just start spooning the butter over the steak It is going to taste absolutely delicious and the rosemary gives it a really, really nice flavor (light music) So now we're gonna move on to the scrambled eggs with avocado

So you're gonna crack three eggs into a bowl and mix it around with what I call this magic whisk here I have put the link to this in the description below You're gonna add some salt and pepper and you're gonna cut up half an avocado by simply going around the outside of the seed and heating up a frying pan, putting some butter into the frying pan, about a tablespoon and putting all of the eggs that you whisked up just before Now, it's going to be very, very quick and you're going to just move it around slightly and remove the eggs when they are still a little bit gooey Now, you can cut the avocado up however you like but this is just a fantastic meal for breakfast and it's really, really nutritious

So this is a lamb chop and we're gonna make a feta salad with this as well So do exactly the same as you would with the steak with the lamb chop and add some rosemary over the top and spoon the butter as you go It really is the best way to cook any style of meat in the frying pan And you wanna keep all of the juices with it Now, get about a cup of spinach and you're just gonna crumble some either Danish or Greek feta over the top and get some olive oil in there with some salt and pepper and mix it all together

(light music) Now, I'm not sure whether you've steamed chicken before but this is a really simple way to do it And you can cook all of your green veggies at the same time So you just mash it out with a meat tenderizer in between two bits of baking paper there so it's really nice and thin So this is bok choy and you just wanna cut the ends off it and wash the inside because it tends to build up a lot of dirt on the inside Now, take a stick of ginger and the actual recipe calls for shallots but I'm using basil today, whatever you want

But this is a trick to chop basil without bruising it You wanna roll it up and then slice it like you would anything else Add plenty of sesame seed oil in there and mix it all around This is going to go on top of the chicken once it's done steaming So you wanna steam it in there for about five minutes each side and put the Asian greens on top of it

And so, look at that It's fantastic It comes out really, really juicy and you serve it with the Asian greens that have been steamed there and also the sauce that you made on top (light music) So for breakfast, you're gonna start off with an avocado smoothie which is basically a cup of spinach, a cup of almond milk, two tablespoons of chia seeds, some ginger which contrasts nicely with the avocado, half an avocado and a tablespoon of coconut oil And so you're gonna put some ice in there as well if you desire but it's up to you

Blend that until it's really, really well mixed together You pour that into a cup and drink that for breakfast and it's delicious Bunless cheeseburgers are really easy to make Now, with beef patties you wanna push the inside of the beef patty down so that when you're cooking it, it doesn't become raw on the inside And you're gonna put some cheese on it when you flip it over

We're just gonna cut up some onions and a little bit of tomato as well And you've got a leaf of an iceberg lettuce Now, these are perfect because you just put all of the ingredients inside so you've got some mustard there You put the beef patty with the melted cheese on top and a little bit more mustard and some tomato and onion Wrap that all up and it seriously tastes like the best cheeseburger you've ever had

And if you're using good quality meat, this is really healthy for you (light music) Throw out the taco seasoning because tacos are basically a mix of paprika and cumin And if you get those two right, you can make mints taste really, really good Now, the trick with using iceberg lettuce is to cut it from the stalk like I did just then and then slice the end floppy bits off so you've got a really nice shell And you're just gonna spoon that mint into there, add some tomato and a little bit of shredded cheese and some sour cream in there and you have a perfect taco

(light music) Cobb salads are really delicious and all you need to do is cook up some bacon, also boil an egg and you're going to cut up some lettuce and put that into a bowl I'm using iceberg lettuce but you can use romaine lettuce if you like Some cherry tomatoes in there Using the bacon that you've previously cooked, push with the back of your knife, don't ever use the blade of your knife to get anything off a chopping board You wanna have some cheese in there

And you wanna cut the egg so it's nice and runny and that's a perfect Cobb salad that's really, really delicious Sesame beef coleslaw or otherwise known as crack slaw is basically just some mints, some coleslaw mix, some vinegar, some soy sauce, some sriracha sauce and a whole bunch of sesame seed oil And you're just going to cook all of that down until the coleslaw has become quite soft and you're gonna add some sesame seeds in there Eat it for dinner and store some for tomorrow's lunch as well It's a really delicious meal

(light music) Now, rib eye with Brussels sprouts is probably one of my favorite dinners You're just gonna cut up a whole bunch of Brussels sprouts, add some paprika and any kind of herbs you want in there with some olive oil And you're going to bake that for about 20 minutes in the oven and they come out super crispy So you're gonna have that with your rib eye steak And you just cook the rib eye steak exactly how I told you in the previous section of this video

And it's going to come out really, really delicious (light music) Thank you so much for watching, guys Make sure you go to the URL on the screen right here because that's where you'll be able to get the free meal plan with the entire shopping list and all of the calories and the macros planned out for you Again, thank you so much for watching and see you next week

Cooking Keto with Kristie: KeDough pizza

Hi, one of the biggest challenges of going low-carb is to have really good pizza Now if you go online and start looking at Pinterest you're going to see literally hundreds of pizza crust recipes made with cauliflower, pork rinds, almond flour and even the very famous fathead pizza dough, which uses a combination of almond flour, melted mozzarella cheese and cream cheese

Well we have a nut-free pizza crust that I really think is actually a little bit better than fathead pizza and a whole lot easier Let me show you what I've come up with, it's super, super simple We're going to start with a half cup of whey protein isolate Now I said whey protein isolate Remember I use this because the isolate has the casein and the lactose removed

so it's lower carbohydrate I have a couple of brands I prefer, Hoosier Hill Farm is great and Isopure is really my favorite, that's what I'm using today So Isopure is zero carb, it doesn't have the sweeteners that are often added to unflavored protein powders Jay Robb is another excellent brand Just be careful with whatever you get that the ingredients are fairly clean and you want whey protein isolate

Okay, half cup of Isopure unflavored we deal with unflavored this time To that I'm going to add 2 ounces of cream cheese really simple

So well, this is not free, it isn't dairy free We're also going to add 3 ounces of shredded mozzarella cheese And you know that if you shred your own you can often avoid the food starches that are added to the packaged cheeses And this is Parmesan cheese, 3 ounces of Parmesan cheese grated So 3 ounces mozzarella, 3 ounces Parmesan

Notice I'm not putting anything in the microwave or on top to melt that We're just mixing it altogether In fact, I don't even need to mix it now We throw the other ingredients in These are all seasonings

Add a half teaspoon of granulated garlic, this is garlic powder If you don't like garlic you can certainly use less, I love this stuff This is a half teaspoon of baking powder Remember the difference between baking powder and baking soda Baking soda needs an acid to activate it

So this is baking powder and you want to get an aluminum free If you're careful with the ingredients this is one half teaspoon of salt and the cheeses can make it salty so if you're using a saltier cheese you might want to leave that until the end and taste the dough before you add the salt

This is a half teaspoon of Italian seasoning I probably would add a full teaspoon if I was making it for my family, but not everybody loves these flavors I'm going to add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and that's Oh, one egg, that's it So one large egg And my cream cheese has been sitting at room temperature I did that so that it would soften and so it does mix a little more easily when you do that Now I have made this pizza start to finish in 30 minutes and that is faster than delivery around my house

I am taking a little longer because I'm talking, but this is something that I really think you could easily make on a work or school night We always look for fast at my house on a weeknight It also is simple enough that you could make a couple of batches at a time and you can freeze the crust to use for future use Now this crust, I'll describe it to you, it's bread like It can seem a little dry if you are eating it without any sauce, but once you put your sauce on there it's really delicious

I think you can make breadsticks with it and you can actually pick it up So I'm excited about it, I have to admit, there are few recipes I get excited about This crust is one of them because it's so difficult to make a really yummy low-carb crust I mean let's face it, there wouldn't be hundreds of recipes out on Google and Pinterest if there was one that was really, really perfect So I think the fact that there's so many variations is that nobody has really found one they really, really love

This crust is actually special enough Now I've invited a special guest to come a little later on and try out this pizza crust And I think you've might recognize him a little later when he comes to join me Okay, our dough is done, it's come together and you can see it's in a bowl So what you can do now is you could put this on a round pizza stone

Now I always use parchment paper, because the dough is a little sticky So you could bake it as one round pizza For this recipe I usually get one 11 inch pizza It bakes up to about 12 inches in diameter But what I am going to do, because I don't know about your family, but in my family everybody has a different favorite pizza topping

So I'm going to portion this into four So I'll put a dollop of dough there I will put another fourth of dough there I'll do another half of the half here And generally what happens if I've divided it evenly I am able to do four 5 inch rounds

Now they are 5 inches in diameter when I smooth them out And then they are about 6 inches in diameter after they bake I add some more to that guy And notice, I'm not really having to get my fingers in here I did that just to clean the spoon

But this whole recipe you can make just by using the back of the spoon I'm using a wooden spoon, but you could use a spatula I'm giving you that diameter, the 5 inches in diameter, as a general guide so you will know how flat to make it Obviously most people aren't going to measure, but people ask me how thick it should be It's really a little more than a quarter inch thick

And if you're following me in centimeters I can't help you, I'm so sorry So then we'll do the second one I often make a rectangular pizza and then I just separate toppings So for example my husband and I really love bell pepper and so I put a long strip of bell pepper and that's kind of a dividing line between our toppings He likes jalapenos, so I will put jalapenos on his side and on my side I like a lot of Italian sausage, so I will put more Italian sausage

Another thing I like about smoothing these out into four rounds is that there is some portion control Now we're going to put these in the oven at 350° and the smaller ones are going to bake for about 15 to 20 minutes Now I'm not putting toppings on them, I am putting them in just as they are Once they get nice and brown you pull them out, put your toppings on, put them back in and keep in mind that how long you're going to bake for that second time once you put the toppings on, is going to depend on how much or how many toppings you put So for my pizza I love to put the pepperoni, and the sausage, and the onion, and bell pepper, and lots of mozzarella, so it might take 10, 12 minutes for my pizza to be done

Somebody like my son Jonathan, who only wants cheese, we could sprinkle some tomatoes, or put some tomatoes and sprinkle some cheese on top, put it in the oven and his is probably going to be done in 5 to 7 minutes So that second bake time just keep an eye on it because it's going to vary by topics and your taste Now this is done, these four are all pretty much the same size, they are about five inches in diameter, they would bake out to be about six So let's put them in the oven and then we'll see what we have So we have all of our pizza toppings ready and as I mentioned before we have a special guest helping us make dinner, to try out the new crust that I've been making

Hi I'm so excited to have Dr Eric Westman here helping make pizza So what do you think of the dough so far? Well looks great and smells great Can we give it a try? We can but we've got work to do, so we've got to make pizza first

Have you ever made a pizza before? Not like this This is different and if you've tried, you've tried a lot of low-carb pizzas, I'm sure I've tried different times the crusts with pork rinds, fat head, chicken

How is this one made? This is very different and I can tell you about it as I kind of get started I'm going to put some tomato sauce on it, but this looks kind of different What I love about this is it's very low carbohydrate

It actually uses whey protein isolate And what I understand is that whey protein isolate is a really good option, because the isolate has the casein and the lactose removed, -Are you familiar with that? -Yeah, I am So whey protein isolate, and I use a brand named Isopure So zero total carbohydrate in the protein powder It also has mozzarella cheese, only 3 ounces in the entire recipe and then 3 ounces of Parmesan cheese, because I know for your patients you have them with dairy

How many ounces per day? So at the beginning, yes, not much It's more like 4 ounces of cheese and a couple of tablespoons of cream And so there is 6 ounces of cheese in this entire recipe

So if I had one of these servings I'm probably okay, right? -Yeah, absolutely -I like that Eric, if you want to put sauce on there Are you not going to make it for me? I can make one, and you can make one, just put tomato sauce Okay, deal

Now, tomato sauce you want to be careful with, because tomatoes are carby, right? Yeah So I put a lot on for me, I put a lot on that one, but that is just tomato sauce without a lot of seasoning or anything, so it's pretty clean I'm going to put Okay, you first I'm going to put the sausage on there You know what, I may just use my fingers Another trick that you can do is put the sauce and then put some mozzarella cheese and then put the toppings and then put more mozzarella cheese And now put the toppings just like the other

Now, this is dinner, right? This is dinner, this is dinner Or breakfast How about this one with the pepperoni? Oh, yeah the pepperoni put a little onion Do you mind if I'll put a little onion on it? I love onions And I have to put this in the oven and once we get all the toppings on, we'll put it back in the oven at 350 and oh, mushrooms, I'm just going to throw this on Do you want pepper or bacon? Absolutely Do you want broccoli? Oh, I'm going to pass on the broccoli I think I will too Who put that in there? If it was the white sauce, maybe, how's that? Maybe

Okay And some mushrooms Oh, pepperoni You know, the pepperoni, I don't know if you realized this, but often you should put the pepperoni on first, because it'll burn Unless you cover it with a ton of cheese, so if you put it on there

because it does, tends to I guess it's fatty and it's thin, but it tends to burn, so I should've put it sooner Wow this looks really good! We're loading them up with all this toppings! I love fresh spinach too, so we could of put spinach, goat cheese like, there are so many things that you can do on these More bacon, right? Of course, never enough bacon But, now, I know you are also always interested in minimizing cleanup Yes, absolutely

Are you thinking about that here? Well, you know, it's not actually, not so bad What I love about the crust is that you make it in one bowl And so it's one bowl and it is easier for just one large crust than doing the four But this is also nice for kid's lunches, or like put it in the freezer, pull it out, make a quick lunch So, I also like quick

And so, if you spend the time meal prepping and then you have something fast I think we're done if we just sprinkle cheese over top -You can always use more cheese -Yeah, more cheese over top But I got to be careful with my ounces, my limit, my guideline

Right Well, especially at first Yeah, and you know, something that works well– I'm going to put some black olives on this one Something that works well too with cheese is to put a little parmesan cheese, so you put mozzarella and put a little bit of parmesan

Parmesan has such a strong flavor that you use less of it And so, that's another kind of tip, if you want to really minimize the dairy, use Parmesan or a mix of mozzarella and parmesan, because mozzarella gives that creamy, gooey, cheesy feel but parmesan gives you like a huge amount of flavor Packs a real punch of flavor Look I'm getting hungry How long is this going to take again? Well, we piled this pretty high, but maybe they'll be ready in 10 to 12 minutes We could take something to drink and get ready to eat Okay, so, can you take this to the oven? Okay, I will

Okay, back to the oven -Carefully -Yeah, careful there You may wonder why I'm here I'm actually just down the street, here in North Carolina and Kristie invited me over for dinner

Thank you so much Do you mind if I have some tea? Oh, please, help yourself Unsweet tea Of course That's right, in the South, if it's tea, it's got sugar in it so, you want to make sure that it's unsweet tea here in the South

But, that smells fantastic Thank you -Cheers -Cheers Do you have a preference? Well, can we have a little bit of each one maybe? This one has a lot of cheese, let's try that one

Yeah, let's try that one first Okay, these are hot, are just out of the oven And you know, we can cut several of these, I don't even remember what's on some of them So, let me grab these This has black olives

Do you like black olives? I do Okay, let's grab that one So, do you want me to cut this? I don't know -Are you nervous about cutting it? -Remember I'm not a surgeon That's right, you're not a surgeon Do you want me to do it? I'm a medical doctor Please And you are a doctor too I understand I am a PhD You know what my children say? They say "Our mom is a doctor but she is not the kind who can help people" Well, it's not true at all, now you are helping people

The irony, right? Okay, so now it's going to be really hot But one of the things I really love about this crust is that it's sturdy so notice I didn't get knives and forks It's not a knife and fork pizza It's not a knife and fork pizza And that's rare with low-carb pizza

Yeah, it is Oh, I'm going to tear it off Man, this one is really piled with toppings I think I did this one, I got a little excited doing toppings Smells great

-Oh, do you hear to crunch? -I do That's exciting too, because crisp was also really hard to accomplish So, what do you think, you think we can try it? I think so, let's try it Dr Westman was telling that he's just up the road in Durham North Carolina and it was actually his plan in the back of Gary Taubes' book that I followed

It's hot, be careful And so it's been really an honor to kind of work with him, in various kind of capacities, because it was his plan I followed to lose my weight and it really changed my life and I appreciate you're doing that Well, thank you for the pizza If he likes this he may be coming down the road a lot, right It's hot, please be careful, I'm worried you are going to get burned -See the steam coming off this? -Yeah

Maybe we should wait just a minute It smells great This one has pepperoni, some onion, some mushroom What do you think, is it good? Wow, look at that It's like bread-like texture, isn't it? -Do you really like it? -Mm-hmm

I wanted to make a deep dish pizza and this is like my fail for the deep dish, but I think it's a pretty decent crust Okay, I'm going to try it, try the end Crunchydelicious a lot of oil, which is fine, remember? I mean, I don't need to take a paper towel and draw the fat This really reminds me, with the sausage and the pepperoni, it really reminds me of the Pizza Hut pizza I don't know, do you remember those? You don't remember those? It's been so long since I had one of those It's been over four and a half years for me, but

I mean, is it a good thing to say that it's as good as a store-bought pizza? No, I don't think so, this is better This is better and, you know, it's homemade And it's all real ingredients, real food, and you can't beat it

Once you get used to it, it really is best of in the homemade pizza that you make yourself I am so glad that you came down to try pizza with me My pleasure Now can I finish this, please? You can finish that I hope if you make this recipe for your family that they enjoy it as much as we do

[Trailer] Cooking keto with Kristie, season 1

We're going to make Gumbalaya Lemon cheese cake fluff

Chicken pot pie Pizza for breakfast Summer tomato pie Yum! Should I knead it like bread? Don't need to be kneaded This is like the best breakfast ever

I'm getting hungry How long is this going to take again? That is faster than delivery around my house This is a nice Saturday thing to do with the kids Oh, I've been smelling it all morning It's delicious, it smells delicious

They won't believe this is part of your diet food I'm so tempted, I just want to take a bite of this right now Did you all make some pizza for me? Wow! Look at that! So there's no excuses not to make something like this And start with butter, because butter always makes it better That's it! Those are all of the ingredients

Let's get started and I can tell you all about it as we go


good morning guys thank you for joining me in another day of eating ketogenic diet and guess what guys would you believe that our car actually has a license plate which says Sunshine State like what a joke right I officially start to dislike Florida like the better is being ridiculous raining every day well it's about one o'clock so I'm ready to have my lunch I'm gonna make a Cobb salad and I already have my coffee and obviously my water with apple cider and lemon so I'm gonna show you how I make this delicious salad so for the Cobb salad I have a 1 cup of spinach half of an avocado half of an tomato 20 grams of shredded mozzarella cheese 1 Hardboil egg 90 grams of grilled chicken and two slices of crispy bacon hey guys this is my delicious cup salad it took me about five minutes to throw it all together I'm gonna use this to prepare interesting it has only two cars for two tablespoons so what I wanted to talk to you today about is that your body can store only two days supplies of glucose so if you keep eating two days under 20 grams of net carbs you should also enter state of ketosis orally process well I didn't get my Kido strips to test myself until day four so when I did test myself I actually found out that I'm officially in Quito so some signs of that you're in ketosis are they say bad breath not me weight loss well yeah I did manage to lose three pounds increased ketones in your blood and urine well yes I did measure myself and I do have a pretty good amount of ketones in my urine also appetite suppression I would say yes I do really not have any particular cravings anymore for me it was definitely the thirst of you guys I'm so thirsty I definitely drink almost double of a man of water I used to drink in a day once your body enters the state of ketosis you don't tap into your insulin reserves as much as you would which allows your body to actually release more liquid which basically means you pee more well so your body forces you to drink more and I do really drink a lot now it's so far I feel really good I am losing some weight so it's very encouraging also I'm not experiencing any type of keto flu like everybody is talking about so I think I'm really keeping my sodium level pretty high I do Lilly munch a lot of saltiness but yeah so I'm pretty happy about that do you guys hear that crunch so for awesome I'm gonna enjoy the delicious salad and I will check with you again bye snack time I suspect time so today I made myself these cuties so I took 6 slices of this mini hearts I may be bought at Aldi is if you wanna see the keto hold and go watch my previous video mm-hmm and I got 2 ounces of cheese in half of a big pecker and I just stuck it on this little scooters I think it looks amazing I think this would be awesome also if you have a party or if you have a friends over so just an idea for a keto friendly awesome fatty snack these babies they each have about 150 calories what'd you guys think cool idea or nah definitely cool so guys it's 7 o'clock so it's time to start the dinner and today I'll be making sesame elements doodles so let me show you how I make it for two people you will need three zucchinis one cup of mushrooms one teaspoon of sesame oil and one cup of broccoli slaw for the sauce you will need quarter cup of peanut butter 2 tablespoons of soy sauce 2 tablespoons of sesame oil quarter teaspoon of garlic powder some red pepper flakes then 2 tablespoon of sliced almonds paralyze your zucchini using paralyzer or mandoline peeler I actually decided to just to zucchini as it's really plenty for two people mix the sauce ingredients all together you can use a little water if that sauce is too thick for you at the almonds at one teaspoon of sesame oil onto a big pan at mushrooms and the broccoli slaw and cook until soft when it's them at the zucchini and cook for another three minutes then transfer it into a pot mix the sauce and you're done yeah so it was really easy to make it took me about 15 minutes that spiralizer you saw I purchase it on Amazon I'm gonna leave you two link down below if you want to check it out well the zucchini is about 90% made of water so you have to expect that the fake pass that will be a little watery I'll show you how that looks like whoa but mine are not too bad and if you want to avoid that I have a great tip he didn't know when we went vegan we actually used to eat a raw zucchini noodles and then you actually avoid this water nice well guys the day's almost over with dishes and now we're just hanging we're gonna watch some zombie movie and I'm not too much of a dessert kind of girl so I just got myself some back scans so I'm gonna just mention that and that will be it what I'm gonna eat today so I'm gonna pose the macros right somewhere here for you and I'm gonna see you tomorrow good night are you scared yet you


hello guys today I will film for you another daily Kido vlog and what I eat on ketogenic diet so I don't do breakfast because I intermittent fasting you should know that already so I'm breaking my fast now it's around 1:30 and I'm gonna be making some super awesome egg omelet for the armorer I'm gonna be using 3 eggs I have 2 button mushrooms chopped down head of a tomato and some onion and I'm also gonna put tablespoon of Kerrygold butter onto a pan guys it's already looking fabulous I also add a handful of spinach for some more leafy greens half of an avocado for more healthy fats and I like to add dash of turmeric unto my omelet as tumeric is an telemetric compound and it has amazing antioxidant properties so I do like to add a dash of it in anywhere I can with oatmeal has 435 calories and 55 net carbs so that's great I'm really doing good with eating two to three meals a day sometimes I skipped an afternoon snack because I'm just not hungry I'm shooting for 1,200 to 1350 calories a day but I don't really stress about it if I eat little less or a little more in the day you know I just really follow and listen to my body staying hydrated is really important so go on and have a glass of water let's drink with me Cheers first night today I just made myself cup of tea this is a pumpkin spice one which I do really enjoy very much and I made myself a little of the salami with spreadable cream cheese inside little broccoli and two ounces of cheese so I will be munching on that while working on the computer and I'll be making some delicious dinner tonight so stay tuned for that for today's dinner I'm making lemon butter chicken thighs and I'll be also making a mock mashed potato using a cauliflower this recipe is my mom's and it's really easy and takes about 15 minutes to put together for two people you need two chicken ties season them with salt and pepper fry them up in tablespoon of Kerrygold butter and for the sauce you need 1 tomato and lemon juice from about a quarter of a lemon for the mashed cauliflower I am using small head of cauliflower cut into small pieces you would fill the pot with water and boil it until the cauliflower is pretty soft and after you will add a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter 2 tablespoons of whipping cream and mix it up all together each of it for or you can put it in your blender and you will also season it the way you used to season your mashed potatoes so I'll be using salt and pepper guys dinner was a success according to the plates this mom's chicken recipe never lets me down and with this cauliflower mash it was simply delicious I actually ended up putting some little of the turmeric again in it ah so that's the rate inflammatory properties so I do really try to edit in everything I can as I told you before now it's time to do the dishes well usually it's a rough thing to do but he doesn't look like he feels to do it dishes well that's the deal I would buy you fly you look like it so we might have to play rock-paper-scissors for the dishes I kind of hate my macros already sigh I don't think I'm entitled to have any dessert I may have some little pork rinds but we'll see and I think that's it for today's video so guys if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos and I'll see you in the next one goodnight