Lose 10 Pounds By Running

hello friends you are welcome to today mukbang, today is apply mukbang
to get rid or stomach fat and loser super super fast so if you don’t
want to drink this is for you, this one
will help you to get rid of stomach fat
but you just need your two hands to do
it, how do you do that? you have to
continue watching, so what I’m going to
do first is for me to slice my onion
I’m using fresh onion
I’m using one full onion for this mukbang,
this is it, the second thing I need to do is to boil hot water
I have done that and i will pour it into the bowl
what I’m going to add is just a
drop of toothpaste you can use any type
of toothpaste that you want and that’s
okay that’s fine
and then I’m gonna put in my fresh onion
into this, If you have to dry powder onion
that’s okay and you can make use of time let me show you this one is powder onion
you can use that one too if that’s what you have okay.
finally I’m gonna add almond oil, you can use mustard oil, aloe Vera oil or
coconut oil you can make use of
normal vegetable oil,
I’m gonna be using almond oil, I need 1
cap of almond oil
this is it, I will drop it in, this is super super
effective, all you need is your two hand
to do this properly so guys why the
water is still hot, you have to begin
work and you have to do it gently before
you do it okay if you don’t want to get
stretch mark you don’t want to have
stretch Mark okay you need to do this and
that is massaging oil on your stomach first, you have to massage oil
let it go deep into your skin I’m gonna
show you so continue watching
I’m going to use my stomach for today ASMR Mukbang
but before I massage it on my tummy I apply a good amount of oil
do you see my hands, I have to massage it very well.
the reason why you have to massage it is
because you don’t want to have stretch
mark on your stomach because weight gain or weight loss causes stretch mark
so why you are Burning belly fat you need
to massage your stomach very well to
prevent stretch mark all right so
this is easy just go ahead and press it
a little, just make sure you do it very well and properly
this is good, not too hot or too cold, if you don’t like hot water use cold water
you have to do this for good five minutes, used your two hands, I will go in again.
I will deep in, friends if you do
this for three days, do not eat before doing
this, make sure you are have not eating for six hours,
it will help to burn fat fast yeah
whoo yes that’s perfect for you,r
I will go in again, deep it, repeat for
like seven times, okay this is enough.
this is Asmr Mukbang to remove stomach fatss and lose weight fast
I have to dip again this is the fourth one, I
have to dip for seven times and Massage
it very well, do you just for three days for you to
see results yeah this is one of the
easiest way for you to massage and burn
fats fast.
use your two hands to massage for five minutes non stop
this is the fifth time, i will dip again and massage, you have to dip in for
seven times and you are good to go,
oh yeah just apply massage with your two
hands if you don’t want to drink,
this is another method for you my friend
if you do this for three to five days, you are good to go.
go in again and deep into the water and
so that’s it, whoo this is all you need
to do for a day, you have to do this for
just one day, once in a day and you have
to repeat it for three to five days
guys you are good to go, so easy to do this, then you wash this
and spread it to dry for tomorrow okay
that’s all you need to do and you are to
do it for three days guys this is
another Mukbang that is good in
getting rid of stomach fat, all you need
is your two hand and your home
ingredient, the ingredients you have are
two hot water and oil, you can make use of
coconut oil or mustard oil or even
aloe vera oil depending on the one you
have, if you don’t have any of this you can also use Vaseline okay
friends, I’m gonna see you again in my next mukbang bye bye

Get Rid Of Fat On My Hips Exercises

Hey there, health junkies.
Does your double chin annoy you?
It sure annoys me.
Not your double chin.
My own double chin.
So many people have them!
Due to factors such as poor diet, bad posture
and genetics, they’re quite common.
While it’s nothing to be ashamed of, having
a double chin can certainly lower your confidence.
While the dad ‘bod’ seems to be in, everybody
wants a smaller, more defined face.
Let’s talk about some great ways to get
rid of that double chin!
Should I drink water?
How about cutting calories?
Wait, does chewing gum help?
We’re talking all that AND more, so stay
Drink Water
Drinking water can be one of the easier ways
to say goodbye to that irritating chin fat.
You are already suggested to drink 8 ounces
of water per day.
But when your goal is to lose weight, downing
water and staying hydrated is one of your
best bets.
Get a load of this.
Multiple studies have shown that consuming
17 ounces of water in one day can actually
lower your metabolism between 24-30%.
That’s just around 500ml.
There is also evidence showing that drinking
a glass of water a half hour before meals
can reduce the number of calories that you
This is especially beneficial if you are obese.
But in the case of a simple double chin, staying
properly hydrated can stop the effects of
water retention.
This occurs when fluids in your body build
up, causing areas of the body to swell.
This includes the face and chin.
Another interesting point to note is that
when you are in need of water, your body may
misinterpret this as hunger.
This can result in you consuming calories
you do not need, causing weight gain.
If you drink water, your body will flush toxins
out making your skin healthier and firmer.
This is a great first method to getting rid
of that double chin.
Chin Exercises
Yes, there are such things.
And yes, they are suggested as another way
to lose your double chin.
I say “they” because there are actually
quite a few workouts you can do.
Have you ever heard of the jaw jut?
With the straight jaw jut, the trick is to
tilt your head back while staring up at the
Once this is done, push your lower jaw forward.
Do you feel that stretch?
Hold the jaw in that position for 10 seconds
before returning it back to it’s normal
If for whatever reason you get a kick out
of tilting your head back and staring at the
ceiling, perhaps you would enjoy another exercise
in the same position.
Only this time, you are pressing your tongue
against the roof of your mouth.
You can also try puckering up your lips as
if you were kissing the ceiling.
I’m serious, this actually works.
To be fair, there is little evidence showing
that they are as efficient as weight loss
and regular exercise, so you may want to consider
our other choices before you commit to some
kind of chin workout regimen.
Changing Your Posture
We realize that times are tough and everybody
is tired and stressed.
But the act of stopping your slouching and
walking with your head up higher can make
all the difference.
Over time, slouching, causes your body to
lose flexibility.
Your muscles will eventually become weak,
causing you to develop a double chin.
When standing, try your best to walk with
your posture straight.
When sitting, try to make sure that your seat
is at a proper level.
This way, you aren’t slouching while working,
placing your body in an uncomfortable position.
Having the proper posture will not only help
your chin, it can also make you feel better
Before we continue, are you looking to improve
your overall health?
Perhaps you should check out our video on
How To Get That Beach Body You Want.
Also, how has your breathing been lately?
Click on our clip discussing 7 Warning Signs
That Your Lungs Are Gasping For Help.
Let’s continue with our list of things you
can do to get rid of your double chin.
Change Your Diet
Of course you were going to see this on the
Changing your diet is one of the most basic
ways to lose that double chin.
The trick is to commit to this new diet, something
that serves as a dealbreaker to so many of
If you’re switching up your eating habit
for the soul purpose of getting rid of that
double chin, the first step you can take is
cutting refined carbs and sugar.The average
person is recommended between 225 – 325 carbs
per day.
Lowering your amount will cause you to drop
in weight fairly easily.
The hard part is, you are going to have to
say goodbye to some of your favourite foods.
This means no more bread, pasta, cereal, or
Oh the humanity!
If you stick with this routine, you should
see a difference in the size of your chin
rather quickly.
Another food you will want to cut down on
is starched vegetables.
This includes peas, potatoes, lentils, yams
and corn.
When cooked, half a cup of starched vegetables
equal to about 15 grams of carbs and 80 calories.
You’ll want to stick to non-starchy vegetables.
From here you can go to town!
In the case of a double chin, it is suggested
that you consume up to four servings a day.
A few servings of fruit is also smart.
But try your best not to go overboard.
Some of the most popular fruits including
apples, bananas, oranges and cherries have
more sugar than you realize.
Get Better Exercise
Having a hard, sweaty workout is a great habit
to take up.
Not only will we lose weight overall, your
double chin will definitely shrink in size.
You are recommended at least 30 minutes of
physical activity a day.
This can be anything from doing normal housework,
to heading out for an afternoon run.
With aerobic exercise, 150 minutes every week
should be enough.
Strength training on the other hand should
be done at least two times a week.
If one of your goals with getting in shape
is to be rid of the double chin, your objective
would be to work up as much of a sweat as
you can during exercise.
But how much do you have to exercise before
this happens?
The thing is that some people sweat easier
than others.
There are many factors that come into play
such as age, genetics, gender and body weight.
Sweat is formed through the heating of the
When you work out, your muscle activity draws
this heat.
The best thing you can do when exercising
is to make sure that you are in a comfortable
space where you can move at your own pace!
Once you’re in the right groove, you’re
one step closer to losing a decent amount
of weight.
That means “bye-bye” double chin.
Chew Gum
I know, this one sounds crazy.
But believe it or not, constantly chewing
can tone your chin.
This is a method you can use if you don’t
have the time to be exercising properly.
You may not realize, but chewing your favourite
gum is responsible for many physical and psychological
changes in your body.
It doesn’t matter what brand of gum either.
From breath refreshments to sugary double-bubble.
Who knew there was so much beauty in candy?
Here’s some food for thought…
Were you aware that chewing gum is associated
with enhanced productivity and reduced cognitive
You’re simply much more alert when chewing.
The physical effects are also amazing.
Gum helps to strengthen all of your jaw muscles,
tightening your face and getting rid of that
double chin.
Changing Your Sleeping Position
After all of the existing benefits to sleeping
better, add fixing your double chin to the
Sometimes, your double chin isn’t a product
of genetics and bad eating.
The quality of sleep is also a culprit.
Have you ever woken up and noticed that your
face has swelled?
Much of the time, you are simply suffering
from something known as “puffy face”.
This happens as a result of unwanted pressure
placed on your face as you sleep.
In order to put less pressure on your face
during your snooze, try to lay on your back
with your head elevated.
This can be done by adding an extra pillow.
Through this act, you are relieving your face
from unwanted fluid build-up, reducing water
retention and stopping your face from having
that bloated look come morning time.
Even if you don’t experience “puffy face”,
a healthier sleep still has its ways of fixing
your chin.
Your metabolism is greatly affected when you
get better rest.
Sleeping disorders are often linked to obesity.
So get to bed earlier.
Your chin will thank you.
Do you have a double chin?
Will you be using any of these methods to
get rid of it?
Let us know in the comment section?
We’d love to hear from you?

Lose 100 Pound Excess Skin

Hi everyone!
How are you?
Welcome to the Hi Fitness Bye Weakness channel!
Today I’m gonna show you 10 Healthy Snacks
That Can Help You Lose Weight.
So stay tuned guys because in a moment, you
will receive a quick dose of incredibly useful
You may wonder if itís possible to lose weight
while not giving up snacks.
If you choose healthy, whole-food options
with a lot of protein and nutrients, snacks
can be integral to weight loss.
Some can even help keep you full throughout
the day and limit your cravings for unhealthy
Here are 10 healthy, weight-loss-friendly
snacks to add to your diet.
1. Mixed nuts.
Nuts are an ideal nutritious snack.
They’re linked to a reduced risk of heart
disease and may help prevent certain cancers,
depression, and other illnesses.
Despite being relatively high in fat, they
are very filling. Several studies suggest
that eating nuts in moderation can help you
lose weight.
2. Red bell pepper with guacamole.
Red bell peppers are extremely healthy.
Although all bell peppers are nutritious,
red varieties are particularly high in antioxidants
like beta carotene, capsanthin, and quercetin.
They’re are also rich in vitamin C. In fact,
1 large red bell pepper contains over 300%
of the daily value for this nutrient.
3. Greek yogurt and mixed berries.
Plain Greek yogurt and berries make a delicious,
nutrient-dense snack.
In addition to being a great source of calcium
and potassium, Greek yogurt is also high in
Berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants
around. Eat a mixture of differently colored
berries to get an array of these powerful
4. Apple slices with peanut butter.
Apples and peanut butter taste fantastic together.
Apples are high in fiber and polyphenol antioxidants
that improve gut health and reduce heart disease
Peanut butter may have additional benefits
for heart health. It has been shown to increase
HDL (good) cholesterol and reduce LDL (bad)
cholesterol and triglycerides.
5. Celery sticks with cream cheese.
Celery sticks with cream cheese are a classic
low-carb, filling snack.
Celery contains luteolin, an antioxidant that
reduces inflammation and may help prevent
Five small celery sticks with 2 ounces (60
grams) of cream cheese harbors fewer than
200 calories.
6. Cucumber slices with hummus.
Cucumber and hummus go well together.
Cucumbers contain cucurbitacin E, a compound
that may have anticancer effects.
Hummus is made from chickpeas, olive oil,
and garlic, which reduce inflammation and
may improve heart health.
7. Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella.
Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are a flavor
match made in heaven ó and they’re healthy,
Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, potassium,
and lycopene, an antioxidant that may reduce
your risk of cancer and heart disease.
Mozzarella is high in protein, calcium and
vitamin B12. It may also decrease heart disease
risk by raising your levels of HDL (good)
8. Chia pudding.
Chia seeds are loaded with fiber and can be
included in all types of diets, including
vegan and ketogenic diets.
They’re also high in antioxidants that help
reduce inflammation and improve heart health.
Although they don’t have much flavor, chia
seeds do take on an interesting, jelly-like
consistency when soaked in liquid.
9. Baby carrots with blue cheese dressing.
Carrots are among the best sources of carotenoids,
including beta carotene, which your body can
convert into vitamin A.
The carotenoids in carrots may reduce your
risk of cancer, heart disease, and cataracts.
It’s a good idea to pair carrots with a creamy
salad dressing or dip because fat increases
your absorption of carotenoids.
10. Whey protein shake.
A whey protein shake is a good snack when
you need something substantial until your
next meal.
Studies show that whey protein can help you
gain muscle, lose fat, and improve body composition.
Many great whey protein supplements are available
online. Look for types without added sugar.
All of these options are incredibly tasty
and healthy.
Would you like to try one of them?
Or maybe you’ve tried them before.
Share in a comment.
When your next craving hits, aim for whole
foods instead of highly processed, fattening
Having some healthy and nutritious options
in reach can stave off your appetite and help
boost weight loss.
I hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you
are looking for something that can really
help you lose weight please check the link
in description.
Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and
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Have a great day and see you in the next video!

How To Get Rid Of Fat In Your Liver

– If you’re looking for a diet
that specifically helps you
target stubborn belly fat,
you might want to consider
alternate day fasting.
A recent study just came out talking about
how taking in calories every other day
is an incredibly effective way
to target and reduce all the
body fat around your trunk.
I know exactly how you feel.
Now you go on a diet,
you start losing weight,
but it’s not coming off in
the places you want it to,
that belly fat is still there.
By the end of this video,
we’re going to go over the exact protocol
that the researchers used,
where the participants
dramatically reduce their belly fat
within four weeks.
Let’s go over this
alternate day fasting diet.
We’ll go over the exact
protocol that researchers use.
And I’ll talk about all the results,
how these participants really
reduced their belly fat.
Okay, first of all, what
is alternate day fasting?
You pretty much have to fast for 36 hours,
and then you can take in all your calories
within a 12-hour eating window.
That’s the criteria that researchers used
for this particular study.
So it’s a pretty strict version
of alternate day fasting.
Sometimes you hear about
alternate day fasting
where you’re allowed to
take in some calories
that have a very, very low
calorie day, not for this study.
This particular study,
no calories for 36 hours.
Now you can drink liquids,
you can drink any no
calorie type beverages,
but no calories.
But then when it comes to
your 12-hour eating window,
there are no restrictions.
You can eat as much food as you want.
You can eat anything you want
as long as you do it within
a 12-hour eating window.
Let’s go over the results
of this four-week study
along with the key takeaways.
Now the participants who followed
the alternate day fasting diet
actually reduced their calories
by a mean average of 35%
after this four-week period
compared to the control group.
Now what does that mean?
That means even though
they were able to eat
as much food as they
wanted, no limitations,
but by limiting it to a
12-hour eating window,
and then fasting for 36 hours,
they’re actually dramatically reducing
the amount of calories they’re taking in
over a four-week period by about 35%.
That’s why fasting and
like intermittent fasting,
time restricted eating,
are incredible ways to reduce calories
without having to count calories
and doing all that tedious
work of looking foods up.
Just by giving yourself like
a smaller eating window,
you’re going to lose weight
from calorie restriction.
Now, another benefit of the
alternate day fasting group
is that they lost an average of 7.7 pounds
over the four week period,
which is pretty good.
They lost about almost two
pounds per week of weight loss
by following this alternate
day fasting protocol.
Now some of the other health benefits
of the alternate day fasting group
was a reduction in cholesterol,
which is a great thing,
fasting reduces cholesterol.
Also a reduction in inflammatory
markers within the body.
Like so many doctors,
so many researchers feel
that inflammation is the root cause
of so many different diseases.
So this study has shown
and other studies as well
that fasting actually reduces
inflammation within the body.
And another health benefit
of the alternate day fasting group
is that they had an
elevation of ketone bodies
like beta-hydroxybutyrate.
Okay, what does that mean?
When you’re eating a
low carbohydrate diet,
or when you’re fasting,
what are you doing?
You’re burning stored energy.
Like for example, when
you eat carbohydrates,
the excess carbohydrates
are stored in the muscles
and in the liver, in the form of glycogen.
So when the liver has very
little carbohydrate in it
from this fasted period, what does it do?
It converts body fat into
ketone bodies to be burned.
So when ketone bodies are
elevated within the body
is an indicator that
you’re burning body fat,
which is obviously a great thing.
So alternate day fasting
will increase the ketone
bodies within your body.
Now the final benefit I want to talk about
is how the alternate day fasting group
had a nice reduction in belly fat
and trunk fat compared
to the control group,
which I think that’s the biggest takeaway.
Maybe there is some new research out there
that says there is such a thing
as targeting belly fat, or trunk fat.
I’ve been a personal
trainer for over 30 years,
I’ve trained thousands of people,
helped so many people lose weight,
and I’ve always told them,
there’s no such thing as spot reducing,
you can’t pick spots of your
body just to lose weight there.
But it seems like maybe
with these fasting protocols
seem to target stubborn belly fat.
Now if you want to learn more
about intermittent fasting,
I’m going to link up a
whole bunch of videos
I did about intermittent fasting
and also about time restricted eating.
There’s so many ways to use fasting
to fit into your schedule,
to reduce your body fat and
actually improve your health.

Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days Diet Plan

Hello Everyone, Namaste, welcome to Diet kundali
In today’s video i will share information about HDL cholesterol,what is HDL cholesterol?The normal range of HDL cholesterol? How can we improve HDL cholesterol level?
HDL cholesterol(High-density lipoproteins) is also known as good cholesterol

High Hdl levels help to prevent cardiovascular disease.
First will see role of LDL and HDL cholesterol in the body?
Over liver produce a certain amount of cholesterol every day, and from food also we get cholesterol
cholesterol is important for so many functions
The liver produces cholesterol-LDL carry (cholesterol from the liver to cell)- in a cell after use of cholesterol excess cholesterol , HDL will take back from cell to liver – through liver cholesterol is excreted from the body in the bile
If you are eating so much fried foods, and liver also producing cholesterol so ldl will deposit more cholesterol in the cells.
if HDL level is low, excess cholesterol will not come back to liver
When the oxidation process happens due to smoking, stress, wrong eating habits, cholesterol became hard and there make be chances that arise of cardiovascular disease.
HDL cholesterol normal level
How to increase HDL Cholesterol
Based on studies, smoking decrease the HDL levels, so stop smoking, once you stop smoking HDL level will increase

Stop Alcohol
Regular exercise helps to improve HDL levels in the body. Do at least (30-45 min) exercise 5 days per week.
Add omega 3 rich food in your diet omega 3 helps to reduce triglycerides and LDL and helps to improve HDL Levels.

EPA,DHA- will get from non veg food,ALA- Will get from veg food
Our body converts ALA to EPA and DHA,But the conversion is very low
EPA helps to reduce TG and LDL levels
Add omega 3 rich fish in moderation.
Omega 3 rich fish
If you want you can add omega 3 supplements, with your doctor consultation.
Add soluble fiber-rich food in your diet, Soluble fiber helps to reduce LDl level, and it helps to balance the LDL and HDL level
I explained my previous videos, link in description box please check
Try to add 30-38g of total dietary fiber
How an you find , through your food, how much fiber you are getting, you can take help of “DIetkundlai app”
Please like, share and subscribe to the channel. Thanks

Diet To Lose Weight Quickly For Women Over 40

bedtime drink to lose weight fast, bed time drink to burn all your belly fats
hello everyone you are welcome back to
tonight ASMR get rid of stomach fat, lose
weight super super fast and also Look
years younger
and tonight friend I’m gonna prepare a
bedtime drink that will help you to get
rid of stomach fat and also maintaining
your flat stomach and loose with super super
fast okay and for me to prepare this I need this
and this, this is grape and this is ginger so to prepare this i need two items
as grapes and ginger, if you don’t have grapes you can make use of water melon
so what I’m going to do first is
for me to peel off the ginger skin okay
so this is okay then I need to slice my
ginger, I’ll grab my knife then I’ll grab
another cutting tray and then I have
to peel off the ginger
okay so what I’m gonna do now is for me
to slice the ginger this is okay.
I will slice it into pieces
okay i will remove the stick of the grapes
that’s it friend so what I would do is just go and blend it
add 300 ml of water into this and blend.
I have finished so what I did
was to blend after a blend and strain it and my drink is ready yes so
this all you need to do I just have to
make it very fast, so guys if you want to
lose weight this is for you, if you want
to burn belly fat this is for you.
if you want to maintain your flat tummy
this bedtime drink is for you, if you
want to look years younger this is also
for you, you just want to have good
health this is for yo,u so I’m going to
go ahead and drink my bedtime drink for
today mukbang, join me to do this.
this is so good so we are enjoying
your drink your are also burning belly fat
I continue to drink
eating red grapes may give you great weight loss results too. This is because ellagic acid found only in red grapes is known to have positive fat-burning effects.O
I like the taste of ginger in this drink.
Ginger aids in colon cleansing, helping you to get rid of harmful toxins while promoting healthy digestion.
Ginger, which is one of the most ancient spices in worldwide cuisine, is one such food that can work wonders when it comes to finding your ‘happy weight’
after drinking this you will not feel like eating again and
why you are sleeping you will be burning belly fat, I will continue to drink this
you don’t have to finish it, so once your full and good you just stop drinking
this all you need to do for tonight Mukbang
I’ll see you again in my next video bye

Lose 30 Pounds And Keep It Off My Pro Ana

“Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like
a Prince, Dinner Like a Pauper”
In my last chronobiology video, we
learned that the exact same number
of calories at breakfast are
significantly less fattening than
the same number of
calories eaten at supper.
But who eats just one meal a day?
What about just shifting
our daily distribution
of calories earlier in the day?
Israeli researchers randomized
overweight and obese women
into one of two “isocaloric” groups,
meaning each group was given the
same number of total calories.
One group was given a 700-calorie
breakfast, a 500-calorie lunch,
and a 200-calorie dinner; and the
other group was given the opposite,
200 for breakfast, 500 for
lunch, and 700 for dinner.
Since they were all eating the
same number of calories overall,
the king-prince-pauper group
should have lost the same amount
of weight as the pauper-
prince-king group, right?
But no, the morning-slanted group
lost more than twice as much weight,
in addition to slimming about an
extra two inches off their waistlines.
By the end of the 12-week study,
the king-prince-pauper group
lost 11 more pounds
(19 pounds lost compared
to 8 despite eating the
same number of calories).
That’s the power of chronobiology,
the power of our circadian rhythm.
… 700, 500, 200 is
50% of calories at breakfast,
36% of calories at lunch, and
only 14% of calories at supper.
That’s pretty skewed.
What about 20% for supper instead,
a 50%-30%-20% spread,
compared to 20-30-50?
Again, the bigger breakfast group
experienced “dramatically increased”
weight loss, about nine pounds
different in just eight weeks with no
significant differences in
overall calorie intake
or physical activity
between the two groups.
Instead of 80%+ of calories
at breakfast and lunch,
what about 70% compared to 55%?
Overweight “homemakers” were
randomized to eat 70% of their calories
at breakfast, a morning snack, and
lunch, leaving 30% for an afternoon
snack and dinner, or a more balanced
55% up through and including lunch.
In both cases only a minority of
calories were eaten for dinner.
Would it matter if it was just
55% up through lunch or 70%?
Yes, significantly more weight
loss and slimming in the
dietary pattern that was even
more biased towards the morning.
“Stories about food and
nutrition are in the news
on an almost daily basis,
but information can sometimes
be confusing and contradictory.
Clear messages should be
proposed in order to reach
the greatest number of people,”
the researchers conclude.
And one clear communication
physicians could give
is “If you want to lose weight, eat more
in the morning than in the evening.”
Even just telling people to
eat their main meal at lunch
rather than dinner may help.
Despite comparable calorie intakes,
participants in a weight loss program
randomized to get advice to
make their main meal lunch,
beat out those who instead were told
to make their main meal dinner.
The proverb “Eat breakfast like
a king, lunch like a prince,
and dinner like a pauper”
evidently has another variant:
“Eat breakfast yourself,
share lunch with a friend,
and give dinner away to your enemy.”
I wouldn’t go that far, but there
does appear to be metabolic benefit
to front loading the bulk of
your calories earlier in the day.
The evidence isn’t completely
consistent, though.
A review of dietary pattern
studies questioned the role
that reducing evening intakes
would facilitate weight loss,
citing this study that showed
the evening-weighted group
did better than the
heavy morning meal group.
Perhaps that was because the morning
meal group was given for breakfast
“chocolate, cookies, cake, ice cream,
chocolate mousse and donuts.”
So, chronobiology can be trumped
by a junk food methodology.
Overall, the “what” is still more
important than the “when.”
Caloric timing may be used
to accelerate weight loss
but doesn’t substitute
for a healthy diet.
When he said there was a time
for every purpose under heaven,
Ecclesiastes probably wasn’t
talking about donuts.

Lose 40 Pounds Without Exercise

Breakfast is the
most important meal of the day
so get started on the right foot
with these five incredible
smoothie recipes.
(upbeat music)
So, to get started I’m going to share
just a couple tips to
make your smoothie making
run smoothly, right?
First up, you want to use frozen fruit.
Now, the reason is you don’t
want to be watering down
your smoothie with a whole bunch of ice.
So, freeze your fruit yourself.
I like to freeze my fruit in
a single layer on a baking sheet.
This prevents it from all
clumping and sticking together.
Next, when it comes to using your blender
be sure to add your liquid
first near the blades.
That’s gonna help your blender
run a little more smoothly.
Finally, don’t be afraid to
prepackage your smoothies
and leave them in the freezer.
These are great ’cause all
you need to do in the morning
is roll out of bed, pour
these into your blender
with a little bit of yogurt and some juice
and you’re off to the races.
Breakfast is served.
I love this sunny tropical
yellow smoothie to start off my week.
It’s perfect for a gloomy
Monday to get you going.
So, we’re gonna start with a
half a cup of pineapple juice.
Now, if you don’t have pineapple juice,
it’s fine, you could also use orange juice
or even almond milk in this
recipe would work just as well.
To that, we’re going to add
a half a cup of Greek yogurt.
This is going to add a little bit of
much needed protein into our smoothie
then we’re gonna top it
with some tasty fruits
like some frozen pineapple,
some mango, and some tasty banana.
Finally, we’re gonna
hit it with a little bit
of grated ginger just to liven it all up
and press blend.
Monday morning breakfast, taken care of.
(upbeat music)
I call this my Orange your glad
it’s not Monday anymore Tuesday smoothie.
We’re starting with some
orange juice, about half a cup.
To that we’re gonna add about a half a cup
of Greek yogurt for protein,
one peeled orange frozen,
half a peach, also peeled and frozen,
and finally, one shredded carrot.
I love sneaking vegetables
into these smoothies
when nobody’s looking.
They’ll never even taste it.
Come hump day, I’m ready for something
bright and beautiful like
this ruby reb smoothie
that features watermelon and strawberries
and fresh raspberries.
It’s absolutely delicious.
We’re going to mix is up with
a little bit of almond milk
and some Greek yogurt.
I’m using vanilla flavored
Greek yogurt for this recipe
and boom, there’s breakfast baby.
(upbeat music)
By the time Thursday rolls around
you’re stressed out to the max
or at least I know I am.
What better way to start your day
than with a whole lot
of antioxidant goodness?
This purple smoothie is so delicious
and features some of these
most antioxidant rich foods.
Into our blender we are adding a half
a cup of pomegranate juice.
If you don’t have pomegranate juice,
cranberry juice will also work.
Then we are going to add some
vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.
We’ve got some frozen blueberries
and frozen blackberries
and even some beautiful
freshly pitted cherries.
When they’re in season, buy a whole ton,
pit them and then freeze
them so you can use them
all year long.
Ladies and gentleman, congratulations.
You made it to Friday.
Now, in order to prepare for the
epic night you have ahead of you,
probably best to get some
greens into us early.
So, I’m gonna show you my tasty
Friday green goodness smoothie.
All right, so it starts with
about a half a cup of OJ,
half a cup of vanilla
flavored Greek yogurt,
to that we are going to add
two peeled and frozen kiwis,
and then a whole avocado.
Trust me on this one,
it’s gonna add some creaminess
and some texture.
You’re going to absolutely love it.
Now, believe it or not
you can freeze avocados.
You’ll never be able to eat it
on its own again
but it is great in smoothies.
And then we’re gonna
add a handful of greens
and you won’t even taste them
because of this beautiful kiwi.
Also, keep in mind that smoothies
are an excellent place to improvise.
So, once you’ve got
these basic recipes down
you can add all sorts of things to them
like protein powder or
hemp seeds or chia seeds.
Any kind of greens,
you can sneak those in.
You won’t even know they’re there.
These are incredibly delicious
and packed full of nutrients.
I hope you’ll give them a try
and let me know how it goes.
Be sure to tweet me or
instagram me a photo
of what you come up with
in your own kitchen.
I love hearing from you.
And be sure to subscribe
for more great recipes
just like these.
Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday,
Happy Wednesday, Happy
Thursday, Happy Friday.
And come Saturday it’s
time for eggs benedict.
I have a video for that too.

Lose Weight On Tv

– Hey, Killer Bs, it’s Pahla
B, from PahlaBFitness.com,
and on tap today, it’s day 28
of the Weight Loss For
Women Over 50 series.
And today, I have a
great bodyweight strength
and balance workout for us
that I’m rather excited about.
You guys, there is absolutely no jumping
because there’s no cardio.
There’s also no transitions to the ground
and no equipment needed.
So when you’re ready for this one,
I’m totally ready, let’s go!
(electronic music)
All right you guys, let’s go ahead
and get moving and grooving,
and that means that we’re
starting with the warm-ups
with arm circles, oh, goodie!
And high knees.
Yep, falling over on the very first one,
and that bodes so well for a balance day,
doesn’t it?
Actually, you know what, it kind of does.
We talked about this recently.
I don’t remember what day it was,
but here’s the thing,
when that first one is off balance,
what it means is that I need to focus.
I need to get my head in the game.
(bell rings)
And I mean, that’s fair
because I’m a little distracted.
I’m actually really excited
about today’s workout.
But I’m having one of those days
where my list of things
to do is kind of long.
And I realized, as I was
turning on the camera,
that I’m kind of thinking
about other things
that I need to do.
And for a balance
workout, that’s not smart.
I need to actually focus on
what we’re doing right now.
And that is why I’m doing these warm-ups.
You guys, this is honestly the nicest
and most efficient way that
I know how to get ready
mentally and physically for a workout.
These motions are so automatic,
so simple, so just perfect
for getting me ready to really focus
and really think about
what we’re doing today.
And what we’re doing today
is a whole lot of balance, my friend.
Let’s go ahead and do some arm
crossers with booty kickers.
So if you do ever open
up the description box,
and I highly encourage you to.
There’s all kinds of good
information in there.
There’s the e-book that I’ve
talked about numerous times
about Weight Loss over 50.
There’s links to social media
where you can find me on
Facebook and Instagram,
stuff like that.
There’s shopping information
if I’m ever wearing something.
Oh, my gosh, like this shirt, for example,
that you can go get on
Amazon for yourself.
There’s all kinds of good stuff in there.
There’s also the list of exercises.
And I will tell you, if you did
read this list of exercises,
you probably had a little
disconnect in your head.
Like, “Wait a second, these
are all cardio exercises,
“and Pahla just said we’re not
doing cardio at all today.”
We’re not.
Today is bodyweight strength
and balance, my friends.
Let’s do some welcome to my homes.
Here’s what it looks like.
I’ve got the timer set
for 20 seconds of work
and 10 seconds of rest,
which, again, sounds so cardio.
That’s Tabata.
I mean, that sounds like high intensity,
and yet I’m going to challenge
you today, my friend.
Some of my absolute
favorite cardio exercises
are significantly more difficult
when we do them slowly, and
that’s what we’re doing today.
We are taking some low
impact cardio exercises
and taking them down not
just to a moderate notch,
but all the way down to the point
where they’re actually almost yoga.
We’re moving so slow
that it’s gonna be tough,
and I’m really excited about this.
So don’t let the timer throw you off.
We are honestly, truly
challenging ourselves
to do the fewest amount of reps possible.
And we’re starting with letter Ks,
which, as you know, means
that we’re gonna have
our hands up overhead and
we’re gonna reach one hand down
towards the opposite,
or no, the same, rather,
kicking foot out to the side.
And we’re gonna try and do
as few of those
(timer beeps)
as we can in 20 seconds.
Now, this is, again, Tabata style,
meaning that we’re gonna
do this exact exercise.
Oh, do you feel that?
For three intervals in a row.
Pull in your core.
Think about your muscles.
Rotate your shoulder blades back and down.
Get that biceps right
(timer beeps)
next to your ear.
Okay, well, not right now,
’cause we’re resting for 10 seconds.
Did you feel how different that was
when it was strength rather than cardio?
Yeah, not easier.
(timer beeps)
We’re using every muscle
in your body.
Out to the side.
(exhales deeply)
Out to the other side; find your balance.
Hang there in the middle for a
couple of seconds if you can.
You’re using your abs.
Boy, oh, boy, are we using
our glutes on this one.
(timer beeps)
And 10 seconds of rest.
We’ve got one more of those
letter Ks, and then that’s it.
This is like a repeating, no repeat.
We’re gonna do each exercise
three intervals, but in a row,
(timer beeps)
and then we’re moving on
from it; so here we go with
letter Ks for the last time.
(exhales deeply)
And think about what muscles you’re using.
Think about how everything
has to work together
and separately to find that exact
(timer beeps)
point of balance.
10 seconds of rest.
Coming up next, we’re doing double knees.
Again, cardio.
No, not cardio at all.
Hands are gonna be up overhead,
again, really working those upper back
and shoulder muscles today.
(timer beeps)
We’re going to bring up one knee two times
while we bring our hands
down and then stretch it out.
Hands down, stretch it out.
And then we switch sides.
Knee to your hands.
Hands to your knee.
(timer beeps)
And, oh, that’s about
what I thought we would get done.
That was only technically
one rep on each side,
except that they’re double
knees, so that was two.
I’m gonna start on the
opposite side this time.
(timer beeps)
Think about your shoulder blades.
Think about your core pulled in tight.
Think about your balance.
Think about that standing leg.
Knee is soft but strong.
I’m switching sides.
How few of these can we get done?
Squeeze those glutes.
Oh, my gosh.
(timer beeps)
Nice, really, really nice job.
I know, it feels weird.
We’re not doing a lot,
and yet we’re doing a lot.
Here we go with the third and final time
(timer beeps)
with these double knees.
Squeeze and balance.
Squeeze and balance.
And then switch side.
Hands are still up.
Thinking about those shoulder blades,
thinking about that core,
thinking about that soft but strong knee.
Thinking about breathing.
(timer beeps)
Very nice.
Coming up next, we’re
doing wide open kicks.
Hands are gonna be at chest height,
straight out in front of you.
One arm is gonna open
out while that same leg
(timer beeps)
kicks out to the side.
So holding your hand
up at shoulder height,
we’re going back and
forth between our legs.
Squeezing from your chest
to keep your hand at shoulder height.
Squeezing from your glutes and your core,
oh, my gosh, to get that leg
(timer beeps)
out to the side.
Awesome job.
Today, today isn’t traditionally sweaty.
I mean, I’m feeling a
little sweaty already.
This is difficult work.
(timer beeps)
But it’s so unusual.
And I think that’s really appropriate
for everything that
we’re learning this month
about how to lose weight at this age.
It’s unusual, it’s different,
it’s outside our comfort zone.
It’s so much harder
than we thought.
(timer beeps)
That was two of them done.
Oh, my gosh, I’m really
feeling my inner thighs.
That side kick, when it’s not cardio,
really works everything
as strength.
(timer beeps)
Here we go for the third and final time,
opening up as wide as you can,
pulling from the middle of your back,
thinking about your shoulder blades
contrasting with your chest muscles,
holding one arm forward
and bringing one arm back,
going across your body,
pulling in that core,
squeezing from the side of your glute
(timer beeps)
Okay, you guys.
(exhales deeply)
Coming up next, we’re doing frog reaches.
Feet are gonna be wider
than hip width apart.
In fact, it’s pretty significantly wider
than hip width apart.
We’re coming all the way down
(timer beeps)
in a deep, deep, deep squat,
as low as you can go.
Oh, how’s that feel?
And then we’re coming all
the way up and reaching up.
Hands, or excuse me, biceps
right next to your ears.
Let your body sink down,
down, down, down, down
into the squat.
You might not be as low as me.
That’s totally okay,
wherever you can get to.
(timer beeps)
I mean, this is work.
That was our first interval.
This is work, but you
don’t have any standard
to meet for this work.
You’re doing what you can do
as best as you can do it.
(timer beeps)
Come down, down, down, down, down.
Let your body feel that squat.
Oh, my gosh, head is up, chest is out,
hips go back before they
come down as low as they can
and reaching up as high as you can.
And then coming down,
down, down, down, down.
Oh my gosh, speaking of inner thighs.
(timer beeps)
And that was two of those done.
Okay, okay.
I knew this was gonna be tough.
I don’t actually practice
(timer beeps)
these workouts before we do them.
It might surprise you to know.
I know what we’re doing.
I know what the exercises are,
but, oh my goodness,
I don’t put them all together like this,
and so I mean, I’m doing this
workout for the first time
just like you.
This is our last one.
(timer beeps)
Woo doggies.
Okay, okay.
Coming up next, that was good stuff.
Coming up next is toy
soldiers, hands overhead.
This time, we’re reaching
(timer beeps)
our opposite hand
towards our opposite
kicking foot as slowly.
Oh, do you feel how hard that is
to bring your leg up
just a little bit higher
than you want to?
That squeeze in your thigh.
So good for your knees, by the way,
to work your quads like that.
(timer beeps)
Ooh, golly!
Okay, there’s a lot going on in that one.
We’re thinking about our core.
We’re thinking about
squeezing from our thigh.
We’re thinking about our leg
standing soft but strong.
(timer beeps)
We’re thinking about our
shoulder blades, once again,
pulled back and down the entire time,
biceps right next to your ear.
If I had to guess where I’m
gonna feel this work tomorrow,
it’s probably in my upper and middle back.
This kind of squeezing is a lot.
It really is.
(timer beeps)
Oh my gosh, two of those done.
What a good job you’re doing.
It’s different, I know.
This whole month has been.
This whole month has been
outside our comfort zone.
(timer beeps)
Here’s our third
and final interval with
these toy soldiers,
hips pointed forward,
core pulled in tight,
trying super, super hard not
to curl forward into this,
(exhales deeply)
but rather to just bring
that leg up with your abs
and your quads.
Awesome, awesome job.
(timer beeps)
Last one.
All right, all right, coming up next,
forward hinge arm flappers.
Again, cardio, right?
No, this is deadlifts.
(timer beeps)
So we’re gonna start
with our hands up.
As we come down, it’s
a deadlift, my friend.
Think about your back
staying super duper straight.
Think about your core
pulled in super duper tight.
Think about your hips squeezing
to bring your torso back up.
This is all glutes, all hamstrings,
all middle of your back.
(timer beeps)
It’s what we call your rear chain.
Okay, 10 seconds of rest.
We’re gonna do that
exact same thing again.
I know, it’s different today.
(timer beeps)
Different is good, my friend.
My sister had this motto.
She would say, “No change is good change.”
She was not a fan of
doing something different.
And I think about that all the time
when I try and do something different
that feels uncomfortable.
It feels weird.
(timer beeps)
It feels different.
That was two intervals done.
And sometimes, some changes,
some changes are good.
Some changes we’re
trying to do on purpose.
(timer beeps)
Here we go, third and final time.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze those glutes
when you push your hips back.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze those glutes
when you pull your hips forward,
feeling this work in your shoulder blades.
Once again, they are
rotated down and back.
(exhales deeply)
Core is pulled in so tight.
(timer beeps)
Okay, okay, 10 seconds of rest.
Coming up next, we’re doing
booty kicker elbow swings.
I gotta be honest, this one is the one
that I think I’m gonna have
a hard time doing slowly.
(timer beeps)
(exhales deeply)
And feel that work when
you pull your arms back.
This is triceps work.
And we’re stretching out those
quads that we just worked.
But, oh, squeezing from those hamstrings.
(timer beeps)
Nice job!
Okay, I felt that right
here at my bra strap.
That is a good place to work
that we don’t always focus on
or concentrate on.
(timer beeps)
So really thinking about
that area of your body,
pulling your shoulder blades together
to bring your elbows back.
(breathes deeply)
Great job.
Slow and controlled.
We’re balancing, so your
core is pulled in tight.
(timer beeps)
Oh my goodness, 10 seconds of rest.
Thinking really hard about my upper body
is actually helping my lower body balance
better than I think it
would have otherwise.
Maybe this is the trick
(timer beeps)
to balance, who knew, right?
Squeeze from your shoulder blades,
really thinking about that standing knee
being soft but strong,
thinking about both knees
being right next to each other,
really pulling up as high as you can
with that foot coming all
the way to your booty,
if you can kick your own booty.
(timer beeps)
Awesome job, my friends.
Coming up next, dancing Xs.
We’re going across the body here.
Hands are wide, feet are wide.
We’re bringing your opposite elbow
towards your opposite knee,
(timer beeps)
crunching in the middle.
So really squeezing, ooh, all the way
while tipping yourself
off balance laterally.
Okay, I was wrong, this
is the hardest one.
We’re getting low on
my list, you can tell.
Squeeze all the way in the middle.
(breathes deeply)
Awesome job.
(timer beeps)
Okay, 10 seconds of rest.
You know, I knew that this 20 seconds
was gonna make us feel like
we had to hustle through,
and I know that we’re not getting
a ton of reps done.
(timer beeps)
That’s on purpose.
Thinking really hard about
getting this work done
and really squeezing all
the way to the middle,
actually touching your
elbow and your knee,
actually pulling in your core.
20 seconds is about all we can
focus on that kind of stuff.
It’s why we have that 10 seconds of rest
(timer beeps)
in the middle,
woo, so that you can let your core out,
so that you can kinda relax your shoulders
and shake everything out a little bit.
Coming up next, just the last interval
with those dancing Xs.
(timer beeps)
And here we go, my friend.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze,
finding that balance
of how far you can tip
over without falling over.
Keeping that other hand up
means you’re working the
middle of your back again.
Oh my gosh, this is why your shoulders
are sore sometimes after we do cardio.
I know you’ve
(timer beeps)
noticed it before, but now
it’s really, really clear.
10 seconds of rest, and
then coming up next,
we’re doing side step side bends.
So we’re starting with
our feet together,
(timer beeps)
and as we step out to the side,
we’re bending all the way over.
Now, to be fair, I did this
one just a couple of days ago,
I think, and I told you at the
time that it wasn’t cardio.
This is not necessarily a
cardio move, but it could be.
In fact, I’m pretty sure
it will be at some point
(timer beeps)
in time in the future.
But right now, it is all strength.
Okay, really feeling that
work in your abs and obliques,
really feeling even the step out.
Focusing on squeezing
(timer beeps)
from your glutes really,
really highlights the
inner and outer thigh
and how much your hip complex
does a lot of work for us
when we take just a simple step.
Excellent job.
Thinking about keeping
(timer beeps)
woo, that core pulled in tight.
Well, not right now.
Right now, we don’t have to
have anything pulled in tight.
Coming up next is our
third and final interval
with those side step side bends.
(timer beeps)
And here we go.
Up and over.
How far can you get?
What can you do?
What can you pull back from?
How can you use those abs effectively?
Squeeze and focus.
Oh, my gosh!
Squeeze and focus.
(timer beeps)
Okay, okay, 10 seconds of rest.
Coming up next, we’re doing middle skips.
Again, I think this one’s gonna be hard
for me to slow down,
except for the fact that,
well, no, it is gonna be hard
(timer beeps)
for me to slow down because,
and up, knee up.
Opposite hand, opposite knee.
(exhales deeply)
And this one is so much
fun when it’s a cardio move
that I think the hardest part for me
is just that I want to
go fast because it’s fun.
Oh, my gosh, and I want to go fast
so that I don’t fall over.
(timer beeps)
10 seconds of rest.
You know, that is the real trick.
And I know you’re feeling it today.
We often compensate
(timer beeps)
for slightly less fantastic balance.
Here we go, middle skips.
For less fantastic balance
by just going faster.
When you go faster, you don’t notice
that you’re kind of halfway falling out
of some of these poses.
Standing leg is soft but
strong, pulling that biceps
all the way up to your ear.
(timer beeps)
10 seconds of rest.
Coming up next, it’s
our last one with those.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
These aren’t getting easier,
but it’s okay.
(timer beeps)
I don’t have very many more.
In fact, coming up next is
our last one, woo doggies.
Really pulling that arm all the way up,
opening up your chest,
using your chest muscles
and your back muscles to
bring that arm all the way up,
using your abs and glutes
to bring that knee up.
(timer beeps)
Excellent job.
Okay, coming up next is cheerleader kicks.
That means that we’re gonna
have our elbows out to the side.
Hands start here at your shoulders.
As our hands go up,
(timer beeps)
one leg comes up.
Yes, there’s no resting
position for your arms.
Elbow is out in that same
plane as the rest of your body
with your hands right next to your ears
and then straight up overhead.
It means that we are
squeezing, squeezing, squeezing
from those back muscles
the entire interval.
(timer beeps)
Woo, wow!
Simultaneously pulling in your core,
pulling from your quads, using your abs,
standing on one leg.
It’s a lot, and that’s why
it’s the last exercise.
(timer beeps)
Hands up.
And here we go.
Cheerleader, yay!
Like, super slow, off-balance cheerleader.
You are doing such a good job
with this very, very unusual
workout today, my friend.
(breathes deeply)
(timer beeps)
Yes, two of them done.
Remember to breathe,
especially when we do this
10-second interval for rest.
Take a nice deep breath ’cause some of us
are holding our breath
(timer beeps)
while we’re trying to balance.
So please don’t be holding your breath.
(breathes deeply)
Making sure that you’re
focused and squeezing.
(breathes deeply)
Standing leg is soft but strong.
I can’t wait to do all
of these fast again, huh?
(breathes deeply)
(timer beeps)
You guys, we’re done.
But we’re not quite finished.
You knew that.
Coming up next, it is our last thing.
It’s one interval on each side.
We’re reaching low and kicking high.
(timer beeps)
So we’re reaching our opposite hand
towards our opposite foot.
And then as we come
up, we’re kicking high.
This is all on one side.
Reaching down ever so slowly.
Kicking forward with balance.
If you can do this
without tapping down,
(timer beeps)
well, you could’ve.
10 seconds of rest.
We’re gonna do that exact
same thing on the other side,
and then we will be better than done.
We will be finished.
This is the last interval
(timer beeps)
of the last thing.
I actually probably can do this one
without tapping that back foot down.
We’ll see.
This is my allegedly stronger leg.
Sometimes it’s actually stronger.
Sometimes it’s not, you never know.
Today, today, because I
reminded myself to really focus,
(timer beeps)
my balance wasn’t that bad.
And I’m gonna say it
now because we’re done.
I’m turning off the timer.
Oh, my gosh, my friends.
You survived that, that was a lot, I know.
Let’s go ahead and do some arm circles.
In a really relaxed and gentle way.
I know, we’ve had our hands up
for a lot of this workout.
Actually, doing arm circles
almost feels like more work.
But here’s what I want you to do
is rather than focusing
on the pulling back,
which is what I normally do,
I actually kinda want you
to focus on pulling forward.
Go ahead and stretch
out those back muscles.
Ordinarily when we’re
doing this as our warm up,
I really want you to stretch
out your chest muscles.
We spend so much time
hunched over our phones,
and so I really want you to be able
to stretch out your chest.
But right now, stretching out your chest
feels like more work on your back.
So as you come forward,
really almost roll your shoulders forward
so that you can stretch
out those back muscles.
What a great, great job you did today.
I hope that you enjoyed
this very unusual workout
today, my friends.
This workout enjoyed
you, just so you know.
Whether you enjoyed it or not,
this one was so good for you.
Let’s go ahead and do some arm openers.
And arm closers, that big, big hug.
Give yourself a big hug,
a good pat on the back,
and a thank you.
Thank you for making
it all the way through.
I know sometimes you’re unconvinced
that these workouts are
gonna help you lose weight.
When we move slowly, we’re
not burning a lot of calories.
It’s not cardio.
But, my friend, just
because it’s different
doesn’t mean it’s bad.
Lots of times, different is exactly
what you need to get results.
Up here on screen, you are gonna have
a longer cool down available to you.
If you don’t see it on screen,
it is in the description.
Again, open up the Description box.
So much good stuff there, including a link
to the other things that I tell you about.
On the other side of the screen
is the playlist that has,
well, it’s going to have
all 31 of the videos.
Right now, there’s 28 of them.
But at the end of the month,
there will be all 31
for you to use and enjoy
as many times as you want to.
On the bottom of the screen is a letter P.
That’s an invitation
to go over to Patreon,
where a monthly pledge from you
helps me make free workouts for all of us.
And thank you so much for that.
On the other side of the
screen is a picture of me.
That’s actually a Subscribe button.
And what that means,
when you click that and
the bell notification,
is that YouTube will let you know
every time I upload a new video.
Thank you so much for
working out with me today.
Make sure you subscribe,
and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Lose 60 Pounds In 3 Months

– When it comes to healthy meals,
I like things that aren’t
complicated or fancy.
You’ve got enough to think about
and do during your day,
your meals shouldn’t add to your busyness.
Here are some healthy
meals for busy people
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If you’re ready to take it up a notch
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So I’m gonna tell you my
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Over 240 Cristy-approved recipes,
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The first thing that you’re
never gonna wanna live without
is gonna be the crock pot.
The crock pot is incredible.
You can put any piece
of meat in the crock pot
and let it sit all day
long or even all night
and it’ll be ready for you.
One time my mom put a
roast in the crock pot
before we went to bed and
cooked it on low all night
and then when I woke up the next morning,
I had roast beef for breakfast.
The instapot works also as a crock pot
or a fast cooker.
So you can use the instant pot setting
to cook something even
frozen really quick.
Or you can use it to cook
something slow all day long.
Either way, these are gonna
make your life so much better,
the crock pot or the instapot,
because you set it and forget it.
You put something in there
and you don’t have to think about it
until it’s done cooking.
You can put something
in before you go to work
and then when you come home,
your whole family has dinner.
Super, super easy, super efficient way
to get food on the table for your family.
My second favorite meal is gonna be
frozen veggies that I
steam in the microwave,
and frozen sirloin patty.
And I get ’em in a big package
and they’re all frozen
and they’re good quality,
but they’re individually
frozen so I can take one,
fry it up in minutes, and
then while that’s happening,
I am steaming in the microwave,
my frozen broccoli or my Brussels sprouts
or whatever I’m having with
cellophane over the top,
super easy, three, four, five minutes
and I’ve got a nutritious
meal on the table.
A rebel favorite,
hands-down, without a doubt
is the noatmeal.
Noatmeal stands for no oatmeal,
but it looks like oatmeal,
and that is chia seeds, flax meal,
and unsweetened flax milk.
You can put walnuts in there,
you can put berries in there,
but the most important
thing to remember is
you can make it up ahead
of time in mason jars
with the lid, put it in the fridge.
It can keep for a week.
So you always have nutritious breakfast,
lunch, dinner, whenever you
choose to eat your meal,
one meal, two, ready
for you in the fridge.
Definitely the key to
success is plan, plan, plan.
You’ve gotta make sure that you know
what’s going on in your
day before your day begins
so that you can have
your meal ready to go.
The best thing you can do is you can have
a meal prep bag, you
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Prep up your meals, put
it in the containers,
they’re microwaveable containers,
stick it in that bag, there’s a part
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there’s a part for your
water bottle to go in there,
there’s little compartments,
it’s so easy and convenient.
So the meal prep bag’s got a handle,
it’s gonna make life a lot easier for you,
but I cannot stress this enough,
you’re gonna wanna prep
your food, take it with you.
We do not fly by the seat
of our pants on Code Red.
We always think ahead,
we always bring our food.
I get it, life gets busy,
but that’s not an excuse
for you to neglect your health
and head to the nearest
drive-through every single day.
In fact, it should be a
reason for you to plan ahead
so that you have meals ready faster.
Either you spend an hour
batch cooking your meals
for your busy week, or you spend that hour
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The choice is yours, and I
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Click the link below to access
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If you liked this video,
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But listen, I wanna hear from you.
Comment below; what is
your favorite crock pot
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Give us a bunch of ideas, we wanna know,
we wanna try it.
Comment below and I’ll
see you on the next video.
(upbeat music)