Lose Weight On Stomach

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Youth youth that my friends is the sound
of victory hey everybody it’s
chuggaaconroy welcome back to more let’s
play to Super Mario Bros Wii with me
here I have the very very lazy eye this
is the worst intros we’ve ever had Oh
franchise reviews today
DDP or non no sir oh oh um Pedro
Martinez oh my god sir your name sir
Thomas Jefferson
Ward different Ward’s by Martin sorry
and you’re John Adams Quincy Johnny John
Quincy Quincy how’s it going with that
you actually play the game that’s
playing different pairs let’s play let’s
do it let’s play once again emery to the
four buddy was like great – Jesus
grandma that we do not look just this up
we will have an every solo oh you’re
screwed oh no it’s not the same one come
on you’re I save you long time oh god
I’m alive I don’t know what’s in those
all penguin suit I’m not even up I’m not
even better okay
I didn’t understand what you were asking
I’m oh I’m a penguin you’re jealous you
are jealous of my penguin need to eat oh
yeah wait wait wait I can clap John you
can’t Wow I think you know I’ve never
wasn’t penguin suit down there and you
know oh yeah I will append seems like we
don’t walk yeah I kind of like the model
flip side to side they do and the toad
penguin is so cute
okay dasu dollar Apple know the horrible
I’m horrible and and the horrible is
deplorable any particular reason why the
the coins are just like in easy to get
poises yes because they’re taking pity
on us I guess
yeah well the most adorable creature
known to man and make the coins even
against Candace
koalas wait a minute oh ha ha ha ha this
is just not not a thing that happens
it’s not not not fuzzy get dizzy Peppa
John Oh balls
here’s mad because you’re the daughter
of our family hey guys are like the most
popular intro we ever had it was also
doing SS gems is him burping in the
ah you’re taking something like I must
wander the teachers cause you to grow I
I didn’t even look at that
I know I know what here’s a Princess
Leia TV true what as a blue can your
Amaya what Tim is Chui I’m Han wait wait
a minute
I can’t I cannot I cannot something
that’s very well with my president we
needed we need like a nice yeah you
serious we are gonna have to do it again
anyway we well if we do that that works
that works too well we’re getting the
first two points again what’s this same
way Oh 18 continues hey Mack one for
every year that josh has been living
yeah happy birthday you know what
the only two of these let’s forget it
might as well penguin suits in the thing
it’s so I told her how I know lose them
in about four seconds might as well have
the extra head I have a low battery my
swing high one two three or I’m
disappointed I’m disappointed our
ability to succeed I was promised
failure okay I am disappoint that we did
not a hand for this all the way up
well everybody has a big daddy no they
Oh from the entire world not gonna hang
um why are you doing this
why are you doing this whoa he thinks
he’s oh no he wants to be he wants to be
oh yeah mr. Jetson everyone is wish yeah
everyone wants to be Ron Austin married
into ice yes yes affected and ice I see
the sexiest of them miles out the bass I
like how we’re talking about Tim is
apparently sexy yeah because I’m
probably in reality or of us he’s
probably the one that people see them
that’s the crazy thing yeah kind of like
up there all along okay good oh gee I’m
gonna freeze the fuzzies yeah I guess we
have a penguin suits get them heads up
and Josh’s game oh thanks all the big
ones gonna break first I think yeah but
someone’s not please him how about you
sit there and you’re the anchor to come
back together I see
Tim’s inequity journey on the West End
instead well I’m gonna show game
actually my deep about it well I guess
now we’re the errors and Sims gonna have
to try you can do it soon being on the
left might be better right yeah yeah
yeah we the reason I’m kind was because
of that because we can see more in the
screen okay so Tim stay here Jon Amiel
gone oh nice hahaha
it’s going to log on to the closest
person so yeah well the game wit is the
one you can use da yeah so much unique
running start
help I like that that won’t do with that
nope on a freeze the big one on the next
trip home apparently I can’t see you
down there yeah you can has to move
before the camera leave man look Bob all
do Jesus why but okay oh we must have
all of this let’s keep going
your choice well now what’s the point
keep going I guess and my voice yeah
give us is telling to suddenly okay I’m
turning into pink Oh Dracula what
because rarely Dracula my on the outside
my voice is now distinguishable on the
horse one hey May yeah bronies are going
man oh you will be Vince Lou but I
didn’t wanna
at this to be killed except the I’m not
be called okay we have to work together
here is to break it break it stuff as it
is we have to work together tough as
nails I say we all go for one at a time
hey Josh you’re out
jungle acts like that it’s not as though
the theme of this one plays guilty go to
Marion platform Josh pits suicide
John what I think I saw a pastor at the
wall and they have the right idea
there’s one at a time you got that hard
somebody’s free my baby that may just
need someone to follow me my fries
laughing yeah hostages dude I could just
get badass that’s all it’s a bubble
badass all right Josh wait for me wait
we know we’ve got trust you to not die
well there’s one enemy moving very
thanks thanks I’m glad I’m glad that you
trust me so much as history repeats
anytime I accidently bow Yanni’s
accidental accidentally on purpose
accident alarms I’m gonna kill someone
now gonna kill myself
not worth it no 69 seconds oh okay
we did that one I wasn’t you there that
was all right we do all right
I struggle addition to persevere three
stages left three I mean I heart believe
it I’m not going to kill you I just yeah
mmm he lives I don’t know buddy
hey by batteries alone oh yeah I follow
I follow
son boo boo ha ha ha but yeah what yeah
ha ha
okay there’s a corner something in their
way yes
oh I want you get now my oh my god John
we really don’t have no uh seven lives
oh yeah six lines yes I’m sorry
I mean yes sheets sheets sheets Wow
can’t leave me then really come on oh
come on I don’t know years what squeals
you want me to push it because you’re
you’re so mean seriously you’re so close
I can taste it I can taste my dad
yes and it’s delicious Tricia’s six six
are gonna baste just and Susan because
six six
I guess 6666 48 today it did he did wear
room service give us four sixes for the
price I almost want to not tip the guy
so I can make that we got char to my
Creek hey five why do you want me to die
so well because your lunch music
continues me to water I think a joke cuz
I can isn’t really you that’s not the
oh thank you you’re welcome oh my god oh
my god I push I push I’m not pressing it
wait wait it’s not I pushed watch John
hey Phil I’m gonna go scope self yep
my hero hahaha finalized issues he’s
dead yeah you give it I don’t I’m just
making your ass yeah oh my god oh my god
oh my god
I don’t understand how this works and
the bubble is started annoying we have
as a result of its negative way to go
oh my god I survived mommy down how much
you know how was on the regression
question if we’re going to go back when
you’re getting up and hit something off
yeah look whoa jeez yeah and the fire
jump responds alright so he’s going for
the actual exit I’m gonna go close I’m
gonna wait until it pillar goes oh hey
yeah that’s kind of a good idea I was
gonna suggest that but what you said it
out loud though so I didn’t meet you
no problem no there okay there is a
problem no the problem is you science
yeah you right no Telesis problem yeah
we could you set it up enough and we
could just record this on the street we
didn’t with awesome zero there is a
cool logo down there was like saxophone
haha like hairless whisper Wally harness
level again how much will be the first
time how much gonna be alright we’re
going to die a lot you know what your
problem is you stars yeah
we have nine of them nice you lovely
welcome this using all all nine stars
right now we use all of them are gonna
be we’re going to end up doing that a
little battery because I could’ve done
that many times anymore you love saving
but nothing like I’m saying until
someone actually fixes it I’m the
someone who has the battery which has
the back yeah yeah get the bad stuff
with it
oh oh I see what’s going on here
yes the ice is being melted on the
chompers come on oh my god okay now
you’re on fire balls also melts at those
who use them wisely I believe we need
I’m getting the level we hit a fire
flower towards an extranet we don’t find
out because there’s a fire is a fire bro
yeah serious live okay I could use one
of those here we go no no no no no no
that somebody oh okay I’m running for
this Tim okay good what no do it
Oh weird two out of three in one try now
get that in 50 Josh uh what it’s a good
thing I didn’t go to bed with you bet
don’t mean to do that
okay do it do it this is it
Hogan yeah alright alright let’s do it
let’s do it vincible is tiny invincible
and tiny it’s actually good the
convenient battery we all know charge
pump that’s new bye guys I don’t know
where I am
oh I’m Way over there this I don’t
care if I
grandma we’re hem i what am i what am i
become a lot i’m still small I’m tying
brownies yes you three in them no way
whispering and then everyone I and I
have no lives so one of two things will
another continue back then I didn’t
bring you back too much lettuce a just
gonna keep running there chief for what
I have Tim your back just need not take
my fire lad okay I got run run unlike
yeah fire bro I jump sweetie right there
come back here alright so I’m like a
sacrificial play yeah go good job is
actual state nice now game six here we
go no there’s a lot of two tries
two tries jeez to shoot on one so that
is the hardest level in a game heart is
lonely a bull by yourself it is I would
imagine so I would imagine so by
yourself it’s hard just I was thinking
we’re we had to run through a really
normally I wish things you killed him
three times
I want your guy’s help no Dan work Josh
bro missed
brofist town oh come on let’s do this
let’s do this oh you make this difficult
I’m afraid I’m gonna have to I’m sorry
to call you off in your text today your
credibility’s but oh hey I need battery
low battery thank you I forgot I wasn’t
pay attention I’m dancing this stage no
I’m serious I’m serious I’m serious
yeah looks like your new catch worms are
you serious yeah I’m serious that is
your new cat right are you serious yes I
am very serious that is your new cash
word I am very serious when I didn’t
order a free service I don’t know buddy
yeah nothing serious that was your next
man now this is white you give up kid
now that you give up I’m gonna know
there’s like 1ups everywhere what is
going on with this game suddenly the
game knows nothing game game is a boy oh
yeah I am disappoint right now jeez I am
disappointing game yeah I want that I
want the piece which it is X screw then
it flew away like I don’t want to be
no wait I know it’s now I know it’s
about to happen yeah teacher
I’m excited what’s about to happen yeah
I know I’ll bet I know something I know
yeah I guess we’re doing so again I’m
going crap oh my god I got us how oh I
totally got revive us under concert oh
my god get here oh my god oh yes
that’s crazy John spawned me now the
reaction wasn’t are you serious are you
serious yes I’m serious that I’m serious
that was not your reaction to say oh my
god what the heck and balls they sell in
the LP 99 lives I’m so I’m sorry I’m on
to my sauce
I was about to say I’m sorry John we
didn’t get what you wanted kids I always
get what you are obviously happy oh my
god Thank You Man all right last coin
how do you oh wait I can’t fly what is
this yeah all right we got all the coins
as every start point in the game yes
thank you for hitting me oh my oh my oh
my own what oven
hahaha I’m you yes Oh everybody got it
I thought Jim was going over the last
stage and the last things we finished
together and I use no continues I am
proud of my skill I am credit to team
John is disappoint shot is just sitting
I’m stroking his mustache his invisible
– stroking my hand with no I was joking
something the hell is wrong with you
so that day and is it
that’s the endless oh I guess at the end
we’re gonna finish this off doing our
outro while watching the ridiculous
video features castle oh we’re gonna do
that hey listen real life
here what are you doing what are you
doing what are you doing what here John
what’s you changed them now shaking the
batteries now all times to change them
you change them now that the game is
done look what what you can’t put it
look fully charged suck it I don’t care
if I said something you sure got your
revenge against
yeah and I changed the batteries screw
you I said okay I got schooled
Oh did okay so this is just about the
most ridiculous overall thoughts on the
project you first me first
yes it was a joy to hahahahahaha with
all you fine folks except for the parts
where it wasn’t it wasn’t a joy to all
of it so 99.999% of this left fly point
0.7 yeah yes there’s an extra guess
there’s a second decimal yeah nice nice
it getting spins so happy
haha this is this is opinion everything
so happy to know there’s other things
like this just to show how much the good
friends we are
I feel clean see we’re good friends he
didn’t show me in all seriousness though
Gary hang out with you guys at PAX East
Nippon PAX Prime has been fun this has
been for West and thoughts on the
project oh you actually – yes
I still feel clinically depressed uh no
I think I’m pretty one bring it overall
voiceover we still need to work out a
couple things every now and then Josh
would you want to come back for now
productivity if if you ever have a new
project you want me let me know we’ll
probably try to get something different
for the next one take a bunch of
different people a lot of I haven’t
really anything with before that’s that
sounds like a brilliant plan sounds like
something that we have combined a party
right maybe gosh yeah yonder I still
just want to tell is that working
hi I’m very fresh should be proud but I
you you held on for dear life with a
game just started giving up lives like
candy and I know I I did hold on I think
I prefer it like speed no later kill me
again I can’t kill him the game I could
kill him internally Oh anyway I got this
one very well it was very great getting
to see all of you again really enjoyed
doing this
I really hope all of you enjoyed it
because we sure as hell enjoyed making
it as much as you enjoy staying up all
night having up the totals while I had
added them into the video yeah I love
numbers I enjoy it John did all the
number crunching and then I just put it
into my editor in Maya and then you
would put in the wrong info anyways
exist that I did that Johnny’s in a row
so he’s just like a couple of three or
four times at least yeah
why should be like every time after this
too cuz we have an edited bike world I
know there was at least one guy who
can’t cause if you guys me okay
we’re like this desk should have been
for this cause I’m like no the you know
there’s a lot of causes death causes are
really hard because there are times like
where it’s like you stomped on my head
but I hit a Koopa so it’s like nudie
Akkad oh I know
so we usually it was a matter of
interpretation not gonna bring
but anyway so here’s my question how do
I call him who won this hmm I think well
you like the least
yes I at least dad something needs to
continue the most star coins and in
other words me and Tim just there’s no
chance in this I’m sorry yeah neither of
us use continues I win we both at about
me know who wins
you evil nest you cheese we had about
this we had about the same deaths I
think yes I didn’t die much and toward
the end ie I started going crazy with
this so I’m gonna buy Chicago yeah cuz
you kept dying like crazy trying to kill
me I did y’all someone down in Las
fairly far – I did – yeah so our odds
were probably even I like numbered s oh
you did that more allows me but we
neither was used to continue right so
it’s kind of hard to call I guess so how
yeah we’re gonna call whoever wins the
most category I guess I was also the
only person about a whole video without
dying as well yeah I can’t close with
one death but I also did save the
princess hi I also did save the princess
it was kind of a game yeah cannabis so
you did get the finishing yeah anyway
below anyway though I guess uh one last
time in the Mushroom Kingdom for a
little while this has been intended for
free so on depression incorporated Josh
Jepsen and the cause of said depression
we will see you guys next time I thought
he said oppression for a second which
would have made it a hell of a lot
funnier Oh baby
we will see you guys next time for
what it is say whatever you want John
whatever you want okay you wanted John
maybe yes whatever you want John can hit
everybody thanks to the fine folks in
Seattle high up this evening for not
calling it a room for tacos with that
now balls a shot yeah that’s a pretty
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Lose 30 Pounds Gain An Inch

Love Handles appear all the time, and the
worst part is that getting rid of them can
be quite the nightmare.
But it’s not all that bad. As long as you
know how to deal with them, love handles can
be quite ok.
But why do you encounter Love Handles? Here
are some of the reasons that lead to this
5. You don’t do a variation of workouts
If you want your workouts to be good, then
you have to vary them the best way you can.
Workout variations can actually pay off really
But if you do only cardio, then you will still
have Love Handles, and that’s a problem.
4. You’re always stressed out
Stress leads to Love Handles and it also makes
you unhealthy.
The best thing that you can do is to always
focus on boosting your health as you try to
take it to the next level.
It really is an extraordinary opportunity
to remove stress, so try to unwind and remove
that extra anxiety from your life.
3. You eat a lot of processed food
Processed food may sound or even taste great,
but it’s not healthy, and can bring in various
health problems.
So while it does sound like a good idea, it
does come with challenges and problems that
you want to avoid.
Stick to a natural, healthier diet instead.
2. You always work under deadlines
Obviously this leads you to a lot of stress.
Deadlines may sound ok at first, but it’s
something that you really need to stay away
The best thing that you can do is to try and
better optimize your schedule so you can get
the best outcome.
Results can be really impressive here, as
long as you use the right approach.
1. You just focus on looks
Sure, looks matter, but the inner health is
just as important too.
In fact, if you eat stuff to make your skin
healthy and to boost your muscle, you may
forget about some of the other bodily functions.
Try to take that into consideration, as the
results will be well worth it this way.
So, do try and avoid all these problems and
you will not deal with Love Handles anymore.
Even if you do, try to create a schedule,
vary your workouts and dietary habits, then
results will appear rather quickly!
If you like the video give it a thumbs up
and share it with your friends for more recipes
and tips subscribe to the channel.

Weight Loss Plan For Women Over 30

Look, you’ve been taught that your bing
eating disorder is because a lack of
discipline and willpower, they’re
wrong. By the end of this video,
you will learn exactly how I overcame my
binge eating disorder so that you don’t
have to ever feel guilty binge eating
ever again for the best weight loss and
self improvement advice.
Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell
notification to be notified when I post
every Sunday. Ever since I
overcame my binge eating disorder,
I have lost over 80 pounds
and in my coaching program,
one of my clients has lost 80
pounds within this year as well.
Now I’m going to share with you what
exactly I did to overcome and recover from
binge eating.
I want you to internalize
that our greatest weakness
lies in giving up the most
certain way to succeed is
to always try one more time,
and that was said by Thomas Edison. The
fact is when it comes to binge eating,
for me,
I would always fail and the most important
part of failing is learning from my
mistakes. And it’s not just to fail,
is to learn from those mistakes
so that we can move forward.
These are obstacles that are in our way
so that we can learn from it and be able
to move forward.
I’m pretty sure that you will relate
for what I’m about to share with you.
In the past when I would crash
my diets because of binge eating,
I would try to make it up by
starving myself the very next day.
The problem with that is that I’m already
putting myself in a situation where
I’m putting my body in starvation mode
and that will lead me to lose control and
Binge eat all over again.
Once I recognize that pattern,
I realized to stop doing that and the
best way I’ve learned to recover from that
was not to starve myself but
to continue on my diet. Now,
the best way that helped me to recover
binge eating and get back on track of my
diet was number one. I drink
green tea to make it up.
Now what green tea does,
it helps shrink fat cells.
If you ever heard the concept of people
losing a lot of weight and then gain it
all back, that’s because their
fat cells are still in existence,
and what green tea does
is shrink your fat cells.
And because I know green tea shrinks my
fat cells so that I don’t have to feel
insane after I binge eat, I would
drink green tea to keep myself calm.
Now tip number two is really important
because if you want to recover from
binge-eating, you’re going to
have to identify your triggers.
What I’ve learned is that binge eating
come from emotional triggers and there’s
four different emotional triggers that
I personally learned from myself that
caused me to Binge eat,
and I call that the bad’s triggers
and what that consists of is boredom,
anxiety, sadness, and depression.
Those are the four main triggers
that leads to binge eating.
I remember one day in the past when
I was on my way home from work,
my body was feeling so much stress.
I felt so much anxiety that I needed
to calm down and I know that the way is
going to help calm down is by
eating food. That was my go-to,
so I stopped by McDonald’s,
picked up two MC chickens,
a 20 piece chicken nugget, large fries,
I’d large soda,
a set of chocolate chip
cookies and a milkshake.
I went home and scarf it all down
and I felt so good in the moment,
but after an hour I felt so
bad and I felt so guilty.
I didn’t know what to do with myself
and I felt so guilty and so bad that the
next thing I did was I went to my cabinet
and scarf down 12 Oreos and this only
happened because I didn’t know how
to handle my anxiety and my stress.
I want you to come and down below and
share with me what triggers you to Binge
eat? Is it boredom, anxiety,
depression, or sadness?
For me it was mainly
anxiety and also depression.
We’ve been taught that our eating disorder
is because of lack of willpower and
They’re wrong it’s because we haven’t
identified triggers. We don’t know her,
process them and let go of them.
A lot of our triggers come from painful
childhood experiences now before we can
process them. The best way to
identify it is acknowledging it.
When it comes up. A lot of
us, especially in the past,
what I would do is that I was suppress
whatever I was feeling with food and I’m
pretty sure you can relate with that.
You would get this feeling of anxiety or
depression and the first thing you will
think is, Oh,
let me order some food so that I can
have this shitty feeling go away. Now,
the only way that we’ll be able to get
past that is to be able to process it
instead of suppressing it. Now,
once we’re able to process it,
then we’ll be able to let go
of that because essentially
we’re using food to let
but what that does is give us a temporary
feeling because if we don’t know how
to let go of those triggers,
it would always come back and that’s how
we get the cyclical pattern of eating
and then feel guilty. Now the way
I would process it, for example,
I would always feel a lot of anxiety.
What I realized was that it stemmed
from my childhood experiences,
and what I’ve done is
when I get that feeling,
I would actually face the
feeling. I would ask myself,
why am I feeling this way and
whatever thoughts that pop up,
I’m going to allow it to flow
because it’s going to tell me why.
Exactly I’m feeling that way.
And I remember there’s a lot of fork
out shot we all go through during our
childhood, a lot of traumas,
and essentially what I’ve
done, I went through it,
I experienced it, I relived it in
my head. I imagine what happened,
and I asked myself, how did I feel?
How did I truly feel about it?
And for me to process
what actually went on.
That’s what I had to do.
Then I will let go of it
because once I feel it,
and once I went through it, faced it,
I’m able to let go of it. You know,
when you see a kid, he falls. The
first thing he’s gonna do is cry,
cry, cry, cry,
cry because he feels pain
and then I don’t know where.
After he’s done crying, he’s running
around like nothing ever happened.
That’s essentially what we have to do
is to process that emotion and the only
way we’ll let go is by processing
it and facing but growing up.
We’ve been taught to suppress our
emotions because when you’re a kid,
something happened to you,
you will cry all day and then act as
if nothing happened because that kid
processes pain. Now tip number four,
after I processed and let it go,
I would’ve journal,
write down everything because what’s
important is not only I went through it,
I want to make sure that I’m ready for
the next time it happens so that I don’t
binge eat again and I would
journal exactly what triggered me,
how I felt about it and what I did.
Then I would write down how I prepare
next time and the way I would prepare is I
remember when I said, okay,
whenever I feel this anxiety again,
the first thing I’m going
to do is realize my trigger.
That’s tempting me to start
binge-eating. I would use deep breathing
so I can let go of what I’m feeling.
And to have a meal plan
ready ahead of time.
If I know I would be stressed after
work that I will have a meal ready after
work to eat so that when I
have that feeling of anxiety,
that meal plan is going to be the GoTo
and I would have healthy snacks prepared.
Which leads into tip number five.
The three second rule is my
favorite tip out of all tips,
after I had this implemented,
anytime I wanted to order food,
I would ask myself, is this bringing
me closer to my goal or not?
Is this a cheat meal or a diet break?
And then I took three seconds to answer
that and it most of the time it would
always be like, no, you can’t
order it. And the fact is,
the way the brain works is that
the more you think about it,
the more confused you will be and the
more the wrong answer you’ll pick.
But if you had an instant decision you
had to make pretty much it’ll be the
right choice because you
know what you gotta do.
You know what the right answer is.
Recovering from this ain’t easy,
but the best way I found the help me to
overcome this. Was to drink? Green tea,
so I don’t feel insane to identify my
triggers and then learn how to process and
let go of them by journaling and
preparing ahead of time and then using the
three second rule to make smart decisions.
For us to get over this,
we’re going to need to face whatever
we need to face because if we don’t,
we’re going to continue to get sick.
I want you to remember that
this won’t be fixed overnight,
but what you can change right
now is the actions you take.
Now you know exactly what to do to
embark on your bench aid in recovery,
but what should you eat to
lose weight and burn fat?
I put together an easy to read guide of
the top eight foods that turned my body
into a fat burning machine that
helped me to lose 80 pounds.
These foods will also help
you overcome binge eating.
I’ll leave a link for you to download
for free in the description. Also,
if you want to join a community
of people just like you,
be sure to following on Instagram where
I share with you my weight loss journey
and interact with like minded
people on a daily basis.
If you found this video helpful,
be sure to share with a friend or family
who is struggling to lose weight and
what benefit from this video for
inspiration and encouragement,
be sure to hit that like button and
subscribe for more valuable content like
Check out these videos next on to
overcome your struggles with weight loss.
Rav out peace.

Lose Weight On Thrive

With so many weeks in lockdown,
a lot of people have found themselves
overindulging in food,
virtual happy hours, and other bad habits.
Now Amanda says she once weighed 680 pounds,
but after healthy eating and exercising,
she says she lost over 300 pounds.
But now she says stress eating is gonna really
put her back where she was before
and she doesn’t want to go there.
Heather is also having issues controlling her impulse eating
and she used to exercise a whole lot more than she does now
because she is actually in that profession.
Now, guys, I was just talking about
seven real keys to changing a lifestyle for anybody,
not just you two, but for anybody.
Dealing with your thinking, feelings,
clean up your environment, watching out for impulse,
eating the right kinds of foods, intentional exercise,
and surrounding yourself with like-minded people
that support you.
So I wanna hear your response to that.
And Heather, let me start with you.
What do you hear me saying when I say that
suspended rules don’t work, you’ve gotta replicate
as much of your former life as you possibly can,
and follow these seven steps lifestyle wise.
It’s kind of the conclusion I came to a little bit
on my own is, I need to try to recreate my day
as it would have been before all of this happened.
So, I’m thinking I need to maybe increase
my output a little more, maybe try to work out
at the same times of the day that I would normally.
Just get myself into the mindset of where I was before,
because that’s what’s gonna set me up for success.
You can behave your way right out of this,
you just need to say, look,
I’m five weeks away, three weeks away,
whatever it is to being right back out there,
and I’m gonna get myself ready, I don’t have time
to be sitting around here falling apart, I gotta do this.
And if you have that mindset, then you will.
I think a lot of us are letting this temporary thing
affect things far more than what is just in these few weeks.
So you’re absolutely right.
I’ve got my mind set on the end game here.
Yeah, it’s disproportionate.
You can’t let it be disproportionate
to what’s actually happening.
And Amanda, you’ve put in too much work
to let it fall apart in this short period of time.
You agree with that, right?
I totally agree with that.
I have to say though, I’m a little confused
about this whole thing, because at this point,
I feel like I’m the poster child for disfunction.
You know, I listened to, where you said
to identify your 10 stressors, and about how
depression kicks in and you let one day turn into two days,
and how it snowballs and stuff like that,
and I feel like I’m getting caught up in that.
So your seven things that you said, you know,
I do have a support system, I go to Tops,
and I have a support system,
but I feel like some of the other things
are just beyond my control.
I have looked so forward to summer and getting in the pool
and exercising and getting out, cause winter is hard for me.
And I feel, I just feel lost,
and I don’t know how to get my footing right now.
Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel,
cause this isn’t going to last through the summer,
I totally believe this is going to end
sooner rather than later.

Women’s Weight Loss Louisville Ky

Bodie Guerra it’s because I live with my
grandma this is from the diabetes signs
and symptoms video Bodie Guerra
what does diabetes have to do living
your grandma hey guys you’re probably
here because you want to know all about
the keto diet is it safe is it good for
you does it help you lose weight
a loads more well I’m gonna answer that
question a lot with many other questions
in this week’s responding to your
comments where we look at fun questions
with a science-based questions and most
importantly we look at the evidence
Aya Sawad I have a question is the keto diet
a bad diet thank you for the information
in this video Aya Sawad thank you for
your comment this is from the how to
lose weight video and I guess it’s time
to talk keto so firstly the keto diet is
short for ketogenic diet it’s basically
a super low carbohydrate and high fat
diet and to be quite honest with you over
the years more and more patients have
been asking me about the keto diet
whether it’s safe whether it’s good for
you do I recommend it does it help you
lose weight and loads more now despite
the recent hype the keto diet actually
isn’t that new because in medicine it’s
being used for almost 100 years to help
treat drug-resistant epilepsy in
children now the aim of the keto diet is
to significantly reduce your
carbohydrate intake so your body
switches from burning carbohydrates so
using sugar for energy to burning fats
for energy most cells prefer to use
blood sugar for energy which comes from
the carbohydrates but in the keto diet
because of the absence of carbohydrate
intake and the high amount of dietary
fat intake your liver then starts to
generate what’s known as ketone bodies
and this effectively puts your body into
a metabolic state of ketosis so because
of this the keto diet is very high in
proteins and fats like meats eggs
sausages processed meats cheese fish
nuts and the list goes on but the diet
is very restricted and because of this
it’s actually very hard to follow over
the long run so in ketosis your body
becomes incredibly efficient at using
those ketone bodies generated from the
breakdown of fat for fuel so in other
words your body becomes really good at
burning fats and that was a very
simplified version of how the keto diet
works but I really did try and simplify
it because if we went through it in a
lot of details this video is gonna be
over an hour long and by the way I will
leave loads more information about the
keto diet how it
it’s all in the description below so if
you want more information please check
it out but now that we know a little
more about the keto diet and how it
all works now let’s move on to the
question is it good for you is it bad
for you and most importantly what does
the evidence say let’s start with weight
loss does the keto diet help you lose
weight well there was actually a really
good meta-analysis done in the British
Journal of nutrition and it looked at 13
different studies where they followed
patients either following a keto or
low-fat calorie controlled diet for at
least a year now the keto diet did
perform statistically better with an
average weight loss between the two have
less than a kilogram now for anyone who
doesn’t do kilograms that’s about half a
now there’s two very interesting things
to discuss about these results firstly
these results weren’t found to be
clinically relevant to health and
secondly after two years these
differences well this small difference
in weight loss actually vanished
completely so what does that mean well
it means that following such a
restrictive diet such as the keto diet
which is very hard to follow isn’t
actually worth it for weight loss now if
you are thinking about trying to lose
weight or trying to lose belly fat I
have made quite a few videos on this
topic it doesn’t involve the keto diet
it’s actually a diet from a study done
in Oxford and if you follow it properly
you can expect to lose not 0.5 to 1
kilograms every single week which is
great but here’s the best part after 6
weeks those individuals in the study
also reduce their visceral fat now if
you don’t know what visceral fat is
visceral fat is the dangerous fat so
these individuals had a reduction in
their visceral fat of about 14 percent
they also reduced their blood pressure
they also reduced their cholesterol and
they had a five centimeter reduction in
their waistline and this is all through
a diet control without any additional
exercise so if you haven’t seen that
video I will leave a link to it up here
and in the description below so feel
free to check it out now the keto diet
can also have many side effects
associated with it and long term it can
cause many nutritional deficiencies
because remember the diet is so
restrictive it means that you’re not
getting a full variety of fruits a full
variety of vegetables or grains the keto
diet can also cause problems of the
liver and kidney so remember earlier how
we said the liver is producing ketone
bodies and ketosis and how these ketone
bodies are used for energy so during
this ketosis
your liver is working in overdrive so if
you have any pre-existing liver
conditions it can actually make your
liver worse the kidneys can also be
affected because they help metabolize
proteins and during the keto diet it’s
quite easy to overload them because it’s
so easy to go over the recommended daily
intake of protein that you should be
having when just following the keto diet
normally so I guess so far it’s not
looking too good for the keto diet I
mean does it help you lose weight not
really in the long run it also can cause
nutritional deficiencies and it also can
cause kidney and liver problems however
saying all that we do have solid
evidence that the keto diet can help
reduce seizures in children sometimes as
effectively as medication the keto diet
has also been shown to improve blood
sugar control in type 2 diabetics at
least in the short-term generally
speaking there is a lack of long-term
studies into the safety and
effectiveness of the keto diet so what
does this mean well it means that if you
are diabetic and you are even
considering trying the keto diet please
first speak to your doctor your diabetic
nurse specialist your diabetic
pharmacist specialist any of them please
speak to them first before you do
anything and get their advice on it with
regards to cholesterol there are a few
studies showing an initial increase in
cholesterol from the keto diet followed
by a reduction in cholesterol however
there are no long-term studies on this
analyzing the effectiveness of the keto
diet at reducing the cholesterol levels
and it’s safety there are quite a few
other negative points to raise about the
keto diet so one that we’ve already
mentioned is it’s very restrictive and
hard to follow
two it’s very high in protein intake
usually going above the recommended
allowance and three it’s very heavy on the
meats and other fatty processed and
salty foods which are notoriously
unhealthy for you and in addition it can
also cause many side effects so to begin
with you will feel very tired you will
feel very fuzzy and you’ll have mood
swings it’s very normal with the keto
diet to begin with and also you can have
many side effects like feeling sick
being constipated and also struggling to
fall asleep so my final thoughts on the
keto diet firstly it’s very restrictive
it’s very hard to follow because it’s
such a big change to your eating habits
secondly it’s not very good for weight
we know this the evidence has showed it that
after a long period it doesn’t make that
much of a difference thirdly its
associated with many side effects and
problems and fourthly which is the most
important thing there just aren’t enough
long-term studies on the keto diet to
look at its safety to look at its
effectiveness and to see if you can
actually recommend it to people so
because of the lack of research and
because of everything else that I’ve
mentioned in this video I tend not to
recommend the keto diets and most of my
patients so what I do recommend is make
changes that you can sustain over the
long run thank you for the question
I hope this answer helps anyone who’s
looking into the keto diet and always
remember that you’re awesome
Clare Finelli not one doctor pharmacist nurse
surgeon ever explained this to me I
wonder how much flixonase beconase afrin I’ve squirted right
into the back of my throat thank you
mate Clare thank you for you comment
this is from the how to use a nasal
spray video and I’m so happy that I
could help you but please remember this
now I’ve said it before in in previous
videos it’s very difficult for health
care professionals to give all the
information to a patient because it’s
been shown that even if you counsel the
patient so if I counseled you face to
face whether it’s in the pharmacy or in
a clinic that I’m working at you’re probably
only going to remember one or two of
those points which is why YouTube is so
amazing because I can make a video on it
or a healthcare professional can make a
video on it they can direct you to it
you can watch it you can learn how to
use it and you can reap all the benefits
from it just like this video has done
for you so Clare I’m very happy that I
can help you and thank you for the
awesome comment flames fan for life have
you heard of the movie constipation it
hasn’t come out yet
flames fan for life thank you for your
comment you know it’s a really bad joke
to be honest with you but I actually did
laugh when I read it this is from the
how to get rid of constipation video but
hopefully the movie has come out now
because well a video has helped you
thank you for the comment Daisy you’ve
decided that you want to make a change
you’ve decided that you want to be
healthier me nodding in agreement at
3am Daisy thank you for your
comment this comment actually really made me
laugh it’s from the how to lose weight
video looking at specific exercises to
help you lose weight and I just kind of
put myself in someone else’s shoes
listening to me and nodding their head
at 3:00 a.m. maybe let’s try it
side-by-side I’ll be someone watching
the video and
play me because you’ve decided that you
want to make a change you decided that
you want to be healthier and you have
decided that you want the health
benefits so it looks like we’ve run out
of time again in this week’s responding
to your comments if I didn’t get back to
your comment I’m really sorry but the
best advice I can give everyone is
leaving at the comment and I will try my
best to get back to you in a future
episode of responding to your comments
always remember you’re awesome and I’ll see
you next week you know that’s a terrible
joke but I actually enjoyed it secretly visceral
fat is the dangerous fat and the study
actually showed a reduction of 14% in
their visceral fat they also had a
reduction in their blood pressure they
also had the reduction in their
cholesterol and they had a reduction I can’t
remember what okay hey guys thanks for
watching this week’s video make sure to
click that like follow or subscribe
button now to stay up to date with new
weekly videos

Lose Weight In Hips

Now this is finished too.
We’re taking chips out, not putting them in- that’s why.
Because of lockdown, I haven’t been going for a walk or anything. I’m out of shape. What should we do?
We could do some sort of exercise.
Good idea. We should start exercising.
I want to get my arms in shape. A lot of people said they were getting much bigger.
Then we should use weights to exercise.
How many days do you think it will take to make a difference?
It’ll happen in a week… maybe.
Really? One week?
Yeah! Seriously!
Oh, then let’s buy weights and use them for 2 to 3 weeks.
Ok, let’s place an order on Amazon. It’ll arrive tomorrow and we can start working out the day after.
Exercising with weights!
Ah, it’s even nice to look at! We should have started way back.
We have to do them daily for at least 2 hours. Only then will you get quick results!
Wait, you bought the 8 pound ones? Why not the 20 pound?
First let’s start with 8, then we can move onto 20 and 25.
Dear, where’s that thing we brought from India…?
Pain relief oil? Here. Just don’t ask me to rub it on, I can barely move my arms.
Oof! Who left these weights here?
It’s fine. You just tore your nail a bit. If that was a 25 pound weight, we’d be taking X-rays right now.
Yeah, let’s move those.
Honey! Take these weights to the backyard please.
Don’t you want to exercise?
Hmph! Exercise! I did it for a day and was sore for a week. And now my nail tore.
Bella! Did you get her vaccinated!
We got the vaccinations, but we have to go again.
Her weight has decreased since her last visit.
Did you decrease her food? No, I haven’t done anything.
How did she lose so much weight then?
OMG! Cancel Bellas’s follow-up.
What happened?
I figured out how she lost so much weight. Look!
Wow! So if you exercise with these, you really do lose weight!
Now how do we get it back?
Mom! Phone.
Oh yes, those weights are super
We lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks
Not just the hands, but the whole body
You should order it!
Okay, Bye!

Lost 50 Pounds On Keto

Hello and welcome to today’s webinar.
My name is Luke Corey and I’m a registered dietician and sports nutritionist.
The topic for today is the power of nutrition and we’re going to look at how you can
use nutrition to fuel your body, to boost
your health and to power performance so
if you’re tuning in and you have a
question you can reach out to us on
Twitter using the hashtag UCLA MD chat
or you can comment on our Facebook page
and we’ll be answering those questions
at the end of today’s webinar all right
so just a brief outline of what we’re
going to discuss a day the first thing
we’re going to do is we’re going to take
a look at nutrition and give it a new
definition something that is a little
more up-to-date and then we’re going to
follow it up with talking about the
impacts that nutrition has on your day
to day performance we’re gonna look at
the difference between poor nutrition
and optimal nutrition and that will lead
into what I call the five basics of
optimal nutrition and then finally we’re
gonna finish off by putting everything
into practice you have a good
understanding of what you need to do in
order to truly maximize from this
information you’re gonna receive today
just a brief introduction as I mentioned
I am a registered dietician and sports
nutritionist I work out of the UCLA
Health Sports Performance Center that’s
located the UCLA UCLA health training
center in El Segundo which is the home
of the LA Lakers at our facility we
provide performance training and fitness
classes for youth high school and elite
athletes as well as just recreational
adults who are looking to get back into
shape from my end of things I provide
the nutrition support for all of those
members and that comes in the form of
evaluations and assessments body
composition measurements and the
creation of nutrition action plans that
they can take and start to implement
into their day-to-day routine so the
first thing I want to discuss is is
redefining what nutrition is so if you
take a look in any dictionary a typical
nutrition definition is something like
this it says it’s the process of
obtaining food the food necessary for
health and growth which is great
what they’re saying is you’re using
nutrition to keep you alive and
I’m sure that’s what we all want but
when we’re talking about optimal health
and optimal nutrition I think we need to
expand on this definition so this is how
we define optimal nutrition we see that
that it’s eating the right amount of
nutrients on a proper schedule to
achieve the best performance and longest
possible lifetime in good health so
essentially what that means is that
we’re using nutrition to not only
maximize health and happiness and
well-being but if you’re athletic to
improve your athletic performance as
well and nutrition can have a profound
impact not only on your daily health but
if you’re again if you’re an athlete on
your athletic performance as well so
taking a look here
just what day-to-day perspective what we
can see is that good optimal nutrition
habits can reduce your risk of
developing diseases and disorders like
cancer diabetes and heart disease it can
also make it easier to lose fat mass and
to gain muscle mass which is what is
optimal for good health tissue quality
so things like nails skin hair and teeth
good nutrition supports those those
particular tissues joint health is a big
one especially as we get older
good optimal nutrition can reduce your
risk of developing arthritis and other
degenerative joint disorders and lastly
if you’re an adolescent and you’re in
your growth period good nutrition can
support that growth and development so
that you can reach your full potential
so the day to day impacts of optimal
nutrition are are profound then from a
performance standpoint so this can be
athletic performance or this can just be
day to day performance even work
performance optimal nutrition can
support cognitive function so things
like focus and concentration and and
quick decision making skills though it
can all be improved and enhanced by good
nutrition your ability to exercise so
not only exercise longer and harder but
to exercise at a higher intensity
that’s all improved by simply
incorporating good nutrition practices
into your into your routine things like
energy and endurance again from an
athletic standpoint is very important
but just the energy to get through a
typical day is improved by good
nutrition strength and power from a
performance standpoint is improved your
risk of injury decreases so if your
injury prone you may want to look at the
quality of your nutrition and good
nutrition habits can reduce that risk of
injury and also help you recover from
injury if you’ve suffered one in the
past and then lastly a lot of people
suffer with poor sleep and a lot of
times it is nutrition related so the
quality of sleep can be improved by just
making some modifications to your eating
habits so what we want to take a look at
now is looking at the difference between
poor nutrition and a poor diet and what
we consider kind of the optimal
nutrition habits so if we look at those
people who typically follow a poor diet
what we see is that the consult
consuming low nutrient foods so there’s
really no quality to the foods that
they’re consuming and then they’re also
consuming those those foods and large
portions we tend to see that these
people have irregular eating patterns so
they’re skipping meals or they’re
skipping snacks or every day looks a
little bit different in terms of their
the schedule of their meals and snacks
and then lastly what we see is that
these people are typically dehydrated or
the consuming unhealthy fluid sources so
things like sodas and energy drinks and
those sorts of things so if you’re
following a diet like this typically
your calorie consumption is is higher
than it should be and that can lead to a
lot of issues like weight gain and a lot
of those disorders and diseases that we
talked about in the previous slide so
ideally we want people to gravitate more
towards what we consider the optimal
nutrition habits this is eating
nutrient-rich foods so basically getting
the best quality and every bite that you
take consuming those foods in the
appropriate portion sizes eating at
regular times and we’ll get into this
I’m in more detail later on
and then being well hydrated and
consuming healthy fluid sources so
ultimately the goal today is to help
whether it’s you or people you know
gravitate from sort of this poor diet
into something that’s a little bit more
higher quality and will help you reach
whatever goals that you have in mind so
that leads us in to what I call the five
basics of optimal nutrition see these
are the five things that you can
implement into your day-to-day routine
that’s gonna help you reach your goal
that’s gonna help improve your health
and boost your performance those five
things we’re gonna discuss our eating
schedule the key nutrients that you want
to be focusing on when you’re building
your meals out the types of foods that
you should be selecting in order to get
those key nutrients we’re gonna look at
portion sizes and then finish off with
talking about how to stay well hydrated
throughout your day so let’s start with
eating schedule so there’s a few
different routines that people typically
follow as part of their their eating
schedule some of those common routines
include one that is considered kind of
the most common which is eating every
two to three hours so a typical day for
somebody like this would be they have
breakfast in the morning they follow
that up with a snack mid-morning then
they’re having lunch then they’re having
another snack in the evening and maybe
finishing off their day with dinner
that’s a very common practice for most
people and it’s a very healthy practice
as well but there’s other people who
might follow what we call the 3 square
meals on routine where they really
thrive off of just eating breakfast
lunch and dinner they’re not really big
snack eaters and that’s perfectly fine
as well and then lastly there’s people
who skip meals or they put themselves
into a state of intentional fasting so
what that looks like is perhaps on
purpose they’re skipping breakfast every
morning and then the first meal is lunch
and then they’re having snack and then
they’re having dinner and that’s a
perfectly healthy routine as well right
one thing to consider though is you do
go into a fasting routine it’s not
really recommended for those who are
pregnant in their growth periods having
impaired glucose regulation so if they
have issues
with diabetes or prediabetes or if
they’re athletic and they want to gain
muscle it’s just it’s just not a
suitable eating schedule for those types
of people but what the research shows is
is it’s not so much the schedule that
you follow it’s the consistency that you
can maintain right so whether you prefer
to eat you know every couple of hours or
if you like three square meals or if you
like to follow a fascinating protocol as
long as you can stick with that day to
day and that every day looks the same
that’s when your body is gonna thrive so
really picking that routine that you
know you can follow on a day to day
basis is where you’re gonna get the most
benefit from and then what we want to
figure out and determine are the key
nutrients that we want to include within
those meals so this four key nutrients
that we want to ensure our part of our
entire day and a part of every meal and
snack the first one and probably the
most important one is protein right so
protein are the building blocks of our
bodies they’re the building blocks of
muscle bone tissues organs even our
brains are all built using proteins and
our bodies regenerate and replace these
proteins on a daily basis so we want to
make sure that our diet is rich in lean
high-quality proteins in order to
support these to this tissue quality
while also keeping the body healthy and
strong and for those who are in their
growth phase making sure that they have
the building blocks to grow to their
full potential so every time we make a
meal there always should be a source of
protein with that meal whether it’s
animal-based or plant-based and we’ll
get into those foods in a second here
but the second key nutrient that we want
to include in our daily diets are
now carbs have kind of developed a bad
reputation over the last few years a lot
of people are associating carbs with fat
gain and unfortunately there’s not a lot
of research to actually back that up
so carbohydrates are a beneficial part
of our diets we just want to make sure
we’re consuming in the right portions
which we’re going to be talking about
in a few slides from now what we need to
know though is that carbs are the main
source of fuel for our bodies and for
our brain so we want to make sure that
we are including carbs as part of our as
part of our meals and snacks if you’re
carbs are your main source of energy
during exercise and then a lot of foods
that provide carbohydrates also provide
those soluble and insoluble fibers that
support got health and cardiovascular
health as well right so we want to make
sure that we do include carbohydrates
within our diets keep in mind though
that the amount that we consume can be
adjusted based on the goals that we have
so typically what we see is for people
who do you want to lose a little bit of
weight you know we’ll cut back on their
carb intakes but if you’re athletic and
you train at a high level we want to
make sure that your carb intake is
sufficient enough to support all of
those activities so proteins are a big
part of our diet carbs are a big part of
our diet we also want to make sure that
we are including fat in our diet as well
so again fat had that bad reputation a
few years ago as well everything we ate
was low-fat or no fat but what we found
in the research is that we actually need
fat in our diets right but we need the
right types of fat the reason why is
that some healthy fats support joint
health right a lot of these fats have an
anti-inflammatory property to them so if
we’re talking about reducing our risk of
our thright as’ or other chronic joint
issues we want to may want to look at
incorporating some more healthy fats
into our diet those healthy fats also
support cognitive function as well so
making sure that we are keeping our
brain healthy using these healthy fats
and then lastly there’s a lot of
essential vitamins that can only be
absorbed by incorporating some of these
fats in our diets so things like vitamin
A D and K which are all vital to just
the daily functioning of our bodies we
want to make sure that our body is able
to absorb these and the only way to do
that is to ensure that we have enough
for those healthy fats in our diets
and then lastly we want to make sure
that we are getting enough vitamins and
minerals and we’re we’re consuming the
full spectrum of vitamins and minerals
with the foods that we eat vitamins
minerals are like the you know the key
and the ignition of our car what keeps
our bought it’s what keeps our body
functioning day to day right it
essentially keeps you alive
all right vitamins and mirrors also keep
your immune system strong and healthy
and protect your body from disease so
overall when we’re building out our
meals we want to make sure that we
include all four of those key nutrients
throughout our meals throughout our
snack so by the end of the day our body
gets everything it needs to support
health performance and just day-to-day
functioning so we’ve established our
eating schedule that’s the first thing
we talked about we have identified those
key nutrients that we want to include in
our meals and snacks now it’s time to
focus on those foods that are going to
provide us with those key nutrients so
this is just a quick snapshot the
thousands of different types of foods
that can provide those key nutrients
that we’re looking for so for example we
talked about protein being a vital
nutrient in terms of maintaining good
lean tissue and and strong bones and so
on well we can get protein from a number
of sources not only lean meats things
like fish and seafood and chicken and
beef no sorts of things we can also get
it from different dairy products as well
right milk cheese Greek yogurt those all
are very good sources of protein we have
to keep in mind though that we also want
to get some of those plant-based
proteins in our diet as well so things
like beans and lentils tofu tempeh and
different nuts and seeds provide us with
those essential proteins that our body
requires right so making sure that we
get a variety of those foods as part of
our daily diet to make sure that our
body gets all the different proteins
that it requires what
– carbohydrates there’s really two
categories the first one are grain
products so these are kind of the more
nutrient-dense carb sources things like
oats wheat bread wheat pasta brown rice
quinoa barley couscous those sorts of
foods provide us with a lot of those
complex carbohydrates that give us the
fuel source to keep our bodies
functioning throughout the day but then
we also want to make sure that we’re
getting fruits and vegetables in our
diet they provide carbohydrates as well
things like apples and different types
of berries and bananas and then
vegetables like sweet potatoes squash
carrots those sorts of things those are
all carb rich nutrient-dense options
that we want to include in our diets as
well and then lastly those healthy fats
that we talked about those come from
things like nuts and seeds and different
oils things like almonds and flax seed
and chia seeds olive oil is a great safe
source of those healthy fats even some
foods like salmon which is also a
protein source provides those healthy
fats as well so getting those foods as
part of our diet is essential to making
sure that we get those healthy fats our
body requires so we’re getting a variety
of protein we’re getting a variety of
carbohydrates whether it’s through
grains or fruits and vegetables and if
we get a variety of those fat sources
that’s going to provide us with all of
those vitamins and minerals that we
talked about is that fourth key nutrient
so the key here is making sure we get
variety throughout our diets people
people typically tend to eat a lot of
the same things every day so we wanted
to expand that palatal load there we
want to start to really explore some of
these different foods that we might not
consume on a daily basis and ultimately
when you’re building out a meal getting
something from each one of these
categories ensures that by the end of
the day you’re hitting all your key
nutrient targets so visually what that
looks like is something like this what
we see here is we see a lot of color a
lot of variety just different foods that
we can be including in our diet on
daily basis so our lean proteins some of
our whole grains fruits and vegetables
even dairy products are healthy options
as well so ultimately what you need to
start thinking about is ways that you
can upgrade your current meals to
something that’s a little bit more
balanced and something that includes all
four of those key nutrients that we
talked about so here’s an example here
right a lot of people for dinner or for
lunch have something like this maybe
it’s some chicken strips with some
french fries
right yes this meal here provides
protein and carbohydrates but
unfortunately because it’s typically
deep-fried you’re gonna get unhealthy
fats as part of that meal right and then
you’re missing out a lot of key vitamins
and minerals that your body requires
right instead what we want to try to do
we want to try to upgrade from that meal
and get something that includes all four
of those key nutrients that we talked
about so something like this we’ve got
chicken we’ve got rice we’ve got
vegetables fruit even a couple pieces of
cheese what that’s gonna do is that’s
gonna give us those lean proteins that
our body requires good sources of
carbohydrate in the rice and the fruits
the vegetables healthy fat which could
be a dressing on the vegetables and the
the key vitamins and minerals from just
that variety of food that again supports
day to day functioning so if you’re kind
of following along what we’ve done so
far again is develop that eating
schedule we have identified the key
nutrients that we want to include
proteins carbs healthy fats vitamins and
minerals we’ve we’ve identified the
foods that provide those nutrients now
what we want to do is we want to focus
on consuming those foods and the right
portions so portion sizes have increased
over the last few decades and I think we
see a correlation with the increase in
you know rates of obesity and being
overweight and a lot of that is is
attributed to two portion sizes kind of
going out of control a little bit so we
want to do is we want to
use some perspective on the the sizes of
the portions of food that you’re
consuming on a daily basis and I’ll also
give you some perspective on you know
how many portions you should be
consuming over the course of a day so
the easiest way to understand portion
size is to use your hand so for example
if you have a protein source one serving
fits in the palm of your hand so it’s
about 3 ounces of something like chicken
or fish or even like beans or lentils
it’s whatever can fit in the palm of
your hand that’s one serving for
carbohydrates it’s one copped hand so
it’s about a half a cup overall so that
would be grains you know things like
oats or cereal something like that rice
it’s whatever you can fit in a cupped
hand that’s one serving those healthy
fats that we talked about it’s about a
thumb size so about one ounce or a
tablespoon right so if it’s oil if it’s
not it’s about the size of one thumb and
then fruits and vegetables a fistful
would be considered one serving so
that’s about one cup as well right so
again if you’re preparing your meal take
a look at the portion sizes you’re
consuming and just make sure they fit
with the recommendations here so to put
this in perspective let’s get an
understanding of what a typical day
looks like for your average person so
the average male consumes around 2,000
calories everyday if we were to break
that down into portions and this is kind
of the ideal breakdown we’re talking
about eight servings of protein so
there’d be about eight of those palm
falls throughout the day of protein
we’re looking at 13 servings of
carbohydrates so that’s a combination of
those grains and fruits and vegetables
typically we try to do half or more of
those servings as fruits or vegetables
and then lastly we’re talking about nine
servings or nine thumb sizes of fat as
well for that
typical male 2000 calorie diet females
typically it’s about 1600 calories a day
so you’re looking at about six servings
or six palm fulls of protein ten
servings of carbohydrates with at least
half of those being fruits and
vegetables and then seven servings of
fat or seven unfolds so if you’re
looking for a breakdown of how that’s
distributed throughout the day if we
take a look at that male 2000 calories
again eight servings of protein 13
servings of carbs nine servings of fat
if we were to break that down with this
eating schedule here it looks something
like this two of those palm folds so two
of those servings of protein will come
at breakfast maybe you add one serving
of grain two servings of fruits and
vegetables and maybe two servings of fat
what that could look like in real life
would be something like a cup of Greek
yogurt a little sprinkle of granola
maybe throw on some blueberries some
strawberries and add some chopped
almonds right that would hit that full
nutrient profile in the right portions
and then you just continue to spread out
those servings throughout the day until
you get kind of an even distribution
between your meals and snacks and you
reach your daily totals all right so the
key theme here is is know your numbers
and try to reach those numbers on a
consistent basis day in and day out same
thing with our females again some fewer
portions overall but but still
distributed throughout the day similar
to on the male example there so lastly
what we’re going to talk about is
hydration and how you ensure that you
are well hydrated throughout your day so
the human body is approximately 75%
water so small changes in hydration can
really impact the body and you may have
suffered from some of these symptoms of
dehydration things like headaches
constipation fatigue joint and muscle
pain reduced athletic performance
impaired cognitive function if you’ve
ever had any of these symptoms you may
want to take a closer look at your
hydration you might be in a dehydrated
so in order to avoid dehydration to stay
well hydrated it’s good to know how much
water we actually need to drink every
single day and an easy way to figure
that out is to take your weight in
pounds and divide it by two that’s the
number of ounces of calorie-free fluid
that you should be consuming every
single day so for example if you weigh a
hundred and fifty pounds you need to
drink about 75 ounces or about two and a
half liters of water every single day
all right and I keep mentioning water
because that’s your best fluid source
but you can get that hydration from
things like coffee and tea trying to
avoid putting too much sugar or cream
into those into those drinks unsweetened
iced tea so low sugar calorie free lemon
water so basically water with a slice of
lemon in it just to give us some
flavoring or again if you don’t like the
flavor just plain water using a
flavoring agent can help boost your
hydration so trying to hit that number
on a daily basis will ensure that your
body is getting all the hydration it
needs to function as and it’s best one
way to track hydration is to look at
urine color so we want something
typically in this yellow to pale yellow
that is that ensures that you’re in a
hydrated state the darker your urine
gets the more dehydrated you are the
more you’re going to need to focus on
your hydration intake in the future so
again up to this point and in terms of
our five basics we’ve talked about
establishing that eating schedule
identifying those key nutrients that you
want to include throughout your day
choosing the right foods that are going
to provide you with those key nutrients
even those foods and the right portions
and then making sure you’re well
hydrated alright to complement
everything you’ve been doing up to that
point so now it comes to putting this
all into practice and there’s some
simple things you can do in order to
achieve that what I encourage people to
do is to sit down and make a plan right
just write things out you can start by
writing out just your fuelling schedule
so take a look
you know your typical day look at your
work schedule look at your exercise
schedule your social activities and fit
your nutrition into that plan and make
sure you’re able to repeat that on a day
to day basis – to maintain that
consistency right so establish that
eating schedule so write that down then
you want to write out just how you want
your meals to be built all right always
making sure that some protein is part of
those meals and snacks making sure
you’ve got some good carb sources
whether it’s grains fruits vegetables
those sort of things and then including
those healthy fats as well once you have
that template in place it becomes easy
to start to fill out the foods that you
want to consume right so what you can do
is you have your template and then you
can build out you know Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday and so on right just
using that template there so what that
looks like is now you start to pick the
foods that you want to consume so if you
go back to your your template you’re
gonna have breakfast first thing in the
morning you know you want to include a
protein source
maybe that protein source is Greek
yogurt you want to pair that with some
carbs a little bit of granola some
blueberries and then as I mentioned
earlier add that healthy fat in the form
of chopped almonds or something like
that and you repeat that throughout the
day so that you’re hitting on all those
key nutrients as you build out your meal
plan from there you can even take it one
step further and establish your portion
sizes right so your Greek yogurt one one
palm full or three-quarters of a cup
your granola is one cup handful or about
a quarter cup or half a cup and so on
and continue to do that throughout your
day because then from there what all you
need to do is build your grocery list
all right so now you have all the foods
that you need you know the amounts that
you need you just create your grocery
lists from there go to the store do your
shopping come home and if you have time
start to prepare those meals so maybe
you’re preparing you know bulk meals for
the whole week or if you’re just
preparing for the for the next day all
right that’s going to help ensure that
you’re getting all
the proper nutrition you’re getting that
optimal nutrition that we’re talking
about every single day of the week
essentially the more you do that the
more it becomes a habit right so again
kind of following this routine here you
know establishing that evening eating
schedule being consistent day in and day
out hitting those key nutrients
throughout your day choosing the best
quality foods choosing those foods and
consuming those foods and the right
portions for you making sure you’re well
hydrated throughout the day and then
just repeating that day in and day out
and again you can accomplish that with a
little bit of meal planning grocery
shopping and meal preparation so in
summary I’ve given you some some pretty
basic information but free for you to
truly be able to implement it and to
benefit from it the best thing to do is
to set a goal for a lot of people they
want to lose weight and those basics
that I just talked about there that can
help you do that right so set a goal
whether it’s weight loss maybe it’s
improving athletic performance maybe
it’s just improving markers of Health
have that goal in mind and then create
your plan so take this information that
we talked about it you may need to
modify a few things but overall those
are the typical recommendations that you
want to follow that’s gonna be the plan
that’s going to be the the roadmap for
you to reach that goal something that
can be really beneficial for a lot of
people is to recruit people who are
supportive so maybe it’s family members
or friends people have similar goals who
you can follow and take this journey
along with it just makes it easier for
you to reach your goal it provides you
with that accountability that you’re
looking for so recruit a team track your
progress whether that’s just checking in
with yourself every single day if you’ve
set say you know a hydration goal at the
end of the day check off whether you
accomplished that or not the other way
to track your progress is to meet with
somebody like myself a dietician who can
track that progress along with you and
then lastly a lot of this can be
challenging making changes to your
routine especially if it’s a routine
default for such a long time
can be difficult so celebrate those
victories if your hydration is
drastically improved right you know
celebrate that posted on social media
you know go out for dinner with your
family your friends and just celebrate
that accomplishment overall if you can
implement that routine that we just
talked about if you can track your
progress celebrate your victories this
is just gonna go a long way towards
moving you down a more ideal and
healthier path towards that optimal
health and optimal nutrition so if
you’re looking for more information you
can reach us through our website UCLA
health org slash sports performance if
you’re looking for a one-on-one
consultation you can reach out to us
there as well but overall I just want to
say thank you guys for tuning in and
we’re happy to answer some questions so
again if you have a question you can
reach out to us on twitter using hashtag
UCLA md chat so I think we’ve got some
questions now all right
okay so first question is what do you
think about diet trends like keto diets
and intermittent fasting so these are
two of the more popular nutrition trends
that we’re seeing these days both of
yous typically in a weight loss you know
capacity so people using keto diet or
interim fascinating as a way to lose
weight and there’s actually a lot of
research to back that up
the thing about keto diet intermittent
fasting is that there they can be
challenging diets to maintain and you
really have to you know follow it as
specified right so you can’t just do
like a half a keto diet some days and
then other day is just a regular diet
it’s one of those things you really got
to follow and stick to on a day to day
basis I also recommend if people are
looking to do something like keto diet
or intermittent fasting to reach out to
somebody like myself who has
lot of experience and knowledge in those
areas and can help just help you
establish the proper guidelines that you
need to follow in order to really
maximize you know these these diet
protocols all right any recommendation
for eating during sports a volleyball
tournament I have one to two hour breaks
what are items that are promoted to be
good but really or not so things like
sports tournaments can be challenging
because you’re on the road there’s not
usually a lot of good healthy options in
the area so what I typically recommend
people do is one take a look at the
schedule ahead of time understand where
your breaks are and how long those
breaks are and then plan accordingly I
really encourage people to pack their
own snacks and meals get yourself a
little cooler that you can take with you
to the tournament that’s got healthy
options so you don’t have to rely on you
know buying something from the from the
cafeteria from the canteen or from you
know a local fast food place and
something that’s typically promote
promoted as as being good but really
isn’t especially for youth sports it’s
gonna be things like sports drinks like
Gatorade or Powerade those are really
useful for people who train or perform
in a really high level but for your day
to day youth athletes those are just
really high sugar high calorie foods you
probably don’t need at that point you’re
better off suited with something like
fruits and vegetables just plain water
packing snacks like trail mix or protein
bars you know even like a peanut butter
and jam sandwich is just gonna be a
better option for you at a tournaments
and different sporting events let’s see
here if my goal is to lose weight how do
I modify these recommendations you
provided so as I mentioned the those
recommendations are pretty universal to
most people no matter you know what your
goal is whether you’re trying to lose
weight or perform at your best in your
sport establishing an eating schedule
that’s consistent will help with that
the only place you want to modify is
probably with
your your portion sizes alright so in
the end if your goal is to lose weight
you just need to be consuming fewer
calories typically the easiest place to
reduce from is gonna be your your
carbohydrate intake so if you remember
for the mail and a 2,000 calorie diet it
was about 13 servings for a female it
was about 10 so even just cutting back
in those areas maybe dropping from 13 to
210 or 9 for the male and from 10 to 6
or 7 for the female that’s going to
reduce that overall calorie intake and
that’s what’s gonna help lose that
weight the other part of the equation is
just exercising more right so we want to
be able to burn more calories than we
take in and that comes in the form of
exercise all right last one here so is
plant-based diet the best solution for
health and fitness I’ve seen many
documentaries on Netflix supporting that
I’ll just say that Netflix is in the
business of making money so a lot of
those documentaries that you see on
there they can be very deceiving and
they can really skew a lot of what the
research actually says so plant-based
eating is not necessarily healthier than
just a regular diet that includes
animal-based proteins what it comes down
to like I mentioned is are you getting
all those key nutrients that we talked
about really when it comes down to
health it’s making sure that we’re not
at risk of a nutrient deficiency that
our body is getting everything it needs
in terms of carbs proteins healthy fats
and all the vitamins and minerals that’s
gonna be a better solution for good
health than just going and starting a
plant-based diet there’s nothing wrong
with the plant days based diet you can
certainly be just as healthy that way
but it’s not you know the best diet out
there all right so so thank you for your
questions and I appreciate you guys 2
minute tuning in and I hope you have a
great rest of your day thank you very

Lose 100 Pounds With Slim Fast

Hey there viewers!
The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced a
lot of us into isolation.
It is necessary that we practice social distancing
and stay isolated to prevent the further spreading
of coronavirus.
For a lot of us, staying fit while in isolation
is challenging.
With gyms and parks closed down, this burden
has been made even worse.
It’s easier said than done, but if you’re
determined to maintain your physique, you
can absolutely do it within the confines of
your home.
In today’s video, we will talk about 9 ways
to prevent weight gain in isolation.
Can watching light-hearted comedy shows help?
Does mopping the floor burn calories?
We’re talking about all of this and more…
#1 Journal Your Food Intake
Sitting at home for several days can make
you lazy.
Laziness encourages mindless eating.
One of the most effective ways to practice
conscious eating is to start journaling your
food intake.
That’s right.
Each and everything you eat goes into the
Whether you’ve had a small biscuit or a
full bowl of pasta, record everything.
Your basic food diary should contain what
you ate, when you ate it and the quantity.
Recording food type, time, and quantity are
crucial to avoiding unhealthy eating habits.
Noting your food intake helps you analyze
and understand your eating habits.
Food journaling also helps you set healthy
eating goals.
When you look at your food diary at the end
of the week, and see you have had only two
servings of protein or veggies, you know where
the problem lies.
Analyze your intake of nutrients.
Balancing your daily diet so it includes all
essential vitamins and minerals should be
your end goal.
#2 Do Not Eat In Front of a Screen
As much as you are tempted by the idea of
binge eating while watching your favorite
shows, do not give in to the temptation.
You might love binging documentaries or watching
chilled out web series.
But your butter popcorn and ice-cream tub
shouldn’t accompany you.
You end up consuming surplus calories.
Experts say not paying attention to your food
makes you eat more than you usually would.
It is because the brain is more focused on
other activities than accessing hunger.
This doesn’t apply to just ‘watching’
Your brain even gets distracted when you are
reading while eating.
So what is the best way to eat if not in front
of the screen?
Well practice mindful eating for a week and
you will be surprised by how much more you
appreciate food as you record the visual pleasure
of the food, delicious smell, and finally…
the taste!
Make sure you eat food slowly, chewing properly
with every bite so your meal lasts 20 minutes
at least.
This is the minimum time your brain takes
before sending out the “I am full” signal.
Remember, the secret is in eating slowly while
enjoying the taste, smell, and appearance
of the food!
Are you enjoying this list so far?
Well this next point will surely surprise
But before we continue, why not subscribe
to our channel for more videos like this,
and hit the bell icon so you’re always up
to date.
#3 Do Your Chores
You can no longer go to the gym?
Well, workout at home.
And you won’t need dumbells or heavy gym
Making the most of everything is in our hands.
You can burn calories even while being confined
to your home.
Do your household chores.
Tasks like vacuuming the carpet, mopping the
floor, and washing dishes burns calories.
The end result is a clean home and better
A 150 lbs person can burn 150 calories in
an hour if they work hard enough to get their
heart to beat faster.
Remember, choose tasks hard enough to make
you sweat.
So go crazy and clean every nook and corner
of the house.
#4 Dance
Ok, I get it.
Not everyone enjoys doing chores to burn calories.
Well, there are more interesting ways and
I promise you will enjoy it.
One of them is dancing.
Any activity done with intensity burns calories
and helps you lose weight.
It doesn’t matter whether you love Zumba,
salsa, or twerking, just enjoy the activity
and be consistent with it.
Dancing is an effective way to burn calories
because you are more likely to stick to it.
To get the best results, pair dancing with
diet control.
You can organize watch parties online with
your friends where all of you dance together
in your own homes.
Having more people participate in the activity
makes you more accountable and turns it into
Go crazy.
Dance all night if you like!
Who said night parties can’t be organized
during isolation.
That’s what video calls are for!
Before we move any further, here’s another
video to help you shed some pounds.
Check out 5 Bedtime Drinks That Can Help You
Lose Weight.
#5 Watch Your News Consumption
We all want to stay updated on what’s happening
in the world.
And we should.
But too much of everything is harmful.
With 24*7 news reporting, you stand the risk
of overexposing yourself to content that can
raise your anxiety.
If you find yourself checking Twitter or TV
every few minutes, control the urge next time.
A study conducted on two groups of undergraduate
students found there were negative psychological
effects of watching news constantly.
It could trigger anxiety and cause total mood
Experts suggest these negative psychological
effects can be buffered by progressive relaxation
after watching the news and limiting news
intake to a few minutes every day.
For instance, you can choose one news medium
and check it out for just 15 minutes.
But why are we concerned with all of this
in the first place?
Because our immune system, emotions, and brain
are connected.
When you are stressed, your body releases
a hormone called cortisol.
Cortisol stimulates insulin, fat and carbohydrate
metabolism to release energy quickly.
This increases your appetite.
You need more food to deal with the fight
or flight response.
Cortisol causes you to store fat in the abdominal
area, which is toxic in the long run as it
increases the risk of heart attacks and stroke.
#6 Watch light-hearted comedy shows
Watch light-hearted comedy shows as they help
you relax.
Laughing lowers blood sugar levels, relaxes
the mind, and boosts immunity.
A study in 2006 analyzed the interactions
among the human brain, immune system, and
It was recorded that laughter boosted the
production of health-protecting hormones in
the body.
When you are relaxed and laughing, your cortisol
levels drop.
Wait, there are more benefits to laughing.
Every deep-rooted laugh results in the contraction
and expansion of belly muscles that have a
similar effect as exercising your abs.
Experts believe laughing for 10 to 15 minutes
daily can burn up to 40 calories per day.
This is equal to losing four pounds of weight
a year just by choosing to laugh heartily.
#7 Cook From Scratch
This can be an ideal time to amp up your cooking
skills, and make sure you maintain your healthy
Processed, fast food items may feel like they
are making our lives easier.
But they contribute to your weight gain as
they are usually packed with sugar and fats.
They increase your calorie count without you
realizing it.
Give yourself a break from ready-to-eat soups
and noodles.
Follow a good recipe video on YouTube or read
a cookbook online.
Cook food from scratch and you might actually
emerge with a fitter physique than you originally
Prepare soups, veggie casseroles, and whole
wheat pasta from scratch.
You will thank yourself later.
#8 Liquid Calories Are Your Enemy
It is easy to drink several glasses of cold
drinks, or packaged fruit juice without knowing.
When we are watching TV, we end up consuming
more liquid beverages.
Studies have shown a 60% rise in obesity among
participants when they were given daily servin
gs of sugar-sweetened beverages.
The main reason behind weight gain due to
liquid calories is that your brain doesn’t
register liquid calories the same way it registers
solid calories.
You end up consuming surplus calories leading
to weight gain.
The best way to avoid liquid surplus is by
switching to unsweetened coffee and green
#9 Protein is Efficient
It is easy to lose track of your diet and
indulge in sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods
when you are in isolation.
If you don’t want to gain weight, make sure
you consume enough protein while maintaining
a healthy diet.
Protein is the king of all nutrients!
Your body burns calories while digesting and
metabolizing them.
A high-protein diet can boost your body’s
metabolism anywhere between 800-1000 calories
per day.
Need more reasons to eat a Spanish omelet
along with a bowl of delicious Greek yogurt?
Are you self-isolating?
Are you following any of these tips?
Let us know in the comments.
We love hearing from you.

Get Rid Of Fat In One Minute

Losing weight isn’t an easy task.
But, what if I said that there is a natural
powder that can help you with that?
We have already talked about these ingredients
on our channel, but this formula is new.
To lose weight naturally, you will need 3
things: Clove, flaxseed, and mint.
Do you know the power of this combination?
Cloves, besides being a very versatile spice,
have a sweet and aromatic taste.
It contains many important vitamins, such
as C and E and minerals, and is also rich
in antioxidants.
Oh, it is also worth remembering that cloves
can also aid in the control of blood sugar
Flaxseed can help you with weight loss thanks
to the fiber it has, a nutrient that makes
you feel satiated.
Mint also has fiber, promoting a feeling of
satiety and controlling the appetite.
Besides that, mint also has a calming effect
which, according to a scientific study sponsored
by NASA, showed that people who smelled mint
had their anxiety and fatigue levels decrease
by 20% and their frustration decreased by
Isn’t it amazing?
Not to mention that it is also good for your
Now that you know all the benefits of the
ingredients, see how to make the recipe.
Write down the ingredients:
1 tablespoon cloves;
4 tablespoons flaxseed;
1 tablespoon dried mint leaves;
Making it is easy:
Put all three ingredients in a blender until
they become a fine powder.
Now you just need to store it in a glass or
plastic container with a lid.
Very easy, isn’t it?
To consume it, add two tablespoons of this
powder in juices, coffee, tea or sprinkle
it over your food.
Use it for three days, then give it a three-day
Repeat the process until you get the desired
And remember: avoid using this powder after
6 P.M. since it may cause you some trouble
getting to sleep.
If you try the recipe, share your experiences
in the comments below.