Always-fashionable avos make the foodie trends A-list for 2019 – Lowvelder

Remember when avo toast broke the barriers of Instagrammable foods a few years ago, and more than 100 000 #avotoast posts pushed it to the forefront of foodie trends? Well, the avo is back on the radar this year, but it’s migrated from the toaster to the freezer, with frozen avo treats being among the hottest food trends predicted for 2019.

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Dairy-free ices made from milk alternatives and that all-time nice-cream favourite, bananas, are nothing new, but they’re being given a serious makeover with nutrient-dense bases of avocado, chickpeas, coconut water and even sesame seeds. Say what? Yes! It’s time for bananas to split, because the frozen avo lolly is the new sheriff in town.

Frozen avo treats have made the list of many trend watchers this year, who say the rise in plant-based foods – everything from burgers to ice-cream – is driving this craze, with avos’ smooth, creamy texture and buttery flavour making it a hit in the frozen department. Grab some hummus, tahini, coconut water or even wasabi, add an avo (or two), whizz it all up, freeze it and you’ve got yourself this year’s go-to popsicle.

Also riding the plant revolution wave that’s sweeping the world are special days, weeks and even months dedicated to eating less meat. Think Meatless Monday, Flexitarian Friday and Veganuary. Once again, avos are right up there, dominating meat-free dishes like veggie bounty bowls; meatless makeover meals like tacos; and trendy newcomers, nosh platters. No matter when, where or how – just add an avo!

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It’s not only in the kitchen that avos are shining on the trend forecasts; they’re also turning heads on the wellness A-list. The popularity of keto, paleo, grain-free and ‘pegan’ (paleo + vegan) diets, as well as ‘neurotrition’, which suggests a strong connection between gut health and cognitive function, have put ‘good fats’ back on the menu. This is also supported by the current move towards embracing healthy fats for healthy ageing (which is fast replacing the old ‘anti-ageing’ idea).

With avos boasting high amounts of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, which has been linked to good HDL cholesterol, and being naturally cholesterol free, it’s no surprise they tick all the right boxes when it comes to these dietary and lifestyle choices.

One of the biggest food trends this year is convenience; on-the-go food, nutrient-dense snacks, bite-size surprises and hassle-free, healthy meal replacements that provide satiety and nutrition for time-strapped consumers. Eaten straight out the skin, avos offer a quick, easy and fully mobile meal option for breakfast, school and office lunch, and supper – all with 100 per cent compostable ‘packaging’ to boot!

It’s safe to say that no matter what the trend, avos never go out of fashion – so go on, add an avo!

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