50 Year Old Women Weight Loss Success Stories

Do you care about West
Let’s exercise 10 times

Hello everyone.my name is Turtle.I’m fitness trainer.
Contents of today
I introduce the exercise that waist tightens
Best merritt
It works on the muscles next to the waist
Listen to the usual exercise

Normal Merritt
Posture improves
Wwstside tightens
Exercise is simple
I have a pain in my wrist
The strenght of arms in not enought
I introduce the exercise method.Let’s do the imitation.

With one’s legs twisted

It is exercise like running

Slowly forging the Westside

Usually west side exercise is difficult
Side rays
Side plank
Better move than you can stop

Hands extend to shoulder width
Close your legs and keep your hip

Bend both elbows slightly
Extend the distance
Usually about this

I wil take this far away

The west side is traind

Let’s play ten times togeghter
It is a single breath once exercise

Let’s play togehter

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