Women Lost Weight With Instapot

no that’s way over exaggerated I’ll take
it in the 25 years I have been a
homemaker I have never once heard anyone
appreciate the following event now this
is something that I call it invisible
work which I’ve talked to you about a
couple times in the past the invisible
work are things that happen in the
household to keep the household
functioning but no one really even knows
and generally speaking most of the work
Falls to me so today one of the things
I’m doing is this is the little
dishwasher soap we keep available to do
hand washing sometimes it’s on the side
of the sink sometimes it’s in the
cabinet but it’s refilled with this
ginormous one which you wouldn’t want on
the kitchen sink or in the cabinet so
I’m going to refill this I’m going to
refill this right now and then I’ll put
this one away and I promise you no one
will say thank you so much for refilling
the dishwasher soap like I woke up and
there was plenty of soap in there and I
was so happy and I could do the dishes
but no one is gonna say that I promise
you not one because no one has in the 25
years I’ve been doing this I’m giving
kudos to myself just for doing it took
my supplements yesterday empty empty
empty empty I have to give a shout out
and credit to both Lee and Wendy for
getting me to drink my water yesterday
because Wendy pushed me all day and then
Lee made sure that I finished my water
last night so I got my water done
yesterday due to those two people so
shout out to them but I feel like I’m
gonna roll here I rely Coast days I’m
getting my hundred ounces and you saw me
in the beginning you saw that I was
really really really struggling like I
wasn’t doing that well but I’ve
continued keep trying to keep trying
keep trying keep trying like persistence
equals success there’s truth to that I’m
just so glad I didn’t give up yesterday
I did not do my one thing that I didn’t
want to do I guess because I was just
out all day and just putting actually
there’s no excuse the reality is I
didn’t plan
so in the morning I didn’t get up and
think okay what’s the one thing I want
to do and then go ahead and do it I just
kind of let my mind drift to other
things so it was really the lack of
planning that caused me not to do my one
thing I didn’t want to do it yesterday
so I got it pretty quick and did my one
thing that I don’t want to do today
which is getting everybody signed up for
their voter registration and if they
were unaffiliated to get them affiliated
with a party and all that kind of stuff
so I’ve got all those forms filled out I
got every signatures I’ve got every
social security numbers I got the
correct address I’m just gonna put all
those in the mail and get ready to be
registered to vote this year I forgot to
tell you a big thing today I have
cleaning people here there’s two of them
ones doing the dishes or something or
the fridge or something another and ones
clean out the oven look
so at least for the next few days my
kitchens gonna be clean no that’s way
over exaggerated penny for today it will
be clean okay
tada look how clean the fridge is
nothing on the counters cooktop totally
clean clean clean clean clean clean
clean clean clean clean clean clean
clean clean clean a couple dishes clean
clean clean and the island is clean
yeah looks amazing yeah they did a great
job how long do you think it’ll stay
this way hmm good question
I just made my lunch I’ll show it to you
okay today’s lunch just a better lettuce
with tomatoes cucumbers and four ounces
of chicken no dressing Laurie hi Mikey
hi how are you good good
hey this is Mikey you remembered me
telling you about our whole place
flooded well he has more or less worked
on every single inch of putting the
house back together again I had a lot of
and this is the last piece of the
flooring that needs to go down right
under there or the last piece is yeah
couple more so Mikey you want to say hi
to our friends hi you good world that’s
right YouTube world so Mikey and I
probably known each other we figure at
least at least 25 years maybe longer
yeah yeah go way back way back ok I’m
out there Mikey’s a dog lover yeah
thanks dad so if any of you like dogs
that’s something you can relate you know
you know it doesn’t say that out loud
ok thank you for being on my channel all
and thanks for doing the floor that’s
the most important part – thanks for
doing the floor yeah Chuck yeah it’s
kind of busy around here what seems to
be happening
a salad that I showed you a few minutes
ago I tried really hard to eat that
without dressing because I do think
that’s the better way but it was way too
bland so I put on one serving of ranch
and I was able to eat the whole thing
and it was super yummy I didn’t get a
chance to tell you earlier I had two
hamburgers with cheese and now I’m
having zoodles with onions and tuna a
menace today’s video ended up being kind
of short and so that you get tons of
value tons of content for today’s video
I decided to add this video that I had
made in November about my nails here’s
the video I made in November about my
nails growing I think you’re gonna
really like it here’s another example
yes getting ready to clip my fingernails
because I announced have gotten super
long and all of a sudden I’m like oh my
gosh my nails have gotten long like that
is not a normal thing for me most of my
life my nails have broken shredded
chipped cracked peeled like they have
not been long and luscious I’m gonna
give you some pictures to see my nails
but the loo these bad boys like don’t
they look so good these are my natural
nails all my own then all of a sudden I
got to thinking do vegetables make your
nails grow is it possible that my eating
these vegetables is what’s making my
nails grow and I have to say that I
think the answer is yes eating extra
vegetables is helping my nails to grow
which probably means it is helping my
hair to grow as well so it looks like
the foods that help nails to grow are
also the foods that help me be healthier
stronger we’re supposed to be eating
like five to nine vegetables a day and
there’s no way we’re gonna get those in
unless we actively try hard to do that
one of the things that I try to do in
order to make that happen
is to have my vegetables for breakfast
and that seems to work and I think I’ve
got some evidence of me being healthier
in my hands so notice my hands let’s see
if I give you a good picture of my hands
so my husband I called these man hands
because they’re big strong working hands
they have worked for years and they do
lots of work and they’re big and strong
and they’re awesome hands and usually
with my small broken nails it has hasn’t
really mattered but now that my nails
are so pretty look now I have like
potential man girl hands so because I
haven’t done a lot with my nails or my
hands in the past I have only one tool
that I regularly use for my nails and
I’ll share that with you
this is the one that I use and its got
like a thing here that you use it on
your cuticles so it’s like a little
razor blade and you run it over your
cuticle so if I have a hangnail its
Aveling the hangnail like grow and the
skin rip off I just use this and razor
the little piece that’s shut it up so
that doesn’t continue to have a problem
I will link it below so if you want to
get one you can a lot of people spend a
lot of money getting their nails done
and I’m thinking that maybe it would be
better to spend the money on vegetables
and let the nails grow on their own plus
you get all the side benefits of being
healthy by eating the vegetables I
didn’t record it but tonight I had a
snack of celery and peanut butter I have
had all of my water for today and I’m
gonna call it a night so I’ll see you
remember your efforts matter

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  1. Wow! Cleaners did great – and Lynn thank you for filling the bottle up with soap. I really appreciate it. 😄 Hi Mikey! He’s handsome😉 Go Mikey! Lol – girl, you got claws – rawr!💅🏻💃🏻 You should treat yourself to a manicure and go pink on those nails! You deserve it!