Women Lose Weight Faster Than Men

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– Hey everybody, this
is Randy Santel, Atlas,
and this video was filmed
on Monday, March ninth.
We just finished up week number eight
of my Sexification 2020.
We are now 2/3 of the way through
and I am very, very excited because
I am now down over 50 pounds
from where I started at
back in January.
This video is going to
be a little different
than the past few, I’ll
be doing a 15 rapid fire
question and answer session,
responding to a lot of
the common questions
that we’ve been getting
that were not previously
answered in any of the Q and A videos,
that Arthur and I filmed
together back in 2016.
The first seven will pertain
to my Sexification 2020,
and then the last eight will not.
But without further
ado, let’s get started.
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I started out in over 370 pounds,
and this is only a 12 week process.
From the beginning I wanted
to get back under 300 pounds,
but more importantly I
wanted to feel better,
I wanted to feel stronger, and
just overall just do my best.
I am doing that, and I also am on track
to get under the 300 pounds.
But if I don’t I won’t be that upset.
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Back in may 2017 we published the results
of a blood test after
481 food challenge wins,
I’ll be doing that
again for the last video
of the Sexification 2020 series.
A lot of you guys have been asking.
In addition to the weight,
you guys wanna know my blood levels
and I’ll be doing that
to show what they’re like
after 829 food challenge wins,
and 10 years of professional eating.
But we’ll be able to
find out my cholesterol,
my triglycerides, my
fasting blood glucose,
my A1C and a couple others.
(rock music)
The Sexification 2020
has been a 12 week break
from food challenges so that I can 100%
completely focus on weight loss.
Simultaneously though, I’ve
been building up my endurance,
my strength, and getting my body ready
for everything I’ll be continuing on doing
once I start touring again.
I will not be focused on losing weight,
but I will be focused on
minimizing the weight gain
and I’ll be doing that
using a lot of the stuff
that I talked about in
last Friday’s video.
(rock music)
Right now I’m on a break
from all my nutrition
and dietetic stuff to win
as many food challenges
as I can, and as many places as I can
in order to grow my social media
as much as possible before I
start my dietetic internship.
During that time I’ll pretty much have six
to nine months, however
long the program lasts
where I won’t really be able to tour
and do that many food challenges.
So I’ll using that time period
to really get my weight back down
to the 250 pounds that I wanna maintain
moving forward as a registered dietician.
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That is a great question that
I actually get asked a lot
through Snapchat and Instagram,
whenever I post the
stories of my workouts.
And I would love to ride outside,
but Springfield, Missouri, where I live
is actually an awful
city for riding outside.
I’ve got a buddy Scott,
that I went to China with,
he used to ride all the
time outside during college,
and he got hit three different times.
And it’s not really
worth the danger to me,
but now that I’ve gotten my van,
I’ll be able to use it
to go ride some trails
outside of Springfield,
so I’ll be doing more outside
workouts in the future.
(rock music)
I would say the biggest struggle I have,
is the same one I’ve had for a while,
it’s the one that I’ll
always have moving forward
because when I’m not
doing my food challenges,
I’m pretty much on the
computer being very sedentary.
Just like I was back in
the construction days,
but everything that I’ve gotta do
is pretty much, yeah, just sitting down.
So I’ve got to make a
very conscious effort
around each day to get
up and take some breaks.
To move around, and burn
a few extra calories
so that I’m not just getting my exercise
and burning the calories through activity
during my just specific exercise sessions.
(slow rock music)
Selfishly, I’m really enjoying this break
from food challenges to
enjoy more nutritious foods,
but I just really just feel mentally
and physically so much better than I did,
back when I was the 373.9 pounds.
But overall my favorite thing of all this
is just reading the
comments on both YouTube
and Facebook from all the people
that are on their own Sexifications,
just saying that what I’m doing
is inspiring and helpful for them.
So that’s one of the
reasons I have this channel
is to help people,
and there’s gonna be a lot
of that moving forward.
(rock music)
I get so many messages and comments
about this, which is awesome.
I’m hoping to get back
to the United Kingdom
earlier in the year for about two weeks.
But if not I’m definitely going to
during the fourth quarter later this year
for about five weeks I wanna get back
to all parts of the United
Kingdom, and Ireland too.
And do as many food
challenges and collaborations
too as I can.
So if you know of a food challenge
in the U.K. near you
that you want me to try,
definitely let me know
down below in the comments.
(rock music)
I get a lot of messages and
comments about Canada too.
Really from all of the
different provinces,
even those I’ve already been to.
But before I’m all done,
and I’ll answer that
in another question but
I’ll be getting back
to all of the different
provinces in Canada
for some more food challenges.
Especially to the ones
I haven’t been to yet.
It’s either gonna be in the
fourth quarter of this year,
or else definitely the first half of 2021.
(rock music)
I finally start my dietetic internship
in August of 2021 next year.
I submit my applications in February.
Until the end of September this year,
I’ll mostly be focused on doing challenges
around the United States, but after that,
I’ll be focused on doing
challenges all around the world.
So next year, for the first half of 2021,
I wanna do like a five to six month tour
all around the world.
I’ll have more on that in the future,
but Australia and New
Zealand will definitely
be part of that tour.
(rock music)
It definitely didn’t start out like this,
it’s just kept on evolving
as I’ve kept progressing.
But my overall goal is to get over 1000
food challenge wins in all 50 states,
and in over 50 countries,
including all of the states
and provinces in Canada and Australia.
(rock music)
I foresee myself achieving
that goal next year
at some point in 2021.
Once I reach the 1000
wins in the 50 countries,
I won’t really have a goal
moving forward per se.
I’ll just be doing food challenges
until I’m ready to
transition to everything
I’ll be doing as a future
registered dietician on social media.
I foresee myself doing my last challenge
in like 2022, or 2023.
(slow rock music)
Thank you so much to everybody
who suggested a name
for the new cargo van.
Very, very excited about it.
And yes I have finally
decided upon a name.
I was hesitant to name it this because
it was the name of my
first very nice camcorder
back in 2013, but it is gone now,
so I think it is okay to recycle the name.
But the van is now gonna be
named Pegasus moving forward
to keep with the Greek mythology theme.
A lot of people have mentioned
that I should get the van wrapped.
And while that would look awesome,
and be great promotion for me.
I don’t think for safety
reasons that it would be smart
to always 100% of the time
announce that it’s mine
and be really loud like that.
So what I’m gonna do
is kinda the same thing
that Brandon Da Garbage Disposal does
and I’m gonna look into
getting magnets for both sides.
And I’ll be doing that
during this next month
before the tour starts.
(rock music)
This gets brought up all
the times in comments
and messages about how I should use
the devil’s lettuce or ganja,
as like some form of
performance enhancing drug.
While it would not do anything to benefit
the stomach capacity, I would never even
consider trying it simply for the fact
that I would never be able to do
any of my sometimes complex video intros,
it just would never work.
(rock music)
This is more of a joke
that we threw in here
because some people
were mean to my haircut
in last Friday’s video.
But I’ve had the same haircut actually,
since like sixth grade.
And while I would love to
have a different style,
I just don’t know what to turn to.
I just pretty much get it cut whenever
these grays here get too long.
But other than that,
during all my challenges
I just wear a hat, so I’ve never really
thought too much about it.
All right, it’s time to talk about
week number eight which went so well.
Big surprise when I stepped
on the scale this morning.
I knew it was gonna be good because
I had another week, two
consecutive weeks in a row
where I threw seven strikes.
But I worked out nine times,
I spun four times, I lifted four times,
and then just one walk
for actual exercise.
But let’s take a look at this morning,
I weighed in on the scale, 321.3 pounds
which is awesome.
That’s a loss for the week of 9.3 pounds
and then, this is the best part,
after eight weeks a total
of 52.6 pounds lost.
So we still have four more weeks to go,
still feelin’ great so
I’m very, very excited
to see where all this is goin’.
But thank you guys for
watchin’ this video.
I really hope that I answered
some of your questions,
if you got a question I didn’t answer,
that wasn’t answered in
one of the previous Q and A
video’s linked in the description,
be sure to comment down
below and also let me know
what you’d like me to talk about
in one of the upcoming videos
since we still have four left to go.
But until my next one, this
is Randy Santel, Atlas,
hoping you guys always, always, always,
win before you begin.
Thanks for watching.
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