Weight Loss Suggestions For Women Over 40

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So as many of you guys know I’ve been on a weight-loss journey now the last two years and
my starting weight when I finally got the courage to get on the scale was
My current weight is 125. I
am 5’5 in height. So I have a total weight loss of
42 pounds. I think that’s pretty fantastic.
Now I lost the majority of this weight within the first three months of my weight loss journey and
the rest of that time the rest of that that two years span of my weight loss journey
has just been me trying to
lose that extra bit of weight and
also trying to find a
diet that I could basically
maintain my weight loss and just literally. I just wanted to be happy and not have to worry about my weight.
Yeah, cuz I think that’s a pretty big fear, you know once you lose weight, I think a really big fear is
putting the weight back on and that has been one of my biggest fears is I don’t want to
put the weight back on that I lost. Now don’t get me wrong. I
would eat normally but I don’t want to eat the way I was eating when I was
167 pounds.
Because I was literally eating from the time I woke up until all the time I went to sleep.
So and I was not eating very healthy and I was eating a lot of junk food.
So I don’t want to go back to that type of eating style. I want to eat go.
I want to eat normally meaning I want to be able to eat
healthy foods….
And maintain my weight and many of you guys
saw that I was trying to use the carnivore diet as a way of eating as a lifestyle.
But I found that it just could not bring myself to eat
carnivore for the rest of my life.
So then I went to a low carb
lifestyle, and now I’m also finding that I don’t know if I want to eat
low-carb for the rest of my life either. So so many of you guys have just suggested to me the Paleo diet.
So I’ve been doing research about the Paleo diet…
And I would suggest you guys that if you guys are embarking on any sort of new diet.
Please check with your doctor first.
I’m sure that chances are you guys have heard of the Paleo diet?
A lot of people started with the Paleo diet and then they went to the keto diet and then they went to Carnivore diet.
It’s been kind of a stepping stone. I guess I’m going backwards because I would hardcore first. And
now I’m basically no talking about the Paleo diet, which sounds very very strange.
So I decided moving forward.
I’m gonna give the Paleo diet a try and I want to give you guys updates on how it’s going for me.
I’ve been doing my research on the Paleo diet.
It is also known as the caveman diet the primal diet and the
hunter-gatherer diet.
What I have read is that it’s not really a diet to lifestyle.
The premise is to eat whole natural foods that are good for the body. So no sugar
No grains. I’m okay with that.
I haven’t been consuming grains, and I haven’t really missed it.
Sugar and greens have led to problems with insulin resistance and diabetes.
So, ok. I’m okay with not
taking it any sugar or grains on this diet. So I guess it’s basically sort of like keto.
When I was doing keto, but I guess no fruit.
Yeah, I think so. So on this Paleo diet, I will be eating meat. Lots of meat.
Lots of vegetables.. lots of fruits.. lots of healthy oils.
So for the people that were in my comments saying… like Lola you gotta eat some vegetables. So you gotta eat some healthy
fruits, okay.
Now you have your wish. I’m gonna be trying this paleo diet, and I’m going to be getting lots of
vegetables and lots of fruit.
I’m gonna try paleo diet as my way of eating normally and I’m going to be eating paleo
for my eating window. So again, I’m not going to stop my intermittent fasting.
I’m going to continue with that because that works for me. It hasn’t been working for me.
So, why would I stop something that is working for me? So I’m going to continue to eat.
Ahhh sorry.
I’m going to continue to fast
22 hours a day. I will have my eating window of two hours and in that eating window of two hours.
I am
going to be eating paleo. I have told you guys what it is. So
that’s about it guys.
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3 thoughts to Weight Loss Suggestions For Women Over 40 At 18:55

  1. Love it! Your dry fasting video inspired me so much Lola. I've lost 50 lbs so far, 30 of those pounds were in February alone! Hoping to be able to drop another 30 in March 🙂

  2. I cycle Keto, Paleo and LCHF depending on my activity level with IF or OMAD or ADF. I'll even have the occasional basmati rice or rice pasta on gym days if my workout was hard (weights and cardio in same session) or before ADF (>40 hrs).