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hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss I am
eating one large meal a day to lose weight
Omad diet intermittent fasting
I’m doing a fasting journey 2020
and I am going to tell you what I ate
what exercise I did and that’s it okay
first I’m gonna start with the quotes by
Patrick mahomes who is the quarterback
of the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl
champions and I live in Kansas City
Missouri I feel like even if something
goes wrong I have confidence in myself
and my team that we will fix it now why
did I choose this one because I am
confident in myself no matter what goes
wrong I believe I will reach any goal I
choose to set and work towards um
whether it’s quickly or slowly I just
have confidence that I could do anything
I want to do I have confidence in myself
in my team that we will fix it I also
have confidence in you that you achieve
any goal whether it’s weight loss health
relationship children job education
whatever it is I believe that you could
fix your problems if you choose to it’s
if we choose to do what we need to do
each thing okay
hmm now what did I eat yesterday I ate
OMAD diet one at large meal um let’s
see I had almost the same exact thing
that I had the day before um I had I put
in the casserole dish
jalapeno peppers cauliflower rice ground
beef cream cheese in cheese and I had
plenty ins in there and in a separate
pot I made um cauliflower rice with
seasoning and shredded fried chicken
okay I had a very tiny bit of that I
also had cabbage I buy the package of
coleslaw but I do not like mayonnaise
disgusting to me so I just use it as a
solid base because I love the college
the cabbage coleslaw mix I put blue
cheese and crispy fried onions okay that
was my meal I will have pictures later I
also had a dessert I have a dessert
every day um I want to move to a dessert
that is Chia sea chia seeds chia seed
pudding that’s what I want to start
having because then I could just put
chia seeds um
almond milk and maybe monk fruit if I
need it you don’t even really need it
um and then maybe put something else in
there I don’t know that’s what I’m gonna
do because a mate um chia seeds have so
many nutrients is like a superfood and I
like them okay um but I made my usual
dessert which consisted of coconut oil
butter almond peanut butter monk fruit
white baking chips which do have sugar
I’m trying hard to stay under 100 carbs
and I’m I’m sure I stayed under a
hundred carbs yesterday
pistachio chopped nuts in whey protein
powder I want to get protein in I want
to get vegetables in that’s my goal for
my one large OMAD meal um exercise
okay exercise started with because it
felt kinda nice outside it might have
been 50 degrees I’m in the morning Nikki
speaks and I went and walks by the river
I’ll have a few pictures of that we did
one hour walk then um we went to the gym
we left the park and went to the gym and
we started with the sauna I was swimming
she was not um so we kind of met back
and forth at the sauna which is in the
pool area I did 20 let me just say I did
a total of 45 minutes in the sauna but
it was 20 minutes 20 minutes and five
minutes okay um I did 15 minutes in the
hot tub also um split it up ten minutes
and five minutes um I did 20 minutes
walking in the pool and I did 20 minutes
doing laps breaststroke mostly in the
pool and so I did 100 minutes of cardio
and one
of hot therapy yesterday and that was my
day you guys if I don’t make my video if
it’s not released by 6-8 and my life is
not together because that’s the goal if
you don’t see me showing you some eBay
stuff with the link my life is not
together first I’m gonna share some
before and after dreadlock pictures just
one person my favorite person right here
my buddy and then here are the river
they have some this river has butterfly
theme and it has a lot of pretty
butterfly art along the way and the
water is so low it’s really interesting
here’s my meal it’s so yummy I might
stick with that here is my dessert they
were better than yesterday’s and then
here is me at the pool please like
subscribe thank you so much

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