Weight Loss For Women 40 And Over

– What surgical weight
loss allows a patient to do
is overcome the body’s hormonal
defense against weight loss.
The gastric bypass is an operation
where we make a very small gastric pouch
out of the top portion of the stomach,
and then we bypass a portion
of the small intestines,
and that in combination will produce
tremendous hormonal changes that impacts
how their body responds to hunger.
The laparoscopic surgery,
using the small incisions,
the patients are up and
walking that day of surgery,
and that has allowed us to
decrease the risk tenfold
over the last 15 years.
So with Scott, he was able to go home
the day following surgery
from the hospital.
Wendy’s certainly been
there to be his champion
and to help remind him
to get his liquids in
and to get his protein in.
– [Wendy] This is our first substance,
cream of chicken soup
that has been strained.
– Very good.
– How good is it?
– Oh my gosh.
– But he’s doing tremendous.
We’ll see him back early next week
to check his progress on his protein
and start focusing on his vitamins
and release him to increase
his activities a bit
over the next couple weeks.
(gentle music)

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