Weight Loss Fasting Vs Keto

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welcome all my wellness warriors here
today as usual we make videos to help
people to understand the keto world I
guess all the information that’s
floating around out there
so that we can have good information and
really focus on our health what do we
have today we have an article talking
about post keto if for some reason you
want to stop you want to get out of the
the keto lifestyle like first question
is why would you do that let’s review
like all the effects and and the whys
and if they’re wrong so basically
understanding is it’s a it’s an article
about post keto
but the idea being that when you finish
so that you can finish kita yeah that’s
kind of the idea but like the title is
what actually happens to your body when
you stop the keto diet oh okay okay
that’s a bit of a different oh okay I
thought it was more encouraging okay so
like I think correct like so now we made
it clear that the keto and you made it
clear that the keto is not a diet it’s
really a lifestyle so but maybe for some
reason what would be their good reasons
what would be a few good reasons why you
would want to think reason you’re tired
of being healthy okay I can’t think of a
good reason I mean you know there
there’s a reasons to not know I can’t
think of a good reason I mean we know
that being in a ketogenic state is good
for pregnancy
we know that it’s that children are
babies are born in a ketogenic state we
can get your sugar addiction to be in I
mean I’m just like joking just like I
mean I I can’t actually I’m saying I’m
trying to think of a good reason to stop
doing keto I can’t actually think of one
so I would say like maybe like we I
think we met we saw on YouTube those are
those people that are doing keto just to
lose weight but again you made it clear
that it shouldn’t be your your your goal
to do a keep to lifestyle but like well
but I feel I’m kind of interested to
hear what this article has to say
because it seems like what they’re
trying to do is tell you if you stop
doing keto these bad things will happen
I think I’m ready to see how it’s done
say anything let’s review huff those
effects they’re talking about like
actually benefits of stopping keto so
like we know it’s a it’s a con keto
article but like anyway let’s just like
talk about them so by stopping your keto
lifestyle you’re gonna get better
cholesterol levels my based on what
but yeah you you eat but based on the
fact that you you eat less fatty food
it’s been established that eating a
ketogenic lifestyle does not cause you
to have poor cholesterol numbers so I’m
not even sure based on what they’re
making that statement do they have any
I’m asking this question like if I don’t
know the answer but is there any
research to back up anything okay so
they’re just assuming it’s actually like
oh yeah they’re assuming that you have
bad cholesterol numbers to begin with
because they’re saying you’re gonna have
better cholesterol numbers that on the
keto lifestyle you’re having let’s say
you’re having higher cholesterol level
it’s already been shown that when you
first begin a ketogenic lifestyle and if
you were to test your blood yes
initially it looks like if you have more
cholesterol floating around in the
system because you actually do by
freeing up fatty acids to use as energy
you also free up cholesterol
however our body loves homeostasis and
there’s a certain amount of cholesterol
that we’re supposed to have in our body
so even if I don’t eat it my body will
create it because you need a certain
amount of cholesterol so we already know
that all the cholesterol floating around
in you is not from what you’ve eaten so
right away that that first the I
probably if it was me reading the
article I probably put it down the first
thing they’re saying is the
make sense or bring into a badger okay
but because we’re here to help you
we’re gonna keep going through but okay
so much what’s the next on the next but
isn’t in the same the same paragraph and
you may even sleep better because eating
carbs at night usually leads to more
restful sleep yeah I have no idea what
they’re no because yeah anything saying
that fewer or more carbs so I’ll maybe
like a chocolate cookie and milk like
you sleep better I’m late I’m actually
sitting here trying to think if I ever
heard anything about carbohydrates
helping you to sleep or lack of
carbohydrates resulting in not sleeping
most people who do it can a genetic
lifestyle report better sleep so like
I’m trying to understand where that
would come from like that you’re gonna
eat carbs and sleep better I mean are
they suggesting you’re gonna be in the
sugar coma needing a fix because you can
care of your physical cravings which is
so I’m confused by that one and again no
research so ok grain of salt no salt oh
they’re all gram salt by the way ii like
benefits of stopping the the lifestyle
more muscle so again what’s the sentence
yeah you’re gonna already established
that like your your protein is your
pivot like what he ate before and what
he did after he told shouldn’t have
changed and you have the same amount
basically the same amount of proteins so
like again like it’s a free so so get
pretty instantly they’re saying you’re
gonna have more but they’re right about
proteins or the building blocks of your
muscle yeah but what they seems to to
say is that like the keto lifestyle is
higher in fat so you have less proteins
okay so that’s absolutely false
first of all and and anybody who has
been following my channel i don’t talk
about the other channels because
different people say different things
but i know myself
dr. barry doctor
in dr. Berg all of us
I’m trying think of any other doctors
that I can think of that talk about this
topic specifically what you’re eating
but all pointed out that when you eat a
ketogenic lifestyle it is not about
diminishing the amount of protein that
you eat as a matter of fact the healthy
fat so the healthy ones that you’re
supposed to be eating is the fat that
comes along with whatever meat or
protein source because it could be fish
that you happen to be eating so right
away this article you could tell is
being written by someone who has no idea
how to do the ketogenic lifestyle
because they’re making the assumption
that your fat is not coming from protein
so if there’s nothing from protein
they’re assuming that all you’re doing
is drinking MCT oil that doesn’t make
any sense all right that’s not healthy
so even that like you’re not if you are
doing a well-formulated can’t genic
lifestyle then you likely will in the
long run have more muscle why and
there’s – I don’t know if this is gonna
come up later by mistake now just
because it’s important to say now why
because when you eat a well-formulated
– junk lifestyle you naturally fall in –
like I would say 99% of people that’s a
bit hot I’ll say 90% of people fall into
two meals a day and as soon as you fall
into two meals a day if you allow
yourself to do your workout fasted
you’re building more muscle than any of
those people in the gym because when
you’re fasted there’s more growth
hormone floating around in your blood
and your body and that is what causes
you to be able to build good muscle so
all these people that are talking about
you know eat carbs and you’re they’re a
mistakenly seeing carbohydrates because
our body uses them first
they’re mistakenly believing that that’s
the energy you need to build muscle and
that’s not why your body uses them first
it uses it first because it’s toxic and
I used to get it the heck out of there
whether it burns it or whether it stores
it as fat it needs to get it the heck
out of there so I hope that I just
answered that one because and I’m like
I’m I feel like I’m gonna be exhausted
by the end of this article and their
hands form for like they’re more muscle
benefits is gradually replace the higher
proteins you’ve been consuming with lean
proteins but at the same time like like
the amount of protein won’t change like
you you like you said you just like need
to eat like the fatty cuts hold on
so everyone who’s doing a catering
lifestyle I want you think about
something for a second what happens when
you eat lean protein and your energy
sources carbs why usually that’s a low
fat what happens when you do a low fat
diet you gain weight so basically what
this article is actually suggesting is
now that you’ve been able to get
yourself to a good weight let’s go back
and build some fat let’s put the fat
back on so it’s really encouraging yo-yo
dieting which I’ve mentioned so many
times is the most unhealthy thing that
we’ve been doing because every time you
go up and down you end up at a higher
weight than you started that so you go
down and then you end up five pounds
more and then you go down and you end up
five pounds more and if you keep doing
that long enough guess what happens
twenty thirty pounds later on top of
what you started trying to lose yeah I’m
really disliking this article so yeah
there’s more there’s more by stopping
and keto a lifestyle you’ll have better
energy so you say yeah so this is
especially true since carbs are
necessary to renew or repair muscles if
your body needs carbs it’s gonna make it
I think we just like summing up like
with that this is this is exactly what I
just said they actually are believing
that carbs are better energy sources and
fats and it’s not true and this is
perpetuating the idea and I I’m sure if
we took a little bit of a deep dive into
this article you’re gonna find some kind
of grain company or some kind of sugar
company at the back of this article
because this okay okay
making you crazy so bye okay another one
by reintroducing carbs into your diet
you end up with more anti inflammatory
tools so basically you really you
incorporate fruits grains which is like
according to them okay I’m gonna be
eating more vegetables and food can
reduced inflammatory markers in the body
and reducing inflammation
is key for reducing disease risk but is
the number one confirmation
carbohydrates so basically they’re
saying eat sugar so that you can try to
pull some inflammatory markers out of
the fruit that you’re eating plants
don’t want to be eaten so when you eat
plants they actually put other things in
there that cause inflammation so you
know again it’s telling you to
reintroduce fruits and vegetables which
is going to create more information in
your body and then those little bit of
anti-inflammatory anything if you can
find them in the plants that you know if
you eat the right plant and you find it
but if you think about it if I wasn’t
eating the plants to begin with because
they’re trying to protect themselves
with toxins that’s what those lectins
are then if I wasn’t eating these I
wouldn’t need the in it’s a circle that
we don’t understand that we’re on you
know there’s a reason why when a dog
eats a certain plant and it throws up it
doesn’t ever touch that plant again but
us humans are so stubborn that we can
know that hey plants don’t want to be
eaten they’re putting lectins in the
food to make us sick we can live with
all this inflammation in us but still
try to figure out a way to trick that
plant in listen you cannot change the
way your body reacts to food if it’s
toxic it’s toxic please I’m begging you
don’t follow these kind of articles
where they’re putting you back to being
a bad place because honestly I’m waiting
to hear that this is from some kind of
drug company or something and they just
trying to sell you something to ease
your inflammation it’s gonna be I’m not
gonna name any brands but oh my goodness
I’m okay yeah yeah let’s go wanted to
add that it’s been proven like so now
that on a keto lifestyle we have much
less inflammation so you don’t need the
anti-inflammatory tools that they’re
referring to honestly because honestly I
have so much less inflammation like this
past summer has been the best summer
I’ve never lived in the last I would say
20 ish years because every time I wanted
to go do something I actually could
I’m looking forward to this coming
winter when I can just like decide to go
ski or snowboard or whatever I feel like
doing and I actually can or tobogganing
or whatever it happens to be because
that’s the cool thing about not being
inflamed all the time when you want to
do something it’s really a matter of do
I feel like it mm-hmm
right and I I really feel like the
person who’s writing this article is
coming from a place of still living all
their inflammation and not realizing
that they could be doing so much better
better gut health so higher carb more
fiber like we were gonna cover fibers
like in the in the next in the next
video like both of us but like more
fiber so this idea that you need fiber
to and that your gut health will be
better if you have fiber and the thing
that I will point out is that your gut
first of all your good health is depends
on what dependent on whatever you happen
to be eating at the time so if I’m
eating certain types of vegetables my
gut will be used to processing those
certain kinds of vegetables it’s part of
the reason that I do encourage people
that so whatever you’re eating whether
you’re eating vegetables or not I am
assuming all my wellness worries are not
eating fruit so whatever types of
vegetables you’re eating I encourage you
to choose different ones and play around
with them why because the more varied
what your eating is then the better
you’re able to understand how things are
affecting you right so if I allow myself
for a little while to eat something and
then I change I use something else
you kind of get to feel like I did about
learning that okay whenever I introduce
a nightshade hmm I didn’t feel so great
right whether it was a potato whether it
was a bell pepper like they seemed to
affect me a certain way so the best way
to learn that is allowing yourself to
have variety because that’s how you’re
gonna know the other thing is that if
you are able to eat them by having
variety you don’t get into the habit of
having just the one kind of food which
means now I’m limited that my gut is
only used to eating these four kind of
vegetables when I eat something that’s
different of course I’m not gonna feel
great I don’t have the flora in my
intestines to manage so the bacteria in
my intestine to manage what I need to UM
metabolize that food right does that
mean that I need to eat those things to
go to the bathroom No
what’s the other great thing that makes
you go to the bathroom right right so
I’m already eating fat I’m already gonna
be going to the bathroom I don’t need
extra fiber to go to the bathroom
I really should choose my article better
because I’m making you all upset weight
stability this one is do you okay due to
the slashing of calories and the lack of
hunger that comes with a high-fat diet
the slashing of calories like they don’t
know that fat as a higher calorie count
per grams than like carbs a keto diet
can end up being very low in calories
and and not only that like a very low
calorie diet equals weight loss or to
them like on the keto lifestyle we end
up losing weight because we eat fewer
first of all everybody who’s watching
this video that knows me knows that I
say ignore the calorie count not because
it’s low because it doesn’t matter
because in truth when you see how many
calories you’re actually eating most
people get scared and want to cut it
mm-hmm and so I tell people don’t even
pay attention to the calorie count
because it’s gonna scare you away from
actually just eating cessation so as a
test because I’m a maintenance how many
colors you think I typically eat in the
day 21 22 23 okay now when I was doing
standard American diet and trying to be
good right when I would only eat what
I’m supposed to eat I know that my
calorie count would come in under like
well under to like maybe sixteen hundred
calories I’m almost a thousand like try
to get to 1400 or something like that I
only know this because I was tracking on
my food right and when I went back and
looked at it from years ago so I’m using
the same tracker I realized like I was
at 1500 1600 you know ish calories for a
day eating three times
that eating three times a day so it’s
crazy but like I need so many more
calories now calories right and weigh
less and use the calorie and I’m staying
single and I’m starting to the second
part that they said that you lose weight
because you’ve lowered your calories and
that is not why you’re losing weight you
are losing weight because carbohydrates
floating around in the blood is toxic if
you have too many carbohydrates floating
around you’re in your blood you have a
condition known as diabetes and when you
have that the condition it will
eventually kill you if untreated your
body works really hard before you become
diabetic trying to keep that number
around fine so guess what happens when
you get over five you start taking
medication to try to keep it around and
how’s everybody trying to keep it around
five straight safely storing it in fat
because it’s safer for you to be obese
than it is for you to have sugar
floating around in here if people don’t
understand this we’re gonna keep making
mistakes keep making mistake meat making
mistakes and believe articles like this
solution article manga and publish
articles like this right because that is
not what causes you to lose weight on a
ketogenic lifestyle that your calories
are low because most people your
calories are high mm-hmm but it doesn’t
matter because your carbs are low that’s
the dangerous thing and I’m not saying
so before people start saying I eat as
much fat as no I’m not saying that if
you eat excess of anything you will gain
weight what I’m saying is if you eat too
satiation so not till fullness till
satiation which is what I do then you’re
probably gonna be higher on your
calories but still lose weight so that
like article was published some curious
published on the Food Network prolly
website and by a registered I don’t know
what her name is but I’m just or his
name is but I’m just saying like you
know what this is what scares me I have
so many very ohoo who when I’m talking
to them they’re like okay so where can I
get somebody to help them with this can
I talk to a dietitian and like I
so cringe because yeah the dietitian is
gonna tell you the opposite of
everything I’m telling you because
they’re focusing on what they’ve learned
how many years ago and you know what
scares me is that I feel like and I
don’t think it’s cuz they don’t want you
to do well I think it’s just that they
don’t know I I really have a hard time
believing that there’s people in the
know that are still giving the bad
information I know it’s possible but I
really want to give everybody the
benefit of the doubt that if they knew
what they were telling you to do it
wasn’t gonna work they would stop
telling you that because there’s always
another client right I don’t have to
keep you in a bad situation to keep
taking money from you there’s always
another client if I help you really well
I’ll probably get seven of your friends
so I don’t believe in that I don’t
believe that it’s like wickedness I
really think is that they don’t know and
they’re so afraid to try but they’re
willing to keep giving this bad advice
that doesn’t work because everything
that’s it written there if that person
happened to be overweight and tried to
do what they’re talking about doesn’t
work so again like be careful what you
read Mike on the web me go go get your
information and like the the whole thing
because like stuff like that it’s kind
of yeah and you have to do research
right like I mean I think everybody
needs to be responsible
do your research it’s not because you
see something that you know one of the
things I have to say is that when you
see something that’s falling in line
with what you want to do even if it’s
not healthy you might want to go there
because well it’s telling me this is
okay but you have to think short term
long term because in this moment you’re
getting to have flavors that you like
but long term am I going to be as
healthy as I could be
and I want everyone to kind of focus on
being as healthy as you could be long
term so that flavor that you get to play
with right now is it really worth – in
five years off your life possibly or and
I don’t mean by death because it might
not be by death but it might be five
years that you could have been running
around with healthy body that you’re not
as healthy as you could have been you
can’t do the activities that you would
have been like that kind of stuff you
know one of the cool things I’ll say is
that some of the people in my like some
of the older people that I knew who
still were active so they never stopped
working out
and it was amazing to me how till their
dying day they were running around in
the back here doing their guard and
doing or whatever and I think that’s
pretty cool I want to be that and I’m
encouraging all of you to be that so we
have another piece of the puzzle because
they knew you had to keep moving right
there’s another piece of the puzzle have
to eaten properly hmm so I want to thank
everyone for watching
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be solving inflammation issue joint
issues how many of my friends have joint
issues right so share out the videos for
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8 thoughts to Weight Loss Fasting Vs Keto At 3:51

  1. Literally everything they said in that article is untrue. The things that got me the angriest were the claims about inflammation and gut health. My inflammation and gut health have never been better since I started keto, and I get plenty of fiber on keto, so that person has no idea what he or she is talking about. You can eat plenty of leafy greens and still be under twenty carbs in a day. And my gut health is probably the biggest benefit of keto next to stable energy and weight loss (not to mention that I’m building muscle only eating once or twice a day, and I’ve absolutely blown through weight loss plateaus that I was stuck at for over a decade). I feel so much better since I started keto and intermittent fasting. Why in the world would I want to go back to feeling awful from eating sugar and inflammatory grains?

  2. As a carb eater I was hungry all the time. I would wake up in the night and couldn't go back to sleep unless I ate toast or something similar, and that did help me sleep. Now that I am keto I don't wake up feeling famished.

  3. Dietitians and doctors have failed me for my entire life. I ended up at 425 pounds at 58 "dieting". In late 2018 my doctor urged me to have bariatric surgery. I lost two friends who tried this, I said no. Doctors then tried me on Saxenda (an injectable drug to control the stomach muscle and make food stay in longer making you feel full). I tried for three weeks and it made me very sick. I was at my wit's end. I needed to do something REAL. I found out about keto and researched extensively. It seemed like the only way that made real sense. I started in January. I have lost 105 pounds so far and feel better than I have in many, many years. My appetite is in control for the first time in my life! I now have hope that I will reach a normal weight. All my blood work fell back into normal ranges, including my A1C (4.9) and cholesterol numbers. I hardly have to use my asthma meds and the doctor will soon take me off blood pressure meds.

  4. None of the studied longest lived people on earth eat a Keto diet. There are no human studies or other scientific evidence that proves that a Keto diet is healthy and or safe and that is not disputed by credible people.

  5. Violet, I think you may be missing an opportunity to explore the principles of a keto lifestyle by minimizing this aspect or challenge. You can't think why anyone would be compelled to abridge their keto ways? How about cost — it is undoubtedly true that carbs are cheap food . . . and while Dr. Berry famously maintains the "hot dog" keto diet is entirely okay, rice and beans are cheaper still.

    So, this challenge can be viewed from a helpful standpoint: if I must increase carbs to the point where I'm actually out of ketosis at times, when and how should that be done so as to minimize the glycemic and blood insulin impact? In other words — can I still maintain improved insulin sensitivity and sufficient calories, even though carbs will be a slightly bigger slice of the pie?

  6. This article discussed is a rehash of all the bad science and incorrect assumptions that guided diet for all of my life. I learned to listen to my body and stop listening to so called "experts." Thanks for your attempt to debunk this article.

  7. I've read two arguments about carbs and sleep.

    Some claim that eating some carbs before bedtime will help your body to produce serotonin which will promote sleep. I guess that goes with theory of serotonin deficiency, as seen with the conventional understanding of depression. But obviously people on keto and carnivore diets are producing serotonin and many of these people experience improved mood and sleep.

    The second argument makes more sense. The argument isn't that keto would be problematic for sleep but, rather, being low-carb without being in ketosis. It's a macronutrient swampland, as one expert described it. One wakes up in the middle of the night because one runs out of glucose while not being able to easily switch into ketosis.