Weight Loss Chart For Women Over 50

For me to be a big person I can
run pretty fast.
I’m football material so…
Thats what, thats what my dad
always told me
(Announcer: Thats Donald
I grew up watching football.
(Announcer: Driver at the
(Trying to outrun the
defense, Driver is going to
Donald driver is my favorite
player because…
He can go through
people, dodge people, go to a
(Announcer: Touchdown Packers)
I wanna be like him when I grow
Its what I feel like I can do,
is anything.
What’s going on, man?
This is really exciting. This
has got me really pumped up.
Let’s go!
You can do it… Come on.
You can do whatever you want to
do. All right? All right?
Come on. Come on.
-Davion, let me check your blood
I ain’t never been at Donald
Driver’s football camp. And…
…I can’t even participate
through the whole thing.
I’m twelve and I got diabetes
already. So…
…I might not, probably live
that long.
I want to live as long as
everybody else, you know.
But some people don’t live that
I think the worst thing that
ever happened to me…
…was when my friend said,
“I’ll get made fun of if
I’m seen around you.”
I had rocks thrown at me.
The bullying. The constant
teasing. The –names. The
I couldn’t put up
with it.
I was pretty ashamed of myself.
It takes effort to be 213 pounds
at 12 years old.
The doctor told me I was gonna
die ’cause of my weight.
I just couldn’t ignore it
I was looking at weight loss
schools. And I found MindStream.
It was like The Biggest Loser
for kids.
We live on a ranch.
We have big lands. We have
personal trainers.
Emily get that jump.
Food addiction is like a drug.
Drugs are hard to get off of.
Drug addicts go to rehab to wean
off drugs.
We go to MindStream to wean off
food addiction.
Today we’re gonna talk
about how to read a nutrition
label properly.
I’ve lost around 80 pounds.
She should definitely join a
cross-country team or a track
team when she leaves here.
I think that’d be good for her.
And it’ll keep her — because
guess what?
Also the thing about Emily, if
you’re not on top of her she
won’t do it.
And then you go up then you jump
again. Okay?
He has to keep a close eye on
If he doesn’t pay attention
enough, I won’t do as hard.
And go. Go, go, go.
No matter how many of my friends
say that I’m still thin…
…I’m not overweight. It’s
I still feel like I look the
way I did.
And I never want to be back to
that weight.
But I can’t be here for the rest
of my life.
Everybody at my school but like
these five people that I know,
I hate.
I almost get in a fight because
people keep on making fun of me
for being fat.
My brother tells me if I ever
get in a fight it’s in my
advantage because…
…I weigh more. And if I get on
top of them it’s gonna be…
…really hard for them
to get me off.
I love the computer.
Making movies is really fun.
It’s kind of like escaping from
real life.
Ready, set, action.
To tell you the truth, me and my
friends are like the rejects.
Oh, I think you moved too far
out of the camera.
-It’s all right. Let’s do it
Arrgh. Oh, God.
I love Zombies.
I love Ghostbusters and
stuff like the Back to the
Future movie.
-Thanks man for picking me up
-Yeah. So where do you live?
Uh, I don’t know. Just to tell
you the truth I came from a time
machine from the past.
(TV): The real Ghostbusters
will return after these
We’ll just sit here and stare
at each other while you eat
your sandwich…
…and I’ll eat my carrot sticks
and my apple.
All he cares about is
And I told him, “What? You just
want to be a fat little pig
sitting on a…
…sofa, eating your life away?
That’s all you care about.
Eating and watching TV.
Eating and watching TV.
You’re a couch potato.
The way you’re going now…
…you’re gonna end up working
at McDonald’s for the rest of
your life.
I’ve tried getting him involved
in stuff because — he’s like,
“Ugh, I don’t like it.”
Play something?
“Ugh, I can’t do it.”
And it’s something that’s
frustrating me because…
…it’s in his own mind that he
doesn’t want to try it…
…because he’s afraid that
people are gonna laugh at him or
he can’t do it.
The other day I asked him how’s
he doing in school?
“I’m doing good
but I’m failing P.E.”
And it’s hard for me because I’m
so athletic.
That sometimes it’s hard for me
to see him how he is.
But not everybody’s the same.
He might look big, you know,
he’s a big kid
but he’s still — he’s only 13
years old. He’s a little kid.
-How old are you?
Oh, I thought you were 13. Oh,
that’s how much I pay attention.
My best friend wants to lose
weight. And I do too.
But it’s hard to get out…
…of the temptation of eating
chips, cookies.
Juices, drinking juices, eating
chips and cookies back to back,
back to back.
‘Cause you know we’ve been
eating it like that for a
long time.
KeAnna and her friends, they
swarm my office all day long.
They’ll walk in the door
— because of all the jelly.
Not jelly.
-It is the jelly.
-The fatness.
They can see that they’re
overweight and they want to get
And, you know, and get the
Beyoncé body and all of that.
I’m not sure the other girls
…that it’s a problem until
they have
health issues like asthma or
And I’m gonna draw some blood.
And we’re looking for low
numbers today.
I’m sick and tired of sticking
my fingers everyday.
I’m sick of us suffering from
preventable diseases.
Let’s just start with an
I’m Miss Ross. I’m the
Today we’re gonna take your body
mass index.
And to do that we need your
height and your weight.
We’re also gonna get your blood
I don’t ever want them to suffer
with diabetes.
Who wants to lose their legs and
their eyesight? No.
Big smiles everybody.
And I told them that we’re gonna
be a group.
So we needed to come up with a
name that will…
…describe the metamorphosis
from where we are to where we
need to be.
They said, “What about Si Se
Puede?” It means…
Yes we can or we can do it. I
said that’s it. Si Se Puede.
The last week of the school
…my vision started getting
I had my glasses on but I still
couldn’t see anything.
And the doctor had said…
“He has diabetes. I’m gonna have
to put him on some insulin.”
My legs will go out on me
I could be runnin’ in the
…and I don’t know my mom will
say, “What was that?”
And she look and I’m on the
And my legs just went out on me.
He’s the youngest in the family
that has been diagnosed at 12.
And everybody else, you know,
they was like…
…18 and over. So he was the
It was something I kind of
feared from all the time
…I knew I was a diabetic.
And I know as young as he was
and heavy as he was —
he’s a good chance he’s gonna be
a diabetic.
Needles, they kind of hurt…
…because they have to stick
I have to take shots over three
or five times a day.
Once we get his weight and his
diabetes under control…
…there’s a chance that
he could come off insulin.
My diabetes far gone…
…I have to break a hole for me
to get out of it.
Can you count how many
ingredients are in this thing?
Yellow popcorn, one. American
popcorn —
[LAUGHS] That’s the address.
-So it’s only the yellow
popcorn, right?
How many ingredients are in
Well, whole grain, that’s one.
Popcorn, that’s two.
Partly telave, that’s three.
Natural and artificial
-Wait. What did you just say?
-Natural and artificial.
-Is that something that’s —
The MEND program is ten weeks
-Mom, can we buy these?
We tell the families that this
is an opportunity…
…to teach your family how to
be fitter,
how to be happier and how to be
– What do you think?
– MEND friendly.
Aw, mom, come on.
Look for something friendly and
I will buy it.
There’s a lot of foods here that
I like and then I saw them
…they were MEND unfriendly and
So, yeah, it kind of like
brought me down a little bit.
I wasn’t the one who joined. My
mom joined for me.
I don’t have any problems with
going. But it wasn’t something
that I wanted to do.
I’m still overweight.
And it doesn’t really bother me
too much.
I always get in the classrooms
and get skinnier…
…and I’m always gaining that
weight again.
Everything starts falling apart
after the classes.
Running in the morning, 6:15.
Every morning.
Every day.
It’s my last day of school.
I’m leaving here for the second
‘Cause I wasn’t supposed to
come back the second time…
…but I really needed to.
Cause after the first semester
and in one month, I gained 16
I needed another semester here.
Before you get weighed, I just
wanted to tell you…
…I know that you’re gonna
have great experiences
when you go home.
Don’t cry. You’re gonna
make me cry.
Love you.
All right. Let’s clear this.
And we’ll hop up here.
Weigh in is important ’cause
that’s why I was teased.
That’s why I was bullied, ’cause
that number on the scale.
I will never, ever see that
number anymore.
There you go—
What’s the question for?
You have kind of a questioning
Oh, I don’t know. I’m just
I wasn’t expecting to see I
gained a pound.
And I was too embarrassed to say
So I lied.
I can’t believe I gained a
We didn’t do as many work outs
as we normally do.
I’m just sad of what my parents
are going to say.
They’re gonna understand.
They’re gonna be the ones
telling you.
They’re gonna be the ones
telling you all this and that.
I feel like I shouldn’t have
gained a pound there.
I tried to think of what was
Does this mean I’m going to go
back to the way I was?
When I come home–
People definitely had their
…on who’s gonna succeed and
who’s gonna fail.
I think I was a big target for
who was gonna fail.
I won’t go back to MindStream
for a third time.
I won’t need to.
Si Se Puede is an afterschool
Let’s go exercise. Let’s have
Whatever we need to do to get
this weight down.
They’re going places they never
Like getting in an Olympic size
swimming pool.
Some of them have never gotten
in a pool before.
I’ve been working out, sweating
and stuff…
…and running around.
And I ain’t get no victory
So I just reward myself with a
bag of chips or a Jello or a
popover or some candy.
In the Webster’s dictionary,
smash means to crush
– to crush. To crush, to bang,
to slap it around and stuff.
We smash. We crush it.
But in the KeAnna Pollard’s
…the bootlegger Webster’s
Smash is a verb.
It means you eat rapidly. And
you eat everything.
No crumb, no nothing.
Just everything.
Get what you pay for.
Get what you pay for.
Eat what you pay for.
I paid $8 on the table.
I put $8.31 on the table. I want
$8.31 worth of food in my belly.
‘Cause it’s money, man.
That $8.31 one could have been
in my pocket if I wouldn’t eat
that lunch.
You’re getting your money’s
worth when you eat healthy.
Poverty affects the choices that
they make.
We have to show them how much
the state of Mississippi
…on diabetes healthcare, heart
disease healthcare.
We are the fattest part of the
fattest state.
We’re also the poorest part.
What kind of funding and dollar
amount y’all trying to get?
Well, we’ll take whatever you
can give us.
But we’re asking for… uh….
…as little as maybe $10,000 in
P.E. equipment.
What we have we have to spread
it out.
And if we give you all
…we have to make it funding
for everybody.
And we’re just not …
…not financially able to
sponsor everything that comes
across our desk.
But we will look at your
Okay. That’d be great.
Hey, this is Lisa Ross with
regard to the funding for this
We have to buy fitness and P.E.
We’ll get it from somewhere.
Somebody cares.
My whole family they all went to
school here.
My daddy played here.
I want to be the most best
player on the team.
I expect you to be here every
single day.
I expect you to be at every
single game.
You got me? You’re making a
You guys don’t understand yet
what being a Wildcat means.
That’s something special.
Did y’all hear that?
Yes, sir.
We expect you…
…to act better than anybody
else on this campus.
This is the real deal now.
This is the real deal.
My job as this coach is to win
That’s my job.
Did y’all hear that?
Yes, sir.
Your job is to show me…
…that you want to be one of
those starting players out
Yes, sir.
I’m so excited. Now, I’m playing
for the Wildcats.
I’m gonna play and nobody’s
gonna stop me.
We have to get a bunch of
paperwork done
on you that tells us what you’re
supposed to do,
what you’re not supposed to do
and all that kind of stuff.
-You got me?
-Yes, sir.
Look. And look at me. You’re
already all pouty, right?
It doesn’t me anything except
for you cannot
workout today with us. You can
be out there.
-You got me?
-Yes, Sir.
Don’t get frustrated. They’re
gonna try to take care of it
All right? So what you can do…
…be on the sideline and
watch everything we doing and so
you can be learning.
Yes, Sir.
You with me on that?
– Yes, sir.
Ten, hut.
Ah, terrible, terrible,
terrible, terrible.
Y’all tell him what he did
Whoa, I liked that.
Go run. Run, go, go!
Go back.
I want my diabetes to go away…
… so I can feel more
comfortable about myself and you
…be able to do what everybody
else can do.
When you exercise your sugar
goes down.
And that’s a good thing that you
want to have, low blood sugar.
It’s something I want to be.
It’s something I want to do and
I’m gonna do it.
There ain’t no, no to it. You
just do it.
Eighty, sir.
Yes, sir.
-Okay. You’re good to go.
-Thank you.
One of the best things about
being home…
…because I live in a theme
People automatically think that
every kid…
…in Celebration is a spoiled
little brat that gets
everything that he or she wants,
I mean, my parents worked for my
whole life.
I remember when my dad started
working at the Fudgery.
Free fudge samples if you’re
wearing plaid.
Come on in, sir.
I was almost there every
weekend helping my dad.
It’s calorie free, my dear. Come
on in.
No, we don’t charge you for
calories. They’re all free.
I see you peeking.
I was like the baby of the
Emily’s one of the best
salespeople I’ve ever seen in
this store
She’s a product of Chris. Just
put it that way. [LAUGHS]
[SINGS] Stop by the register and
buy some fudge today.
And buy some fudge today.
And buy some fudge to- buy some
fudge today.
Having an obese child and
working and managing a candy
Yeah, that’s like throwing
gasoline on a fire.
It’s been different being a
stay-at-home dad.
Since my dad doesn’t work there
anymore, I don’t.
So, like, revisiting it was just
kind of weird.
My best intention was to
celebrate me coming home…
…but it ended up being a big
trigger for me.
I will go into the refrigerator
and just look at it.
I won’t usually take anything.
I’ll just stare at it.
All the things that we were kept
drastically away from at
…they are right here.
There’s these.
That’s gross.
So I’m gonna throw this out real
We have apple juice.
One serving size is a bottle. It
has 33 grams of sugar.
For this tiny little bottle.
So on a scale of one to ten that
would make it a zero on the
health scale.
I know they’re for my nephew…
…who’s around two and
shouldn’t really be drinking
that stuff.
Here you go.
You got a Starbucks boy.
Let me tell you something
She gave him a sip.
-And then he pulled it away from
-He bit down on the straw.
He has a death grip on this
Look at her thumbs.
Thank you.
Brain freeze.
My two older sisters are obese.
I hate using that word on them
but sadly it’s true.
Emily has definitely inspired
We didn’t always do a good job
when she first started coming
We tried. I think the first time
she came home&
It was more of us being the food
It was us telling her that she
had to live her lifestyle.
But, yet, we weren’t
fully ready to change our
Now, can I just get the eight
piece grilled?
– Got it?
– Yeah.
Come on. Come on. Settle down.
They don’t know how emotionally
wrecking it is.
Knowing that it’s there is just,
uh, it’s bad.
I’ve been doing really good.
I’ve been staying on track.
Hey, Moy. Come and watch a movie
with me.
– Oh, God.
– I’m sorry.
Moy to me is just that little
kid that always
walk around and when he’s
standing I come and hug him.
And I’ll grab him. And I’m just
like, “My little bear.”
And I’ll mess with him.
Sometimes I’ll stay on the
computer all day.
All day.
I feel like I shouldn’t be on
the computer that much.
But there’s nothing else that I
would want to do.
How much activity are you
sitting there hitting
the keyboard or moving the
You’re thumbs, maybe your hands
are getting activity.
Your eyes are moving, but what
about the rest of you?
How much weight can you lose
actually playing Nintendo?
Moy, do your homework.
Get off the computer.
The other day we came home and
he had his report card.
And out of four grades he got
three “F’s” and a “B.”
That’s your problem. Everything
is negative.
You’re not gonna succeed in
You’re never gonna succeed in
anything, Moy.
No matter how much we try,
you’re not gonna get anywhere
because it’s always, “I don’t
want to do this.”
I – I – I. Because I had the
same problem you have.
I was overweight when I was your
But I said, “I wasn’t gonna be
like that.”
When I got into high school I
was skinny.
I ran track. I played sports.
I did a lot of things to help
Your not really a fat person.
There’s a lot of bigger people
than you are.
I know that.
You’re not fat. But if you dont
take care of yourself now, you
are going to be them.
Well, at least I’m&
I know that. I don’t want to be
Okay. So then do something about
Saying, “Go do something,”
doesn’t help.
It’s annoying.
And I was like thinking, “How
could he be making fun of me
if he’s with his bags of Cheetos
and after he’s like drinking his
He doesn’t even look at himself,
“How can you be making fun of
somebody when you are that?”
When I was little, my mom used
to get the Jello.
And see since I had no teeth,
and I was still drinking out of
my bottle, I used to want some.
So she was having melt it,
and put it in my bottle.
And I just sat there and I
drunk it.
And I’ve just been in love with
Jello ever since.
Interrupting my Jello time.
So how are you gonna get this
…to that one and this number
to that one?
So what’s going on? That’s six
And I can see it in your face.
Is that right?
Step off the scale.
The scale’s don’t lie. What are
you doing?
You might as well fess up.
Why you even waste your time in
this group?
Other than the socializing, if
you’re not gonna be committed to
No one lost any weight.
And it was kind of impossible.
Right now it’s like a light
Turn it on when you get here.
You’re interested in being
healthy you know all of that.
And as soon as you leave, turn
it off.
Do better Kim.
We’re waiting on the Lord to
speak. Baby, he been speaking.
But are you listening?
G-d has a job for you to do.
Food is a tradition here.
It’s as much engraved in our
lives and our culture as
A lot of the things that they
use in other places…
…would never work here. Never.
To change the girls we got to do
things they like to do.
We have to Wobble and some of
that other stuff they like to
I just have to learn how to do
They all love to dance.
And so maybe that’s the first
Dancing is exercising.
Nobody at this school show me no
Davion was always in somebody’s
face and always in the office.
He was one of those kids that
kids try to get a reactions
They just hate me ’cause of who
I am.
“Oh, he’s fat.” That’s hurts.
He’s got a heart as big as
Texas. He truly does.
He would do anything for you
But don’t push him in a corner
and make him mad, either.
When he gets embarrassed that’s
when he does lash out.
People treat me like I’m dirt.
Like I don’t have no feelings.
But I do.
I cry just like everybody else
He has anger control issues.
It’s almost like he sets himself
up to fail.
He needs to feel a part of
something bigger than himself.
To be a team member, to feel
that camaraderie.
He’s never had it. Football can
give him that.
Come on, Davion.
Davion, you’re supposed to be
running, son.
You better not be walking.
You’re fixing to cause the whole
team to run straights.
You can get it in gear. You can
run from here to there. I know
you can.
My shoulder.
Your shoulder’s hurting? All
right. Does that mean you’re in
pain or are you injured?
I have kind of let Davion get
away with things that I don’t
with some of the other ones.
And mine was more of a health
issue with him.
But I think Davion took a little
bit of advantage of that.
You can’t be out there walking
all the time while everybody’s
Yes, Sir.
By now, in this season, you
ought to be able to run a full
lap around here.
I’m sorry.
And you know why you’re not
doing it?
‘Cause you don’t want to.
It’s because you don’t want to.
You think if it hurts, you’re
supposed to stop. But you’re
When it hurts, that’s when
you’re supposed to try to go
faster and harder.
Yes, sir.
Getting tired, ain’t you, boy?
Hey, Davion, guess what?
If you be running every day in
practice, you wouldn’t be
tired right now.
If you quit walking you wouldn’t
be tired right now.
Start running, son. That’s how
you get in shape.
Start with running back over
I know coach got faith in me.
I’m gonna show him what I can do
The last couple of practices,
I’m gonna show him.
If I can’t do it, I’m gonna
still try.
I’ll do it until it burn. I’m
gonna try.
I ain’t never quit on football.
I ain’t never will.
Come on, Davion. Pick it up.
Pick it up. Push yourself.
It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna
Hut, hut. Go.
Oh, Victor.
Hey, Moy, why aren’t you playing
with us?
What was that about?
Stand up. Stand up.
I make the chocolate, the fudge
all from scratch.
This time I didn’t want to sit
there and make the brownies so I
bought a box.
I’ll eat a brownie, but I’ll go
to the gym and work it off.
But I keep forgetting that he’s
not going to the gym.
He’s not active. He’s not doing
-So he’s building up all that
-I am going to the gym.
What do you do?
I go to MEND.
And what do you do there?
We run.
And I go to my basketball
And you play basketball?
And I play basketball.
Okay, good.
That’s good. Just things I
don’t see.
Aw, there it is. There it is!
Because I moved to
I didn’t have that much friends.
I actually didn’t have any
Besides my parents, I just felt
like I was by myself.
I haven’t had a soda in forever.
Soda’s awesome.
You need some flavor in your
-I want to do it again
When I found out I gained four
I was like, “Excuse, you. You’re
not supposed to be like that.”
I called the scale a liar.
Until I did it at the gym and I
was just like,
“Uh, you can’t say no to a gym
A lot of the kids that leave
MindStream, when they first go
home, gain weight.
We paid a lot of money to have
her go there.
We went through all our savings
and made payments.
And cashed out IRAs. Cashed out
And basically took our
If she comes out of the very
controlled environment…
…and comes home and is there
the accountability to us for
certain things, like soda?
Yeah. I let you get there once
before. That was my fault.
There’s no way I’m gonna let you
do it again.
I’m gonna help her do it despite
of herself now.
We’re not gonna drink soda
anymore in the house.
At lunch now when we go, we
don’t have soda.
We have the water when we go to
Does that mean I can’t drink
diet soda when I go out too?
No. You can have diet soda when
you go out.
No, I won’t. If I’m out with you
I won’t drink diet. I won’t even
drink diet soda.
No soda at all. Strictly water.
Poor it down the sink.
Goodbye, Diet Coke.
We’ve had a long relationship.
-Soda free.
-Soda free.
What are you doing?
Okay. That’s good. Straighten
your legs.
Can you hold your legs six
inches off the ground?
Just see if you can hold your
legs six inches off the ground.
Okay. Down lower. Down lower.
Down lower. Stay right there.
Hold them there.
Hold them there. Now take them
to 90 degrees. All the way up.
My parents are gonna try to be
the best influence to the point
where it will make you crazy.
My dad used to force me to
weigh-in in front of him.
And I would just be standing
there. And I would be like,
“Are you serious, Dad?”
And that was an extreme invasion
of my privacy.
So I stopped involving him in
the weigh-ins.
That number on that scale, the
only person that needs to matter
to is me.
Miss Ross talked to us, tell us
what not to do.
I’m eating all my salad and
drinking my water and trying to
be healthy stuff.
Thank the Lord they’re eating a
They don’t have to lose 70
As long as they’re learning to
eat healthier, I’m happy.
KeAnna, check mark. Okay.
One down. 22 more to go.
That’s good though. That’s good.
One child at a time. We’ll get
Help us to be with others kind
and good.
To be to others kind and good.
&and all we do in work or play&
&to grow more lovely every day.
When I see foods that I want to
eat, I don’t do it because it
might lead to diabetes.
When I eat my little portion of
food, I look at them
and I kind of laugh because I
call them pigs.
They’re just eating and eating
and eating.
They tell me to be healthy but
they’re not setting a good
example for me.
I told my daddy that he needed
to go on a diet.
He looked at me and started
laughing like it was very funny.
Whatever it is she eating, I
might eat that tomorrow.
But right now, I got to have
that fried pork chop, man.
It’s actually up to the
individual. You choose to eat
the way that you eat.
You know what I’m saying?
Even with bad influences, it’s
still your decision.
-I notice she eating more fruit
-Thats good.
She’s not really a picky eater.
You know what I’m saying? Well,
squash, nuh, uh.
She ate it though.
She will. But daddy ain’t eating
it, though.
Daddy not eating it?
Maybe you haven’t had it fixed
It don’t matter.
Oh, okay. You’re not willing to
even try. That’s a shame.
I wanted to convey that we’re
doing something good here and we
need your help.
We need you to do the same thing
at home to make it work.
Maybe ease a little bit of
squash in there one of these
It’s no on the squash, huh? I
got it.
He’s glad for KeAnna but I don’t
think he recognize that
he needs to be an active part of
what we’re trying to do here.
Believe it or not, Davion has
been running a whole lot more
than he ever has before.
He’s awfully excited about
getting in the ball game.
Let’s go, Brett.
As a coach, I love to see the
parents out there watching their
Because there’s nothing more
important to a child then their
parents watching them play.
That’s big to them.
My dad and my uncle just came,
and now they left.
I know he saw me in the uniform
and everything but that was on
the sideline.
That made me feel like he didn’t
even want to watch me play.
Finally, I done something right.
And ain’t nobody see it.
Do it!
I wanted to find out what this
whole thing is about…
…It’s all I keep hearing is
all this stuff they keep doing.
So in this sense we’ll say it’s
a series.
It can be a MEND friendly diet,
“A,” MEND friendly like things
that you’re gonna eat…
…“B,” I still have to check
the label.
Or “C,” I can eat as much of it
as I want.
B, b.
Totally, B.
It’s good information for them
to learn.
Of course, none of that applied
to me today because I…
…down two bottles of soda and
junk food.
Are you hungry? Feed me, blah!
Thank G-d there’s two of them.
If this is torture, chain me to
the wall.
Yeah, I’m a little weird, but
it’s all right.
I know I’m not healthy, but…
…you’re talking about 48 years
of the way I’ve been.
And to change overnight, it’s
not gonna happen.
I had him. I have you now.
All right. Come on. Just sit
here and get hit and not get
killed. Yeah!
Oh, my G-d. I’m too old to be
laying down.
Im okay.
Before I went to MindStream, I
asked them to put locks on the
…because they would watch me
sneak food. And I couldn’t stop
When I was taking her bed apart
and moving her bed…
…it was really eye-opening to
what she was managing to get
upstairs past us.
I mean, there were….
…you know wrappers. There were
dried fruit by the time I got to
We didn’t want to admit to it
but we were watching everything
that was going into her mouth.
And she had to come to us and
say, “Stop it.”
I don’t know why but every time
I’m hungry, it’s like I’ve been
starved for three days hunger.
It really hurts.
Why are we back to a situation
where she’s lost the weight..
…you know, the stomach has
certainly shrunk down from what
it used to be.
Why is she still not full?
It’s a living nightmare.
You know, it’s always, always
gonna be a lifelong struggle.
She was after me, “Dad, please
take me to the doctor. I need to
find out why I’m always hungry.
It concerns me that she just
constantly wants to eat.
The doctor told me to eat more
bran muffins. I don’t know why.
She gave me a prescription of
bran muffins.
I guess, ’cause it’ll make you
feel full.
My life is a battle of
constantly not wanting to eat or
not wanting to be fat.
I am a never ending trash can.
And I tell myself, “You dont
need it” as I am munching on it.
And I feel horrible about
Its hurting me in so many ways
but I continue to do it.
Miss Ross asked me to come in
here and speak with you…
…because I know what you are
going through.
As you can see, I am a big girl,
I’ve always been the big girl.
I was a fat girl growing up. I
stayed the fat girl. And now I’m
a fat woman.
When I was your age, I had a
really, really hard time.
The first time I tried to kill
myself I was 13.
I locked myself in my mama’s
…and I got a bottle of pills
out and I just started taken
‘Cause I didn’t care anymore.
And every two years…
I tried to kill myself.
How many of you have ever felt
like it’s a rap, it’s over with,
I’m out of here?
Anybody else? Three?
-Be honest.
That’s why it’s important to
have somebody in your life that
you can talk to.
Because keeping all that stuff
in…. it’s poisoning you.
Every single one of you is
And when you look in your
you tell yourself that you’re
If your thing is dancing…
…lock your door to your
bedroom, turn you on some music
and dance away.
I want them to be able to do a
nice production in front of the
whole school.
And just show, “This is me. I’m
Si Se Puede. We’ve got it going
on.” You know?
“And we look great.”
Arms up, up, up. You can do it.
-Alright. Are you paying
Check this out. Everybody look
at me.
Are you ready set? Count it off.
One, two, three.
Up, up, up, up.
Good. You did a really good job.
Kill the attitude. Absolutely
They have walls that have been
built up with all of the…
…name calling and all of the
self-esteem issues.
And so it’s important for me as
a counselor to help them break
down those walls.
I can’t do it for them but I can
facilitate the change.
Okay. Listen up everybody.
All of us get called names
whether we’re heavy or not.
Anybody want to share their
worst experience? Anybody?
Anybody want to raise their
-Me? Okay.
This gonna be quick.Y’all can
laugh if y’all want to because I
was laughed about.
Okay. I was sitting at my desk.
And when I leaned forward my
desk collapsed on to me.
Anyway, my legs was all bent
back and crooked and stuff.
You know, it was funny.
But you know I was&
Do you all believe that it
wasn’t funny to her when she
Honestly believe that it wasn’t
funny? She laughed but it was
not funny.
KeAnna, are you laughing, not
because it’s funny
but because you don’t know how
to respond?
-Say something.
– I don’t care.
You don’t care that people call
you names?
They all push me. If I push them
back, I’m the one who gets in
This crap has been happening
since I was in first grade.
I can’t play.
And all my privileges gone.
Like the football game. I could
have been at that right now but
I choose to fight
instead of backing down. I don’t
think before I act.
I don’t.
Everybody think I’m a
I had chest pains. I got rushed
to the hospital. They thought I
was having a stroke.
So they hooked me up to all the
machines and everything.
And maybe next time it could be
a stroke.
And I have to think about the
kids. What about them if I’m not
It made me realize, this is not
a joke.
I should have been listening to
Maria telling me…
“Watch what I’m eating.
Watch what I’m doing.”
But it’s like you never pay
attention to anybody until
something happens.
My best friend told me that
he had diabetes.
Maybe having him talk to Moy
would make Moy open his eyes…
…and realize that if he
doesn’t stop what he’s doing,
this is him in the future.
When you have this disease,
you’re a walking time bomb.
This here is a Glutonmeter. What
it does is test your blood
So you have to pick your finger.
Now watch.
If your blood is already testing
at over 200, you’ve got diabetes
pretty much.
Do you want to try it?
No. I can’t do this.
It doesn’t hurt that bad.
This little prick is not having
the disease.
That’s what you should
be scared of.
‘Cause once you have it,
brother you ain’t gonna get
rid of it.
It’s not the actual needle then
what your afraid of then?
? If you’re uncomfortable about
this, imagine living with this
for the rest of your life?
? Do you want to live like me?
Hell no.
My mom, she used to be a
Before she died, she used to
make us dresses and stuff.
She passed from breast cancer. I
was two.
When I was little growing up
without my mom…
…and they used to
call me fat, ugly, stuff like
I used to go home every day
crying. And I had no
And my mom she’d probably want
to see me try to do something to
keep healthy.
I need to prove to myself and to
others that I can do it.
I know that I’m gonna keep
Hi daddy.
[LAUGHS] You’re something else.
I didn’t really get a medical
answer for what was causing
Emily’s constant hunger.
It came to doing that
Your body breaks all your foods
down into sugar.
If you’re eating something
that’s like watermelon…
I mean, it’s pretty much liquid
as soon as you swallow it.
And boom, the sugar’s right
So that’s why your blood sugar’s
going to end up spiking a little
bit faster.
And then you’re gonna get those
cravings. And you’re gonna want
to eat more.
We’re gonna have to limit.
Well, we already limit it.
The sugar in watermelon&
I know.
&causes you to crave it and then
-I know.
– &crash. And then&
-I know Dad.
Oh, okay. So you knew you
weren’t supposed to be eating
much watermelon and just kind
of pulled the wool over my eyes?
So you knew you weren’t supposed
to be eating that much
watermelon and just…
…kind of pulled the wool over
my eyes when you said…
“Oh, we ate this at MindStream
all the time?”
You act like I’m the
only person.
That’s the family snack.
You act like I eat it all. It’s
like you, mom and Lauren eat it
Yeah. We had some.
All right. Can you just go,
Okay. Just as long as you know I
just wanted to make
sure that you understood it.
– I know.
-Throw the football.
– Come here.
-Dad…-: I want you to run,
and then turn around. And then
I’ll throw it.
I don’t catch. Could you just
please throw the football?
Alright, come back.
Throw it again.
Rush me.
– Dad, wait.
-Come on, rush me. C’mon.
-Rush me like you’re supposed
to in a game.
If I’m around or if I’m
involved, and as soon as it
becomes exercise…
…she just doesn’t want
to do it anymore.
So.So it’s, uh&
you know, just don’t give up.
Just keep trying.
It’s discouraging.
I’m all by myself. I ain’t got
Well, Davion, sit right there in
that chair
I want you to read what I got
circled right there.
Um huh.
Read it out loud.
Dismissal from the team. You
will be subject…
…to dismissal from the team if
a Class 3 offense or higher.
Davion what do you think the
Class 3 violation is? What is
one of them?
Well, let’s see. If you put
your hands on other kids, talk
back to teachers.
Listen, Class 3 is fightin’.
I could go right now to my
athletic director and say,
“Look, I’m sorry but
this happened.
And what’s he gonna do?
He’s gonna call me and say I’m
dismissed from the team?
Yeah. Yeah.
I’m not gonna do it. But…
…I can’t keep doing that. Now
I want you to look at me.
There’s really only one thing in
this life that you can control,
and that’s the way you act
If you start getting that
feeling where you’re fixing to
badly react to something…
…who do you need to come see?
-Yes, Sir.
-Give me five, boy.
Go on out there with your
All right. Davion, you ready?
Down. Set. Hut.
Drive him on three, Davion.
Drive him. Drive him.
Follow them and ready to go.
Good job. You got it. Good job.
I feel good in what I got to do
right now. And it’s keeping me
out of trouble.
Down. Hut. Come on. Come on.
That ain’t bad boy.
Everybody think I’m a
I’m a nice person.
Step right up boy.
Uh, huh. There it is.
Come on. That’s what I tell
myself. Come on. Hustle. Hustle.
Come on.
He Peanut. He Dumb-dumb. He
He crazy. That’s Mister Nasty.
We’re gonna burn all of those
ugly names that we’ve been
And put them behind us. We’re
gonna focus on the present and
look forward to the future.
-Everybody agree?
-Yes, Ma’am.
-Did everybody write everything
– Yes.
Oh, my goodness.
I had no idea ….
that you all are called names
like this.
We’re gonna put all of this
ugliness behind us.
We’re gonna put behind us, big
ape, fat ape, fatness, fat
…cow, cheeseburger, big blob,
and some of the terrible names
on here.
They’re hurtful. They stay with
you long after the person has
said them.
I need you to agree not to hurt
other people the way you’ve been
And by agreeing I need you to
raise your right hand.
-You will not&
– I will not…
-&call other people&
-&call other people&
-&ugly names&
-&ugly names&
-I will&
– I will&
-&other people&
&other people&
-I insist&
-I insist&
-&that other people&
– &that other people&
-&respect me as well.
-&respect me as well.
What I want you to do is ball it
up and throw it in the fire.
It’s really important that we
celebrate all the hard work that
you’ve done.
And to celebrate how great you
really are.
And next up, Moises.
You are an intelligent person.
You are funny and make everyone
have a good time.
You ask good questions.
You are cool. You’re a dedicated
And you have a wonderful smile
that you need to share with the
There you go, see?
Very good.
Maria Gutierrez.
Moy, come here. Okay. We got
your results on the MEND.
Your heart would run at 162.
So that means your heart was
running real fast. Every time
you ran, you played,
you did any activity, your heart
was beating real fast.
Now your heart rate’s
down to 126.
That means you don’t get
tired as fast when you’re
running around.
which is good. And you dropped
down a sufficient amount.
So just keep going then and
don’t give up.
It’s not gonna happen overnight,
of course.
It’s not gonna just like, “Oh,
I’m gonna be skinnier now. Okay,
it’s gone.”
You’re losing it little by
Alright. Get in position.
Okay, ladies listen up. Some of
you those of you who have gum…
…go ahead and put that
in the garbage can.
‘Cause we’re missing the smiles.
And we’re missing the energy. We
need you to bring it.
I don’t want to see you walk
like no pimp, no.
You’re on my radar today. Not
today. Not today.
That was awesome. You all did
Give us all a round of applause.
That was great.
Group hug. Everybody group hug.
I was so proud that my babies
could perform in…
…front of their parents and
shout, “We did it. We did it.”
Did you see KeAnna? She was
beaming. She was beaming.
One, two, ready, go.
Si Se Puede.
I’m so proud of you.
If you don’t feel good about
I don’t care how much
weight you lose, oh,
it’s coming back.
The girls have to love
themselves enough to want to
Last game of the season. Thank
you for letting me be your
One thing about coaching that
people don’t understand.
Every year I make about 65 new
And you can look at yourselves
right now and be proud of one
You’re part of the Wildcat
Let’s hold our brothers up.
Let’s make it count tonight.
He always wanted to play
I got a chance to see him play.
It warms my heart that she comes
and supports me.
I wanted to be a Wildcat
One, two, three, Wildcat.
I think a tornado just ripped
through any good image I felt
about myself.
I mean, I went through my own
personal mini Biggest Loser.
And to come back and gain some
of the weight back…
My mom even said once, “I hope
we didn’t waste our money.”
We told her if she didn’t like
some things, we would not force
her to do it.
However, why don’t you like
Why don’t you like running?
Everybody else wanted me to be a
runner, except for me.
-Because you were so good at it.
-You were awesome at it.
Okay. But I’m not gonna do
something I don’t love to do.
I am pretty mad at my old self.
If I could go back in time and
just slap my old self across the
face and tell her to wake up.
It’s not about weight loss.
It’s just about learning what
keeps you active and what makes
you happy.
I don’t guess you would ever
give up on a child.
Although, some of them you won’t
be able to help because they
don’t want the help.
But you still don’t give up.
You just hope and you pray that
one day the light will come on.
Trying to educate the girls as
to making healthy choices has
left me…
…with no choice but to try to
set an example for them.
I have lost 30 pounds.
A lot of people have noticed the
change in me and they always
ask, “What are you doing?”…
…Before I tell them about the
exercise I tell them about how I
changed my diet.
I go from the garden to the
That’s how we live now, off the
All natural baby.
This is our own Garden of Eden
and I’m Eve.
I no longer have to take
medicine for diabetes.
It makes me feel like I’ve
added years to my life.
That’s what I’ve learned from Si
Se Puede. I want to live.
I know it’s only been a year but
in a year there’s been a lot of
If he’s gonna be sitting around
the computer playing a game,
might as well be something that
it’s gonna be benefiting him.
Give me a hug.
He would call me over, “Hey,
look. Come on.”
Or he’d call his mom.
And we’d all jump in and start
And when you’re finished it,
you’re really exhausted.
If you want to help your kid,
you have to find what they’re
passionate about
and as a parent, breathe life
into it.
I’m starting to like sports now.
I just want to have
like the satisfaction of
being able to say, like…
“Dad, I’m your son so you have
to listen to me now.”
Parents can learn from their
kids, too.
Anything’s possible. But if
you’re not willing to do it it’s
not gonna happen.
This is what it’s all about man.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go
Football is like my savior.
I lost about 40-50 pounds. I
weigh 210 pounds.
I’m not a diabetic no more. I’m
off the insulin and pills.
When I saw him back there the
first time when he kept leaning
He was like, “I can’t do it.”
But then I saw him come back
the second one.
He was like, “I’m not gonna
quit. I’m not gonna quit.”
You can see it in his eyes.
His eyes told me what his heart
was thinking.
You can’t quit. You got to keep
And me, I’m just in the middle
of it.
I’m not nearly done yet.
When I’m done is when I’m dead
and gone.