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Quick & Easy Snacks

“Traditional snacks tend to be high in refined carbohydrates and added sugar,” says Bart Adlam, CEO, Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. When retailers are considering what snacks to stock, Adlam says they must 1) meet keto requirements, 2) satisfy cravings, and 3) exceed taste expectations. The most popular offerings from Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co are their new Zero Sugar Meat Stick with high 8g protein, zero carbs, and 7g of fat; and their Beef Biltong, which has 26g of protein per bag, is naturally sugar-free, and made according to an authentic South African recipe.

Coconut oil, cheese, avocado and cauliflower are key ingredients in popular Keto snacks, says Kevin Joseph, Chief Marketing Officer, ParmCrisps. Spicy flavorings, like sriracha, jalapeno and buffalo, are on trend. “When it comes to sweeter Keto offerings,” he says, “we see nut butters, chocolate chip and cinnamon making up the popular sweet flavor profiles.” The company also rolled out a new Keto Snack Mix, offering a 100% zero sugar, low carb trail mix that is high protein, vegetarian and oven-baked with Parmesan crisps, pistachios, almonds and cashews coated in premium seasonings.

One thing keto products have common, says Val Heuvel, Chief Innovation Officer, Smart Baking Company: “There’s an increasing shift toward natural and fresh—not surprising as people become more aware about their health and passionate about transparency.” The company is also seeing a trend towards grab-and-go keto options. “People are busy,” Heuvel says. “They want to stay on track, but they aren’t necessarily eating all of their meals at home.” Looking to provide convenient and healthy options, Smart Baking offers Smartmuf’ns for a quick breakfast, Smartcakes for a snack and Smartbuns as a good replacement to buns and conventional breads.

Another on-the-go snack pick: NOW’s best selling keto food products are their roasted & salted macadamia nuts and their zero calorie sweeteners, says Kristen Allen, Food Category Marketing Specialist, NOW Foods.

Also offering up nuts, LonoLife has mixed nuts snacks. “Not only do the nuts add texture to the keto diet, which is notorious for being monotonous where crunch is concerned, but they also add healthy fats and are low carb,” says Jesse Koltes, COO, LonoLife.

Bars are another quick and convenient keto option. Atlas Bars Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Cacao flavor serve as a healthy on-the-go breakfast to accompany a morning coffee, says James Oliver, Founder/CEO, Atlas Bar.

Taking a sensitive-diet approach to snacking, Lilly’s Foods offers Keto-Cauliflower Hummus in original, golden milk, buffalo, and ranch dill flavors. The keto-friendly snack is also vegan, gluten-free, kosher certified and USDA organic.

For a keto-approved sip, Koia has introduced a plant-based shake with 5 grams of carbs and zero grams of sugar. And of course, coffee is a staple for many of those doing IF. Know Brainer offers a Mocha casein, low-carb option made with protein and healthy fat and lactose free, ketogenic creamer to sweeten up the first sip of the day.