Turn to delivery services and forget the daily grind of cooking – The New Paper

The ongoing circuit breaker brings out the wannabe chefs in a lot of us (how many circuit bakers do you have on your Instagram timeline?) but there is hope for those whose culinary skills extend only to reheating.

If you want to eat well but can’t be bothered making daily decisions on what to cook, try a meal delivery service.

Here are some to consider.

The circuit breaker period is difficult for those on special diets, especially a focused one like keto (low-carb and high-fat diet). Ketomei is a blessing for this group.

It offers a subscription service with meals specially customised by a dietician and a chef. The food is blast chilled, and you leave it in the fridge once the batch arrives. Just reheat when it is time to eat.

A keto diet is restrictive but Ketomei makes it quite tasty. The menu changes weekly so it does not get boring.

It starts at $180 for 12 meals and you order at www.ketomei.com/order-meals. If you want a taste before you commit, individual meals are available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Another healthy alternative comes from Manna Pot, which offers daily delivery of grain bowls from $75 (five bowls, with free delivery and a sachet of yuzu honey). To order, go to www.mannapot.com.sg/grainbowls.

Table At 7 serves a mix of Asian-Indonesian and European food, and during this period, it has introduced a tingkat menu. It is refreshed weekly, based on whatever fresh ingredients the restaurant can find. Some of the dishes include sop daging, Hainanese pork chop and seafood chowder.

For two diners, prices start from $200 for five days. Call 6235-6275 to place your order.

Paradise Teochew, Canton Paradise and Paradise Classic of Paradise Group have launched home delivery set meals, available as a single-meal trial or five-meal package.

Offerings include classic home-style dishes such as scrambled egg with bitter gourd, sweet and sour pork, and pig’s stomach soup.

Prices start from $14 per person, and you can check out the menu at www.paradisegp.com/promotion/?id=108. For more information, call 6465-6565.

LeVeL33’s freshly canned beers are personally brewed by resident brewmaster Gabriel Garcia, and you can buy a 12-pack for $78. Just send a WhatsApp message to 8511-4613.

Dumplings are easy meals, and Din Tai Fung is offering frozen Tianjin Cabbage & Pork Dumplings, which you can steam or pan fry in under 10 minutes. They are now going for $18.80 for 24 pieces (usual price $23.50).

You can also buy 12 dumplings for $11. The downside is you have to self-collect.