The Magic Pill: Documentary Review (includes SCD/GAPS/Paleo/Keto diet Success)

hi guys, Cara from Health Home and Happiness here I just wanted to do a quick movie documentary review of The Magic Pill that I just watched with my home-schooled nine-year-old and I absolutely loved and since Facebook live is the easiest way for me to get content to you quickly a lot of you have Spring Break coming up you might be looking for documentaries to watch with your kids or like something that you can watch to kind of encourage them to eat how you want them to eat on spring break The Magic Pill is perfect so it really advocates pretty much the GAPS diet they don't say the GAPS diet they do touch on the specific carbohydrate diet for autism in there which is amazing and like it is a magic pill I mean it's like what we eat really impacts every cell in our body and it's something that no pill or nothing can do other than changing the way that we eat um it was a facebook reader Delilah I just wanted to say thank you for she posted the YouTube trailer on it you do have to rent the video I just rented it from Amazon Prime it was like three bucks and then you have like 48 hours to watch it or something and so they talked about the ketogenic diet for autism they talked about and what I kind of loved about their stories that they showed they showed someone with I believe type-2 diabetes someone with asthma someone with cancer a couple of people with autism and someone with cancer so they talked about pretty much how this same whole foods high fat low carb diet can help so many different diseases and they talked about our food supply they talked about all sorts of different things but really it was the case studies that I thought were amazing um so they did the little girl she looked like she was probably about four when she started and just in five days they document the whole thing all the different changes that they see in this little girl when she's changing what she eats and they also talk about how hard it is to get these kids to switch over how she was eating goldfish chicken nuggets and I think SpaghettiOs they said so all processed foods all stuff that's not good for children's guts and their brain development and they show how how hard it was but these parents like they threw away everything in their kitchen I'm so proud of them and you can kind of see on them talking to the camera they're just normal everyday parents they're not super rich they're not like super health-conscious probably at first but they were willing to make this change for their daughter and I just thought that was so inspiring um if you want to see since they pretty much put her on the gaps diet which is what I did for my child also at most of my stuff is based on the gaps diet my picky eating solution it's a free webinar so if you go to help them and Happiness calm and you click up at the top the picky eating solution you can watch the webinar which is pretty much in three days like three to five days how to drain just transition your child to the GOP's diet and that one is for free I also have tons and tons of stuff on my website so if you're looking for like sensory issues getting your child on the gaps diet or sed diet or ketogenic diet my sensory issues post four that will help you with that they did but else they were showing a trial in Hawaii which has like actual doctors like neurologists following this child and Hawaii on the k2 didn't ketogenic diet and they're taking notes for this trial for using the ketogenic diet for autism and they did like this Corinne and staff and what you'll notice with both of these autism cases and this is something I come up with a lot that people say well your child's not cured like she's not a hundred percent normal but she's so much better like her symptoms are so much better and these kids like well you wouldn't say they were normal they probably still needed to have special accommodations in school and stuff just the improvement and their quality of life it's like we don't ever say like oh well because I can't afford the most expensive car and have the most luxurious driving experience I don't want to have any car at all and I've gotta go grab my kid from school on a second um but that's something that I thought was really accurate like you see a lot of the success stories and you do see some children go from like full kind of low functioning highly autistic children go to completely normal and you see those but then there's also many many many of us that we like a 50% improvement is just life-changing for our family is life-changing for their families it's life-changing for these children and it just gets that connection that we want more of the connection is what we're always going for and higher polity of life and so I really love that about their case studies that they didn't only pick the children that 100% were fixed from diet but they showed the dramatic improvement that you can see in just five I think it was five days it might have been five weeks but I think it was five days that they were on to stye it and then at the end of the documentary they do talk about joel from Polyface farms and he's all of our favorite farmer it's always good to see joel talking and documentaries and then like it kind of reinforced that everyday people can do this changes do take effort and you definitely want to know why you're doing it so I'm gonna go down below and I'm going to leave some links that I think you'll find helpful I'll leave a link to the documentary and I hope that this was helpful for you and I hope you guys get a chance to watch it it was really a great documentary